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Greys Anatomy fic - This Life
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As usual I do not own Grey’s Anatomy... or Brothers and Sisters....

To everyone who commented – thank you so much!

Part 3 of ‘Christmas at the Cape’...-

Derek glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside table. 4:45am. Derek smiled it was Christmas morning and in a few minutes the alarm would go off and both he and Meredith would get dressed and look presentable before his nieces and nephews would burst into the room to see if Santa had left any presents.

Derek thought back to last Christmas where both he and Meredith had been working all day and then came home and made love for the first time. He didn’t think anything could top that, but it had. Meredith told him last night that she wanted to have a baby. His baby. They had agreed that once they were settled into the new house that they would properly start and Meredith would come off the pill.

Derek had insisted that they start practising straight away and as Meredith fell asleep after their lovemaking Derek was wide awake. He was too excited and to anxious to sleep.

All he wanted was them to be a family. A proper family. He wanted to marry Meredith and for her to adopt Beth and have another child or maybe more. There was nothing Derek wanted more today was to propose to Meredith.

But he could not. He was still technically married, and he wanted to be married to Meredith especially now. Call him old fashioned but he wanted to be married to her when she gave birth to his child. He had a few months to try and find Addison and get her to finalise the divorce.

He had been excited when Addison told him she wanted to try for a baby but looking back there was no joy on Addison’s face when she said it, not like there had been on Meredith’s face.

God he could not wait to hold their baby in his arms.

Derek rolled over and switched off the alarm and kissed Meredith on her shoulder to try and waken her.

“Um, go away,” Meredith muttered

“Wakey wakey,” Derek said as he started to tickle her

“Time to get up?” Meredith groggily asked

“Yes, I’m expecting the stampede in less than ten minutes,” Derek said as he kissed her “I can already hear Noah moving about next door. Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas!” Meredith smiled back “I better get dressed then,” Meredith said as she got out of bed.

A few minutes later and they were both dressed in their pyjamas and Derek was making the bed when they heard the bedroom door open.

“Uncle Derek!”

“Did Santa come?”

“Merry Christmas!”

Meredith looked on top of the bed to find Noah, Regan, Charlotte and Clara bouncing on top of the bed. They were literally bouncing with excitement and Derek loved every second of it. She walked out of the bedroom and into the neighbouring room and lifted Beth who was singing her heart out.

When she walked back into the hallway she saw a very tired Jennifer come out of one of the other bedrooms and ask “Have you seen my daughter?”

“Clara is currently jumping on top of Derek’s bed along with her other cousins,” Meredith smiled.

“Is it too much to ask to have one Christmas were we not woken at 5am?” Jennifer whined.

“I seem to remember you used to waken us at 3am Jennifer Frances,” Michael Shepherd stating as we walked down the corridor smiling.

“Merry Christmas sweetheart,” Michael said as he kissed his daughter before kissing Meredith and Beth.

Derek finally emerged from his bedroom with the children following behind him and lifted Beth from Meredith “Merry Christmas princess,” he said kissing his daughter.

Michael walked over to the top of the stairs and removed the child gate and said “Who wants to see if Santa visited last night?”

“I do! I do! I do!” said a chorus of young voices with Beth yelling too.

“Well I will go down the stairs first and check – just wait here!” Michael said as he turned and walked down the stairs.

All the children watched as he walked across the hallway and into the lounge. Michael used these few minutes to turn on the lights of the Christmas tree and the other decorations and made sure that everything was sitting were it was supposed to be.

He walked back to the hallway and looked up the stairs. His older grandchildren who knew that Santa did not exist looked bored and were threatened to within an inch of their lives not to say a word the younger children. As for the younger grandchildren they were literally biting their lips in nerves to see if Santa had visited and left any presents.

“Okay children now let mummies and daddies come down the stairs first,” Michael said and laughed as Clara practically pushed her mother down the stairs in excitement.

Derek was still carrying Beth and took Meredith’s hand as they walked down the stairs and into the lounge.

“I have no idea how your mother manages to keep them all calm at the top of the stairs,” Meredith said to Derek

“They know better than to mess around with mom,” Derek laughed as Beth was gazing around at the scene in front of her.

“Okay children, Santa has a left a few things here ...” Michael did not get to finish the sentence as his grandchildren charged down the stairs and flew into the lounge.

All Meredith could see was the flash of pink of Clara’s dressing gown as she ran past her screaming in excitement.

Within ten minutes the lounge was covered in a mass of wrapping paper and everyone was admiring their Christmas presents.

Meredith could not stop staring at the brochure Derek gave her – it was of the hotel/resort they would be staying at in June in St Lucia – the words paradise did not even come even come close. Derek had also bought her some jewellery and perfume as well as the naughty lingerie that was hidden in their bedroom.

Meredith in return had bought Derek more Clash memorabilia which she knew he would love along with a new leather briefcase from Beth to replace the old one which Beth had managed to batter into holes a few months ago.

The best gift had to be the one from Sam and Gavin. Derek had been shocked to open his present to find a pair of novelty Red Sox socks.

“Um, thanks sis,” Derek muttered

“Your welcome!” Sam smiled back “relax Mer got the same as you.”

Derek smiled back – deep down he thought his sister could have gotten something a little better than novelty socks.

“Here is your proper present,” Sam said as Gavin walked over with a large thin present and handed it to Derek.

“It is a present for both of you for the new house,” Sam explained.

Derek opened one side of the present while Meredith opened the other side. They were both speechless when they saw the present.

“What is it?” Mark asked

“A painting of the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004, “Derek asked dumbfounded.

“Sam this is....” Derek tried to speak but words were failing him

“I think Derek is trying to say thank you,” Meredith said as she stood up and hugged both Sam and Gavin.

A few minutes later Mark was helping Michael and Carolyn tidy up the lounge while Derek and Meredith headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. They had both insisted last night after dinner they would make breakfast this morning and give both Carolyn and Gavin the morning off from cooking.

After an hour making a constant stream of porridge and apple and cinnamon pancakes they both finally sat down and had their breakfast.

Carolyn and Gavin were sitting at the other end of the table planning the day ahead with military precision.

“What time do we need to be at church?” Gavin asked

“The service starts at 10:30am. Since it is dry I thought we could walk to church and back,” Carolyn answered “we need to leave about 9:45am so we can get there in plenty of time and speak to the other members of congregation. The service only lasts an hour and we should be back here by 12:15pm” Carolyn explained.

“Lunch is either homemade soup or my famous clam chowder with fresh bread, correct?” Gavin asked.

“Correct,” Carolyn answered

“And dinner is planned for 6pm,” Gavin stated and Carolyn nodded her head “right well I am going to get myself ready....” Gavin almost grimaced as he said the next words “for church.”

Meredith sat and glared at Derek who mouthed “What?” at her.

Meredith now decided to kick his leg before standing up “Well I better go and get Beth ready.”

Derek followed her out to the hallway and on to the stairs.

“What was all that about?” Derek asked

“Thank you for warning me,” Meredith stated

“Warning you for what?” Derek asked


“Church?” Derek asked now confused

“Yes, Derek. You might have warned me that we would be going to church. I don’t do church. I cannot remember the last time I was in a church, in fact I would not be at all surprised if the church building collapses around me the second I walk through the door,” Meredith answered back as they got to the top of the stairs.

“Ditto,” Gavin said “Trust me I feel the same way. So does Nancy, but for the sake of World Peace,” Gavin said in inverted comas “just grin and bear it... and pray Nancy does not snore through the sermon like she did two years ago, “ Gavin said as turned into the bedroom to get Noah dressed.

“It will be fine – I promise,” Derek said as he kissed Meredith.

Meredith glared back at him.
By 11:45am the Christmas service was over and to Carolyn’s relief no-one had fell asleep through the service and they were now walking back to the house. At the end of the service Carolyn had spoken briefly with the young minister to thank him for a wonderful service and of course to Meredith’s horror introduce her son’s new girlfriend.

Meredith tried to smile and say the right thing without scowling and murdering someone. She was surprised that the minister was so young and as she explained to Derek on their way back to the house she was expecting someone much older.

It was a beautiful Christmas on the Cape, the sun had been shining all morning but there was a bitterly cold wind. Snow was forecast for later in the week. Meredith shivered as she tucked one gloved hand in her pocket while her other hand held on tightly to Beth.

Derek was holding Beth’s other hand and they decided to let her swing in their arms for a few minutes before stopping.

“Again!” Beth squealed, much to Derek’s amusement

“No more princess! Let’s go home and you can play with your new toys!” Derek said as he kissed his daughter who was adorable in a red velvet hat and matching ear muffs and gloves that Nancy had bought her. Derek lifted her in his arms, realising that all too soon she would be too big to carry. He threw his arm around Meredith and pulled her in closer to him for the remainder of the walk back to the house.

Within minutes of walking through the front door Carolyn was already heating up lunch and Meredith for one didn’t think she had ever enjoyed a steaming bowl of hot soup more in her life as she did today.

Beth also enjoyed her lunch – so much so that she fell asleep at the table much to the amusement of everyone else who was taking photographs that would be surely be used to embarrass the little girl in the years to come.

Meredith had tried to clean her up as best as she could without waking her while Derek lifted her and took her upstairs.

Once at the top of the stairs Meredith said to Derek “Let her sleep on our bed – I’ll lie down beside her.”

“You okay?” Derek asked as he laid Beth down on the bed and looked up Meredith who he admitted looked tired.

“I’m tired and can feel my head getting sore,” Meredith said as she kicked off her shoes and curled up beside Beth.

“How sore?” Derek asked concerned.

“Not concussion sore,” Meredith said “I’m probably just tired, it’s been crazy at the crèche and then the travelling... not to mention up at 5am! Go downstairs and spend some time with your family.”

“No, I’ll stay here,” Derek answered as he sat down on the bed beside her.

“Derek, go, I will be fine – I will have a quick doze with Beth and I will be fine. We just need to recharge our batteries,” Meredith said as got herself comfortable.

“Okay, do want some painkillers?” Derek asked as he stood up.

“Um please,” Meredith answered as Derek went to the bathroom to get a glass of water and came back with the tablets and gave them to Meredith.

“Thank you,” Meredith said as she placed the glass back on the table.

“You’re welcome. If you need anything yell,” Derek said as he kissed her forehead.

“I will, listen don’t tell anyone... about the headache,” Meredith explained “They will only worry, just explain I’m tired okay?”

Once he got to the bottom of the stairs Derek saw his father gathering up the children’s coats.

“What are you doing dad?” Derek asked

“Jennifer and Peter are going to take Regan out on her bike and of course
Charlotte and Clara want to join in too,” Michael explained, “where’s Meredith?”

“She is lying down with Beth – she has been crazy at the crèche all week and then the travelling she is worn out,” Derek answered.

“Well some of the older children are going to play Twister in the lounge if you are interested?” Michael asked

“This should be fun...” Derek smiled as he headed into the noisiest room in the house.
Meredith had been sleeping for about an hour when she woke up to her cell phone ringing, she reached over to the bedside table and glanced at the caller id – Christina. She quickly answered it before it woke Beth.

“Merry Christmas Christina!” Meredith said down the phone.

“I’m Jewish,” Christina replied

“Whatever,” Meredith groaned

“Oh, someone is not having any fun?” Christina smirked down the phone
“I was sleeping Christina,” Meredith laughed

“In the middle of the afternoon?” Christina stated

“I have been up since 5am to see if Santa came and left presents,” Meredith stated

“And did he?”

“Oh a seven day Beth free trip to one of the most romantic hotels on St Lucia,” Meredith smirked

“Bitch,” Christina replied “$50 bucks says you’ll be pregnant by the time you come back,” Christina stated

“Well that’s the plan,” Meredith laughed

“Tell me you are joking...” Christina said

“No actually I’m not,” Meredith replied


“Seriously, I’m ready Christina. It just feels right,” Meredith tried to explain to her friend.

“I’m speechless...”

“That’s a first!”

“Well, good for you, just because I don’t want the little brats does not mean I cannot be happy for you, just as long as I will be the godmother, someone has teach them decent principles,” Christina answered

Meredith smiled knowing that her person was genuinely happy for her. They chatted for the next few minutes with Christina telling Meredith about how Lexie was moping around the place secretly missing Mark.

“I better go Chris, Beth is starting to wake up... and don’t worry I’ll the pass the message on to Mark,” Meredith said as they exchanged goodbyes and the call ended.

“Mama,” Beth started to chat away to herself as she started playing with Meredith’s hair. They both lay there for a few minutes before Meredith decided it was time to make an appearance downstairs.

Beth was chatting the whole time downstairs and Meredith could not help but laugh at the little chatterbox Beth was becoming. They could hear the shouting and yelling coming from the lounge and when they walked in through the door Meredith was speechless and Beth gave her father and uncle the strangest of looks.

They were still playing twister and as Mark had tried to move he slipped, fell and landed in a heap on the floor. As he fell he hit Derek who was trying to stay in position on top of the mat in a very comprising position. Everyone in the room – now including Meredith were crying laughing while Mark was scowling and Derek was trying to move without touching Mark.

“I swear if you touch me in the privates I will kill you...” Mark threatened.

“Really don’t...want... to go there,” Derek muttered as he moved to less compromising position and then saw Meredith and Beth, followed by several camera flashes.

“How many copies would you like Mer?” Kathleen laughed as she stood up and headed for the computer to download and save the images.

“As many as you can,” Meredith laughed.

By now everyone was tired of twister. The official reason was that no-one could beat the position of Mark and Derek and everyone agreed to it was movie time.

Gavin and Carolyn headed for the kitchen to start preparing dinner while Beth started playing with her new doll and Meredith sat down on the floor beside and played with her hair. A few minutes later Derek joined them.

“How are my two girls?” Derek asked as he kissed them both.

“Better thanks, nicely rested,” Meredith smiled over at him.

“Good,” Derek smiled over at her as Mark came over and crouched down beside them.

“Mer I’ll give you a $1000 to get rid of those photos,” Mark stated.

“The photos are not for sale Mark,” Meredith laughed “but I will give you one bit of good news.”

“What’s that?” Mark asked

“I just spoke with Christina, Lexie has talked non-stop about you all day – in a good way. It’s driving Christina crazy,” Meredith said as she looked at Mark “Why don’t you call her?”

“I think I might just do that, thanks Mer,” Mark said as bent down and ruffled her hair before leaving the room.

The movie had just finished and the older kids now wanted to watch the game when Mark returned grinning from ear to ear.

“Well?” Meredith asked

“We are going to meet up for coffee when I get back to Seattle,” Mark said smiling
“That’s great,” Derek answered as Meredith stood up

“I’m just going into the kitchen and see if I can help with anything,” Meredith explained

“Knowing Gavin and mom they will probably chase you from the kitchen,” Derek said

“Well it is polite to offer,” Meredith said as she walked from the lounge and into the large kitchen.

“Can I help with anything?” Meredith asked as sat down at a stool at the kitchen island.

“Why thank you Meredith for asking but I think we have everything under control,” Carolyn smiled at her as she stood peeling the potatoes.

“Are you sure?” Meredith asked

“Meredith go and relax, I appreciate your offer but you have already contributed by making that wonderful breakfast this morning,” Carolyn answered

“Okay, it just feels weird not having something to do,” Meredith explained

“Well Derek said how hard you had been working the last few weeks so enjoy being looked after,” Carolyn laughed “Derek showed me the video of the nativity play – it was wonderful Meredith – goodness I don’t know how you are not sleeping on your feet.”

They chatted for another few minutes when Michael walked into the room
“Ah Meredith, how would you like to help me set the tables for dinner?” Michael asked

“I would love too,” Meredith replied as she hopped off the stool and followed Michael into the dining room where two tables were set out – one for the adults and one for the children, although Beth would be at the adult table as Meredith dreaded to think of the mess if she was to completely to feed herself.

“I don’t know about you but I can’t fold the napkins correctly,” Michael stated as he started to lose his temper trying to fold the material.

“Here let me,” Meredith said as she started to fold them.

“I’m impressed,” Michael replied as he sat down beside her on the chair “I love my family, I really do, I love them all being in the house together at the same time, but sometimes...”

“You just need five minutes peace and quiet,” Meredith replied for him.

“I knew you would understand,” Michael said laughing.

After folding the napkins Meredith helped put out the place mats and cutlery while Michael organised where everyone was going to sit.

“Carolyn will sit at the top of the table, and I will sit at the bottom – you on one side with Sam and Gavin beside you and Derek and Beth on the side. Trust me this end of the table will be a lot more fun!” Michael explained as Meredith laughed.

Within the hour everyone was being called to the kitchen for dinner and as everyone walked in Gavin gave them something to set at the table. Meredith was carrying the two gravy jugs – one for each end of the table, while Derek carried in the ham, Gavin the wine, Michael the turkey and Carolyn the vegetables.

The dinner was beautiful and Meredith was beginning to think that she would
have no room left for desert. Everyone was in a great mood and the wine was flowing freely. The children had finished their meal and headed back into the lounge to play some computer games when Nancy made a remark that Kathleen disagreed with... and then the traditional Shepherd argument started.

Within seconds it got heated with Derek, Jennifer, Sam and Mark now also involved.

Gavin quickly stood up and tapped Meredith’s shoulder, “I think I will go check on the Christmas cake.”

“Um good idea, I’ll get the cheesecake out of the fridge,” Meredith said as she too stood up and followed Gavin out of the kitchen.

“Oh is that my cell phone ringing...” Peter said as he too stood up

“I think we need more wine,” Jeff, Nancy’s husband said as he stood up and grabbed the unopened bottle of pinot grigio.

“I’ll just go and give everyone a hand...” Ted, Kathleen’s husband said as he too fled the room.

In the dining room Meredith sat on one of the stools with the four other spouses sitting round her. Gavin lifted out more wine glasses while Peter opened the bottle that Jeff bought in.

“All the Shepherd family together for 36 hours before a fight breaks out... that has to be a record,” Gavin said as he got the deserts ready.

“It is,” Michael said as he too came in and sat down. “I apologise Meredith if my children have ruined your first Christmas with us.”

“Don’t be silly it actually quite entertaining in a weird way,” Meredith replied

“I swear at the next family gathering I am leaving the camcorder on record so we can play it back to them,” Peter replied laughing

“At least they all make up by bedtime,” Meredith said as she took a sip of wine.

“How bad were your family Christmas fights?” Jeff asked not knowing the full truth about Meredith’s family.

“Well by this time my mother would be drunk and my sister would be high. Dad and I would just be about the doing dishes disagreeing over who would be washing and who would be drying,” Meredith answered

Jeff felt about an inch tall “Mer I didn’t mean...”

“Hey it’s fine. I have nothing to do them anymore – trust me I would rather be here than with them,” Meredith answered just as Beth wandered into the kitchen.

“Mama, dink pease,” Beth sat as she crawled up on Meredith’s knee and headed for her glass of wine

“Oh no you don’t,” Meredith laughed as she moved the glass out of Beth’s reach “let’s get Beth a non-alcoholic drink shall we.”

“I got it,” Gavin said as he poured some real lemonade into a glass and passed it to Beth “here you go sweetie”.

“What do you say Beth?” Meredith asked

“Tank you!” Beth as she held on to the glass with both hands and gave Uncle Gavin a big grin.

Fifteen minutes later and they were all chatting and sharing memories of the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004 when Derek announced that peace had been restored and everyone was ready for desert.

“Well you are lucky Mer – I cannot remember the celebrations,” Peter laughed as he walked back into the dining room

“The only reason I can remember is because I was in London and I saw it on the news,” Meredith laughed as she carried in the cheesecake.

“What are you talking about?” Carolyn asked

“The Red Sox,” Michael answered “the night they broke the curse.”

“Oh yes the party no-one in the house remembers,” Carolyn smirked “well I will give you all a clue, two days later Michael you had to buy a new dining table, and Nancy you had to replace the carpet in the lounge.”

The desert went peacefully and while the women got all the children to bed, the men did the clearing up. They all met up again in the lounge sharing more wine and whiskey and laughed and chatted into the early hours.

It was just after 1am when Derek and Meredith climbed into bed.

“You have one more present to open Mer,” Derek said yawning

“Too tired, I will open the lingerie tomorrow night,” Meredith answered “too tired for sex”

“I completely agree!” Derek laughed as he turned and lay on his side “Thank you for the best present ever!”

Meredith had to think for a second thinking what was so excellent about her presents to Derek.

“I mean the present last night, “Derek explained as he kissed her forehead “this time next year we could have another little Shepherd on the way!”

Meredith was smiling too and she pulled herself closer to Derek “I can’t wait.”

“Me either. I love you,” Derek whispered

“Love you too,” Meredith said as her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep.

I have to admit the Shepherd family fight at the dinner table was inspired by an episode of Brothers and Sisters, a fantastic show that I have only just discovered! Whilst the Walker family had an argument, their spouses fled the table and grabbed the wine in the process.

Next update will come in two parts and I may even post it sooner than usual – all you have to do is let me know what you think of this update!

As usual if you would like a teaser then do let me know!




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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes this is my second update this weekend and more good news – the next part will be posted later today!

This chapter covers Christmas to New Year at the Cape and then the first week of January from Meredith’s point of view.

I do not own the show and thank you to everyone who has commented!


December 26th was an interesting morning in the Shepherd residence – especially for the children.

In the space of an hour all children under the age of 16 were given strict instructions by both their parents and their grandparents that they were not under any circumstances;

- To run around the house yelling and screaming
- Not to slurp their cereal or juice
- Not to fight with each other
- Not to chat to each other
- Not to play the television so loud
- Not to play any computer games that included gunfire or screeching cars
- Not to ask stupid questions (“mummy why are you in a bad mood?”)
- To do as they were told.

Why the strict instructions, because every adult in the house (except Sam) had a hangover and they were currently sitting in the kitchen drinking very strong coffee and trying to stomach breakfast.

“I would sit and laugh at all of you, but I feel just as bad,” Sam groaned.

“You couldn’t possibly feel as bad, you weren’t drinking,” Mark stated as he rested his head on the table.

“Morning sickness Mark, oh god need to run...” Sam yelled as she ran from the table and headed for the downstairs bathroom.

“I would go and support her but I don’t think I can move,” Gavin said.

“Same here,” answered Carolyn “Nancy please tell the twins to be quiet.”

Nancy stood up and half walked half staggered into the lounge to tell the two boys to behave or else.

Thankfully by lunchtime the adults were starting to feel a bit more human with Derek and Meredith taking Beth and Noah out for a walk along the beach while Gavin and Sam tried to get some rest. When they came back Peter and Mark had started up a baseball game for the older children on the beach and some of the neighbours also came and joined in.

December 27th was the day Meredith Grey thought she had lost her mind. It had started early morning when Michael announced that he was going to go with his son, son-in-laws and grandson’s fishing before another storm came ashore.

Meredith thought it would be a good idea to take Beth to the New England Aquarium in Boston and within two minutes every female in the family had invited themselves too. Within the hour she was currently driving on the interstate headed for Boston with Beth, Sam and Carolyn all singing along to nursery rhymes.

It had been a great day for the children but a nightmare for the adults trying to keep track of Regan and Charlotte who insisted on playing hide and seek in the middle of the aquarium.

Given that Beth loved the aquarium back at home, Meredith could only laugh at the toddler’s expression when they walked into the aquarium and immediately saw the large glass circular tank. Beth’s face was a mixture of confusion and joy and absolutely loved it when the staff came out to feed the penguins.

When it came to home time Beth threw one of her famous temper tantrums and it took both Meredith and Carolyn to calm her down enough to walk out through the doors. Beth then burst into tears and decided to cling to Meredith for another twenty minutes before Meredith was able to get securely settled in her car seat.

Ten minutes later and Beth was fast asleep.

The rest of the week went by fairly quickly with Derek, Meredith and Mark taking Beth on her first visit to Fenway Park for a tour of the grounds and before they knew it New Year was upon them.

They all woke up on New Year’s Eve to a blanket of snow and temperatures that could only be described as arctic, but that did not stop Nancy’s two daughters from going outside and playing in the snow in only their pyjama’s leading them both to be told off by Nancy and Carolyn for going outside without their coats and scarves on.

Despite the cold conditions the local council in Hyannis still decided to go on ahead with the firework display at midnight and by 11pm the whole Shepherd clan were out having a snowball fight while counting down to the New Year.

By midnight Derek was standing in the back garden watching the fireworks holding a sleeping Beth in one arm and pulled Meredith in closer with his other arm.

“Happy New Year Meredith – it’s going to be a great one!” Derek whispered in her ear.

“It certainly is, Happy New Year Derek!” Meredith replied as they kissed before turning around and headed back up the path and into the house.

New Year’s Day was chaotic in the Shepherd house as everyone was packing suitcases and heading home.

Kathleen, Ted and their three children had just left for their mid-morning flight back to New York while Derek was getting ready to drop Meredith, Beth and Mark at the airport for their flight back to Seattle.

Derek hated the thought of being separated from them but it made sense for him to stay on Boston as he was due to attend a huge medical conference and present the results of the clinical trial. Richard had asked him to attend the second week as well to enquire about studies in general medicine. Today was Wednesday and the conference started on Monday morning at 8am and he did not really relish a six hour flight to Seattle today and another six hour journey back over the weekend. Derek was going to stay on with his parents before checking into the hotel on Sunday evening.

Meredith was going to stay the extra two weeks with him but could not get any more time off work and was due back at the crèche tomorrow morning. The only consolation was that Mark was booked on the same flight and would be able to give Meredith a hand with both the luggage and Beth.
Meredith’s POV

Meredith had to admit that it had been harder than she imagined leaving Derek behind in Boston. The flight to Seattle had been long and tiring as Beth could not seem to settle for the entire flight and both she and Mark had taken it in turns to walk up and down the aisle to keep Beth quiet. The worst part was when they were coming into land at Seattle Tacoma Airport with Beth screaming and rubbing her ears.

The cabin crew were fantastic with them and thankfully to Meredith’s relief none of the other passengers had complained about the noise.

Mark had been brilliant and carried their bags off the plane, he had offered to carry Beth but Beth was having none of it, she only wanted her “mummy”.

Within an hour they were finally home and Meredith gave Beth some medicine and they called Derek to let him that they had arrived home safely.

“Don’t worry I gave her some medicine as soon as we walked in through the door and she is now fast asleep on the sofa,” Meredith said to Derek on the phone.

“I’m sorry Mer, I should have been there to help,” Derek answered

“Derek, we both knew that it made sense for you stay in Boston, and besides Mark was with me and he was a god send,” Meredith answered as the doorbell rang “oh that’s Christina with the pizza.”

“Well I will go and let you too catch up, give Beth a huge hug and kiss from me!” Derek said “and ring me when you are going to bed, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Meredith said as she hung up and opened the front door and let Christina carrying two huge pizza boxes, which Meredith suddenly realised that she had no appetite for.

Although tired from the flight Meredith had a great night catching up on all the gossip with Christina. It was just after 11pm when Christina left when Derek called and they both admitted it felt strange to be going to bed without each other.

“Well at least I will have the bed all to myself...whatever will I do?” Meredith teased as Derek groaned down the phone.

Oh I can think of a couple suggestions...” Derek huskily replied.
The next morning Beth was still in a grumpy form which Meredith simply put down to jet lag from travelling coast to coast.

Meredith’s first day back was what you expect when you return from vacation – crazy, and it didn’t help that Beth would not settle and ended up spending the most of the day with her in the office .

When they finally got home Meredith took Beth’s temperature and noticed that it was slightly high and had just given her some more medicine when Derek called to say that his niece Clara had picked up a slight chest infection – probably from playing in the snow in her pyjamas’ and had managed to pass it on to Nancy as well.

“I just hope she hasn’t passed it on to Beth as well,” Derek said. He felt awful that he was not with his little girl when she was sick.

“Well at the moment she has a slight temperature and is clingy but that’s it,” Meredith answered “its Sam I’m more worried about, the last thing she needs is a chest infection on top of morning sickness.”

“Yeah mom has banished her from the house just in case but so far it’s just Clara and Nancy who are sick,” Derek said

“So what have you been up to without us?” Meredith asked as she sat back in the sofa with Beth sitting playing beside her.

“Dad and I went fishing this morning and then we played a few rounds of golf...” Derek answered

“Since when do you play golf?” Meredith asked laughing at the image of Derek of a golf course.
Friday had started off as a great day, Beth had woken up to her usual singing routine and Meredith got her up and dressed and out the door by 6:30am.

Meredith was working a 7am – to 4pm and had lots of things she planned to do today at the crèche.

After the breakfast rush was over Meredith was showing new parents around the crèche and then she helped to cover breaks in the baby room.

By lunchtime however she was exhausted and her throat was killing her. She was then called into the toddler room where Beth was crying and clearly had a temperature. Meredith decided to bring her into the office and keep her away from the rest of the children. When Adele arrived at 2pm she immediately sent the pair of home.

“Adele are you sure, I feel awful, and I mean I’m only back from vacation...” Meredith rambled

“Meredith go home. I mean this in the nicest way possible but you look terrible. Go home and rest over the weekend,” Adele smiled

“Thank you,” Meredith said as she left the office.

Meredith made a quick stop at the pharmacy to get some cold relief medication for herself and Beth and some cartons of freshly made soup and a few bits and pieces that would keep them going over the weekend.

When Derek called at dinnertime she could tell he was ready to jump on the next flight to Seattle.

“Derek, I know how you feel, but trust me I would feel a hundred times worse if you missed this conference because of a silly cold,” Meredith said to him as she pulled the duvet up around her.

“You and Beth are more important than this conference Meredith. What are the symptoms?” Derek asked going into doctor mode.

“Well Beth had a temperature and a cough and she is clingy and sleepy. She is going to keep me company tonight aren’t you Beth?” Meredith laughed

“Yes!” Beth squealed down the phone to her dad.

“I thought it would be easier if we were both in the same room,” Meredith explained

“Good idea,” Derek answered “now what about you?”

“Sore throat, slight temperature and an annoying cough. It’s just a cold Derek. It was bitterly cold last week and then the New Year snowball fight probably didn’t help either,” Meredith replied “How are Clara and Nancy?”

“Still in bed, mom is not feeling great either. Listen Mer, I’m going to call Mark and ask him to call in over the weekend...” Derek started to explain but was interrupted by Meredith

“Don’t you dare! Lexie came by and left some soup for us tomorrow – it’s the only thing we seem to want to eat and she said that her Mark are going for dinner tomorrow. I have a feeling that a reunion may be on the cards,” Meredith explained.

Twenty minutes later both she and Beth were fast asleep.
Saturday 8am.

Meredith could not believe it; both she and Beth had slept for 12 hours straight.
While Beth lay in bed watching cartoons, Meredith walked slowly downstairs to try and make some toast for breakfast. Her legs were like jelly, her head was spinning and her throat was so sore she could barely swallow.

It took her longer than usual to make breakfast only for both her and Beth to decide that eating food made them feel sick. Meredith carefully took the dishes back downstairs before crawling back into bed with Beth tucked up beside as they settled for an afternoon of cartoons and talking to Derek on the telephone.

Meredith knew Derek was worried about them and wanted to come home, but once again she insisted that he stay in Boston and made him go through his speech in preparation for Monday’s preparation. She knew he would be nervous and wanted to give him as much encouragement as she could.

By 8pm Beth was already fast asleep and Meredith was fighting to keep her eyes open. She sat up in bed and tried to read her book and within minutes she too was fast asleep.

The next morning Meredith woke up to find Christina shaking her awake.

“Jesus Mer I have been calling you cell phone non-stop for the past hour but you didn’t answer,” Christina said as she flopped down on the bed beside her friend.

“Sorry, what time is it?” Meredith said as she tried to open her eyes.

“10am, Owen is downstairs heating up some chicken soup,” Christina said as she placed her hand on Meredith’s forehead “you have a temperature Mer, so has Beth.”

“God I feel like death warmed up,” Meredith said as she started coughing, “how did you get in anyway?”

“Derek called me – he’s frantic and said that you were not answering your phone, and he did not want to call Mark in case he was with Lexie and so he called me. I kept calling your cell phone while Owen ran next door and got the spare key from Mark,” Christina explained.

Right on cue the door bell rang followed seconds later with Mark running up the stairs.


“It’s okay Mark,” Christina answered

“Derek, they are fine Christina’s here... no I’m not leaving...” Mark said into his cell phone his voice hoarse “Lexie said she will go to the pharmacy and get everything... okay... yes I will get her to call you... bye.”

Mark put his phone back into his pocket

“You have to call Derek and reassure him that you still alive,” Mark croaked

“Mark your voice...” Meredith croaked back

“Yeah, yours is not much better either,” Mark smirked “I’m going to kill Nancy and Clara."

“Tell me about it,” Meredith stated.

An hour later and Lexie was on her way to collect antibiotics. Owen felt Mark just had a dose of flu, but as for Meredith and Beth he felt that the infection had gone into their chest and took no chances and put them on a course of antibiotics.

Mark moved into the spare bedroom so that he could help Meredith and Beth. When Lexie arrived back with the medication they both told Meredith that they were going to give their relationship another chance.

Delighted at the news Meredith called Derek in Boston.

“Hey where are you?” Meredith croaked

“Just checked in at the hotel,” Derek answered “how are you and Beth feeling?”

“Beth is sleeping, the antibiotics have knocked her out,” Meredith said trying to laugh

“And you?”

“Still feel like crap,” Meredith said as she started to cough, “sorry about that. Anyway I have some news for you... Mark and Lexie are back together!”

“Thank god!” Derek laughed as he walked across the lobby of the four star hotel and waited on the lift.

“Mark is still feeling rough so he and Lexie have moved into the spare room to help out a bit with Beth,” Meredith explained

“Good. God I miss you both so much – I wish I were there with you too,” Derek said “I better go the lift has just arrived I’ll call you back when I get to my room.”

As promised Derek called back a little later and gave her a very detailed description of his hotel room and what he would love to be doing if she were with him.

Meredith was blushing as she whispered down the phone

“You do realise your daughter is in bed with me Derek Shepherd, imagine if she heard the words coming out of your mouth,” Meredith laughed.

As she finished the call with Derek Meredith sent him a quick good luck text that he should receive when he woke up the following morning. She reached over and switched off the light and fell asleep only to be woken hours later with Beth crying.

It was 3am, Meredith felt awful, but not as bad as Beth who currently had a temperature and was getting a sponge bath from Lexie as Meredith did not have enough energy to try and hold and bathe her at the same time.

Meredith kept apologising to Lexie who had to work the following day but Lexie kept saying that she was pleased to help.

By 6am Beth was finally asleep and her temperature had finally gone down.
Meredith however could not say the same.

Her temperature was high, she could not face the toast that Mark had just made her and her chest was absolutely killing her. She wanted Derek. She was going to call him and wish him luck but did not want to call him and make him worry about why she was calling at this hour and disrupt his preparations for his speech.

By lunchtime Beth’s fever continued to drop and they were both lying in bed resting when Adele arrived with some homemade soup and a get well soon card from the staff for Meredith and a card for Beth from her friends in the toddler room.

By Monday evening Meredith was able to walk about a bit better but still felt horrible. She felt awful that Mark and Lexie had to do everything for her and Beth.

Realising that she and Beth were running out of clean of pyjamas she decided to put some laundry on while Mark was collecting more medication for them.

By the time she put the wash she was exhausted and she found it painful to breathe. She had just gotten to the stairs when the phone rang. It was Derek.

“Can I call you back?” Meredith almost rasped down the phone.

“Mer, what’s wrong?” Derek worriedly asked

“I’m exhausted; I stupidly thought that because I could stand without being dizzy I could do something useful. I can’t. I’ll call you back in five minutes when I get back into bed,” Meredith replied as she climbed the stairs and collapsed into bed.

She was on the phone to Derek when Mark returned home with Lexie and Christina who all told her off for going downstairs.

“I feel bloody useless lying here all day ... and I think I smell,” Meredith whined later to Christina.

“You do,” Christina stated

“Thank you – great friend you are,” Meredith moaned, “I have been lying here all day and all I want to do is sleep.”

Christina looked over at her friend and a thought came into her head, “Meredith – are you pregnant?”


“Sometimes the flu can be a sign of pregnancy and you did say that you wanted a baby,” Christina stated

“No, I couldn’t be... not that quickly anyway,” Meredith answered.

“Are you sure?”

“Christina I think I would know if I was pregnant,” Meredith stated. All she wanted to do was close her and eyes and go to sleep. She suddenly felt the bed move and looked over and saw Christina put her trainers back on.

“Where are you going?”

“To the drug store to get you a pregnancy test,” Christina answered

“Christina I’m not late...” Meredith never got to finish the sentence as Christina stormed out of the bedroom and down the stairs like a woman possessed.

An hour later and Meredith was waiting on the results. She was sitting in bed while Christina was pacing the floor.

“It said five minutes and I have been waiting for fifteen Christina!” Meredith stated

“Well I’m just making sure... okay... ready” Christina said as she walked into the bathroom and picked up the test.

Meredith suddenly found her heart beating faster than ever as Christina walked back into the room.

“Not pregnant, it really is the chest infection from hell then,” Christina said

“I could have told you that,” Meredith said as started coughing again.

Within the hour Meredith was fast asleep.

Tuesday was the day when things started to change.

Beth was feeling much better and although still coughing and a bit lethargic she was starting to play with her toys again and thankfully Mark was able to keep her amused.

Mark’s voice had returned and he too was feeling better, but Meredith felt worse. Her temperature was getting higher and she could not stop coughing, the pain in her chest was worse.

Owen had called in to see after work and examined her. He motioned to Mark that he wanted to speak to him outside.

“Owen what’s wrong?” Mark asked

“I think she has mild pneumonia,” Owen said “I think she should come into the clinic for a chest x-ray to confirm it.”

“Christ,” Mark muttered

“When is Derek back?” Owen asked

“He supposed to be away for two weeks but I think he going to get back later this week – he just needs to clear it with the Chief, why?” Mark answered

“It’s just if it were me and Christina was ill the last place I would want to be is at a medical conference,” Owen answered

“He has no choice but be there – his trial results are the main attraction,” Mark explained.

Wednesday morning and Meredith was officially diagnosed with mild pneumonia and was prescribed stronger antibiotics.

“Great, the whole Shepherd family have a snowball fight and catch the flu or a chest infection and what do I get – bloody pneumonia!” Meredith stated to Christina as they sat on the top of her bed later that evening.

“Sounds about right,” Christina answered “I know you want a baby in the future Mer but just be careful with the antibiotics and the pill. That’s how unplanned pregnancies happen.”

“You are a real ray of sunshine tonight Christina,” Meredith snapped.

“Oh and so are you!” Christina retorted

“I haven’t been able to speak to Derek all day and knowing him he is probably freaking out” Meredith asked.

A few hours later and Christina had gone home and Lexie was the resident on call at the hospital. Both Beth and Meredith were fast asleep when Mark heard a noise coming from downstairs.

His first thought as he got out of bed was that someone had broken in and he tried to remember where Derek had placed the baseball ball that he insisting on keeping upstairs in the case of such an event.

Mark quietly opened the bedroom door and reached round the table at the top of the landing and down the back found the said baseball bat and quietly tip-toed down the stairs. He could see the shadow in the lounge and lifted the baseball bat ready to give the intruder his best shot when the person switched on the small table lamp.

“Jesus Derek,” Mark whispered loudly.

“What the hell... Mark!” Derek whispered loudly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Mark asked

“I live here,” Derek stated “Are you trying to kill me?” Derek asked as he pointed to the baseball bat.

“Sorry I thought you were an intruder,” Mark explained.

Ten minutes later and they were both sitting on the sofa nursing a glass of scotch.

Derek told him all about the conference in Boston while Mark told Derek about Meredith.

“God, pneumonia, I should have been here...” Derek muttered before he too started to cough.

“I see you have caught the cold too,” Mark smirked

“Yeah, at first I thought I felt crappy due to the conference,” Derek explained before saying goodnight and headed up the stairs.

He quietly walked into the bedroom and saw his daughter curled up tightly against Meredith and his heart melted. He quickly undressed and changed into an old pair of sweat pants and Bowdoin t-shirt and got into bed.

Meredith stirred as she felt the bed move, “Derek?”

“It’s okay, I’m here,” Derek whispered as he kissed her.

“I have pneumonia,” Meredith whispered as Derek checked her temperature.

“I have the cold too,” Derek laughed.

“We are going to have fun settling her back into her own bed,” Meredith laughed as they both looked at Beth lying between them.

“We are, but I’m happy she’s here with us,” Derek answered as pulled his two girls closer.

“Christina thought I was pregnant, but I’m not...” Meredith muttered.

Derek’s heart nearly stopped, “I was nearly thinking the same thing too,” he replied as he stroked her hair.

“Soon,” Meredith said as she started to fall back to sleep, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Derek said as he heard the combined the snores of his beloved daughter and the love of his life.
The next part will be the first week of January from Derek’s point of view... and this is one update you do not want to miss...

In regards to pneumonia – I researched online so I apologise if it is not very accurate.

If you would like a teaser you will need to be quick I hope to have part two up later today!




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Part two as promised!

I apologise in advance – I have no idea how medical conference’s work so I have described Derek’s as how I would imagine they would be.

This update is the first week of January from Derek’s point of view. You will probably notice that some scenes and conversations from the last chapter are also included here, only this time from Derek’s point of view.


Derek’s POV

Saying goodbye to Meredith and Beth at Logan Airport had been one of the hardest things Derek had ever had to do and when Meredith had told him that Beth did not have a great flight he felt terrible at leaving Meredith to deal with it by herself.

Apart from teething and one stomach bug Beth was a very healthy child and nothing stopped her, so when Meredith explained that she was in temperature and was clingy Derek knew she was coming down with what Nancy and Clara which had now spread through Nancy’s family and now mom had it as well as Kathleen’s children.

So while his little girl and the love of his life were ill in Seattle, Derek was out fishing and playing golf with his dad. He felt like shit when he called later that night. He informed Meredith that it looked as everyone was coming down with either the cold or flu after their snow ball fight in the snow on New Year’s Eve.

Derek felt relieved when Meredith had texted him saying that both she and Beth were feeling better.

Derek had arranged to go for lunch with his former colleagues from the Private Practice he used to own and he had a great time catching up with the events in their lives while telling them about Meredith and Beth.

“Did you see Addison?” Tyler asked, causing Derek to choke on his water

“Addison, is here in Boston?” Derek stated

“I’m sorry I thought you knew,” Tyler explained, “her brother was ill and he was being treated at Mass General.”

“When was this?” Derek asked shocked

“Just after Thanksgiving,” Tyler explained “he caught some strange virus when he was travelling and you know Archer how he dramatises everything.

“I have been trying to finalise the divorce from that woman for months but no-one can find her,” Derek answered. He looked at his former colleague “do you know where she is now?”

“I’m sorry Derek – I have no idea,” Tyler replied “I just happened to see her for a few minutes when I was checking up on a patient. She did not say where she was living.”

The topic of conversation soon changed, but Derek could now only think of his ex-wife. He was seriously beginning to think of hiring a private detective to find her; he wanted to be divorced from her that badly. The thought of meeting with Addison made him feel nauseous but he would rather meet with her on his terms than her dropping by unexpected. Now that Meredith was ready to have a baby, Derek wanted to do things right. Call him a traditionalist but he wanted to be married before their future baby would be born.

When he called Meredith later that night he wanted to call Mark and ask him to check on Meredith but was under strict instructions not to disturb him as a possible reunion with Lexie was highly possible.

By Saturday Derek could tell that Meredith was not feeling better and he was genuinely ready to say to hell with the conference and get on the next flight to Seattle, but Meredith had ordered him not too and had managed to get him to rehearse his speech, even though Derek knew she did not have the first idea what he was talking about most of the conversation.

On Sunday morning, Derek went out fishing with his dad, by now the whole family was down with the chest infection and even Mark sounded rough. When he got home he tried to call Meredith before he headed up to the hotel in Boston but there was no answer from her on either her cell phone or the house phone.

Derek was frantic as he dialled a number on his cell phone.

“What?” Christina groaned as she answered her cell phone.

“Christina I need you to check on Meredith and Beth,” Derek almost yelled down the phone.


“Because Meredith is not answering the phone,” Derek stated

“Chill out, she’s probably in the shower,” Christina replied

“For the past hour?” Derek yelled back.

“Good point... “Christina replied starting to worry too.

“I would call Mark – he has a spare key but he was on a date with Lexie and I have no idea where he is,” Derek said as he ran his hand through his hair.

“Okay – I’ll keep calling Mer, while Owen tracks down Mark and gets the key. I’ll call you back.”

Thirty minutes later and no news from Christina, Derek really feared the worse and called Mark who had just arrived at the house. A few minutes later and Owen called him back and had reassured him several times that it was just a chest infection and that he should stay on in Boston and that between Mark and Lexie and himself and Christina Meredith and Beth were receiving the best possible care.

Just as he arrived at the hotel Meredith called him to tell him that Mark and Lexie had gotten back together and that they were staying with her for the next few days.

“Good. God I miss you both so much – I wish I were there with you too,” Derek said “I better go the lift has just arrived I’ll call you back when I get to my room.”

As soon as Derek got to his hotel room he called Richard and informed him of the situation and asked him to make Adele aware that Meredith would probably off work for the rest of the week. Richard had been very understanding and gave Derek his permission to leave as soon as the neurology conference was over on Wednesday if things were no better.

Truth be told Derek did not feel great either but he was putting everything down to the stress of Meredith and Beth being ill and the nerves of speaking at the conference where he would stand in front of his fellow peers and tell them about the success of his clinical trial.

As promised Derek called Meredith a little later in the evening and gave her a very detailed description of his hotel room and what he would love to be doing if she were with him.

It was 6am and Derek’s nerves had kicked in. The lack of sleep and worry over Meredith and Beth probably did not help either.

“They are going to hate this. Someone else has tried this trial and it failed and it will make me the joke of the conference,” he muttered as he stumbled around his hotel room trying to get ready.

What he really wanted to do was call Meredith and find out how she and Beth were feeling, but it was 3am in Seattle and he would not call them in the middle of the night.

Meredith had sent a good luck text message late last night and how Derek wished she could be here with him. She would know exactly what to say and what to do in order to keep him cool, calm and collected. He closed his eyes for a few minutes and imagined that she was here.

“It will be fine... it will be fine... it will be fine...” Derek kept muttering to himself as he opened his eyes and adjusted his tie and finished getting ready.

By 5pm Derek had to admit that his speech had gone well – very well. He had received warm applause from his fellow peers and had answered many questions about the results of the trail. He knew that tomorrow would be mainly a question and answer in the morning before speaking with some fellow surgeons who had already approached him for consults. He had just finished dinner and was desperate to speak to Meredith to find out how she and Beth were feeling and dialled the number for the house in Seattle.

As soon as the phone was answered all Derek could here was “Can I call you back?” Meredith almost rasped down the phone.

“Mer, what’s wrong?” Derek worriedly asked

“I’m exhausted; I stupidly thought that because I could stand without being dizzy I could do something useful. I can’t. I’ll call you back in five minutes when I get back into bed,” Meredith replied as she climbed the stairs and collapsed into bed.

When Meredith called back five minutes Derek told her off and emphasised that she should be resting.

Derek thankfully was not as nervous as what he had been the previous morning. He was keeping his fingers crossed that everything regarding his trial would be finished today so that he could fly home and take care of Meredith and Beth.

Throughout the day he had heard rumours that tomorrow presentation on general surgery had been moved to next week to make way for a guest speaker but Derek was not even remotely interested. He just wanted home, he knew when speaking to Meredith earlier that she was feeling worse instead of better.

The day had been a success and Derek was checking his cell phone messages while waiting for the lift. In the background he could hear the click clack of high heels across the marble floor and then stopped beside him.

“Hello Derek,”

Derek looked up from his cell phone and stared straight at the woman standing in front of him.

“Addison,” Derek stated shocked. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Same thing as you – I’m speaking at the conference too,” Addison said as she looked directly at him “how are you?”

“I haven’t seen you in nearly two years and you ask how I am?” Derek practically spat out.

“I thought it was a reasonable question,” Addison stated.

“You’re not even going to ask about your daughter,” Derek asked

“Of course I was Derek,” Addison noticed people looking at them and continued “I don’t think this is the place. How about I buy you drink at the bar?”

“A drink? The only thing I want from you is a divorce,” Derek answered

“I want to talk about that too... come on,” Addison said as she turned around and headed for hotel bar.

They were lucky to find a quiet table in the corner and when the waiter arrived they both ordered a scotch.

“Congratulations on your trial Derek, I always knew you would be successful,” Addison said as she raised her glass in a toast.

Derek just sat there. He glared at his soon to be ex-wife. He really didn’t need this, not tonight. He should be heading for the airport and trying to get on the next flight to Seattle.

“Derek I understand that you probably hate me right now...” Addison started to say

“Hate you. Hate you. Why Addison would I hate you... you just woke up one morning and decided you did not want to be a mother anymore and left...” Derek angrily stated.

“I never wanted to be a mother Derek,” Addison replied.

Her response had sent Derek reeling and he sat forward on his chair and ran his hand through his hair. Derek was literally at a loss for words.

“Just let me explain... please Derek,” Addison answered quietly.

Derek nodded his head in agreement and took a sip of his scotch.

“I never wanted children, which is strange considering my job,” Addison paused to also take a sip of scotch. “I know everything there is about pregnancy and childbirth – all the good things and all the bad and I never wanted to put myself through that. When we met and you said you wanted kids I thought I would change my mind, but I didn’t.”

“I know about the abortion Addison, Mark told me,” Derek stated trying to keep his anger in check.

“I thought he would,” Addison replied quietly.

“You were the one who suggested having a baby,” Derek said as he sat back in the chair and faced Addison.

“I know,” Addison bit her lip before continuing “Remember our ninth wedding anniversary I had ballet tickets and dinner reservations booked months in advance only we had to cancel because of emergency with one of your patients?”

“Yes,” Derek snapped

“Well I went on ahead and met someone there. God Derek we were so wrapped up in our careers then and I was lonely. He was having the same problems in his marriage... and we started an affair,” Addison explained. She looked up and Derek was biting his knuckles.

“It lasted six months. He promised to leave his wife and I was going to leave you but he couldn’t do it. I felt so guilty Derek and we were barely talking. Having a baby was the only way I could think of making the whole thing up to you,” Addison said scared of what Derek’s reaction was going to be.

Derek could not believe his ears, but somewhere in the back of his mind it didn’t really surprise him.

“Well with your family history that doesn’t really surprise me Addison,” Derek sarcastically replied

“What is that supposed to mean?” Addison replied

“Well your father had a new girlfriend every weekend and as for your brother...”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about Derek...” Addison whispered and Derek knew he hit a nerve.

“All I want to talk about is why you have not signed the divorce papers and why you walked out on our daughter,” Derek stated and swallowed he had to ask the next question “she is my daughter Addison, right?”

“Of course she’s yours. The affair ended six months before I fell pregnant. God even at four weeks old she was the double of you with her dark hair,” Addison smiled at the memory.

“Then why Addison, why?” Derek asked.

“I found out when I was pregnant that my mother was a lesbian and had been having an affair with her PA for years,”

“What... Bizzy – a lesbian...” Derek really needed more scotch but was too shocked to move.

“I had an argument with my father and let slip about my affair and it all came out, I told him I was no better than him and... it rocked me to the core Derek. For the first time in my life I did not know who I was,” Addison paused for a minute.

“At the same time new discoveries had been in neo-natal surgery and suddenly I felt more alive, like myself again and then I had to go on maternity leave and I just couldn’t do both. Do you have an idea how it feels to be a baby specialist and yet have no feelings for your own child? It’s easy for you – you had the perfect family – I didn’t. I know your parents never liked me and I don’t blame them.
From the day I met you Derek I loved the fact that you were down to earth and sensible and caring and I wanted to be that too. Instead of me changing I changed you. I turned you from a jeans and t-shirt person to a smart shirts and designer suits person. I know you were unhappy... and I did not want to do that to Beth...”

“You do not mention her name Addison...” Derek whispered

“When you went to register her birth I called my lawyers to start divorce proceedings, I saw how you were with her – it was like the old Derek I had met and fell in love with and I knew that if I stayed I would only change and damage her too,” Addison explained.

“I could be a mom, or I could be the person who saved other people’s babies and I am sorry Derek that I chose my career over being a mother and that I left with no warning,” Addison whispered.

Derek did not know what to say or do, his mind was literally reeling.

“I know you were in LA, Sam told me,” Derek said when he finally found his voice.

“Naomi tried to teach me how to be a mom,” Addison laughed as Derek smiled “that’s so typical of her. She mentioned that you are living in Seattle.”

“Yes,” Derek answered, “I sold the apartment and the practice, I suppose we should discuss...” Derek did not get to finish his sentence.

“I don’t want anything Derek. I walked out on our marriage a long time ago. I care for you Derek, and our daughter but I do not love you, not like what you deserve,” Addison explained.

“Then why the delay in the divorce?” Derek asked.

“When I left you I moved to France and worked with one of the leading neo-natal surgeons there for nearly a year. I then travelled around Europe and Asia working on various cases and when I returned to the US I heard about your clinical trial and somehow knew that with the results you had that you would be speaking here. I wanted to meet with you and explain everything to you face to face,” Addison answered “I’ll give you the divorce Derek...”

Derek took a deep breath – his prayers were being answered...

“But there are conditions,” Addison continued as she pulled an envelope out of her bag and set on the table in front of them.

“This is a letter I have written for Beth to read when she is older. I want her to understand why I did what I did,” Addison explained.

“And the other conditions?” Derek asked dreading what Addison would say next.

“I do not want custody Derek if that is what you are thinking, but I do want to stay in touch and not be strangers – I guess I just want to know how she is...” Addison explained

“What about what I want?” Derek answered angrily

“Go ahead...” Addison replied

“I have met someone Addison, she is everything you are not and Beth adores her. When we marry I want her to adopt Beth. All I want from you is a divorce and a letter giving permission for adoption,” Derek answered calmly and clearly.

“The divorce is not a problem Derek, but I don’t know about the adoption...” Addison replied

“You just said you did not want custody Addison, and I sure as hell do not want you walking into our lives whenever you feel like it...” Derek almost yelled he was that angry. His patience was now gone. He stood up as Addison whispered

“I just want to see her – once that’s all – even just a photograph...”

“I will not let you anywhere near her...” Derek said through clenched teeth, his blood boiling.

“Here are my terms Derek,” Addison stated calmly and clearly, “Take the letter for Beth, I am happy with a photograph, and I’ll give you the divorce as quickly as possible, I’ll even consider the adoption.”

Derek’s mind however was picturing coming home some day to find that Addison had kidnapped his daughter. He just wanted to be with Meredith and Beth so desperately that he leant over the table and stared Addison in the eye.

“You will never see Beth in person or by photo. Go to hell,” Derek said as he stood up and walked out of the bar.

Addison sat perfectly still and stared at the letter on the table. She lifted her glass of scotch and muttered “Well it looks like I’m going to Seattle.”

Derek had made it to his hotel room and as he bolted the door he broke down. His worst nightmare had come true – Addison was back and she would never leave him alone. She would never let him have the perfect family he so badly wanted with Meredith.

He had to get back to Seattle.

Meredith and Beth were sick and he needed to look after them, he needed to keep Beth safe from Addison.

He stumbled over to the desk and started calling the airlines for the next available flight to Seattle. Ten minutes later and he was booked on to the 11:45am flight. He then called room service and ordered a bottle of scotch.
Derek fell asleep soon after and when he woke the next morning he quickly packed and was on route to the airport before he checked his cell phone. When he lifted it from his coat pocket he realised that he had forgotten to charge it last night and the battery had died. He decided he would call Mark from a payphone at the airport.

There had been another fall of snow in Boston which had caused a delay at the airport. When he tried to phone home no-one was answering. Derek started to panic and wanted home asap but the snow was causing delays. He was beginning to run out of change and decided to call his parents and asked them to call Mark or Meredith to see if they could find out what was going on.

Derek went and got something to eat and bought a newspaper to get change for the phone, when he called his parents, his mother informed him that Meredith was still poorly and that she was getting a chest x-ray.

Derek wanted home. The last 24 hours had been hell but he knew there was no point in losing his temper – he could not change the weather. He sat down and waited.

His flight finally took off at 6:15pm east coast time and Derek was relieved to be leaving Boston behind.
Mark was just starting to drift off to sleep when he heard a noise coming from downstairs.

His first thought as he got out of bed was that someone had broken in and he tried to remember where Derek had placed the baseball bat that he insisted on keeping upstairs in the case of such an event.

Mark quietly opened the bedroom door and reached round the table at the top of the landing and down the back found the said baseball bat and quietly tip-toed down the stairs. He could see the shadow in the lounge and lifted the baseball bat ready to give the intruder his best shot when the person switched on the small table lamp.

“Jesus Derek,” Mark whispered loudly

“What the hell... Mark!” Derek whispered loudly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Mark asked

“I live here,” Derek stated “Are you trying to kill me?” Derek asked as he pointed to the baseball bat.

“Sorry I thought you were an intruder,” Mark explained.

Ten minutes later and they were both sitting on the sofa nursing a glass of scotch.
Derek told him all about the conference and the meeting with Addison.

“Bizzy a lesbian!” Mark stated

“Certainly explains a few things,” Derek replied

“Are you going to let her see Beth?” Mark asked.

“No – and you say nothing to Meredith, especially now...God, pneumonia, I should have been here...” Derek muttered before he too started to cough.

“I see you have caught the cold too,” Mark smirked

“Yeah, at first I thought I felt crappy due to the conference,” Derek explained before saying goodnight and headed up the stairs.

He quietly walked into the bedroom and saw his daughter curled up tightly against Meredith and his heart melted. He quickly undressed and changed into an old pair of sweat pants and Bowdoin t-shirt and got into bed.

Meredith stirred as she felt the bed move, “Derek?”

“It’s okay, I’m here,” Derek whispered as he kissed her

“I have pneumonia,” Meredith whispered as Derek checked her temperature and then kissed her.

“I have the cold too,” Derek laughed

“We are going to have fun settling her back into her own bed,” Meredith laughed as they both looked at Beth lying between them.

“We are, but I’m happy she’s here with us,” Derek answered as pulled his two girls closer.

“Christina thought I was pregnant, but I’m not...” Meredith muttered.

Derek’s heart nearly stopped, “I was nearly thinking the same thing too,” he replied as he stroked her hair.

“Soon,” Meredith said as she started to fall back to sleep, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Derek said as he heard the combined the snores of his beloved daughter and the love of his life, but he knew that he would not be sleeping tonight.

He lay in bed with his arms around the two people he loved most in the world and he was petrified of what was going to happen in the coming months.

Losing Beth to Addison was not an option.
I anxiously await your comments on this...

What do you think about Addison and what will happen... again if you would like a teaser please let me know!

I will be busy over the next few days but should be updating again over the weekend.



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I do not own the show – sadly...

Thank you to everyone who has commented – I truly appreciate the support!

Now for the update ...It’s Beth’s second birthday...

‘I’m cold,’ Derek thought to himself as he lay in bed even though the duvet was covering him.

The rain which had started earlier as a damp drizzle had now turned into torrential downpour as it beat heavily against their bedroom window. The weather matched his mood.

The real reason why Derek Shepherd felt cold was not because Meredith was hogging the duvet it was because Meredith was lying on the other side of the bed as far away from him as she could be.

For the first time since they started sharing a bed together this was the first night that Meredith was not fast asleep in his arms... and Derek knew that he had no-one else to blame but himself.

The day had started off completely differently...
Today was Beth’s second birthday and the day had started off with Meredith and Derek having a very steamy quickie in the shower before Beth had woken up.

Unlike last year it would just be them. Carolyn and Michael had explained at Christmas that they would be unable to come out for Beth’s birthday as Carolyn had promised to house sit for a neighbour who was going on a well deserved cruise. Sam and Gavin had thought about coming over but Meredith was still trying to recover from the mild dose of pneumonia that had literally knocked her off her feet since New Year and the last thing Meredith wanted was to pass on any more germs to a pregnant Sam.

Derek and Meredith had planned to have the birthday party in the crèche where Beth would be able to celebrate with all her friends. The party was scheduled for 3pm and Derek had made sure that his diary was for free for the afternoon.

Since meeting Addison at the medical conference in Boston Derek had been living in constant fear of his soon-to-be ex-wife turning up on his doorstep. He was determined that Addison would play no part in Beth’s life and was preparing himself for a lengthy custody battle with her.

“Penny for them,” Meredith said as she sat down at the table.

“Sorry,” Derek said as he looked over at her.

“Derek you were miles away – I was talking to you about the house we are building in the woods...” Meredith smiled

“What about it,” he snapped back as he rubbed his temples.

Meredith took a deep a breath before continuing “you need to call the electrician.”

“Okay,” Derek replied and then looked at Meredith who was looking down at the table biting her lip, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped,” he said as he reached out and squeezed her hand.

“You were miles away,” Meredith said.

“I know, I’m sorry – just... thinking about a patient at the hospital,” Derek explained

“Must be some patient – you haven’t stopped thinking about them since you returned from Boston,” Meredith answered as she started to cough.

Derek was instantly at her side making sure she was okay.

Nearly four weeks on from the mild pneumonia and Meredith was practically back to full strength although the cough was still lingering. She only returned to the crèche full time last week and Meredith was convinced Adele was going to fire her for having so much time off.

Instead Adele welcomed her back with open arms. Meredith had been pleased that the older woman had not touched the rotas and messed them like what she had done before after the horrific shootings the previous June.

“I’m going to go and get Beth ready,” Meredith said as she stood up from the table and headed upstairs.

She could not shake the feeling that there was something bothering Derek. He had been different since his return from the medical conference. Meredith remembered telling Sam about how distant he was at times and his baby sister had simply put it down to pre-conference nerves. But the conference was over and he was just the same, no in fact it was getting worse Meredith thought.

He had snapped at her this morning, and several other mornings. Every time she tried to start a conversation with him he never heard her and she had to repeat what she was saying. She had heard him talking to Mark on the phone or at the hospital and soon as he saw her he quickly changed the subject.

If Meredith did not know any better she would have sworn he was having an affair.

But the confusing thing was – one minute he was distant and the next he was all over her, eager to continue their practice baby making. She needed to talk to someone but didn’t know who. Christina would have the “Typical male” approach, Lexie was too wrapped up in her relationship with Mark, and she didn’t want to talk to any of his sisters knowing full well it would turn into an interrogation. So Meredith just put it down to it all being in her head. She was after all new to relationships and put it all down to experience.

Meredith finished getting Beth ready. Although the party was not until 3pm, Derek insisted that Beth be dressed in her party dress, even though Meredith tried to explain that it would be probably be dirty long before the party.

Derek’s response had been typical of him at the moment “she is my daughter, and I want her in her party dress,” before he had stormed out of their bedroom the previous evening.

‘Mind you the make-up sex this morning made up for it’ Meredith thought as Beth was twirling around her bedroom floor in delight.

Beth was a very active two year who loved anything to do with water and she and Derek had bought her lots of suitable underwater themed toys for her birthday.

Beth also enjoyed watching the baseball matches on the TV with her daddy and Meredith was convinced she was going to be more tomboy than daddy’s little princess. The temper tantrums had calmed down which they were both thankful for and she had now turned into a constant chatter box with all adults having to watch what they said in front of her.

“Mommy look at ee!” Beth yelled to Meredith.

The little girl was wearing a gorgeous deep red satin dress that frilled at the bottom.

“Come here Beth,” Meredith laughed as Beth ran, tripped and fell into her arms

“Oops!” Beth shouted again as she kissed Meredith who could do nothing but laugh at the thought of what state the dress would be in later. Beth’s new black patent shoes had been scuffed and marked within ten minutes the first time she had worn them, and Meredith knew the red ribbon in her dark curly hair would not last the day.

As it was February Meredith had bought her a gorgeous fluffy cream bolero style cardigan to wear with her dress and eventually got Beth to wear it after a tickling session.

“Where is my birthday girl?” Derek asked as he walked into the room and kissed Meredith.

“Ere!” the little two year old yelled as she ran over into her father’s arms.

Ten minutes later and they were on their way to the hospital Derek had walked them both to the crèche and kissed them both goodbye as he headed for his office.

By 3pm the crèche was swamped as friends and colleagues all came to help Beth blow out the candles on her cake.

Meredith had been right about the ribbon in her hair and there was already a stain on her dress which Meredith had been able to remove with a wet towel. Derek eventually realised that it would probably have been best to have changed her into the outfit just before the party.

Meredith soon began to realise that while Derek won the arguments, she won the war.

Derek like last year was capturing the whole event on camcorder including the bit where Mark got hit in the face with birthday cake from one of the other children.

Meredith and Christina were crying with laughter while Lexie was biting her lip as Mark tried to remove chocolate cake and icing from his face and hair.

The party had just finished and Meredith thought that she would leave the remainder of the cake for the staff to have with their afternoon break and after leaving it in the staff room she walked over into her office lifting Beth’s many bags of presents on the way.

Derek and Beth were waiting for her in the office and when she walked in all she could see was chocolate cake in Beth’s hair.

“Derek, you can’t let her go out looking like that,” Meredith laughed

“Like what?” Derek asked frowning.

“She has chocolate cake in the back of her hair,” Meredith laughed as she got a brush and removed it.

Derek looked at Meredith taking care of Beth – ‘We are going to be a family, we are going to be a family, I am not going to lose Beth...” he thought as Beth jumped from the desk and on to the floor.

“Beth – no jumping,” Derek said to his daughter as he lifted her into his arms and looked at Meredith “Lets go home!”

The plan for the rest of the day was to relax and spend some time together as a family and Meredith could not wait to go home and put her feet up for a while and open a nice bottle of wine.

They got into the car and Beth decided to sing the whole way home. The atmosphere was happy and jovial and Meredith began to relax seeing that Derek was in such a good mood. When he stopped at the traffic lights he would hold her hand and squeeze it. Meredith smiled and put all her stupid thoughts about Derek to the back of her mind. They were the perfect little family.

When they pulled up outside their house, Rusty the neighbour’s dog ran over to them and started barking. Beth adored the little dog but today the animal’s behaviour seemed strange to Meredith.

“Usty!” Beth yelled when she saw him

“What’s wrong with Rusty?” Meredith asked as she unfastened her seatbelt. Derek did not reply so she looked to the driver’s seat.

Derek was pale and spoke sharply and clearly.

“Get Beth into the house now,” Derek said as he started to open the car door.

“Derek?” Meredith answered

“Now, Meredith – as fast as you can,” Derek replied in an angry tone.

Meredith looked at the strange car parked in front of them and saw a glamorous woman step out of it. Meredith knew instantly who the woman was.

Addison Shepherd.

Meredith took a deep breath as she got out of the car and walked round to the back of the car. As she lifted Beth she could hear Derek talking loudly to Addison.

When she set Beth on the ground, the toddler wanted to play with the dog so Meredith lifted her up into her arms, anxious to get inside as quickly as possible.

As they walked past Derek, Meredith could only make out one line that was being said:

“I told you not to come anywhere near Beth...”

It was in that split second that everything fell into place for Meredith, but she decided that this was not the place to dwell it.

Beth had gone from being happy and singing to clinging on to Meredith, her little arms wrapped tightly around Meredith’s neck as they walked along the pathway and into the house. Beth was crying at the strange visitor in the garden and keep crying “mommy” and burying her head into Meredith’s shoulder.

Once in the house Meredith settled Beth in the lounge with a DVD. A few minutes later and Derek walked into the house closing the door loudly.

Derek pov

Derek’s heart was racing the second he spotted Addison sitting in the parked car at the front of his house. All he could think of was keeping Beth safe.

He knew he had snapped at Meredith and he knew she would yell later for it, but he didn’t care – he would not let his wife anywhere near his daughter.

He walked up to Addison and literally growled to her.

“What are you doing here Addison?”

“I told you I want to see my daughter,” Addison replied as she looked at her surroundings and saw Meredith lifting her daughter out of the car and carry her quickly into the house. In the split second she saw her daughter she knew that she was Derek’s double.

“I told you not to come anywhere near Beth...” Derek spat at her and when she turned her head the woman and her daughter were out of sight and into the house.

“I’m not leaving Derek, not until I see her. I will sleep in the car if I have too. All you have to do is let me see her for one minute and promise to give her my letter and I sign the divorce papers. I’ll be out of your way,” Addison calmly explained.

“You will never see her,” Derek spat as he turned and stormed up the path to the house. He took a deep breath ready to face Meredith’s wrath. Truthfully he didn’t care – he would do what he had to do to keep his little girl safe. He opened the front door and closed it loudly and walked into the lounge. His eyes met Meredith’s and they walked out into the hallway.

“So that is Beth’s mom,” Meredith stated

“How did you guess?” Derek asked

“Well not only did I see a photograph of her at your parents house but considering you told her to stay away from Beth I pretty much guessed who she was Derek,” she paused for a minute before continuing “what is really pissing me off is the fact you could not tell me that you were in contact with her.”

“I am not in contact with her,” Derek spat back his eyes blazing.

“No? Correct if I’m wrong Derek but if you have no contact with someone for nearly two years and they suddenly appear on your doorstep your response would be something more like ‘What the hell are you doing here’ and not ‘I told you to stay away from her’,” Meredith answered trying to keep her voice down.

Derek sat down on the bottom step of the stairs and ran his hands through his hair.

“I saw her in Boston, at the medical conference,” Derek whispered.

“That would explain a lot,” Meredith muttered

“I had been hearing whispers from friends that she had been in LA and Boston. All I wanted was an address to finalise the divorce,” Derek explained “on my last night in Boston she appears at the hotel I am staying at and wants to talk. She sat and told me that the reason she had Beth was as a consolation for an affair she had. She didn’t want to be a mother then and now she wants to see Beth. She wants custody of my little girl.”

“Oh god...” Meredith whispered she reached out for Derek but he stood up and started pacing.

“I told her she will never see Beth, and she got our address from Naomi Bennett, Sam’s wife... and now she is here...”

“Hold on... you have known since before Christmas that she could turn up here and you didn’t tell me!” Meredith whispered loudly.

“I didn’t want to worry you...” Derek stated

“Jesus Christ Derek we are supposed to be a couple and tell each other things...” Meredith said

“This is why I didn’t tell you,” Derek spat

“Oh no Derek,” Meredith glared at him “It falls into place now. Last week when you were out playing with Beth in the garden and your phone rang and Beth hid behind the bush and you panicked. You thought Addison was here and had taken her...didn’t you?” Meredith asked.

Derek nodded his head.

“Well think Derek what if that happened to me and Beth went missing, what if Addison had turned up when I was home alone with her... you should have told me Derek,” Meredith was now trying really hard to stop herself from crying.

“She is my daughter Meredith and I make the decisions regarding her,” Derek coldly stated as he walked into the lounge and sat with his daughter.

Meredith remained sitting on the stairs willing herself not to cry. If what had happened last week to Derek happened to her, Meredith knew that Derek would have blamed her, he would have treated her like the nanny and not his girlfriend and that was hurting her most.

They made it through dinner without arguing – the last thing either of them wanted to do was to fight in front of Beth. They both read her bedtime story and tucked her into bed.

Meredith had just started the dishes when Derek walked into the kitchen.

“She is still out there, sitting in her car,” Derek said as he started pacing around the kitchen.

“Can I suggest something without getting my head bitten off?” Meredith asked.

Derek did not speak – he just nodded his head in agreement.

“Invite her in, talk to her,” Meredith saw Derek’s eyes bulge at what she was saying, “you are not going to get anything sorted if you keep avoiding her Derek. Let’s face it she was always going to come back to see her,” Meredith said as she spoke softly.

Derek leaned up against the counter to think – what Meredith was saying did make sense.

“I have dreaded this, since I met you I have dreaded the day she would come back into our lives,” Derek explained.

“I know, I have too, do you... still love her...” Meredith whispered

“No,” Derek said as he looked at her. “I don’t think I ever did.”

“Beth is asleep upstairs, we are down here, between the two of us she will not get anywhere near her,” Meredith stated.

“Okay, but be careful in what you say to her Meredith, she will twist everything we tell her in order to get custody of Beth. I know what she is like. The last thing she needs to hear about is about is your family,” Derek said as he turned and headed for the front door.

Meredith closed her eyes for a brief second, Derek’s words annoying her more than she would like to think.

Meredith walked around the kitchen and switched on the coffee maker when she heard the front door close. She took a deep breath and turned around.

“Addison – this is Meredith,” Derek stated

“It’s nice to meet you Meredith. Thank you for letting me in,” Addison said as she reached out to shake Meredith’s hand.

“Would you like some coffee – I’m sure your frozen sitting out in the car,” Meredith asked

“That would be great, thank you,” Addison smiled as she sat down at the table.

All afternoon it had been threatening to rain and now the heavens opened with the rain beating against the windows. A few minutes later and a small cry could be heard from upstairs

“Daddy, daddy!” Beth cried

Derek stood up and looked at Meredith – scared at what Addison might do.

“I’ll go,” Derek said and looked at Addison “stay here, I’ll be back in a minute.” As he walked out of the kitchen he nodded his head for Meredith to follow him.

Once in the hallway Derek whispered “Tell her nothing.”

Meredith nodded her head in agreement and walked back into the kitchen.

Derek had reached the stairs when Addison spoke to Meredith “he doesn’t trust me does he?”

“Can you blame him?” Meredith asked as she finished making the coffee.

“I suppose not,” Addison replied as Meredith handed her the cup of coffee “Thank you, I know this was your idea.”

“Derek brought you in,” Meredith replied as stood up against the island.

“Yes, well I know Derek and how stubborn he can be, he reacts first...” Addison explained

“and thinks last,” Meredith said finishing the sentence.

“You do know him,” Addison smiled before taking a sip of her coffee.

Meredith smiled “probably better than he knows himself.”

Addison smiled and nodded her head. “Do you work at the hospital?” she asked.

“Yeah, I am the manager of the crèche,” Meredith replied.

Addison smiled “So you met through Beth?”

“Yes, she drooled all over me,” Meredith could not help but laugh at the memory and Addison joined in.

“I’m not a bad person Meredith, I just realised too late that I am not mother material, all I want is to see her,” Addison explained.

“So are you going to file for custody?”

“No, as I told Derek in Boston I just want to see her so that I can picture what she will look like when she older. All I want Derek to do is promise to give her the letter I have written,” Addison replied

Meredith did not answer – her head was spinning, Derek was definitely under the impression of a custody battle and at this point she had no idea who to believe.

“I don’t know what to think about you,” Meredith finally answered. She took a deep breath before continuing “I despise you for walking out on your daughter. I know someone whose baby was still born and had another miscarriage and who was desperate to be a mother and you have a baby and walked away.”

Addison had the grace to look down at her cup of coffee as Meredith continued.

“You scare me because you could take away everything I love – Derek, Beth...” Meredith said “but at the same time, I kind of respect you.”

Addison looked up and stared at Meredith.

“What you did took guts. You could blame it on post natal depression but you didn’t you realised early on that you are not a mother, you put your child first and walked away. That takes a lot of courage,” Meredith said as she looked at Addison.

Addison nodded her head and smiled back just as Derek came down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Meredith made an excuse to go and tidy the lounge but Derek did not want her to leave. They made small talk about Seattle and the weather before finally talking about Beth.

Well Meredith and Addison talked while Derek yelled.

Addison explained that she was returning to France for a case but would be back in a couple of months when hopefully they could come to an arrangement. She again explained that she did not want custody of Beth, she just wanted the letter to be given to her daughter when she old enough to understand and that she could see her for – even if it was for only two minutes.

As they stood at the front door Addison turned around and instead of looking at Derek, looked at Meredith “As I said I don’t want custody, if we can agree to this then I will give you the divorce.”

As the front door closed Meredith went upstairs to check that Beth was still sleeping. The toddler was scared of the bad weather and when Meredith opened her bedroom and heard the light snores all she wanted to do was crawl into bed with her. She was still mad with Derek and knew that their argument was far from over.

When she walked back into the kitchen Derek was standing at the sink with a glass of scotch in his hand.

“I heard you talking to her, you respect her!” Derek yelled at her “how the hell Meredith...”

Meredith stood at the door, her arms folded. “It is hard Derek to know that you are not wanted, that your mother wanted to abort you the second she found out she was pregnant. For a while I even wished I had never been born. I just wish my mother had done the same thing. I will not apologise for what I said because it is the truth.”

“I understand how you feel Derek, I can’t lose Beth either, but deep down we both knew this day would come. I genuinely don’t think she wants custody she just wants closure. If she wanted custody of Beth then she would be knocking the door down and threatening lawyers and court."

“You are probably furious with me,” Meredith said. Derek simply snorted and took a mouthful of scotch.

“I am on your side, but I can’t help you if you don’t tell me things. If Addison had turned up here yesterday and snatched Beth while I made dinner you would have blamed me for not keeping her safe,” Meredith continued “don’t deny it Derek because you would. I can tell the staff at the crèche to be vigilant, I can make sure not to leave her alone and keep Beth with me at all times. Hell I could call my father and get advice from him. He used to specialise in these cases. You could have told me and that is what hurts the most.”

Derek looked down at the floor as Meredith turned and walked out of the kitchen, she looked over her shoulder.

“I’m going to bed.”

Derek heard her walk upstairs. He was angry at her, angry at Addison and angry with himself. He wanted to believe Addison, but he couldn’t. He just wanted his soon to be ex-wife to sign the papers so he Beth and Meredith could finally become the family he so desperately wanted. He lifted his glass and threw it across the room in anger.

Derek took a deep breath and went to clean up the mess. He knew he was wrong in not telling Meredith about Addison. He knew she was hurt and he hated the way he spoke to her but he knew that he could easily make it up to Meredith but at the moment all he could think about was his daughter. He knew Addison and knew that he could not believe a single word that came out of her mouth.

He finished tidying up and went upstairs. Meredith was still awake when he walked into their bedroom and he quietly got changed and turned off the bedside light. He moved over and lay down beside Meredith and kissed her on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” Derek whispered as he kissed along her shoulder and face.

Meredith wanted to believe him; she really did as he pulled her closer to him. She could tell by the sound of his voice that he didn’t really mean what he had said as he littered her face and neck in kisses. She knew the second she could feel his arousal against her back that he thought a quickie would solve their problems and that she would forgive him.

In that moment Meredith did not know what she hated the most – the fact that he thought she would forgive him that easily or that her body was responding to his kisses and caresses.

It was hot quick and rough and over in a few minutes. Usually afterwards they would lie in each other’s arms and enjoy the whole moment after. Not tonight.

As soon as Derek had finished he kissed her quickly “I’m just going to clean up,” and walked into their bathroom. Meredith lay there and said nothing. When Derek returned to bed she got up and went into the bathroom. She locked the door and sat down on the toilet seat and cried.

When she returned to the bed she stayed as close to her side of the bed as possible.

It was in that moment that Derek realised how he had treated Meredith and as the rain beat heavily against the bedroom window he knew he had no-one else but himself to blame.
I have to say a huge thanks to Em (Eastern Meridian) for allowing me to use a scene from her fantastic fic The Geek and the Rebel.

Derek at the moment is so obsessed with having the perfect family that he is not really thinking about how is treating Meredith and the effect this has on her personally.

I am quite anxious about how this update will be received – so if you have read please comment...

If you would like teaser please let me know!



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Thank you for all responses to the last chapter... and now Derek tries to make amends.

Don’t forget that the Meredith in this story is not used to relationships and does what she thinks is best.

As usual I do not own the show... but wish I did....

“So are you speaking yet?” Christina asked Meredith as they sat down in the canteen for lunch.

“We have not stopped speaking Christina,” Meredith said as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“Okay is he Mr Nice and Charming or is he a being an ass. Just remember I am on his service today and I could easily castrate him and make it look like an accident,” Christina stated.

Meredith had to laugh at this comment before replying “Don’t know he left for work this morning before I woke up,”

“Um, well he seems in good form if that helps,” Christina replied.

“The only thing that is going to help Derek is when Addison signs the bloody divorce papers,” Meredith sighed, “This past month has been awful and I just want things back to the way they were,” Meredith explained.

The morning after Addison had shown up Derek had apologised for his behaviour the previous night and promised to make it up to Meredith on Valentines’ Day, which was the following week. Reservations had been made for them along with Mark and Lexie and Owen and Christina at a fancy French restaurant in downtown Seattle. The only problem was the ten car pile-up on the freeway which resulted in Meredith spending Valentine’s Night in Derek’s office as they had all been called back into surgery.

Now three weeks later Derek was still promising to make it up to her.

To make matters worse they were supposed to be living in their new dream house in the woods. The move should have happened two weeks ago but there had been problems with an electrician and then the flooring company had gone bust and they spent two days on the phone before finding someone who could start work straight away.

Derek had insisted on new furniture for the house and both of them spent most evenings at the house waiting on delivery men. The house was nearly finished and fingers crossed they were officially moving in next week.

“So is the house finally sorted?” Christina asked.

“Yeah – all we need to do is pack the stuff we are keeping and move it over,” Meredith explained.

“Why is Derek not selling the Queen Anne house?” Christina asked as she guzzled her soda.

“He wants it for when his family come to stay. There is a nasty rumour on the grapevine that they have invited themselves for Christmas,” Meredith saw Christina’s face and laughed “I know it is only March but I’m not even going there!”

They both finished their lunch when Christina asked again how things really were with her best friend and Derek. She knew something was troubling her friend.

“Are we talking – yes, are we sharing a bed – yes, are we having sex – yes,” Meredith started to say.

“Yeah but is it good – make up sex is always good,” Christina said.

Meredith swallowed before answering “it’s okay, it’s not as bad as that night of the argument, but it just feels a bit... I don’t know... robotic... as if the only reason he is doing it is to get me pregnant...”

“Oh god, you’re not... are you?” Christina asked

“No I’m not, I’m not even sure I still want to try with the way he is acting. One minute he is the perfect boyfriend and we are the old Derek and Meredith and the next he is snapping and treating me like...” Meredith answered but was interrupted by Christina’s beeper.

“Damn it – asshole is paging me. I’ll call you later and we can talk more – okay?” Christina said as she hurried out of her seat.
While Meredith was having lunch with Christina, Derek was doing the same with Mark and Owen in his office.

“I know I should have told her about Addison, but she had pneumonia and I did not want to worry her,” Derek explained as he ate his salad.

“I get that Derek, I do but when I think of the grief you gave me when Sloane turned up and the way I treated Lexie... pot, kettle, black springs to mind,” Mark answered as he bit into his burger.

“I cannot lose Beth...” Derek stated.

“I know that, god I love the munchkin to bits too but Derek I agree with Mer, if Addison wanted custody you would have heard by now. Addison is not mother material. I should know,” Mark stated

“Are you still speaking?” Owen asked

“Just about. There are days when I am fine, everything is perfect and the next all I can see is Addison parked in our driveway she is taking Beth away from me and ... I take my anger out on her,” Derek answered.

“Derek, I’m going to say something you are probably not going to like, but you have stop reacting first thinking later,” Mark started to explain.

“What do you mean?” Derek said raising his voice a little.

“You know exactly what I mean Derek Shepherd. You have done it all your life, something happens and you react first think later and one of these days you are going to say or do something you will regret. Trust me here... I know what I am talking about,” Mark stated.

“For the first time in my life I have to agree with Mark – and that worries me!” Owen replied trying to lighten the mood.

“I know I hurt her, I just don’t know how to fix it,” Derek explained as he sat back in his chair.

“Well, how about Lexie and I look after Beth on Saturday and let you two have the day and evening together?” Mark asked

“Sounds like a good idea what with the house move and everything,” Owen replied
“No, what if Addison turns up?” Derek responded

“Well I know what Addison looks like and she won’t, she’s still in France remember? And besides I could smell that woman a mile away,” Mark answered

Owen gave him a strange look “Smell?”

“Addison drowns herself in Chanel – trust me you can smell her five miles away,” Mark laughed and was pleased to see Derek laughing too.

“We could spend the day finishing the house, order in some food and talk...” Derek said out loud but did not get to finish his sentence as his pager beeped “Gotta go, one of my patients, thanks,” he said as he ran from his office.
A few days later and the weekend had finally arrived. Meredith knew she would probably be spending most of the time getting ready for the move. Derek had somehow managed to get the weekend off and had decided to take Beth out for the day and Meredith had enjoyed the peace to go shopping for things for the house and packing boxes. The only thing she had to do was be at the new house for 7pm.

She had a funny feeling that Derek was up to something – namely grovelling and making the events of the past few weeks up to her. Her thoughts were confirmed when she pulled up at the house at 6:45pm and saw Mark’s car there.

Meredith got out of her car and as she walked up the steps to the front door Lexie opened it and nearly sent Meredith flying into the woods.

“Oh you’re just in time!” Lexie said

“Time for what? What is going on?” Meredith asked her friend.

“Time we were not here,” Mark said as he too arrived at the front door with Beth in his arms.

“Bye mommy!” Beth squealed as she reached over and kissed Meredith.

Meredith stood and looked all round her and took a deep breath. Deep down she knew that both she and Derek needed to sort things out; she just was not exactly looking forward to it.

As soon as she closed the front door Derek appeared in the hallway smiling. He walked over and kissed her and took her coat.

“Derek what is going on?” Meredith asked smiling slightly.

“Well first of all, we are going to have a quick tour of our new home, there is still a few things that need to be finished and we can see what else we need, then we are going to have a meal delivered from our favourite Italian restaurant and yes, I gave them directions,” Derek laughed as he saw Meredith was going to ask him to make sure that they delivered here.

“Then after dinner we are going to talk and enjoy the first night in our new home,” Derek explained smiling.

“Okay,” Meredith laughed “I take it Mark and Lexie are looking after Beth?”

“Yes, Beth has already approved of her new bedroom,” Derek grimaced.

“What did she do?” Meredith asked.

“She found a pen on the floor – must have been one of the workmen’s and drew on the wall,” Derek stated.

“Sounds like Beth,” Meredith laughed.

By 8:30pm dinner was over and Meredith was stuffed. They were sitting in their dining room which had a magnificent view of Seattle.

“What are you thinking about?” Derek asked as he opened another bottle of wine.
“That we are finally here,” Meredith answered. “Ever since we arrived in Seattle, you wanted your dream house and we sat and talked about it, and then planned it and now... it’s built and I am sitting here looking at this view.”

“This is your house too Meredith,” Derek said as he poured more wine into her glass.

“You bought it,” Meredith replied

“Well your name is included in the papers,” Derek replied as he sat down on the chair and faced Meredith.


“Meredith you designed the place, picked the furnishing, and decided where everything would go – of course your name is going to be on the deed papers,” Derek said smiling.

“I... I never thought... thank you,” Meredith stuttered

“You are more than welcome,” Derek said as he kissed her hand.

“I am sorry Meredith for not telling you earlier about Addison, I’m sorry that I hurt you and I am really sorry for the way I treated you that... night,” Derek said as he briefly looked away.

Meredith took a deep breath before she replied “I just need to know one thing and I know you have answered it before, but Derek I need to know, do you still love Addison, because I would understand if you did...”

“Meredith, I love you... it’s you that I want to wake up beside every morning for the rest of my life,” Derek answered calmly and clearly.

“I love you too, but Derek you cannot blame me for thinking that you were... with her that night in Boston and that was why...” Meredith muttered rambling.

“Meredith stop right now. I did not sleep with Addison in Boston, in fact I have not slept with Addison, in fact the last time I had sex with her was in the early stages of pregnancy with Beth,” Derek answered.

“Okay,” Meredith released a breath she did not know she had been holding.

“I know how it must look to you and I’m genuinely sorry that I did not tell you about her,” Derek said “you had just been diagnosed with pneumonia and I didn’t want you to get stressed out any more and make yourself worse. I got so wrapped up in keeping Beth safe here with us that I could not see that what I was doing was more harmful than good.”

“That night when Addison was here I was mad, furious, at everyone. I was mad at Addison for reappearing in our lives, I was mad at you for talking to her and mainly I was mad at myself for not telling you,” Derek said.

“Um, and to think you were the one at the beginning who said we should tell each other everything and have no secrets,” Meredith jokily stated.

“I know. That is what made me so mad. I hurt you because I was mad that you wanted me to talk to Addison and that you had been right to do so. I knew that I had to apologise to you and truthfully that night I did want not to apologise. In my head I knew that it would be easy for me to get you to forgive me,” Derek whispered the last part.

“Because I am soft and would believe every word you say,” Meredith stated.
“Yeah...” Derek nodded ashamed.

“That was what annoyed me the most about it...” Meredith said quietly. “The fact that you thought I would forgive you with an ‘I’m sorry’ and a quick fuck...”

“It was not like that,” Derek responded

“Wasn’t it? Come on Derek, we have an active sex life and we have done things that I didn’t know where possible. We have had rough sex before but that... that was not making love, it was not sex... it was you dominating and getting everything your way without once thinking of me... and I hate the fact that I let you,” Meredith almost yelled back.

“Derek that night you made me feel cheap and used and you were the last person on this planet that was supposed to make me feel that way. I trusted you when I could trust no-one else,” Meredith said willing herself not to cry. “The last time I cried like that after sex was in the hospital the morning after my attack...”

As soon as she had said the words Derek literally felt his heart stop beating. The attack, the night years ago that Meredith cannot remember where her date spiked her drink and tried to rape her.

Meredith stood up and walked over to the window to avoid the look of anguish on Derek’s face. She took another deep breath before continuing.

“I’m sorry Derek I should not have said that, you are nothing like Todd Barrowman, and you certainly did not...” she whispered.

By now Derek was up and out of his chair and was standing behind her, they could see each other’s expressions in the reflection on the window.

“No, I’m sorry,” Derek said interrupting her, “I heard you crying that night, afterwards in the bathroom, and I did nothing. I wanted to apologise and... I was just so wrapped up in how to keep Beth that I just didn’t think...” Derek said as he put his hands on her shoulders and pulled Meredith back into his arms.

“I can’t believe I treated you so, so... cheaply and I hate myself for it,” Derek said as he kissed her neck.

“You have realised what you did Derek and that is what is important. Just please keep me included in whatever is going on with Addison, that and don’t take your anger out on me, that’s all I ask,” Meredith replied as she continued to stare at their reflection.

“I promise,” Derek whispered.

“Good,” Meredith answered “because the next time you do I swear I will hit over the head with the nearest heavy object!” Meredith said laughing trying to lighten the mood.

“Deal,” Derek replied now laughing with her.

They stood together for a few more minutes with Derek hugging Meredith close to his chest simply enjoying the view before Derek directed Meredith over to the couch and brought over some cheesecake.

“If I didn’t know better I would swear you were trying to get me into bed Derek Shepherd,” Meredith joked as Derek handed her a slice of vanilla cheesecake.

“No, just spoiling you, which in case you had forgotten I promised to do,” Derek said as he sat down beside her “I haven’t spoiled you in ages.”

“Um, hello house?” Meredith replied

“It’s not the same. I’m trying to make up to you here,” Derek smiled.

“Well it’s working,” Meredith smiled as she took a mouthful of cheesecake.

Derek tried to eat his cheesecake but his mind kept going back to the earlier conversation. He been stupid and selfish and he had no idea how to make it up to her.

Meredith could see that Derek was upset over their earlier discussion.

“Penny for them?” she asked gently as she curled up into a ball on the sofa.

“This is definitely not what I had planned for our first night together in our new house,” Derek stated.

“Oh really,” Meredith smirked

“Yes, by now we should be well into christening every room in the house,” Derek smiled.

“What do you mean by christening?” Meredith coyly asked.

“Oh multiple screaming orgasms in each room,” Derek stated

“Well the night is young,” Meredith smiled back

“Meredith I...” Derek stopped for a second before continuing he needed to explain to her.

“Since our trip to the spa I have been thinking of how to propose to you but I wanted to wait until the divorce came through before actually proposing. When Addison reappeared it shocked me. I didn’t know what to do, what to think. She told me that in Boston the only reason why she had not signed the divorce papers was so that she could explain to me in person why she had left. She said she would sign the papers if I let her see Beth,” Derek explained.

“All I want is for us to be a family. Here with Beth in this house and god willing our own children. I just want it so bad that I can’t think straight and I say and do the first thing that comes into my head,” Derek said as he looked at Meredith.

“For a neurosurgeon you’re not very smart are you?” Meredith said

“No,” Derek whispered “Do you still want... to have a baby... with me?” Derek asked his voice choking at the last words.

Meredith leaned back and closed her eyes briefly. When she opened them Derek was staring at her almost desperately.

“No,” Meredith whispered and Derek closed his eyes.

“Yes,” Meredith whispered again and Derek opened his eyes

“Truthfully I don’t know Derek. I know I want to have a baby with you but you did hurt me,” Meredith answered as she reached over and touched his hand “I think we stick to the plan, let’s get settled in here first and see what happens with Addison, and we go on our holiday.”

“God seven days in St Lucia sounds perfect right now,” Derek groaned.

“Oh yes,” Meredith answered, “Derek there is no perfect time to have a baby and yes it will take some time for me to completely forgive you, so let’s just be us, go on holiday. I will have finished my birth control by then and just see what happens.

Derek closed his eyes in relief and whispered “I love you,” as he tightly squeezed her hand. He had not blown things after all.

They sat side by side in each other’s arms for a while just talking about stupid silly things and catching up on gossip.

Derek telephoned Mark to say goodnight to Beth and to make sure everything was okay.

While he was on the phone Meredith went upstairs to their bedroom and was speechless at the view from their balcony. She still loved Derek, deep down no matter what she always would. She had been criticised and undermined by her family her whole life and made to feel silly and a failure.

She never had much confidence in herself when she first met Derek and the events of the last few weeks had certainly affected her new found confidence.

She had always been a firm believer in second chances and that was what she was doing now – giving Derek another chance. But if he did that again, if he hurt her again Meredith honestly did not know how she would react.

Meredith turned around and walked into their private bathroom and gasped at the size of the bathtub – it was definitely larger than expected, but Derek had insisted on it. At the moment all Meredith wanted was a long soak in a hot bath.

Derek hung up with Mark and found Meredith up in their room. He drew the bath for her and let her relax while he went and tided up downstairs.

He was pleased that they talked and cleared the air. He knew that the way he had acted had hurt her more than what she would ever admit to him but at least she now understood why he acted the way he had. He was just scared now that Meredith could never trust him the way that she had. All he had to do now was count to ten and think before he opened his mouth and say something he would regret the next time it happened.

Meredith was lying in the new bathtub which was definitely bigger than their current one. The bubbles were starting to melt when she could feel Derek standing in the doorway. She automatically went to cover herself.

Derek set down his glass of wine and stared intensely at her “Don’t cover yourself Mer, your beautiful. If anyone should be hiding it is me,” Derek said as he walked over to the side of the tub.

“This really is not how I planned our first night in the house,” Derek said quietly as he bent down beside her

Meredith giggled “I remember something about christening every room!”

“I am so sorry Mer, I should never have behaved that way towards to you,” Derek said as he apologised once more and gently stroked her face “I will make it up to you.”

“I know you will,” Meredith smiled back. “So are you going to try out the new tub, the one that you demanded we have in our private bathroom?”

“I want too...”

“Derek if I can forgive you then you can forgive yourself,” Meredith stated.

Derek smiled as he stood and removed his clothes and climbed into the bath. He sat facing Meredith and groaned. “God this is heaven”

“Tell me about it!”

They chatted to the point of flirting for a few minutes when Meredith looked at him and asked

“Derek what’s wrong?”

“Meredith I know what you said downstairs, but I would understand... if you did not... want to start with the baby-making...” Derek whispered.

Meredith moved forward in the bath so that she was sitting in Derek’s lap and started to run her fingers through his hair.

“And as I said downstairs I will admit I had second thoughts about it too,” Meredith whispered as Derek closed his eyes.

“But we did say at Christmas that we would officially start on our holiday, and that is still a few months away... let’s just take things one day at a time... okay,” Meredith explained.

Derek opened his eyes; she still wanted his baby after everything that had happened.

“Okay,” he smiled as he started to stroke her face with one hand and pulled her closer with the other. “But I think we need hot make up sex beforehand!”

“Definitely – that is if you are up for it...” Meredith whispered as her hand sought out his rapidly hardening length.

“I’m always up for it with you...” Derek said as he kissed down her neck and shoulders while he lifted her and lowered her onto him.

They both groaned and started to move in unison; Meredith’s hands were soon entwined in Derek’s hair just like his was with her.

Derek started to kiss her neck almost desperately to the point where she was moaning his name; his hands were all over her back and pressing her closer to him.

They moved harder, deeper and faster and within minutes were both crying out each other’s names as they came together.

A few minutes later and Derek was the first to speak “I love you.”

“I love you too – once I can breathe,” Meredith laughed.

“Make –up sex is definitely hot,” Derek said laughing too “still ready to christen the house?” he smirked.
Meredith is a believer in second chances and just wants things back to normal but I am anxious to find out if you think she forgiven him too easily.

I welcome all ideas and feedback and if you would like a teaser please let me know.

I apologise in advance for my lame attempt at make-up-sex!


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Thank you to everyone who commented after the last chapter.

As usual I do not own the show...

This update starts about three weeks later after the last update and Meredith gets a surprise...

“Derek,” Meredith whispered.

“Um, what time is it?” Derek groaned into the pillow.

“8:30,” Meredith replied “I have coffee and a muffin.”

“Love you,” Derek muttered as he tried to waken up.

“I know, but you really need to get up,” Meredith replied smiling.

“I can definitely get up,” Derek said as he grabbed Meredith’s hand and placed it on top of his hardening member.

“Derek Christopher Shepherd I am not having sex with you in the on call room,” Meredith stated.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Derek wiggled his eyebrows as he sat up in bed and kissed her.

“There are times I really do not like you,” Meredith stated “like right now when I am trying to be the nice and kind and considerate girlfriend who brings you breakfast when you spent the night here at the hospital.”

“It’s gone beyond love, I worship you,” Derek said as they both started to laugh.

Derek was the attending on call last night and had back to back consults until 2am and then an emergency had come in and he finally got some sleep at 5:30am.

They sat in the peace and quiet of the on call room eating their breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead.

Derek had a surgery at 11am and another at 2pm and was then heading home to pack more boxes to move over to their new house. He hoped that they could move in officially within the next few days.

“How was Beth this morning?” Derek asked as he took a mouthful of his coffee.

“Fine – until she refused to walk to the car,” Meredith replied as Derek looked at her “she did not want to get her new shoes wet in the rain so I had to carry her from the house down to the car.”

“Meredith you should not be carrying her, she is too heavy, not when you could be...” Derek said as reached over and stroked her tummy.

“Derek, I am not pregnant, my period came yesterday and I have the backache from hell,” Meredith explained as Derek stopped rubbing her tummy and started gently rubbing her back instead.

“Um, even so you should not be lifting Beth – she is getting to big and heavy for you to carry,” Derek said quietly disappointed that Meredith was not pregnant.

“Okay,” Meredith replied as she rolled her eyes “We better get going,” Meredith replied as she saw the time.

They quickly tidied up the on-call room and walked down the corridor to the reception area. Derek had his arm around Meredith’s waist as he gently rubbed her back.

Mark was standing filling in a chart when they arrived and they all stood and chatted for a few minutes. Mark was sharing a dirty joke with them as Derek was leaning up against the counter laughing and joining in with Meredith standing in the middle of them.

“You two are unbelievable,” Meredith laughed and rolled her eyes.

Mark picked up a chart and looked at Meredith and pointed to the lift “After you,” Mark said

“After me... what?” Meredith asked puzzled at Mark’s behaviour.

“You are my 9am private appointment,” Mark stated confused at Meredith’s behaviour.

“Private appointment for what?” Meredith asked again starting to lose her patience.

“A boob job,” Mark replied.

“What!” Meredith almost yelled before looking behind her at Derek’s shocked expression, “One word Derek and you will be sleeping in the spare room for the next month.”

“Meredith it’s in the book – here 9am M Grey,” Mark explained.

“Mark there are thousands of M Grey’s in Washington State. It could be anyone,” Derek explained.

“True, I did think it was strange that you did not come and see me beforehand,” Mark answered raising his eyebrow in thought.

Derek continued to joke with Mark that it could be Mark Grey who wanted a penis enlargement. Meredith had to laugh until the doors to the elevators opened in front of her and then she knew who the appointment was for.

“There’s my favourite baby sister!” Molly Grey squealed as ran over and pulled Meredith into a hug.

Meredith was too shocked to move as she saw her parents follow Molly.

“Meredith it’s good to see you again,” Ellis said sharply while looking around at her surroundings.

“Meredith,” Thatcher mumbled. He could barely look at her.

Derek and Mark looked as each other.

Mark made the quick decision of taking a step back whilst Derek stepped forward and put his arm on Meredith’s shoulder for support. He was relieved to feel her lean back for support.

“Derek, this is my sister Molly, and my mother Ellis,” Meredith whispered as she tried to remember how to breathe.

Derek shook hands with each of them and when it came to Thatcher, the older man simply said “It’s good to see you again Derek.”

“Likewise,” Derek said “So what brings you all here to Seattle?”

“Molly has an appointment at 9am with a Dr Sloan,” Ellis replied.

Mark came over and introduced himself and within minutes he, Ellis and Molly were headed for a private room.

In that moment Meredith knew that her family were not here to see how she was, they were here because of Molly who obviously wanted plastic surgery and knowing her mother probably wanted it free with Meredith’s connections.

When she looked up Thatcher was still standing there and still did not have the grace to look her in the eye.

“What does she want now?” Meredith asked.

“Meredith I’m sorry, I never wanted things to come to this...” Thatcher tried to explain.

“Let me guess she has promised that she will stop the drugs if she has a boob job?” Meredith stated.

“Pretty much, yes,” Thatcher replied.

“But why here, when I’m sure there are hospitals in London that could do it...” as soon as Meredith said the words the penny dropped.

“Oh don’t tell me – let me guess, little Miss Perfect found out I was living with a surgeon and wants a free boob job, am I correct?” Meredith asked glaring at her father.

“Mer,” Derek tried to calm her down and was still gently rubbing her back.

“Meredith, I’m sorry, your uncle Jack let it slip by accident that I visited you last year. Ellis went ballistic and when she calmed down I had to tell her. I did not know that Molly overheard the entire conversation and the next day she decided that in order to clean herself up she would need cosmetic surgery,” Thatcher warily explained.

“Typical Molly,” Meredith muttered.

“Your mother automatically assumed that because you lived with a surgeon and were building your own house that you would help with the cost,” Thatcher said as he looked at his daughter.

“Dad I’m not made of money – I have no idea how much a boob job costs and there is no way in hell I would or could afford one for her,” Meredith replied praying that Derek would not open his mouth.

Derek stood behind Meredith in shock. He was so angry that he felt like punching someone. He was torn between whom to hit first Molly, Ellis or Thatcher although to be fair the man did look genuinely apologetic at the turn of events. In fact Thatcher Grey looked as if he were about to crack.

“Why don’t you sit down over there I’ll bring you over a coffee?” Derek said to Thatcher.

“Thank you,” Thatcher smiled as he turned around and headed for the waiting area.

“I can’t believe this, I really cannot believe this is happening,” Meredith muttered.

Derek looked at her and saw that she was literally shaking; he quickly grabbed her by the arm and led her into a supply closet. He closed the door and placed both hands on her face.

“Meredith breathe,” Derek whispered “just take a breath and breathe.... that’s it,” Derek said as he held her, “everything is going to be fine.”

“No it’s not – things are never fine when Molly is around,” Meredith sobbed.

Derek continued to hold her until she had calmed down.

“Listen I know it is hard, but we can talk to Mark and Richard and see what we can arrange. I am more than prepared to pay for the surgery...” Derek explained.

“No way Derek," Meredith replied “Molly has to learn that she cannot get everything she wants. If you pay for this surgery she will never leave, she will stay here and before you know you will be giving her money every day so that she can go and get high.”

“I see your point Meredith, but what if she really wants to get clean, should we not be supporting her?” Derek asked

“I don’t believe I’m hearing this,” Meredith stated. She took a deep breath before calmly continuing “I understand what you are saying Derek, I really do. I believe in giving people second chances but with Molly... she must be on to her... god twentieth chance by now.”

“I am going to suggest something that you are not going to like but why don’t we invite them to stay with us. We can move into the new house tonight and let them stay at the Queen Anne house. That way if the surgery goes ahead we can keep an eye on Molly,” Derek said.

“What? Derek I do not want her anywhere near Beth, especially with the way things are with Addison,” Meredith almost yelled.

“I know Mer, I feel the same way but at least we can be seen to do something in their eyes, and anyway it is the least I can do after the amount of times you have my had my family stay over,” Derek said as he rubbed her shoulders.

“Listen we will talk to Mark and Richard and see what we can organise about the surgery. When I finish my afternoon surgery I will drive them home and make dinner. Mark can look after Beth and we can collect her once dinner is finished and then head to the new house,” Derek explained.

“Everything will be okay – I promise,” Derek said as he kissed her.

“You do not know my family,” Meredith replied “I better go I’m needed in the crèche.”

Meredith kissed Derek as she walked out of the supply closet.
Derek spent the rest of the morning in surgery and as he scrubbed out several hours later he couldn’t help but think back to how Meredith had reacted to her families surprise arrival in Seattle. She was literally shaking in his arms and he knew that she was on edge. Meredith had always said that she never wanted to see her sister and he knew that Meredith still carried the mental scars of her childhood and he prayed that Molly’s appearance would not make Meredith retreat back to what she was when they had first met.

For Meredith she had not been able to relax all morning and when the crèche security guard had called her and said that Mark wanted to see her, she knew what was coming – he wanted to talk about Molly.

As soon as Mark walked through the door of the office his eyes met Meredith’s and he simply said two words, “Come here.”

Meredith stood up and walked around her desk and the next thing she knew Mark pulled her in for a hug.

“You look as if you needed that,” Mark chuckled.

“I did, thanks,” Meredith replied as they both sat down on the sofa.

“You know why I am here,” Mark said.

Meredith nodded her head “Molly – are you allowed to talk to me about it, patient confidentiality and all that,” she rambled.

“Molly and your mother asked me to speak to you,” Mark explained.

“Trying to sweeten me up in order to pay for her surgery,” Meredith said as she sat back on the lounge.

“Meredith the first thing I did this morning was order a blood and urine test. I just got the tests back – there are faint traces of heroin in her system,” Mark said softly.

“In other words she is high,” Meredith stated.

“No, but a few days ago – yes. I have to ask does she have a history of drug addiction.”

“On and off since she was 16. She stopped for a few years but as far as I am aware – from dad anyway she has been high for the past year,” Meredith answered.

“These results make it hard to come a decision on whether I do this surgery free or not,” Mark said

“And you want me to tell you what to do...” Meredith said as sighed.

“Honestly – yes, I trust your decision Meredith,” Mark said

“Okay – did Derek ever tell you about my relationship with her?”

“Only that you did not get on and that she is a selfish, manipulative bitch who bullied you and made your life a misery,”

Meredith laughed “That would sum it up nicely – he left out the part where she knocked down her own boyfriend when she was high and mom bribed him to keep quiet and then my particular favourite was when she paid my date to spike my drink with the date rape drug.”

“What...” Mark literally paled in shock at what Meredith had told him, “Meredith...” Mark had no idea how to respond to what she had just told him.

“Somehow Mark,” Meredith said as she ran her hand through her hair. “I am not the right person to ask, I don’t believe my sister will stay clean. This surgery is just another attention seeking act by her. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn what you do,” Meredith stated.

“I don’t want my decision to cause a rift between us Mer,” Mark said as he rubbed his face “I...”

Meredith could read Mark’s mind and interrupted “I know what you are trying to say Mark, and I get it. No matter what you say or do I will not hold it against you,” Meredith said.

“Thanks Mer,” Mark said as he gave her shoulder a squeeze and stood up. “I now have to go and give them the test results. How do you think your parents will take the results?”

“Mom will not flinch, but dad will be gutted,” Meredith said softly. Mark smiled at her as he reached the office door.

“Meredith ... if you ever want a boob job you only have to say the word... free of course...”Mark said as he gave her look that was a mix of playfulness and seriousness.

“Get out!” Meredith answered laughing as Mark walked out of the office laughing too.

By 6pm Meredith just wanted to be home – as in their new house in the woods. The last thing she wanted to do was have dinner with her family, especially after Mark’s news. She had just dropped Beth with Mark as she went home for a ‘family dinner’ and he had informed her that he and Richard decided against a free surgery for Molly, instead they would only have to pay a fifth of the normal cost of the cosmetic surgery.

One part of Meredith was delighted at the news – she would have great pleasure in seeing the look on Molly’s face but at the same time she knew she was in for a rough and a long night.

Meredith parked behind Derek’s jeep and took a deep breath as she got out of the car and walked up the path. As soon as she walked in through the front door Derek waved her into the kitchen.

“Did Mark tell you about the surgery?” He asked as he kissed her hello.

“Oh yes, buckle up sweetie we are in for an interesting night,” Meredith said as she leaned against the counter.

“Tell me about it; Molly has already smashed two glasses,” Derek stated.

“That’s nothing – give her a chance to get drunk and then she will try to seduce you and bribe you into paying for the surgery,” Meredith answered dryly.

“In her dreams... thank god Beth is not here,” Derek said as he lifted the lasagne out of the oven.

“Well Beth will be having more fun than us at Mark’s,” Meredith said as she went into the lounge to say hello and call everyone for dinner.

The best way to describe dinner was tense.

Derek trying to be a good host tried his best to start a conversation and asked if everyone liked their rooms.

“Very nice, thank you,” Ellis said in a clipped tone.

“I thought when you invited us to stay with you it would be at the new house,” Molly said as she wrapped a lock of her blonde hair around her finger as she stared at Derek.

Meredith rolled her eyes as Derek answered “Oh it’s not quite finished yet.”

“It must be finished if you are living there,” Ellis stated.

“Only some rooms are finished and only one bathroom has running water...we had a few delays with the workmen,” Derek said wondering why he had to explain their living arrangements.

“Molly, Ellis that is enough. It was very kind of Derek and Meredith to put us up at very short notice. It is lovely house Derek – thank you,” Thatcher said as he looked at Derek.

“Well I hate it!” Molly shouted, “Sorry dad but you said she was living in a big house on a cliff not here!”

Molly stood up and glared at Meredith “Just because you have some money you think that you are better than me, you could help me, no - you should help me I am your sister!” Molly yelled.

“I want that surgery!” Molly shouted.

“Molly; sit down!” Thatcher said.

“Go to hell,” Molly replied as she downed her beer in one go.

Derek was literally speechless and went to open his mouth to stop the argument when Meredith looked at him silently pleading with him not to get involved.

“Molly sweetheart sit down and relax, we will think of some way to get the money,” Ellis said trying to calm her daughter.

“Both of you sit down and shut up!” Thatcher shouted at both of them.

“For once in your life Molly grow up and act your age. You cannot get everything you want in life. You do not need cosmetic surgery – you need rehab and to get that poison out of your system,” Thatcher said his voice still raised.

“Thatcher stop this at once,” Ellis barked.

“No I will not stop until Molly realises what an ungrateful and spoilt little bitch she really is,” Thatcher continued, “maybe Molly if you had not snorted so much heroin you might be able to pay for the surgery yourself.”

Meredith was in shock. Someone in her family had finally stood up to Molly, who reacted as Meredith thought she would.

“I hate you all,” Molly screamed as she ran from the kitchen.

“Thatcher that was uncalled for,” Ellis said as she stood up and followed Molly out of the kitchen.

“Meredith, Derek I apologise. I’m going to go and get some fresh air,” Thatcher said as he too got up from the table.

Derek sat there for a moment – literally in shock and looked at Meredith.

“Welcome to the madness that is my family... and I guess we are left to tidy up,” Meredith said as tears formed at the back of her eyes.

“Meredith you have nothing to be sorry for,” Derek said as he pulled her from her chair and on to his knee. “Let’s get out of here; someone else can clean up this mess. Come on let’s go and get Beth and go home.”

“That is the best thing you have said all day,” Meredith said as she stood up and walked down the hallway and out the front door.
The next morning Meredith woke up to the sound of Derek cursing as he stubbed his toe and looked through the bags of clothes that he had brought with them last night.

“What are you looking for?” she muttered.

“My Bowdoin t-shirt – you know the one that you love to wear!” Derek said smirking at her.

“Only because you told me you thought I looked hot in it,” Meredith responded.

“You do, but you look hotter without it,” Derek said as he kissed her good morning.
“I thought you and Mark were going to go and play golf this morning?” Meredith said as she sat up in bed.

“We are, once he finishes talking payment plans with your dad at the hospital,” Derek said as he continued his search for his t-shirt.

After a quick breakfast and several telephone calls later Meredith offered to drive Derek to the old house to look for his t-shirt. Mark was already at the hospital meeting with her father and would come and collect Derek from the old house and head straight to the golf course while she and Beth headed for the crèche.

As Meredith pulled up in front of the house she saw her mother walk down the driveway. Derek jumped quickly out of the car and headed straight for the laundry room while Ellis scolded Meredith for leaving her to do the dishes the previous night. A few minutes later and Ellis was on her way to the nearest convenience store for her morning paper.

Ten minutes had past and Meredith was beginning to think that Derek had fallen into the washer. She looked in at Beth who was strapped into her seat and singing along to a CD. “What is taking daddy so long?” she asked the toddler who simply ignored her.

As soon as Derek walked into the laundry room he saw his t-shirt. He quickly grabbed it and turned around and literally walked into Molly who was standing directly behind him wearing an outfit that you would expect from a call girl.

“Perfect timing Derek,” Molly purred.

“No it’s not actually,” Derek said as he tried to move away from her.

“I think it’s time we talked business Derek,” Molly said as she pushed him hard against the dryer and immediately grabbed his privates.

Derek literally winced in pain “Stop,” he managed to say.

“Oh no, Derek it’s time you slept with a real woman and not that prissy sister of mine,” Molly said moving even closer to him “how about we make a deal, I give you the best blow job you have ever had – you of course thank me by paying for my surgery...”

“Get off me,” Derek spat.

“Some things never change Molly,” Meredith said as she stood at the laundry room door, “Take the hint he’s not interested.”

Molly turned round and shouted “Your loss Derek,” and walked towards her sister.

“You will pay for this – both of you,” Molly said as she walked down the hallway and up the stairs.

“Meredith I can explain...” Derek answered shakily.

“You don’t need to explain Derek I saw everything,” Meredith said as she walked over and hugged Derek, “Let’s go outside Beth is in the car.”

A few minutes later and Derek had started to calm down “You were right about the seduction act. Jesus, there was nothing there, in her eyes Meredith,” he explained.
“What do you mean?” Meredith asked as she leaned against her car.

“In her eyes, there was no soul, no emotion, god I should have listened to you and never invited them to stay,” Derek said.

“I am sorry Derek,” Meredith whispered.

“It’s not your fault,” Derek said as Mark pulled up in his flashy Porsche, “Not a word about this to Mark.”

“Meredith I have a message from your father, he his waiting for you outside the hospital – he mentioned something about going for a coffee,” Mark said.

“Wonderful, I’ll call Adele and let her know we will be late,” Meredith said as she rolled her eyes and turned around and kissed Derek “Enjoy the golf!”

As Meredith got into her car she had no idea that Molly had heard the whole discussion from the bedroom window.

What Meredith was also unaware of was that Molly was high on heroin.

Minutes after Meredith and Mark had driven away Molly decided she was going to have some fun and teach everyone a lesson they would never forget. Her first plan was to steal the neighbour’s car and Molly knew exactly the location of her final destination.

Derek pov

Twenty minutes later and Mark was just driving up to the parking lot at the golf club and he looked at his best friend “Hey are you okay?”

“Fine,” Derek answered as his cell phone rang. His heart stopped beating as the caller ID flashed in front of him – Addison.

Mark saw Derek’s features tense and change and when Derek ended the call he was almost scared to ask him who it was.

“That was Addison she is at the hospital – she wants to talk,” Derek said his stomach doing somersaults. Surely this day could not get any worse.

Addison pov

Addison Shepherd had just put her cell phone back in her bag when she heard a child singing, but this wasn’t any child. She looked up and across the street to the front entrance of Seattle Grace Hospital and saw her soon-to-be ex husbands girlfriend walk along the pathway with a little girl singing. Beth.

Addison smiled. This was all she had wanted. A few minutes from a distance so that the picture the woman Beth would become. From where she was standing Beth was the double of Derek and she smiled.

Addison then watched as Meredith was greeted by an older man at the entrance and saw them chat for a few minutes, she turned around and sat down on one of the park benches and waited for Derek.

Meredith pov

Although Addison could see her, Meredith had not seen Addison as she walked across the sidewalk towards her father. They chatted for a few minutes – mainly about Molly and Meredith told him about what her sister had just done to Derek at the house. Thatcher put his arms out and placed them on her shoulders.

“I am so sorry Meredith, I am so sorry that she here and I am so sorry for the way we treated you. Derek is a wonderful man and I am so proud of you,” Thatcher whispered.

Molly pov

Unknown to all of them, Molly had witnessed the exchange between Meredith and Thatcher. “No” she thought “daddy should not love Meredith he should love me instead,” Molly fumed as she put her foot down on the accelerator and drove straight at them.

Addison looked up at the speeding car and realised that it was heading straight for Meredith and her daughter and yelled “Meredith!”

Meredith looked over and saw Addison and immediately pulled Beth closer to her. She knew Derek would never forgive her if Addison saw Beth.

Thatcher saw the car approach and pushed Meredith out of the way of the oncoming car...
I apologise for the cliff hanger... I am aiming to update as soon as possible (but reviews and bribes will help...!!!) What do you think is going to happen?

Since this story started Meredith’s confidence has grown, but the arrival of Ellis and especially Molly has shaken her and will affect her.

If you would like a teaser let me know!



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I do not own the show... but wish I did.

Just to warn you there is a death and an argument in this chapter... and it is something that we have all seen coming...
Meredith’s pov

The past hour had been nothing but a blur to Meredith.

An hour ago she and Beth had been standing outside the entrance to the hospital and talking to her father. He had just told her how proud he was of her. Meredith knew that a compliment from her family was a rare thing and that was why in a strange way she kind of knew something bad would happen.

One minute she was standing there the next she could hear a car approaching and someone shouting her name. She looked up to see Addison Shepherd looking directly at her and Meredith immediately reached for and sheltered Beth.

The next thing she was on the ground with Beth crying in her arms.

Addison was yelling for help when Owen, Christina and Bailey came running through the doors and were shocked at the sight in front of them.

All Meredith could think about was keeping Beth away from Addison; Derek would never forgive her if Addison even saw a glimpse of Beth.

Addison gave up trying to help Meredith and went to help Bailey treat the older man.

Within minutes both Meredith and Beth were in the pit, and being separated.

Dr Robbins came down to check Beth while Owen insisted that Meredith have a scan to check for any head injuries. He was especially concerned about any head injuries considering the concussion she had the year before following the shootings.

While Meredith was taken for the scan Owen called Derek and told him what had happened and assured him that both Meredith and Beth were fine with just minor cuts and bruises.

Owen walked into Meredith’s room and dreaded what he was about to tell her. He noticed that Christina was sitting beside her.

“What are you doing here – your shift has finished go home, get some sleep,” Owen said as he put his arm on Christina’s shoulder.

“I will once I know she is okay,” Christina said as she looked over at her person.

Owen looked at Meredith and hated to give her more bad news.

Meredith was sitting on the hospital bed almost in a trance when Owen sat down in front of her and took her hands.

“Meredith your scans are fine,” Owen said.

“Okay, where is Beth... did you call Derek yet,” Meredith answered with an almost frantic edge to her voice.

“Yes, I called Derek and he should be here any second, Beth is fine – she is singing away to Dr Robbins,” Owen answered.

“I need to be with her, when Derek gets here... and he realises Addison is here... he is going to be mad that I am not with her...” Meredith said rambling.

“Meredith I am so sorry but I need to tell you something, it’s your father...” Owen said quietly.

“What...” Meredith looked at as if she had completely forgotten that her father was there.

“I am sorry Meredith there is no easy way to say this but your father died instantly,” Owen said. As he spoke the words he could feel Meredith tightening the grip on his hand.

Christina walked over to the other side of the bed and gripped her friend’s shoulders.

“Your mother will be here soon and I’m sorry but the police need a statement from you,” Owen explained.

“Where is Molly?” Meredith asked.

“Bailey is treating her and the police are with her too,” Owen answered.

Meredith was literally trembling. She needed Derek. She needed his arms around her telling her everything would be okay.

Meredith had lived so much of her life by herself. Everytime something bad happened she got through by herself. She had to. She had no confidence in herself and always felt like a failure and that she was never good enough.

Meeting Derek had been the best thing to ever happen to her. Here was someone who spoiled her and was always there to help her when something happened. Meredith Grey was a changed person.

That was until her family arrived the day before. Their arrival had made Meredith nervous – she knew what Molly and Ellis were like and she was scared of what they would do and say and worse still: make Derek not love her anymore.

Now her dad was dead. The only person who gave Meredith any attention was gone, killed by his own daughter. Meredith had so many thoughts in her head right now that she literally did not know what she was doing or thinking. She just wanted Derek and he was not here...

Ellis arrived a few minutes later and the nurses brought her into Meredith’s room.

Owen was still there and informed Ellis of the news that her husband was dead and that her eldest daughter was under police arrest.

Meredith watched the whole interaction. Ellis barely reacted to the news of Thatcher’s death, but she started shaking at the mention of Molly’s arrest.

“Some things never change,” Meredith muttered under her breath

“What did you say?” Christina asked her.

“Get ready for it,” Meredith said as Ellis was now looking around the room and then walked over to her.

“Are you okay?” Ellis asked.

“Yes,” Meredith answered.

“Have you spoken to the police yet?” Ellis asked as stared at Meredith.

“No,” Meredith answered.

“Good, Meredith are you sure it was Molly who was driving the car?” Ellis asked.

“Yes mother I am sure, I saw her being pulled from the driver’s seat,” Meredith stated.

“Oh God. You need to lie Meredith, you have to lie to the police, my Molly cannot go down for this...” Ellis stated starting to ramble herself.

Christina nearly fell off the chair at what Ellis was saying and was on her feet in moments.

“Christina don’t,” Meredith said calmly “I am telling the police the truth mom whether you like it or not. You cannot bribe me into silence. Molly needs to pay for her actions.”

“Mrs Grey,” Owen interrupted his face like thunder, “the nurse will show you to where your husband is – we need a formal identification.”

Ellis turned around and headed for the door. Before she walked out she turned and faced Meredith “This doesn’t surprise me Meredith, you have always been a disappointment to this family.”

“That bitch...” Christina said as she headed for Ellis only for Owen to stop her
“Don’t Christina she is not worth it, besides I think Meredith could really use a friend right now.”

“Where the hell is Derek anyway, I heard one of the nurses say he arrived ten minutes ago?” Christina whispered to Owen.

“I’ll go and find out,” Owen said “Keep an eye on Meredith.”

“Where is Derek, I just want to see him, tell him that Addison is here – is Beth okay...” Meredith said starting to shout.

“Meredith you have had a shock and need to calm down...” Christina said but was no good as Meredith got off the bed and headed for the door.

Meredith was half walking, half running down the corridor trying to find Derek and Beth. Her father had died, her sister had knocked him down and killed him, and her mother called her a disappointment, a failure because she would not cover for Molly. She just needed Derek to hold her...

Derek pov

‘God could this day get any worse’ Derek thought as Mark turned the car around at the parking lot of the golf club and headed back to the hospital.

Addison had just called to tell him that she wanted to talk – she had made her mind up about the divorce and custody of Beth and that she would meet them at the front of the hospital.

Derek felt physically sick.

So much had happened in the past few weeks – and all because of that woman. He and Meredith were only beginning to get back on track when Meredith’s completely mad family arrived on their doorstep. To top it all over Molly had practically raped him this morning. He now knew why Meredith hated them so much.

But Addison, fear filled at his heart at thought of what she was going to say. Derek was praying that Meredith had already arrived at the crèche with Beth and that they would not see each other. In his mind Addison will never lay her eyes on Beth and he would be furious if Addison got a glimpse without him being there.

He did not trust his soon to be ex-wife. She was a fantastic surgeon – no doubt about it, but she could be devious. It would not be the first time she pulled tricks to get her own way and Derek had a feeling she was up to something. He just wanted to be divorced from her. Ever since Meredith told him at Christmas that she wanted to have a baby all Derek wanted was for the divorce to be finalised and he could marry Meredith, have their own baby and with Beth be a proper family.

But no, Addison had to screw him around and the really annoying thing about was that both Meredith and Mark believed what she was saying. What really irked him was that Mark was supposed to be his best friend and Meredith was his girlfriend.

He loved Beth; he would die for her in a heartbeat. The thought of losing her or sharing her with Addison was not worth thinking about.

Derek’s cell phone rang again and this time it was Owen... and Derek’s heart literally stopped beating.

“What’s wrong Derek?” Mark asked as he saw Derek pale.

“There has been a car crash at the hospital. Meredith and Beth were there... and so was Addison...” Derek rambled.

“What? Are they okay?” Mark asked.

“Addison was there – if she saw Beth or as much as touched one hair on her head...”

“Derek – are Meredith and Beth okay?” Mark asked again while trying to calm Derek who looked as if he were about to explode.

“I think so... Meredith’s psychotic bitch of sister did this... Meredith had better be with Beth, I do not want Addison near them,” Derek spat, “God Mark will you put your foot down, I need to get to my daughter,” Derek snapped.

What felt like an eternity later but in reality was only about fifteen minutes later Derek arrived at the hospital. The chief was waiting for him.

“Derek,” Richard said as he walked over to him and took in Derek’s appearance “Relax, they are fine, Dr Robbins has examined Beth and Owen has Meredith’s scan results,” Richard explained.

“What?” Derek said as he stopped walking.

“Owen took Meredith for a scan just to be on the safe side – we did not want a repeat of the concussion from last year...” Richard said but was interrupted.

“Do you mean to tell me that Meredith is not with Beth? My daughter is in a room alone... Addison is here Richard she could have taken her already...” Derek yelled.

“I know Addison is here Derek I met her at the entrance – she helped at the scene and is now getting a coffee,” Richard answered calmly. “Beth is not alone, Dr Robbins is with her.”

“I do not believe this,” Derek said as he rushed to his daughter’s room.

Richard and Mark looked at each other both concerned at Derek’s erratic behaviour.

“Meredith’s okay?” Mark asked.

“She is in shock, her father was the one hit by the car, he was killed instantly,” Richard said quietly.

Mark closed his eyes for a few seconds. He prayed that Derek would calm down as soon as he saw that Beth was okay and go to Meredith.

“I’m going to grab some coffees, I’ll be back in a minute,” Mark said to Richard as headed down the corridor. He wanted to see Addison and get a heads up on what was about to happen.

Derek walked into his daughter’s room and immediately heard her laugh. Dr Robbins was standing on one side of the bed playing with his daughter. She looked when she heard Derek enter the room.

“Dr Shepherd, she is absolutely fine, just a few bumps but she is fine!” Arizona smiled over at him.

“Daddy!” Beth squealed in the bed as Derek walked over and sat on the bed and lifted his daughter for a hug.

“Hey princess,” Derek muttered as he continued to hold her whilst checking her for any bruises.

“Want mommy,” Beth said smiling up at him.

“Mommy is with a doctor, princess,” Derek answered sharply.

“She’s fine Derek,” Arizona said reassuring him

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Derek snapped back.

“With all due respect Dr Shepherd,” Arizona replied taking a deep breath “I am like you – the best in my field. I do not tell you how to diagnose your patients and I would like you to trust me when I say that Beth is fine,” Arizona said as she walked out of the room trying her hardest not to cry.

“Dr Robbins?” Richard asked as she walked out of the room.

“I don’t like confrontations chief,” Arizona explained sniffing as she walked past.

Once Derek had assured himself that Beth was indeed fine and in great form he walked out of her hospital room and walked straight into Owen.

“Hey Derek I was just looking for you, Meredith is asking for you, she is pretty cut up...” but Owen did not get to finish his sentence as Derek saw Meredith walk down the corridor towards him.

“Derek,” Meredith said as soon as she saw and walked over to him.

Derek was standing at the door to Beth’s hospital room and moved to stand in front of it.

“Oh god Derek is Beth okay...” Meredith said and went to hug Derek who took a step back.

Meredith now noticed Derek’s body language – his face was like thunder and somewhere deep inside her Meredith knew what was coming – and she tried to steady herself for it.

“She’s fine – no thanks to you,” Derek spat.

“Derek, hang on...” Owen interrupted.

“Stay out of this Owen, this has got nothing to do with you,” Derek said turning on his friend.

“Derek please...I ...” Meredith muttered

“Beth is fine no thanks to you and your god damn psychotic family,” Derek took a deep breath “you were supposed to be looking after her Meredith, I told you to keep her away from Addison, you should never have left her alone... Addison could have walked in here and snatched her like that...” Derek emphasised by clicking his fingers.

His eyes were boring into her skull and Meredith tried to speak.

“I tried to stay with her, but... Owen insisted on the scan...” Meredith answered on the verge of tears.

“Why Meredith, why walk in through the front entrance when you knew Addison would be there... you wanted her to see Beth... admit it!” Derek was now yelling not caring who was standing in the corridor listening to every word.

“I didn’t know Addison was here Derek, I swear... I only knew she was here when she yelled at me to get out of the way of the car...” Meredith replied and she looked as Derek’s face “You knew she was here and didn’t tell me...”

“She called me – yes – I presumed you would have been in the crèche by then,” Derek responded.

“I was meeting dad...” Meredith’s voice caught again at the mention of her father.

“Oh yes – and that is more important than keeping Beth safe... great job Meredith!” Derek shouted.

“Well you invited them to stay Derek, I did not want them anywhere near Beth remember... and now,” Meredith spat back.

“I trusted you to keep her safe... I could lose her over this Meredith, I could lose my little girl,” Derek said.

“You don’t know that Derek,” Meredith said almost pleading to let Derek shut up and let her tell him about had happened.

“There you go – taking Addison’s side again Meredith. Thanks for your support... really appreciate it.”

“I am not taking anyone’s side...” Meredith said.

“Exactly – you should be on my side, my side Meredith after all that is what I hired you to do...” Derek started but never got to finish the sentence as Owen tried to intervene again while Christina headed straight for Meredith who was literally swaying on her feet.

“Derek I think you need to calm down,” Owen said.

“I think you should keep your nose out of other people’s business,” Derek responded.

“Finish your sentence Derek,” Meredith said calmly and clearly as she broke away from Christina’s embrace “Go on, I know you want to say it Derek – so just say it,” Meredith continued.

“I hired you to look after and keep her safe. I told you to keep her away from Addison and you disobeyed me!” Derek roared.

“I’m just the nanny right?” Meredith replied.

Derek was silent but the look on his face spoke volumes.

“Which is true I suppose,” Meredith rambled “I was Beth’s nanny but you made me feel as if I was more than that,” Meredith was now crying and the tears were running down her face.

“At least I know how you really feel Derek... I am sorry I am such a disappointment to you... to everyone...” Meredith said as she stumbled backwards before turning and running down the corridor.

“You bastard,” Christina stated as she followed her friend.

“Chief do you mind if I take an hour and drive them...” Owen asked as he hurried after them, anxious to make sure that his girlfriend and friend got home safely.

“Go,” Richard answered, still in shock at the events he just witnessed. He knew Derek was on edge but that was uncalled for.

Derek still stood at the door trying to calm down before heading in to see his daughter. Little did he know but his argument was witnessed by both Addison and Mark.

Mark was still in shock at the things Derek had said to Meredith, but it didn’t surprise him. Derek always reacted before thinking and by god he had really done it this time.

Addison was still in shock from the events earlier, but this was unforgivable. She set her coffee on the counter and walked over to Derek.

“Derek,” Addison said as she approached him.

Derek turned and glared at his wife. The last thing he wanted was another argument, especially with her when his daughter was lying in a hospital bed.

When Addison stopped and stood beside him, she looked at him and before anyone knew what was happening she lifted her hand and slapped him across the face.

“What the hell...” Derek yelled. He looked around him and realised that Mark and Richard were just standing there, watching.

“You never learn Derek, do you?” Addison stated.

“What are you talking about?” Derek shouted back

“You act first think later. Have you any idea how that poor girl is feeling right now?” Addison stated just as loud as Derek.

“Addison – stay out of this it is none of your business,” Derek said as he tried to move away from her.

“Oh it is my business when my daughter is involved Derek,” Addison responded knowing that would get Derek’s attention.

Derek froze at the mention of Beth.

“I was standing across the street when I saw them walking along the sidewalk. I finally saw my daughter and she was singing and happy – they both were and then I heard the car approach and I yelled to her as the car headed straight for them. I saw Meredith pull her to the ground to keep her safe. When I ran over to help, Meredith would not let me anywhere near Beth – following your orders I guess. She was so concerned making sure Beth was okay that she did not realise that her father was dead.”

“What,” Derek asked shocked. His head was starting to spin.

“Yes Derek, Meredith’s sister just knocked down and killed her own father, I am just about to give my statement to the police. I am prepared to support Meredith and help her in any way that I can, which is more than what I can say for you,” Addison said.

“What you just did was arrogant and shameful and personally I would not blame Meredith if she never wanted to speak to you again, in fact I would go as far to say that Beth would be better living with Meredith than you,” Addison said as she reached into her large Gucci bag and lifted out a large envelope.

Realisation of the past few minutes was finally beginning to hit home with Derek.

What he had just said and done to Meredith was unforgivable. He had all but called her the nanny and all but fired her in the middle of the hospital corridor.

“Here you are Derek,” Addison said as she placed the envelope in his hand.

“In this envelope is the letter you will give to Beth when she is older. The signed divorce papers and permission for Meredith to adopt Beth are on route to my solicitor as we speak but I have included a copy for you. After that little show I will be asking for the quickest divorce possible,” Addison said “Oh and Derek as I have told you time and time again I do not want custody of Beth – you need to start listening to what people are telling you.”

“You finally have everything you wanted Derek... I just hope it was worth it,” Addison said as she turned around and walked down the corridor to give her statement to the police.

Derek stood shaking with the envelope in his hands.

An hour ago if someone told him that everything would have been sorted with Addison and that she did not want custody, Derek would be have jumping for joy, but instead all he could hear was himself yelling at Meredith.

Molly had killed Thatcher.

That was what Meredith was trying to tell him. She had come to him for support and he called her the nanny.

All of his hopes and dreams were right here in the palm of his hand and he had just blown it.

He looked over at Mark and his friends’ words from a few weeks ago came back and haunted him ‘you have to stop reacting first thinking later.’

Mark walked over and whispered “I’m going to check on Meredith, sort yourself out Derek,” Mark turned and headed down the corridor.

By now the crowd of onlookers had disappeared and Richard walked over.

“I just called Adele to let her know about Meredith’s father,” Richard explained “You have some apologising to do Derek, not only to Meredith but to your friends and colleagues, Owen was only trying to help and as for Dr Robbins – never treat another colleague with the same attitude and disrespect again,” Richard said as he put his hand on Derek’s shoulder and walked off.

As Derek stood at the door to Beth’s hospital room he knew that Meredith would never forgive him and most of all, Derek knew he would never forgive himself.
I am now on the next space shuttle flight to Mars until it is safe to come back...

Originally it was going to be either Mark or Owen who would tell Derek about Meredith’s father, but when I was writing the chapter it sort of made sense that it had to be Addison.

Meredith’s confidence and self- belief is at rock bottom right now. Meanwhile Derek, he truly loves Meredith, but he is so blinded by his fear of losing Beth that he speaks with thinking. This has been building for a while... all those “my daughter” comments have been building to this.

I look forward to your comments (once I return from hiding...) on this as this and the following chapters have been very hard to write and I am not 100% happy with how this turned out.

If you would like a teaser – please let me know...




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I want to give a big shout out to everyone who has commented on the events of the last chapter. I have never received so many comments for a chapter before and I thank you all so much!

This chapter is about a few hours after the scene at the hospital.

Thanks also to a fantastic beta reader... and sadly I do not own the show.. .

“Take it,” Cristina said as she handed a shot glass to Meredith.

“What is it?” Meredith asked.

“Tequila,” Cristina stated as Meredith knocked it back.

“God Christina are you trying to kill me...” Meredith spluttered.

“You need something stronger than wine tonight Mer,” Cristina said as she reached for her best friends arm.

“Pizza’s here,” Lexie said as she walked into Cristina’s apartment.

“I’m not hungry,” Meredith replied.

“Tough you are eating something,” Cristina responded as she passed the pizza to Meredith.

Meredith relented and after a few minutes managed to eat half a slice of pizza.

“Can I get anything for you?” Lexie asked gently.

“No, I’m okay thanks,” Meredith smiled at her friend.

“Let it out,” Cristina said as she sat facing Meredith “It is no good to bottle your feelings.”

“Who are you and what have to done with Cristina Yang?” Meredith asked staring at her friend. She looked over to Lexie who was equally shocked.

“Mer, you are in shock, you need to let it out, I’m here,” Cristina said as she looked at Lexie “and so is Lexie. What you say and do in this room stays in this room it will not be repeated,” Cristina stated.

“I appreciate that I do, but if I start I will not stop, and I need to keep going. I have a lot of things to sort out,” Meredith said as she stared at the ground.

Just then someone started knocking and banging on the door to Cristina’s apartment.

“Meredith!” Derek yelled.

“Great,” Cristina muttered.

“I really do not want to see him,” Meredith said shaking.

“I’ll go,” Lexie said as she stood up.
“No – allow me the pleasure,” Cristina said as she walked over and opened the door and stepped out into the hallway closing the door behind her.

“Meredith... I need to see her, Meredith!” Derek yelled only to be pushed backwards by Cristina.

“No – you don’t – do you not think you have caused enough damage for one day?” Cristina stated staring at him.

“I need to apologise to her, please just let me see her,” Derek said almost pleading.

“No, now get out of here before I call the police,” Cristina said as she turned and walked back into her apartment and slammed the door.

“Meredith I am so sorry,” Derek yelled through the door. “Meredith...”

Mark came out of his apartment to see where the noise was coming from and stared straight at Derek.

“Where’s Beth?” Mark asked.

“At the crèche,” Derek said as he ran a hand through his hair and started to pace in the hallway.

“Come on, we’ll go and get her and I’ll drive you home,” Mark said as lifted his jacket and car keys.

“No I’m staying here,” Derek answered.

“No you’re not. You made a whole song and dance about Beth and when she needs you, you leave her in the crèche. Your going home Derek, let Meredith get some sleep,” Mark stated.

“Did you see her, did you speak to her?” Derek asked staring at his friend.

“Briefly,” Mark answered “She looked like hell; she had just gotten off the phone with an uncle in London and had just told him the news.”

“Oh god, I should be there with her,” Derek said as he turned and headed back for Cristina’s apartment.

“No, Derek – just give her some time. Let’s go and collect Beth and get you home to face the music,” Mark said.

“What do you mean... face the music?” Derek asked.

“Mom tried to call you earlier, and when both yours and Meredith cell phone went straight to voice mail she panicked and called me... I let slip what had happened...” Mark explained.

“Mark you didn’t,” Derek said.

“Sorry pal but you deserve it, I don’t know who is going to kill you first mom, Sam or Kathleen,” Mark answered.

“Great,” Derek sighed.

“You deserve it,” Mark answered honestly.

“Thanks for the support Mark,” Derek spat.

“Well it’s not like I didn’t warn you Derek, you have always been the same, even Owen tried to step in and stop you, but no you know best and in doing so have probably destroyed the best thing to happen to you,” Mark said as they reached his car, “Get in.”

Derek got in the car and collected Beth. He asked Mark to take him to the Queen Anne house and listened to Beth cry for her mommy for the next hour until she wore herself out and feel asleep.

Derek had only just closed Beth’s bedroom when Ellis Grey had arrived to collect the rest of her, Thatcher and Molly’s belongings and thanked Derek for his hospitality and explained that it would be best under the current circumstances to stay at a hotel. Derek barely spoke to her.

By now Mark had opened the bottle of scotch and just poured Derek a glass when Owen arrived. Derek was up and out of the chair and walked straight over to his friend.

“Owen, I am sorry for what is said to you earlier,” Derek stated.

"I appreciate it Derek, but it’s not me you need to apologise too,” Owen said.

“I know, I just need to speak to her, please Owen ... if she won’t speak to me then at least tell her I am sorry and that I love her... I need to see her,” Derek rambled.

“I’ll try but Derek,” Owen replied “I’m not making any promises. Cristina is ready to kill both you and Ellis, what you said and did was bad enough but coming after Ellis’s comments...”

“Why what did Ellis say?” Derek asked.

“I’m sorry, I thought you knew,” Owen said as he sat down “When I told Ellis the news about Thatcher and Molly her immediate reaction was to ask Meredith to lie to the police.”

“Oh god...” Derek muttered as he sat back down on the sofa and had both hands in his hair.

“She then called Meredith a disappointment,” Owen whispered as Derek started crying. Mark poured more whiskey for Derek and one for himself.

“All she wanted was to see you and Beth, Derek. That was why I tried to stop you,” Owen said as he stood up and headed for the door. “I’ll pass on your message but I can’t make any promises,” Owen said as he opened the front door and headed home.
That night Derek could not sleep. Every time he closed his eyes all he could hear were his cruel words to Meredith and the look of shock on her face at his words.

Meanwhile Meredith fell asleep curled up in a ball on Cristina’s bed. Her friend was snoring beside her while Owen was fast asleep in their spare bedroom.

Meredith woke up and glanced at the alarm clock, 3:05am and quietly got out of bed and tiptoed out of bedroom and into the bathroom. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror and took in her pale complexion and the dark circles under her eyes.

She walked out into the lounge and switched her cell phone on but turned it on to silent. There were a load of missed calls and texts from colleagues at the crèche and relatives in London, but most were from Derek. In total he sent five texts stating everything from “I’m sorry,” “I love you,” and “Goodnight.”

She hesitated for a second before checking her voice messages.

The first one was from Adele who explained that she would come and see her in the morning. The second was her mother in her normal emotionless voice explaining that she was at the hotel and that she would come and see her today too. The third was from Mel telling her that everyone at the crèche was thinking about her. Message number four was from Carolyn Shepherd begging her to call and reassure that she was okay. It was the last message that got to Meredith.

“Meredith, I am so sorry, about your father and what I said. Please I need to see you, I have to apologise. Meredith please give me a chance to apologise. I love you,” Derek said.

To Meredith it was the voice of the man who had promised to spoil her and love her, who had promised her that he would always be there for her. They had talked about starting to try for a baby, that was until he started snapping at her and lying to her and shouting at her and calling her the nanny and a disappointment.

At this moment she could barely remember the Derek she fell in love instead all she could see was his furious face as he blocked her from seeing Beth.

Meredith curled up into a ball on the sofa, she knew she would not sleep; there were just too many things to think about. Her father had died; her sister was in a police cell... Derek. She decided to do things one thing at a time and the first thing being her father. From speaking with her uncle earlier they both agreed that Thatcher would want to be buried in his native England and Meredith had no idea how she was going to bring him home.

She sat back, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. All Meredith wanted was for Derek to be sitting beside her, reassuring her and rubbing her back whilst whispering soothing words into her ear.

Derek managed to get about an hour of sleep when his sisters started to call him.

Each call was the same “How could you have been so stupid?” yelled Kathleen, Sam threatened to kick his ass the next time she saw him, Jennifer called him “a stupid asshole” and as for Nancy she could not find words to describe how mad she was at him.

His mother had given him an earful the previous night and his father had barely spoken two words to him. That was the one that hurt the most. His mind kept going back to his mother’s engagement ring that Meredith was supposed to inherit.

As he went to lift his cell phone and try calling Meredith again Beth woke up and carried on from where she left off last night. She would not eat her breakfast and kept crying for Meredith. It literally broke Derek’s heart that his daughter was so upset and he had caused it. As much as he tried to calm her down nothing would work. He tried Meredith’s cell phone again and when it answered Derek spirits lifted... until he heard Cristina state “Piss off and leave her alone.”

Derek was in the process of calling her cell phone again when his pager beeped – ‘911’.

“Damn it,” he swore as he quickly gathered Beth and her belongings and headed for the hospital.
“Are you sure you will be okay?” Cristina asked for the tenth time since her pager went off two minutes ago.

“Yes,” Meredith answered “I am an adult I know how to look after myself.”

“Cristina we got to hurry, there’s been a building collapse downtown and all traumas are coming our way,” Owen said as he ran to the door of their apartment and opened it to find Adele standing there with breakfast.

“Good timing Dr Hunt I don’t have to knock!” Adele said as Cristina ran over to her.

“Good timing Mrs Webber, I didn’t really want to leave her alone we have to go 911...” Cristina said as she ran down the corridor.

“That’s fine,” Adele smiled “I know it all too well.”

“Adele, come in,” Meredith said as she saw her boss and friend at the door.

Adele closed the door and set their breakfast on the counter before pulling Meredith into a hug.

“I’m so sorry Meredith, about your father, and as for Derek...”

“Thanks Adele,” Meredith muttered.

“You look tired,” Adele said as she reached into the bag and lifted out two muffins and started to make some fresh coffee.

“Didn’t get much sleep,” Meredith answered “every time I close my eyes I keep hearing...”

“I will kill Derek the next time I see him,” Adele said through clenched teeth.

“Don’t he’s only speaking the truth,” Meredith answered as she took a small bite of her muffin.

“Meredith...” Adele said but was interrupted.

“It is, at the end of the day, I was Beth’s nanny before I was his girlfriend,” Meredith answered. “And I’m sorry to do this,” Meredith said as her voice started to tremble “but I need some time off. I don’t’ know how long I will be off, I have so much to think about and do...”

“Meredith you take as long as you need,” Adele said as she squeezed her hand.
“The funeral is going to be in London and I have no idea how I am supposed to get him... home, " Meredith said as she choked back a tear.

“Well I might be able to help with that... let me make a few phone calls – Richard has some friends in high places and should be able to point us in the right direction,” Adele answered.

“Thanks,” Meredith smiled.

“How is your mother?” Adele asked.

“Don’t know... I haven’t seen her since I left the hospital. She left a message that she wanted to see me so I called the hotel that she is now staying at and gave her this address. I imagine she is at the police station with Molly,” Meredith explained as took a sip of her coffee.

They sat and talked for while and as Adele was leaving Ellis arrived and Meredith made the brief but quick introductions.

“Do you want me to stay?” Adele whispered.

“No I’ll be fine, trust me I know exactly how to handle my mother... thanks anyway and thank you for coming over. It means a lot,” Meredith said as she and Adele hugged goodbye.

Meredith closed the door and turned to face her mother.

“So what are you doing here?” Ellis asked.

“Staying with a friend,” Meredith answered quietly.

“You and Derek had an argument, for once in your life Meredith do the right thing and be honest. It was the talk of the hospital,” Ellis said abruptly.

‘Wonderful’ Meredith thought. Her head started to spin and she sat down.

“Yeah well you are one to talk about being honest,” Meredith stated and judging by the look on Ellis she had touched a nerve.

“All I was trying to do was protect my daughter. It seems you let Derek down in the exact same way you let me down,” Ellis snapped back.

‘Here we go with the disappointment speech’ Meredith thought...’again’

“In case you are interested Molly has been formally charged and they have refused bail.... I would just love to know where she got the drugs from,” Ellis said.

“Please don’t expect me to show her any sympathy mom, not now not after this...” Meredith answered her head spinning.

Ellis cleared her throat before continuing “Did you call your uncle Jack?”

“Yes,” Meredith replied “he had plenty to say. He suggested having the funeral in London...”

“I thought so too – it was where your father was happiest,” Ellis smiled slightly.

“Adele said she would try and help with arrangements to fly him back to London...” Meredith said “and uncle Jack said he would start planning the funeral if that is okay?” Meredith muttered.

“What has it got to do with me?” Ellis asked

“You’re his wife...” Meredith stuttered.

“Meredith... I am not going to the funeral and I am not going to London. I need to stay here for Molly... she needs me,” Ellis said her voice wavering slightly.

“What...” Meredith said shocked

“You heard me,” Ellis snapped. “I will send his stuff to you here... just give him a good send off. I’m sure you can manage that,” Ellis said as she walked to the door.
“Good bye Meredith.”

“Goodbye mother,” Meredith said as the door closed. She suddenly felt her legs give out from under her and she fell to the floor and sat up against the kitchen cupboards.

‘Keep calm, do not break down,’ Meredith thought ‘keep calm, think about Beth...’

One thought plagued Meredith: How the hell was she supposed to tell people that her own mother would not be attending the funeral?

Lexie arrived at the apartment a short while later and found Meredith sitting up against the counter.

“Mer!” Lexie said as ran over to her.

“I’m okay Lex, my head is spinning and I didn’t really feel like moving,” Meredith explained.

“My shift just finished and Cristina asked me to check on you,” Lexie said as she sat down beside her on the floor.

“I thought there was an emergency?” Meredith asked.

“Worst is over, Cristina is in surgery repairing someone’s aorta and Derek has just started a 12 hour operation to repair spinal damage,” Lexie rambled.

“Derek is in surgery?” Meredith whispered as she rubbed her forehead.

“Yeah, why?”

“I need some things Lexie, clothes, passport etc, we are going to have the funeral in London,” Meredith explained, she too was rambling.

“Well I can drive you...”

“No,” Meredith said “Lexie can you go please, I cant...I can’t go in to either of those houses, I can’t....”

“Of course,” Lexie said as she hugged her friend, “just tell me what you need.”

Thirty minutes later and Lexie had everything written down on a piece of paper along with a symbol stating whether that item was in the new house or the Queen Anne house.

“So you want the beauty bag that is on the counter in the bathroom,” Lexie confirmed.

“Yeah it is the one with the toiletries in it; I packed some stuff into it knowing we would be staying at the new house for a few days...” Meredith whispered.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come, get some fresh air?” Lexie asked

“No, I need to call my uncle in London and somehow tell him that mom is not coming to the funeral,” Meredith said as she stood up and hugged herself.

Lexie who was halfway to the front door froze on the spot and turned around “She’s what?”
Three days had past and Meredith had not left Cristina’s apartment. She spent most of her time sitting on the sofa trying to choose hymns for the funeral and wondering what she had done wrong in her life to deserve this.

Derek was still bombarding her with calls and text messages and both Cristina and Owen had to keep turning him away from the apartment. Meredith spent most of the day packing for her return to London. In a way she was looking forward to having some peace and quiet and more importantly time to think.

For Derek, the past three days had been back to back surgeries from the building collapse a few days ago. He had not been sleeping and all he wanted to do was see Meredith and somehow try to apologise to her for his unforgivable behaviour.

His mother and sisters were still screaming at him down the phone. He knew how badly he had messed things up, without having his sisters remind him of it.

Owen had kept him informed of how Meredith was and Derek could not believe Ellis had left Meredith to attend the funeral by herself.

Derek arrived outside Cristina’s apartment and was determined that he would see Meredith.

He knocked on the door and it was opened instantly by Cristina.

“What do you want?” Cristina barked at him.

Derek pushed himself into the apartment “Meredith... Meredith...”

“She’s not here Derek,” Cristina answered.

“What do you mean she’s not here...?” Derek replied

“She’s at the airport. Richard pulled some strings and... She’s flying back today... to London with the body,” Cristina said “I wanted to drive her, but she insisted on getting a cab.”

“What times her flight?”

“7pm, but she has to check in three hours before,” Cristina answered.

“Thanks,” Derek yelled as he ran out of the apartment and down the stairs and into his car. If he was lucky he just might catch before she went through security.

Meredith arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with plenty of time to spare for her flight. The check-in queue was not too long and when she arrived at the desk she explained the situation and was checked in promptly and given her boarding pass by a sympathetic check in worker.

She had just walked around the corner to head for the line to security when she thought she heard someone calling her name. She turned around and looked straight at Derek.

Even she had to admit that he looked awful with his dishevelled clothing and unruly hair. He had dark circles under his eyes and looked as if he had not slept in days.

When Derek finally spotted Meredith in the terminal he could see instantly that she had lost weight and was tired. He ran over to her relieved that he got to her in time.

“Meredith, thank god... I thought I might have missed you...” Derek said as he tried to get his breath back.

Meredith did not speak and was unable to look him in the eye.

“Meredith I am so sorry, I don’t know what I can say or do to make it up to you,” Derek said as he tried to stroke her face. Meredith immediately flinched and took a step back.

“I am so sorry about your dad,” Derek said as he tried to look at her. Again Meredith would not meet his gaze.

“I tried to tell you ... but you wouldn’t give me a chance...” Meredith said swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat.

“I know and I’m so sorry Mer, god I wish I could take back those things I said,” Derek said pleading to her “I did not mean a word of it.”

“Then why say it,” Meredith replied coldly.

“I don’t know,” Derek answered.

“How’s Beth?” Meredith muttered.

“She misses you, she’s always crying out for mommy,” Derek answered

“Give her a hug and kiss from me okay, I gotta go,” Meredith said choking back the tears.

“Meredith wait, please... please let me make it up to you, please...” Derek said.
Meredith took a deep breath before continuing

“My mother just told me how much of a disappointment I was to her. I ignored her, I didn’t listen to her, I just wanted to see Beth and make sure she was okay and see you. I wanted you to hold me and tell me everything would be okay and we could get through this,” Meredith said as her voice broke, “The one time in my life that I needed you, and I mean really needed you Derek, and you wouldn’t even look at me. You all but fired me in the middle of the hospital corridor in front of our friends, and the worst of all it is – you were right I’m just the nanny who stupidly thought that you loved me.”

Derek ran his hand through his hair and rested it at the nape of his neck. He too was on the verge of tears. “I do love you Meredith...”

“Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to trust you? With my history, to let someone get as close as you...” Meredith said willing herself not to cry.

Derek nodded his response “I swear Meredith I will make this up to you.”

“Derek, don’t...”

“When is the funeral?”

“My uncle has arranged it for this day next week. Adele has told me to take as much time as I need,” Meredith said as she looked at the floor.

Derek took this news in. She could be in London for a while.

“Stay right there, don’t move I’m going to buy a ticket, I’m coming with you,” Derek said quickly and turned around.

“Don’t be silly, what about Beth...” Meredith asked.

“Mark can look after her and I’ll call mom,” Derek said as he searched for his wallet. “Damn it! Don’t’ have my passport!” he reached and cupped her face in his hands. He ignored her cold stare.

“I swear Meredith I am on the next flight to London. I refuse to let you go through this alone,” Derek said in a strangely calm and clear voice.

“Yeah well... don’t make promises you can’t keep Derek,” Meredith said as she pulled from his embrace and joined the queue for security.

Derek stood still – rooted to the spot. His eyes never left her.

When she got to the top of the queue Meredith could not help but look behind her and looked straight at Derek before turning and placing her belongings on the counter for inspection.

Once she was through security Derek then turned away and walked out of the terminal. He made it to his car before he broke down.

‘I should have told her from the start about Addison, I should never have snapped at her, I should be there with her, holding her hand, supporting her...’

He picked up his cell phone and dialled an all too familiar number.


“Mom, I need a favour?”
I’ll not go to Mars tonight; I’ll just hide behind a cushion...

If you would like a teaser do let me know, but I have to warn you I will be working most of tomorrow so it be late tomorrow before I get them PM to you.

I am anxious to hear your comments, I’m sure you can appreciate that these chapters were not the easiest to write...

Thank you all again and enjoy the show tomorrow night!



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Thank you for all your comments – I appreciate each and every one.

This is a long update and some people may or may not like what is going to happen...

I do not own the show...

Ten hours after leaving Derek at the airport Meredith’s flight finally touched down in London and she was met at the airport by her uncle and Thatcher’s older brother Jack.

As soon as he saw Meredith he pulled her into a tight embrace. It was the first time she had ever seen tears in his eyes. He helped her with her luggage and when they got into the car Jack spoke his mind.

“I hope that bitch rots in jail,” he said referring to Molly, “and as for your mother – I never thought much of her, but not to come to her husband’s funeral...” Jack said still shaking his head in disbelief.

Jack had never liked Molly. He and Meredith seemed to be the only people in the world who could see through her. As for Ellis he tolerated the woman simply because his younger brother was besotted with her.

It took them nearly an hour before they arrived outside the terraced house that Meredith had called home until a few years ago. On the way there, Jack had explained that Thatcher’s body would be taken straight to the funeral home and went through the funeral plans that he had organised so far.

As soon as Meredith opened the car door Jack’s wife Anna opened the front door and walked down the front path and hugged her so tightly that oxygen was beginning to become an issue.

When Meredith walked into the house she could not help but smile.

Nothing had changed since she left. The walls were still the same colour and the furniture was still in the same place. She opened the door to the lounge and saw all her cousins and distant relations were there to welcome her home and pass on their condolences and although she was in a room full of people, Meredith had never felt more alone in her life.

It was early afternoon by the time everyone had left and Meredith was exhausted.

Jack had just informed her some of Thatcher’s colleagues may be calling around later that evening after work.

“I have made your bed up for you Meredith,” Anna said as she came into the kitchen and sat down at the table beside.

“Thanks,” Meredith muttered as she tried to eat the salad that Anna had made for her.

“So when are we going to meet this boyfriend of yours, the hot shot surgeon?” Jack asked.

“Derek is in Seattle,” Meredith whispered and cleared her throat.

“Your father couldn’t stop boasting when he returned from his visit last year. My Meredith is dating a surgeon and they are building a house together,” Jack said as he laughed at the memory.

“He’s coming over for the funeral right?” Jack asked as he looked at his wife.

“I... he has a daughter to look after and... is very busy...” Meredith said trying to ignore the glances of her aunt and uncle “we had a... fight... I don’t want to talk about it.” Meredith said as she stood up.

“I’m going to go and lie down for a while, excuse me,” Meredith said as she started to walk out of the kitchen.

“Go ahead dear, I’ll be down here if you need anything,” Anna said as she smiled at her niece.

“Thank you,” Meredith said as she walked from the kitchen and walked up the stairs to her old room and closed the door.

Everything was still in the exact same place as she had left it. The same pictures were on the wall and when she opened the wardrobe the clothes that she had left behind were still there. She sat down on her bed – which was still as lumpy as she had remembered it. She lifted her cell phone out of her bag and switched it on.

The screen immediately flashed ‘One Voice Message’.

“Meredith, I meant what I said, I will be there as soon as I can, I love you,” Derek said down the answering machine.

Meredith deleted the message and quickly texted Cristina to let her know that she arrived safely in London. She put her phone down on the bedside table and lay down on the bed and prayed for sleep.
Meanwhile in Seattle, Derek had nearly broken the legal speed limit to get back to the house and book the next available flights to Boston and then on to London. He quickly telephoned Richard who cleared him to take some personal leave – the only problem was he had to be back three days after the funeral to cover for Nelson’s leave.

Both he and Mark spent the remainder of the evening on the phone between various airlines and on the internet to try and book flights. He was eventually booked on the 8:30am flight to Boston. He would arrive in at Logan International around 5pm where his father would collect Beth and he would then check in for the direct 8:45pm flight to London.

After suffering through the flight from hell their flight finally landed in Boston an hour late. Beth had been okay for the first part of the flight before they hit the turbulence and then the crying started for the remainder of the flight and to make matters worse Derek was convinced the flight was going to take off again at Logan instead of landing.

Derek’s nerves were already on edge by the time he finally found his father in the arrivals lounge. Beth was clinging to him as Michael put his arm around him in greeting.

“Derek, we have a problem,” Michael said as he nodded in the direction of the large television screen.

“Breaking news, all flights to the United Kingdom, Ireland and some parts of northern Europe have been cancelled due to a volcanic ash cloud...” said the news reader.

“Please tell me this is a joke,” Derek muttered.

After having a heated argument with the airline and a long journey to the Cape, Derek arrived at his family home.

Carolyn welcomed him with a hug and slap around the back to the head before taking Beth and got her settled for bed.

He walked into the kitchen and sat down at the island. He did not see Gavin until he felt the oven gloves hit him on the head.

“What the hell...” Derek stated.

“Be grateful it is me and not Sam... you would be wearing a frying pan right about now,” Gavin said.

“Still time for that,” Sam said as she walked into the room.

Derek turned and hugged his sister and gently placed his hand on her bump, “She is certainly active,” he laughed.

“Tell me about it,” Sam said “I still want to kick your ass for what you said to Meredith... I have been trying to call her but her phone either rings out or goes straight to the answering machine.”

“I know the feeling,” Derek said “When I saw her at the airport I told her I would be on the next flight is there any news how long this ash cloud is going to last?”

“Well the volcano is in Iceland – please do not ask me to pronounce it, is still erupting and the wind is blowing it over Europe, so your guess is as good as mine,” Gavin said as handed Derek a glass of scotch.

An hour later and they were all sitting at the dining room with laptops on searching various websites for ideas when Michael had brainwave.

“Spanish airspace is still open right...” he asked.

“Yes,” Sam answered “I think it’s about the only one that is.”

“Ring the airlines explain the situation and try to get a flight to Madrid, from there get the train to Paris,” Michael said as kept surfing the internet.

“How do I get from Paris to London,” Derek said anxious that he could still get there in time for the funeral in five days time.

After a few minutes Gavin answered “either by train via Eurostar to London St Pancras or get the train to Calais and sail over and then either train or bus to London,” Gavin explained.

Thirty minutes and two phone calls later Derek was booked on the 6pm flight from Boston to Madrid and they were currently printing off receipts for his train journeys to London. In summary he would be arriving in London the night before the funeral.
London: Four days later.

‘Tomorrow’ thought Meredith. Tomorrow all this would be over.

Her father would be buried and she could finally have some peace and quiet.

There would be no more people arriving at the house to pay their respects and leaving food. She had more hot dinners that she knew what to do with.

If one good thing had come out of this it was that she had never realised how popular her father had been. Some of the visitors were distant relatives; some were colleagues, neighbours and even some of his clients. Meredith now understood what Gavin had told her about when his when his parents had died – if one more person says the word sorry she would not be held responsible for her actions.

Earlier in the day she had heard that the volcanic ash cloud had been lifted and that flights had resumed. Half an hour ago she received a phone call from her mother to say that she had changed her mind and had just landed at Heathrow airport. Jack was now on his way to collect her and ready to give her a piece of his mind.

Now Meredith was sitting dreading the moment that Ellis walked in through the door and no doubt would see some fault in the funeral arrangements and call her a disappointment again.

After hearing the news about the flights resuming and when the phone rang Meredith had secretly hoped that it would have been Derek. Only a few days ago he had stood at Seattle airport and promised her that he would be next flight to London. At first she had not believed him but when she glanced back at him from the security gate she somehow believed that he would be here.

Although she was still mad with him and had no idea on the future of their relationship she could not help but wish that he were here.

She knew that because of the ash cloud that Derek would not be able to fly over for the funeral like he had promised; it just would have been nice if he had called her to let her know or even had sent a text or left a message.

She accepted that once again she would be facing this alone. Derek’s promise at the airport was just another broken promise to join the list of broken promises she had received during her life.

She was interrupted from her thoughts when the house telephone rang.


“Meredith, thank god... please do not hang up not after what I went through to get change and it has taken me three times to get the right number...” Derek rambled down the phone.

“Derek...” Meredith asked shocked.

“Yes... Meredith, for the love of everything holy... how do I get from St Pancras train station to your house?” Derek asked tired beyond belief.

“I have no idea,” Meredith stuttered in shock. “What is the telephone number of the payphone and I will call you back.” Meredith answered.

Ten minutes later and Meredith was now on her way to St Pancras Train Station to meet Derek at the restaurant inside the station. She could not believe that he was here. Yes she was still furious him. Yes his words still haunted what little sleep she had but he was here and surely him travelling all this way must mean something.

She arrived at the restaurant in the train station and saw him sitting at a table with his suitcase sitting beside him while he nursed a glass of scotch.

“You look worse than how I feel,” Meredith said as she sat down facing him.

“Meredith, thank you...” Derek practically sang as he grabbed and kissed her hand which Meredith quickly pulled away.

“I hate to tell you this but you smell,” Meredith stated.

“I know,” Derek said as he stared at her “You are a sight for sore eyes.”

“Ooh...and there was me thinking I was just the nanny...” Meredith answered dryly.


Meredith rolled her eyes “just because I am here does not mean that I have forgiven you. How did you even get here?”

“A flight from Boston to Madrid, missed the next train to Paris by two minutes, had to wait three hours to get another train which broke down in the middle of nowhere and had to wait for a replacement. What did not help was that it was busy and standing room only. When I finally arrived in Paris I missed another train and had to queue for another three hours to get tickets and then wait god knows how long for the Euro star to London,” Derek said as he a mouthful of scotch.

“That is quite a journey,” Meredith muttered.

“I was determined to be here Meredith, there is no way I am letting you go through tomorrow by yourself,” Derek stated.

“I have been alone all my life Derek, why should tomorrow be any different?” Meredith asked.

“You are not alone,” Derek said

“Yeah well it feels like it. The one time I needed you and you...” Meredith did not let herself finish the sentence as her voice started to break. “Do you want to get something to eat? You must be starving.”

Derek nodded his head and waved for a waitress to take his order.

As Derek ordered something to eat Meredith quickly telephoned Anna to let her know what was happening.

“Meredith can I use your phone please, my cell phone battery died on me two days ago and I have not been able to recharge it and I want to check on Beth,” Derek asked.

“Sure,” Meredith said. “Where is Beth anyway?”

“With my parents at the Cape,” Derek explained as he dialled home “Would you like to speak to them?”

Meredith shook her head no as Derek checked on Beth.

“She misses you,” Derek said.

“I miss her too,” Meredith whispered as she studied her glass of water.

The waiter arrived with Derek’s food and Meredith had never seen him devour a meal as quick.

“How long are staying in London?”

“I have to return the day after tomorrow,” Derek explained.

“It means a lot that you came,” Meredith said as she stared at her glass of water.

They sat and talked about the funeral and Meredith told Derek that Ellis had just touched down at the airport on one of the first flights to land in the UK since the ash cloud arrived. Derek muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like “bitch” but Meredith could not be certain.

Out of nowhere Meredith found herself asking the question she dreaded to ask.

“Why Derek, why did you say those things?”

Derek ran his hand through his already unruly hair.

“Truthfully I do not know. I was just so nervous about Addison and Beth was in the hospital and I just couldn’t think straight. I panicked when I heard that Beth was alone in her room and with Addison in the same building... I am so sorry...” Derek said.

“Do not say the S word or I swear I will stab you with the steak knife,” Meredith stated and at the look of horror on Derek’s face she mellowed “if I have one more person tell me how sorry they are I am going to go crazy.”

Derek laughed “I understand,” he said as he leaned forward “Okay. Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss and I hope you can forgive me.”

Meredith looked down at the table, “I don’t know Derek, I... don’t know what to do or what to think. At the moment I just want to get through tomorrow,” she said as she looked at him. He looked exhausted; he had literally travelled across the Atlantic and part of Europe to be here.

“And I will be right here,” Derek said as he took her hand again and noticed the dark circles under her eyes and just how pale and fragile she looked.

After a few minutes of silence Meredith asked “What did happen with Addison anyway?”

“She slapped me across the face for shouting at you,” Derek smiled “then she gave me copies of the divorce papers and the letter for Beth... and permission for you to adopt Beth.” The last part was whispered.

Meredith just nodded her head.

“The second you told me you wanted to have a baby Mer, my heart nearly stopped. I wanted that so badly and I wanted to marry you. Call me old fashioned but I wanted us to be married before we had a baby...” Derek explained.

“That’s why you suggested June,” Meredith said as everything started to fall into place.

“Yes, I never thought for one minute that Addison would want to see Beth and when we met at the conference... I wasn’t prepared to see her, she caught me unawares and I do what I normally do in that situation and reacted first... and I freaked out. I snapped at you because I knew it would be easy to apologise to you,” Derek looked down before continuing.

“I was so scared of her taking Beth away from us. I knew that Addison would not kidnap her but she would go through the courts and use every possible thing she could find out to get custody,” Derek said

“Namely my drug addict sister,” Meredith replied, “Who you invited to stay at our house...”

“I was trying to make a good impression with your parents that was why I let them stay at the Queen Anne house while we stayed at the new house. If I knew then what I know now,” Derek said as he shook his head.

“As for Addison, I just could not trust her and could not believe a single word that she said. I have no idea why I did not tell you. At first, after Sam’s visit, I had nothing solid to say she would arrive in Seattle and then after Boston, you were ill and I did not want to say or do anything that would have made you feel worse,” Derek took a mouthful of a scotch.

“All I wanted was for you to be my wife, to adopt Beth and for us to be a family and have more children together that is all I wanted Meredith .... and I blew it,” Derek stated.

“I was angry. Angry at Molly at what she had done, angry at Addison, angry at myself and I took it out on you... and I will never forgive myself for what I have put you through this past week,” Derek whispered.

Meredith knew that Derek was not lying to her. She knew by the distraught look in his eyes.

“You were right about Addison, and if it is any consolation people are barely speaking to me, I have received an earful from mom, an oven glove in the face from Gavin and a clip around the head from my baby sister all of whom desperately want to speak to you more than they do me. You are not a disappointment Meredith, you are extraordinary,” Derek said.

Meredith swallowed before answering “The nanny comment hurt Derek, it hurt because it is true. I was the nanny. Why do you think I was so hesitant about a relationship because somewhere deep down I knew this would happen. It was the same when Beth first called me mommy and you assured me that you were okay with it...”

“I am, Meredith... you are her mother,” Derek tried to explain.

“No I’m not; again the truth has a way of coming back and hurting you. I am not her mother, I did not give birth to her, but one day you treated me as if I was and the next she is yours...I...I can’t think Derek... I wish I could say we can sort this out but I can’t,” Meredith answered.

“Do you know what dad’s last words to me were?” Meredith said so quietly that Derek barely heard her.

“No,” Derek replied as he leaned his head slightly to one side.

“He was proud of me,” Meredith said as her voice wavered “Then he threw me to the ground. The first time someone in my family pays me a compliment and two minutes later...every time I close my eyes I see Owen telling me that dad has died, mom calling me a disappointment because I would not lie to the police... and the look on your face outside Beth’s room,” Meredith muttered. “I just need some time... you hurt me, when I really needed you and I just need some peace and quiet to think and get my head together.”

“I understand,” Derek replied as he looked at his glass.

Meredith waved to the waiter for the bill “It’s time we headed back to the house, mom and Jack will be arriving home soon.”

A few minutes later they were both walking out of the restaurant and headed back to the house to prepare for the day ahead.

As soon as Meredith opened the front door and brought Derek in she knew her mother was here. She could hear the argument between Ellis and Jack over the choice of hymns for the funeral service.

Derek saw how quickly Meredith had changed at the sound of her mother’s voice. She started to shake and her shoulders sagged as she took a deep breath before walking into the lounge.

“Hello mom,” Meredith said as she walked over to Ellis who could barely lift her arm to hug her daughter.

Derek could not believe how anyone could be so cold hearted and stared in shock. A look that was not missed by Jack.

Jack walked over to reach out to shake Derek’s hand. “I’m Jack Grey, Meredith’s uncle. You must be Derek. It is good to meet you,” Jack said warmly.

“You too,” Derek said as he shook his hand.

“I take it you are not a fan of Ellis either,” Jack muttered

Derek merely smiled his response.

Anna came out of the kitchen and made a fuss of Derek while Meredith took his suitcase upstairs and suddenly wondered where he was going to sleep.

Derek came up the stairs a few minutes later and saw Meredith standing at her bedroom door.

“Your aunt and uncle are very nice people,” Derek said and then covered his mouth as he yawned.

“Yeah, but trust me after 12 hours a day for the past week they start to get your nerves,” Meredith replied in a friendly tone.

“A bit like my parents then,” Derek laughed

“Yeah, um Derek,” Meredith muttered, “the only spare room is Molly’s bedroom... and I would not wish that on my worst enemy... you can sleep in my bed,” Meredith muttered as she walked into the bedroom.

“Thanks,” Derek said

“I can sleep on the floor,” Meredith said “or on the couch downstairs.”

“Meredith,” Derek said he rubbed his face, “you are not sleeping on the floor or on a couch.”

“I don’t mind you haven’t slept properly in three days... take the bed,” Meredith explained.

“Yeah well you look just as tired,” Derek said as he tried to reach out and hold her.

“I haven’t slept since Molly landed in Seattle. One more night won’t make difference,” Meredith stated.

“Meredith surely we can still sleep in the same bed?” Derek asked.

Meredith chewed on her lip for a few minutes before giving in “Okay you sleep on one side and I’ll be on the other.”

Five minutes later and Derek was fast asleep on his side of the bed while Meredith lay on her side wide awake and listening to the rain beating against her bedroom window.

By 4:30am Meredith gave up any hope of getting some sleep and she quietly tip-toed out of the bedroom. She paused at the bedroom door as Derek turned on his back and started to snore. If they were back in Seattle she would be teasing him about this in the morning as Derek claimed that he did not snore.

She walked into the kitchen and made herself some coffee. Thirty minutes later and the first round of brownies were in the oven.

By 7am Meredith had made brownies, cookies and muffins for the wake. She went upstairs and showered and washed her hair. When she came out of the bathroom she found Anna and Jack had arrived and were downstairs making breakfast.

Her bedroom door opened and Derek walked out rubbing his eyes “morning,” he smiled.

“How did you sleep?” Meredith asked even though she knew the answer.

“Great, thanks,” Derek said as he walked over to her. “You okay?”

“Yeah, the bathroom is yours,” Meredith said.

“Thanks, but what about your mom?” Derek asked the last thing he wanted was to irk Ellis Grey by using all the hot water.

“She has the en-suite bedroom,” Meredith said as she walked into her bedroom and closed the door.

Derek had never enjoyed a shower as much as this one and when he had finished he quickly walked downstairs to find Anna and Jack making breakfast.

“Good morning Derek, did you sleep well after your travels?” Jack asked.

“Yes,” both Derek and Meredith answered.

Derek arched his eyebrow at Meredith.

“You were snoring,” Meredith shrugged a small smile tipping up the corners of her mouth.

“I do not snore,” Derek replied as he lifted his cup of coffee.

Anna looked at Meredith “It could not be as bad as Jack’s snoring – it’s like a rhino on karaoke,” she said as Jack rolled his eyes, Ellis snorted in disgust and Derek choked on his coffee.

“I’m going to go and get ready,” Meredith said as she walked out of the kitchen. The English breakfast that Anna was cooking was making her feel nauseous.

“You have hardly touched your breakfast,” Anna said

“Sorry, I’m not hungry,” Meredith muttered.

Meredith closed her bedroom door, and leaned up against it, her head was pounding from the lack of sleep and she took a deep breath.

‘I can get through this, I can get through this, I can get through this.’

She walked over to her wardrobe and lifted out the black dress and matching jacket and started to get changed.

Twenty minutes later Derek found Meredith sitting at the bottom of the bed staring into space. She could faintly hear raised voices from downstairs.

“Your mother and uncle are fighting over the service again,” Derek said as he sat down beside her.

“It will be my fault, wait to you see,” Meredith replied as she looked at Derek. She smiled before continuing “Enjoy your breakfast?”

“Um yes, I think I will ask Sam to unclog my arteries when I return to Boston,” Derek answered.

“You okay?” Derek asked as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Can you... zip the back of my dress please?” Meredith asked as she stood up.

“Of course,” Derek said as he pulled the zipper up and gently went to kiss her shoulder only for Meredith to move quickly forward.

“I need to do something with my hair,” Meredith rambled “if I wear it down it will look messy and I don’t want to embarrass him and if I put it up it will be to fancy for a funeral and it will only give mom a chance to...” Meredith said.

Derek stood behind her his hands on her shoulders. “Meredith...”

“Don’t Derek... please...”

“Meredith wear your hair the way you want to wear it, your father will not mind, and if Ellis does not like it tough,” Derek said as he rubbed her back.

“Thanks,” Meredith said as she turned around “I’ll leave you to get ready.”

Meredith walked into the bathroom and pulled her hair up into a tight ponytail. She fixed her makeup and as she went to go down the stairs she realised she had left her jacket in her bedroom and opened the door to find Derek standing only in his boxers.

“Oh god... sorry...” Meredith mumbled as she turned around.

Derek could not understand why Meredith would be embarrassed by walking in on him getting changed.

“Meredith... its fine – it’s not the first time I have gotten dressed in front of you,” he smirked.

“Yeah, I know,” she muttered as she grabbed her belongings and headed towards the door “I’ll see you downstairs.”

As soon as the door closed Derek sat down on the bed and took a deep breath and closed his eyes before he finished getting ready. Derek was at a loss at what to say or do for the best.

The funeral procession arrived at exactly 11am and Ellis and Jack were still arguing over the service.

“For goodness sake Meredith why include that hymn when you knew he hated it,” Ellis snapped.

“Because it was his favourite,” Jack barked back “you are the one who hates it.”

“Meredith you really could have made a better selection,” Ellis replied.

“I didn’t pick the hymns mom, you would know that if you had bothered to help instead of refusing to come,” Meredith replied coldly as she got into the car.

Ellis could not answer her and Derek and Jack shared a look as they too followed Meredith into the car.

Derek sat beside her and squeezed her hand in support. Meredith briefly returned the gesture. It wasn’t much but it was something. Derek knew he had to support her and help her get through what would be a very long and painful day.
Okay, in this story anyway, if Meredith and Derek are to have any type of a future Derek had to be in London. In Meredith’s eyes actions will speak louder than words.

The next chapter will be the funeral...

As always comments are welcome... I crave them!



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Thank you to everyone who has commented and as usual I do not own the show...

In this chapter expect an offer, and a few more shocks...

The funeral went as well as a funeral could. Ellis sat through the whole service with barely the blink of an eye and no emotion on her face.

Meredith however was starting to crack, especially when Jack stood up and spoke on behalf of the family and shared stories of himself and Thatcher when they were children with the other mourners.

Meredith refused to break down in front of her mother and found herself holding and grasping Derek’s hand several times. He had been a rock through the whole time.

As soon as they had arrived at the church Derek had stood right behind Meredith when she shook hands with the mourners as they arrived. Some of the people she knew others were just strangers to her. She could just make out their comments “imagine your sister killing your father.” Derek rubbed her back and whispered in her ear “Ignore them.”

Meredith took a deep breath and thanked the next mourners for coming.

The service was over and they were now at the graveyard. Jack had requested immediate family only at the graveside and once again Meredith was glad that Derek was there. Again he was standing slightly behind her his hand resting on the nape of her neck.

Derek was full of admiration for Meredith. He had no idea how she had not cracked. If it was him and he was burying his father he would be a wreck right about now.

It was only when the coffin was being lowered into the ground that he could hear sobs and saw her head tilt upwards towards the sky. He immediately started to rub her back.

She could not watch as they lowered her father’s coffin into the ground. Neither could Jack who had now broken down along with Anna. Ellis was still showing no emotion on her face.

The burial was over and everyone started to make their way back to the cars.

Meredith stood where she was. She was not quite ready to move just yet.

Jack walked over to her and gave her a hug “We’ll wait for you in the car,” he said as he gave her hand a squeeze.

“Thanks,” Derek replied.

As Jack, Anna and Ellis walked away Derek whispered in her ear “Are you okay?”

Meredith nodded her head “I just need a few minutes... alone,” she pleaded.

“Okay,” Derek said “I’ll be sitting at the bench just over there,” Derek replied pointing at the wooden bench.

He watched as Meredith stood in the same spot not moving. When she turned round he could see the tears start to appear.

“Mer,” Derek said as he stood up and pulled her into his arms. Listening to her cry softly, he held her for a few minutes until she pulled away from his embrace and wiped her face.

He held for a few minutes before she pulled away from his embrace and wiped her face.

“Let’s get this over with,” Meredith smiled, “at least be grateful Jack will not be drinking, he has to read the will afterwards,” Meredith sniffed.

“That’s quick,” Derek said.

“Dad wanted his will to be read on the day of his funeral. Jack decided to have the wake first and build some Dutch courage for the amount of debt we are now in,” Meredith answered.

“Come on ‘The Dog and Bone’ awaits us,” Meredith replied.

“The what?” Derek said as he arched his eyebrows.

“The Dog and Bone, the pub where the wake will be held,” Meredith explained “Think the British version to Joes’.”

“What a name...” Derek smiled.

“That’s nothing compared to some I have heard...” Meredith said smiling. “I will warn you the place will be full of lawyers and nosy family members.”

“Understood,” Derek said as he took her hand and walked over to the waiting car.

The wake thankfully did not go as bad as Meredith had feared. Everyone had been polite and friendly towards her but she was convinced they were more interested in meeting Derek especially when she overheard one of her cousins stating “how did Meredith pull a hottie like him?”

They were both sitting at one of the tables when Jack signalled for Derek to join him at the bar by lifting an imaginary glass to his lips.

“What is your uncle doing?” Derek asked Meredith.

Meredith looked over and smiled “That is Jack’s signal to join him for a drink.”

“I thought he wasn’t drinking?” Derek asked.

“He’s not – he’s on the orange juice, but the scotch is for you,” Anna said as she sat down beside Meredith.

Derek stood up and walked over to the bar.

“Have a drink Derek you’re going to need it,” Jack stated.

“Thanks,” Derek replied “Can I ask why?”

“Yeah you have to be at the reading of the will too,” Jack said as he looked at him and then glanced over at Meredith.

“You love Meredith?” Jack asked

“I do,” Derek said as he looked at the older man.

“She said something about an argument when she first arrived here,” Jack responded.

“Yes... I said something stupid and hurtful that I didn’t mean and am trying to ...” Derek started to explain.

“That you are trying to apologise for. I get it Derek,” Jack said as he lifted his orange juice.

“I remember when Meredith first moved here when she was 16. She was jittery and scared and Molly treated her like a piece of shit, mind you so did Ellis,” Jack said as he rubbed his forehead, “I saw how they all treated her and I said to Thatcher one day – why do you treat Meredith so horribly and yet worship the ground that Molly walks on. I was told to keep my nose out... and I did. I regret that Derek.”

Derek nodded his head and took a sip of his scotch.

“When something happens, Meredith... she doesn’t know how to let someone in. She is just too used to having to cope by herself. She will beat herself up and agonise for ages on what to do for the best and then something will happen that will make her wake up and realise what she is doing...” Jack explained “What I’m trying to say is give her time Derek. I know you have to return home tomorrow but Anna and I will keep an eye on her.”

“I would appreciate that,” Derek said

“Try and make up for past mistakes,” Jack said as he patted Derek on the shoulder “but I swear to god you break her heart and I don’t care where you are...I will kill you,” Jack said as he slipped of the bar stool and walked over to Meredith.

Derek knew by the look on the man’s face, lawyer or not he meant every word.
The reading of Thatcher’s will took place back at the house. Meredith, Ellis, Derek and Jack were the only ones present.

Jack read out and went through the formalities and a lump formed in his throat when he started to read. The first thing he did was hand Derek a letter.

“Thatcher asked me to include this in his will when he returned from Seattle last year,” Jack said as he saw the confusion on Derek’s face “I have no idea what it says.”

Derek took the letter and shrugged his shoulders at Meredith who was sitting facing him. “Thank you, I will open it later,” Derek replied.

Ten minutes later and it was all over.

Thatcher had died with £10,000 saving in the bank to be split equally between Meredith, Ellis and Molly and a debt that equalled £30,000 both in the UK and the US. Then there were the funeral costs and transporting the body back to London.

Ellis stared at Meredith “How are we going to pay for Molly’s legal fees?”

“A t least the mortgage has been paid on this place,” Jack said.

“If we sell the house that should cover Molly’s legal fees mother,” Meredith relied coldly at her mother. “I have no idea how to pay back the debts.”

“That should be the least of your concerns Meredith, Molly will need help when she gets out,” Ellis snapped.

“Out? Mom the police have charged her with dangerous driving and manslaughter she is not going to be released,” Meredith snapped back.

“Why, for once can you not support your sister?” Ellis barked

“Probably because there were plenty of witnesses who saw the same thing as me. She knocked him down, she killed him. Deal with it mom,” Meredith said as she stood up and walked out of the lounge and out the front door.

“Excuse me,” Derek said as he stood up and followed Meredith out of the house.

“Meredith slow down,” Derek said as he jogged down the footpath to catch up with her.

Meredith stopped walking and turned to face him.

“I’m sorry, I just needed to get as far away from her as possible,” Meredith said.

“Don’t apologise. I needed out to,” Derek said as he gripped her shoulders.

“What does your letter say?” Meredith asked quietly.

“I haven’t opened it yet. I want you beside me when I do though;” Derek replied “Is there somewhere we can go?” Derek asked. He really did not want to go back into that house.

“Yeah, there’s a Starbucks around the corner,” Meredith smiled

“Our home away from home!” Derek laughed.

“True, but will the coffee be as good here as it is in Seattle...” Meredith said as they walked down the street.

Ten minutes later and Derek sat the tray down on the table and sat down.

“I only wanted a latte,” Meredith said looking at him.

“Well you now have a muffin as well. You have hardly eaten all day,” Derek said as he sat back in his chair.

“Fine,” Meredith muttered as she took a bit of the muffin.

“Eat it all and I open the letter,” Derek stated.



Meredith ate half of the muffin “Derek if I eat anymore I will be sick.”

“Okay,” Derek replied pleased that she had at least attempted to eat something, “let’s open this shall we.”

Derek opened the envelope and lifted out the letter; he looked over at Meredith and started to read.

“I am sure you are wondering why I have left a letter for you, but I wanted to ask you to do something for me that I could never ask you to do in person,” Derek read as he took hold of Meredith’s hand.

“If you have received this letter it is because I have passed away. I was so proud when Meredith told me she was dating a neurosurgeon, and after I met you I can say that I am happy that my youngest daughter has found someone who loves and adores her as much as she deserves. All I ask is that you continue to take care of her. Regards Thatcher,” Derek swallowed as he folded the letter and passed to Meredith for her to read.

As he watched her read the letter Derek looked down at his coffee and realised that he had already broken Thatcher’s request. He cast his mind back two weeks ago to the hateful way he had spoken to Meredith and that was why he was sitting in London at a loss as to what type of future they had.

“He cared...” Meredith said as she closed her eyes. “He cared so much he left me with the debts to pay.”

“Only because you are the only one he trusts to keep the family going,” Derek said and when he saw her face “His words, not mine. Trust me I am just as mad.”

“There is so much to do and I ... just can’t think...” Meredith said as she stirred some sugar into her latte.

“I am going to suggest something you will probably hate,” Derek said.

Meredith looked up at him, “no Derek I am not a charity case, she stated firmly.

“I never said you were, but Meredith where I come from we help each other out. If Sam was $30,000 dollars in debt I would be writing a cheque in a heartbeat. My mother would never speak to me again if I didn’t,” he squeezed her hand.

“Whether you like it or not you are a part of my family and if you cannot forgive me for what I said and did...” Derek looked away and took a deep breath “At least let me be assured that you are not in debt. Let me pay off the debts and the funeral costs as some way of making it up to you.”

“I’ll think about it, thank you...” Meredith said as she took a mouthful of her latte.

Derek nodded in response and was interrupted from his thoughts by his cell phone ringing. “Its mum,” he said “Do you want to speak to her?”

“No.” Meredith stated still choked up from her father’s letter. “I’ll speak to her in a few days,” she muttered.

Derek answered the phone and he chatted for a minutes. She then heard him talking to Beth who was singing a new song down the phone to him. It was in that moment that Meredith realised just how much she missed the little girl.

“Hang on,” Derek said as he reached his cell phone over to Meredith “Beth wants to sing her new song,” Derek said as Meredith took the phone.

“Hello Beth,” Meredith said down the phone as Beth started to squeal and sing.

Derek sat back and watched the scene unfold. It was the first true genuine smile he had seen on Meredith’s face and he prayed for all their sakes that he had not ruined things between them.

When they returned home Jack had just arrived with their dinner.

“I was just about to send a search party,” he laughed as he placed the carry out bag on the counter. “I know there is still the casserole that Mrs Hall from next door made, but I thought Derek might prefer a traditional English takeaway for dinner.”

“That was very thoughtful of you Jack,” Derek muttered he eyes cautiously looked at the wrapped food.

“Fish and chips all round,” Jack stated

“That’s battered cod and fries to you,” Meredith whispered in Derek’s ear as they sat down at the table.

“Where’s mom?” Meredith asked as she sat down.

“Trying to organise her flight back to Seattle, she will be down in a minute,” Anna answered.

“Great,” Meredith said as she tried to find the appetite for her dinner.

Once dinner was over Jack stood up and got ready to leave he walked over to Derek “if they start to fight do not intervene unless blood is involved,” Jack whispered.

“What makes you think there will be a fight?” Derek asked.

“Ellis is a cold hearted selfish bitch and Meredith hasn’t cried yet. Yes there have been a few small tears but she hasn’t properly cried yet,” Jack explained.

“I understand, I will...” Derek never got to finish his sentence as his cell phone started to ring.


Why would Owen be calling him? Derek thought, he was just about to hit the ignore bottom but something told him to answer it. “Excuse me,” he said to Jack as he walked into the hallway.

“Hello,” Derek answered

“Derek, I’m sorry to call – I’m not calling in the middle of the funeral am I?” Owen asked

“No, it’s long over,” Derek answered “What’s wrong?”

“Derek I hate to do this to you – especially now, but we had a trauma come in from the county jail,” Owen explained.

‘What has this got to do with me?’ Derek thought

“One of the prisoners slashed her wrists with a knife in the dining area and was rushed here... it was Molly,” Owen said the last part quietly.

Derek sat down on the bottom stair “How bad?”

“Derek I’m sorry she was pronounced dead on arrival. I called you...” Owen said quietly.

“Because I’m here. God what a mess... thanks Owen... I better go,” Derek said
“I’m sorry and good luck,” Owen replied

“Thanks, I think I am going to need it,” Derek said as he hung up.

He sat for a few seconds and ran his hands through his hair and took a deep breath. He stood up and walked into the lounge where everyone was now gathered.

Meredith was sitting on the sofa and Ellis in the chair in the corner. Jack and Anna were at the fireplace.

He walked in and when Meredith looked up at him she instantly knew that something was wrong. The room fell silent.

Derek sat down beside Meredith and took her hand.

“Everyone, I am so sorry, but that was Owen – a friend of ours and a trauma surgeon back in Seattle. The prison had rushed Molly to hospital, she slit her wrists....” Derek tried to explain.

“That’s impossible,” Ellis interrupted

“Please let me finish,” Derek stated angrily “I’m sorry but Molly was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.”

Derek could feel Meredith squeezing his hand and saw her bite her lip. Jack fell into the nearby chair while Ellis started screeching and called Derek a liar. Anna tried to console her but nothing would calm her down.

Ellis’ cell phone started to ring and when she lifted it she grinned “That is the prison you lying bastard.”

Derek ignored Ellis’ remark he was more worried about Meredith who had literally not moved a muscle.

“It’s true,” Ellis muttered as she dropped her phone and it fell to the floor. “My poor baby, my princess...” she sobbed to the point of hysteria.

“That cruel, selfish bitch would not even give us one day to remember Thatcher,” Jack fumed in the chair his eyes meeting Meredith’s.

Derek noticed the look but couldn’t react to it as Ellis launched herself at Jack.

Anna was screaming for her stop as Jack stood up and hit her across the face. Ellis stepped back in shock.

The silence was deafening.

“How dare you speak that way about my daughter,” Ellis stated “she was attacked.”

“No, she wasn’t,” Derek spoke up “From what Owen said she slit her own wrists in the dining area, in front of everyone.”

“Why does that not surprise me? Today of all days when everyone is paying respects to Thatcher and she goes and gets herself some attention,” Jack responded.

“Did you ever once stop and think Ellis why you were never invited to family events unless we really had too? Let me tell you, no-one wanted her there. They were all sick of her lies, and trying to seduce their husbands, Christ even sons. The reason so many people came today was because they loved Thatcher and Meredith and that Molly would not be here. It was finally safe to come into this house,” Jack said as he grabbed his jacket.

“Meredith I will make the necessary calls, Derek – good luck, Anna we’re leaving,” Jack said as he walked out the door before he did something he would later regret.

“Aren’t you going to say anything Meredith, your sister has just died,” Ellis said as she heard the front door slam.

“What is there to say mom? I remember when we lived in Boston that night Molly was high on drugs and managed to knock down her boyfriend. You bribed him to keep quiet and Molly got away with it. Molly does it again and kills dad and ... I’m with Jack on this,” Meredith let go of Derek’s hand and stood up.

Ellis started to cry and held out her hand “Meredith... I need you please...”

Meredith looked coldly at her mother “I’m sorry mom but you are 28 years too late,” and turned and walked up the stairs.

Ellis looked at Derek who also stood up “Sorry Ellis you only have yourself to blame. You do not deserve to have Meredith as a daughter,” Derek said as he reached the door “Meredith needs me,” as he followed Meredith up the stairs.

When Derek reached Meredith’s bedroom he gently closed the door. Meredith looked over her shoulder and saw him standing there.

“She could not give us one day to remember him... just when I finally thought she get justice for everything she has done she has to go and slash her wrists...but then again I am wrong,” Meredith yelled as she turned to face Derek who was still standing at the door.

Derek knew what was happening, Meredith has reached boiling point and was about to crack.

“I am the disappointment; I’m not mommy’s angel or her little princess... I am just the stupid bitch who gave up ten years of her life nursing her sick mother back to health and what do I get in return... to be a ‘disappointment’ when I won’t lie for the princess. I get told that I was a mistake,” Meredith screamed as she lifted her hand and swept in across her dressing table sending the items on to the floor.

“And when one of my parents finally give me a compliment – you know a well done Meredith I am so proud of you, little miss psycho princess knocks them down and kills them and then batters her eyelashes ‘who me I would never do something like that’,” Meredith continued as Derek walked over to her.

“Don’t touch me,” Meredith said as she turned around and faced him. “What are you going to say Derek, um let me guess, ‘everything’s going to be fine, I love you’, I’ll always be by your side’,” Meredith almost sang. “But then again I forgot I’m disappointment to you too! I finally get someone who I thought loved me but could not even tell me that he had been in contact with his wife! After all I’m just the nanny.”

“Meredith...” Derek reached for her but she pulled away her eyes like slits.

“Oh here we go, I will apologise and soft touch Meredith will fall for it,” Meredith said as she burst into tears.

Derek took this opportunity to pull Meredith into his arms and she was crying into his chest.

“I trusted you, I love you and I trusted you, I told you everything but you could not tell me about Addison, you made me need you and want you...” Meredith yelled as started to hit him on the chest.

Derek let her continue to hit him. Everything she said was true and he deserved it. He never realised until that moment how much Meredith loved him and how much his comments had hurt her.

“And all you did was snap at me. You wanted me to be a mother to Beth, you were pleased when she called me mommy and then all of a sudden she is ‘your daughter’,” Meredith continued to scream “I told you that I did not want Molly anywhere near Beth and you go and invite them to stay...” Meredith said continuing to hit him.

By now Meredith’s punches were weakening and the tears were streaming down her face.

Derek pulled her in closer and gently rubbed her back “let it out Meredith, let it out,” he whispered gently.

He sat down on the bed with Meredith sitting on his knee, her face still buried in his chest. His shirt was wet from her tears, and he was still rubbing her back with one hand and gently stroking her hair with the other. He softly kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry Meredith, I’m so sorry I was not there... just let it out... I’m right here...” Derek whispered. He could feel his own tears starting to form in the back of his eyes.

Derek had no idea how long he and Meredith sat there crying. He continued to whisper soothing words in her ear when he heard her bedroom door open softly. He looked up and saw Ellis standing there her eyes red from crying. She was bound to have heard Meredith shouting.

Derek simply nodded to her to let her know that he had everything under control.

She gave a small smile of thanks before gently closing the door behind her.

Meredith had not heard her mother at the door. She looked up at Derek before whispering “It hurts so much, Derek.”

“I know,” he whispered

“I never got to say a proper goodbye or thank him or anything,” she sniffed “I never got to say goodbye to Beth, the last time I saw her they were taking her to an exam room.”

“I’m sorry Meredith I should never had stopped you from seeing her. She misses you so much,” Derek said as he kissed her forehead.

“I just want this pain to go away, I keep hearing Owen telling me that dad has died and you shouting, I just want it all to go away... please Derek...” Meredith said as she started to cry.

Meredith pulled away from his embrace and looked as his face.

“Please Derek, take this pain away... please hold me and take this pain away...” Meredith begged.

Derek kissed her again on the forehead and found himself pulling her closer to him and he started to kiss her face and neck.

“Please Derek...” Meredith moaned.

Within a few minutes they were both lying on the bed when Derek pulled away and he ran his hand through his hair.

“Meredith, stop, I don’t want to take advantage...” Derek started to say.

“Derek don’t please. I can’t promise what I feel tomorrow, but I really need you tonight, please...” Meredith almost begged.

“I can’t Meredith, not tonight, not like this,” Derek replied.

“Please Derek...”

“Meredith, tonight I am going to hold you and comfort you,” Derek said as he sat up against the headboard and pulled Meredith close to his chest, “But that’s it,” Derek answered as he kissed her forehead while she continued to cry softly.

Several hours later and Meredith was sleeping softly with Derek spooning her. His arm was draped over her chest and he softy kissed her shoulder.

Derek knew that as soon as morning came he would be flying back to the States without her.
Okay a few things I think I need to explain...

- Meredith cracking – it had to happen some time...
- Derek offering to pay off the debts. He is being 100% genuine he wants to help and if Meredith cannot forgive him at least he knows he not walking away leaving her with a load of debt.
- Molly – I wanted justice for her too, but for her to serve time in jail it would mean being in Seattle and I really did not want to do that to Meredith and have her mother and sister always hovering over her shoulder.
- As for Molly she is an attention seeker and her death was accidental and not on purpose. I genuinely hope no one is offended or upset by this.

If you have read this please review... if you would like a teaser let me know!

Thank you for your continuing support!



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Before reading the next chapter I would just like to apologise to any readers who have taken offence in regards to Meredith lack of feelings for Beth over the last few chapters. I never intended for this to happen. Just because I have not written loads of paragraphs detailing how much they miss each other does not mean that Meredith has forgotten about her and does not love and care for her.

I have to give hugs and kisses to Em (Eastern Meridan) and Kamygrey for their help and support!

As usual I do not own the show...

Meredith was currently in the land between a deep sleep and being awake and could tell that it was already daylight. She could still feel Derek lying beside her, snoring lightly with arm across her chest. She smiled.

She began to wonder why Beth was not singing down the monitor to them. ‘That child is going to be a morning person just like her dad’ Meredith thought as she opened her eyes and blinked. Where was she?

This was not their bedroom in the new house, nor was it their room in the Queen Anne house. This was her bedroom in London – ‘What am I doing here?’ Meredith thought.

Then it hit her. Dad was dead, her argument with Derek, and now Molly...

She could hear Derek yelling at her:

“You should be on my side, my side Meredith after all that is what I hired you to do...”

“I hired you to look after and keep her safe. I told you to keep her away from Addison and you disobeyed me!” Derek roared.

“I’m just the nanny right?” Meredith replied.

Derek was silent but the look on his face spoke volumes.
Meredith quickly detached herself from Derek’s embrace and stood up, grateful that she had not woken him as she tip-toed out the door and headed for the bathroom.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and noticed her pale complexion and the dark circles under her eyes.

“Oh God,” she groaned as she remembered the events of the previous evening where she practically threw herself at Derek begging him to sleep with her, but he refused.

‘He did not want to take advantage’ she thought as she remembered how tightly he held her in her arms and calmed her down. She could remember feeling his tears landing on her shoulders.

‘He still loves me,’ she thought ‘that day at the hospital he was upset and wasn’t thinking straight... but that hadn’t been the first time he had snapped at me.’

Meredith’s head was swimming as nearly every promise Derek had ever made flashed through her head at that moment.

‘I want more kissing. More kissing I say. I want to spend every free moment I have with you.’

‘Meredith as far as I am concerned you are Beth’s mother. You love her more than what Addison ever did. Of course I don’t mind.’

‘Tonight you are going to have good memories.’

‘I’m not ready to share you just yet – well except with Beth’

‘Fine I was only trying to help.’

‘Sorry Meredith, but I really cannot stomach your pancakes this morning, but I do know how you can help – feed Beth so she stops the bloody opera routine. My head is sore enough as it is.’

‘You are far more important to me Meredith.’

‘I have my real family right here. That’s what is important.”

‘That’s right – we are. I love you.’

‘I am always going to be by your side Mer. Never forget that,’

‘Beth is my daughter and I say what we take and do not take to my parent’s house,’

‘She is my daughter, and I want her in her party dress,’

‘I’ll not think about that now...’
Meredith thought as she stepped into the shower – she had enough to think about at the moment.

As soon as the hot water hit her shoulders she closed her eyes and immediately saw Beth twirling around her bedroom on her birthday in her party dress. She missed her so much and truthfully Beth was the only person who was keeping her sane.

After a quick and refreshing shower she went downstairs to make some fresh coffee and met her mother in the kitchen.

“Mom,” Meredith said.

“Meredith,” Ellis said and put her cup on the table. “Are you returning to the States with me? I was thinking of holding Molly’s funeral in Boston, she was always happiest there.”

“I’m not going to the States with you, I need to stay here and carry out dad’s wishes... sort out the finances...” Meredith mumbled.

“You will not be coming to the funeral...” Ellis asked shocked.

“No,” Meredith answered.

“You are saying that out of spite because I refused to come to Thatcher’s funeral,” Ellis responded.

“No, I’m not mom. Why would I go to the funeral of someone who did nothing but make my life a misery?” Meredith replied.

“We will talk about this later,” Ellis stated.

“I think we have a lot to talk about later,” Meredith said as she grabbed the two cups of coffee and walked back up the stairs to her room.

She opened the door with her elbow and set Derek’s coffee on the bedside table and closed the door and sat down on the stool at her dressing table.

A few minutes later she heard Derek start to waken.

“I never thought I would see the day, Derek Shepherd fast asleep until 7:30am,” Meredith smirked.

“Must still be jet lag, travel lag, whatever,” Derek muttered as he sat up against the headboard and smiled at her.

Meredith smiled “There’s coffee there for you.”

“Thanks,” Derek said as he took a mouthful of coffee “How long have you been up?”

“Not long. That was about the best night’s sleep I have had in ages,” Meredith answered “and then I woke up. Mom’s in a mood because I won’t go to Molly’s funeral.”

“Can’t really say that I blame you, if I were there I would be tempted to spit in her grave,” Derek stated.

“Why do you think I don’t want to go,” Meredith smirked.

“Meredith last night...” Derek said.

“Derek don’t,” Meredith said interrupting him.

“No let me explain Meredith, please, I love you and as much as I wanted to make love you to last night I did not want to take advantage of you,” Derek said trying to find the right words.

“It’s okay... I understand... I was a blubbering wreck... I thought sex would me make me forget for a while,” Meredith whispered.

“You spoke from the heart Meredith,” Derek replied, “and it would not have been sex.” Derek continued.

“You have enough to deal with at the moment without me making things worse, but trust me when I say it was never sex between you and I, we made love,” Derek said as he stood up.

“I’m sorry for hitting you...” Meredith muttered as her brain tried to process what he had told her, maybe he did love her after all she thought...

“Don’t be I deserved it,” Derek answered.

“My head is still all over the place, I have to talk with mom and figure out where we go from here – and boy I am really looking forward to that discussion...” Meredith said.

Derek grimaced at the thought.

“What I’m trying to say is that I have no idea how long I am going to be here and I know we need to talk and sort things out... and... I miss Beth so much and... god you have no idea how much I appreciate that you came here and everything you went through to get here....” Meredith rambled.

“But now you just want some space,” Derek finished.

“Yeah... I have a lot to sort out here especially with mom returning to the States and I have no idea where to start.” Meredith stammered.

“I hate myself that you have to go through this alone,” Derek tried to explain.

“Maybe I want to be alone just for a few days... get some peace and quiet to try to process everything that has happened... give me a chance to work things out,”
Meredith explained as she looked at the floor.

Derek nodded his head “I understand Mer, I do... and I will be waiting. Just please don’t give up on us,” he pleaded. “You can call me anytime you want to talk.”

“It’s not that I want to give up on us Derek, I just don’t know if I can ever trust or live with you again” Meredith replied, “and yes I will call, I really want to speak to Beth... I miss her so much,” Meredith answered.

“Meredith you can call and speak to Beth anytime you want to you,” Derek said. “You don’t even have to ask.”

Meredith took a deep breath “about yesterday, you... offered to pay...”

“I will speak to Jack before I leave, I meant every word that I said, I do not want you here stuck with a mountain of debt,” Derek said as he moved to the edge of the bed.

“Thank you,” Meredith said as she stood up.

“You’re welcome,”

“I’ll leave you to get changed and packed,” Meredith said as she walked out of the bedroom and closed the door.
A couple of hours later and Derek had checked in for his flight to Boston.

He was sitting in a cafe in the departures lounge deep in thought. If it hadn’t been for that stupid ash cloud then he and Meredith would have had a proper chance to talk but they hadn’t. This morning was the first indication that Meredith had given him that regarding their future and he had horrible feeling that he would not like the outcome. He hated leaving her but he had to return and collect Beth before flying on to Seattle.

Saying goodbye had nearly killed him, Ellis thanked him for coming and Meredith gave a quick kiss and smile “for Beth,” before turning around and walking back into her house. Jack had offered to drive him to the airport and on route thanked Derek for helping with the costs.

Derek liked the man – for a lawyer he was honest and protective of his family and somehow he felt happier knowing that he was looking out for Meredith.

“She cracked last night, Meredith I mean,” Derek said as they got closer to Heathrow.

“Thank god,” Jack muttered “mind you I could crack again at Molly...”

“Meredith shares your opinion on that...” Derek responded.

“I don’t know what happened between you two and I don’t want to. Just give her time, she has to stay here for a couple of weeks and sort out all the paperwork and the house but if she still here after that then I will personally kick her rear end back to Seattle,” Jack said.

Derek smiled “That I would love to see.”

“She just needs to figure things out and she will forgive you,” Jack said.

“I hope you are right Jack,” Derek muttered.

Derek was broken from his thoughts by the PA system announcing that his flight was now boarding.
Meredith looked at the clock and realised that Derek’s flight would now be taking off. She was grateful that he had been here when she needed him but she was glad to get some peace. Somehow her breakdown last night and the good night’s sleep made her think more clearly but she needed to get something off her chest before she could even think of a future with Derek.

She walked into the lounge and sat down on the sofa, Ellis was on the telephone to her sister Susan in Maine.

When the conversation ended Meredith found herself uttering the question “mom, why do you hate me so much?”

Ellis looked shocked at Meredith’s question.

“What on earth do you mean Meredith?” Ellis said as she looked at her daughter.

“All my life you keep telling me that I was a disappointment, that I let down my family...I just want to know so I can move on,” Meredith whispered.

“It was easier to blame you...” Ellis whispered.

Meredith looked over at her mother and swore she saw tears in her eyes.

“I’m going to tell you something that we probably should have told you years ago... about Molly...” Ellis muttered.

“Go on,” Meredith stated as she sat back.

“When Molly was born, Thatcher and I were delighted. We had wanted a child for so wasn’t until she was walking that we started to notice her behaviour.
She would be constantly biting other children, hitting them as well. We put it down to the terrible twos,” Ellis said

“Her behaviour got out of control and we were constantly looking for new nannies and childminders. Each one called her the devil child. They said that when they looked into her eyes there was nothing there. Imagine how you would feel if someone said that about your child... about Beth. You would want to protect them,” Ellis explained as she looked at Meredith.

Meredith nodded her head in response.

Ellis continued “When I discovered I was pregnant with you... for a split second I was delighted and then I came home to find Molly running around behind the nanny with a plastic knife in her hand trying to stab her... and I panicked. I realised that we would never be able to cope with Molly and another baby. I never intended to tell Thatcher and it was only by accident that he found out. We talked and at the end of the day regardless of anything I could not do it. I could not go through with the abortion.”

“When you were born, god Meredith, you were perfect,” Ellis smiled over to her “you barely ever cried, you were happy and content, the complete opposite to Molly. Thatcher was besotted with you.”

Meredith found herself nearly in tears and wiped away a tear.

“You would only have been a few weeks old when you were lying in the bassinet. Molly was with me in the kitchen helping to make your bottle. I turned around a second later and Molly had disappeared and I heard a strange noise. Thatcher had just returned from work and walked into the room to find Molly trying to suffocate you with a cushion...” Ellis was now crying.

Meredith felt as if she were going to be sick...

“We took you to the hospital and you were fine. We made appointments with all sorts of specialists to find out what was wrong with Molly but they could find nothing wrong with her. We soon realised that Molly was fine when she was around me, so we made a deal I would look after Molly and Thatcher would look after you... that was until Molly realised that she now wanted her father’s constant attention,” Ellis stated

“Why did you not tell someone, get some sort of help?” Meredith asked

“We were too scared in case they separated us. What we did worked, well most of the time. You were the complete opposite of Molly and always happy to sit and play in the corner. You never complained you never kicked up a fuss...”

“Well maybe I did! Maybe I did want to play with my mother, did you never stop and think that I wanted an extravagant birthday party like Molly’s and have horse riding lessons. Do you really think I did not want that? Meredith cried.

“And I wanted to do that with you too...” Ellis cried “but Molly would never give us the chance it was easier to give in to Molly, if not she would start to threaten to hurt you or someone else... we did what we did for a reason...” Ellis whispered

“I am so sorry Meredith... for everything,” Ellis said as she stood up.

“I can understand where you are coming from, but mom you could have told me – I mean I would have understood but keeping me in the dark, did you not trust me?” Meredith asked.

“Thatcher kept begging me to tell you the truth, but I couldn’t and I have no explanation for that. Through time it was easier to blame you for everything that went wrong than blame Molly... simply because you took it and never fought back... not like Molly,” Ellis said.

“When you told Molly off, she would throw an even bigger tantrum and threatened violence whereas I didn’t I just took what I was given...” Meredith said realisation suddenly hitting her.

“Yes,” Ellis said giving her a strange look.

“When she knocked over her own boyfriend I heard that you bribed him into keeping quiet, I decided to stand up to Molly and told her I knew the truth and that I would go to the police. She stared at me and said that no-one would believe me and that I would pay,” Meredith said as recalled the conversation.

“She made me pay mom, she paid Todd Barrowman to attack me at Emma’s birthday party... remember it, do you remember having to come to the hospital to come and collect me and you stood and told the police that I was lying. Molly was smirking “Told you so” in the background, you practically dragged me from that hospital bed and never gave me a chance to explain,” Meredith said as she choked back more tears.

“Do you know that Todd did the same thing to another girl and is in jail?” Meredith asked.

Ellis paled and sat down “No... Did he...”

“Did he rape me?” Meredith asked her mother; Ellis nodded her head in response

“I have no idea, all I can remember was Todd saying ‘your sister said you would be easy for it’ and feeling pain. The next thing I knew I was in hospital bed. I don’t think he did...” Meredith whispered.

“Derek was the first man I could ever trust after that...” Meredith said “I’m sorry mom but I cannot mourn her, I cannot grieve for her, truthfully I am glad that I never have to see her again.”

“I understand Meredith, I do...” Ellis said as she smiled at Meredith, “Derek is a lovely man; Beth is beautiful and I am truly pleased that you found him Meredith. Whatever he said that day at the hospital he said in panic and haste. Trust me I know what I am talking about here.”

Meredith looked at her mother. “He called me the nanny. He all but fired me in the middle of the hospital...”

“Ever since his missing wife showed up he has been in nerves in case she wanted custody of Beth and he kept snapping at me and telling me that Beth was his daughter,” Meredith explained “All of which I know is the truth... he just me made me feel so much more.”

“Custody battles can bring out the worst in people. I have seen it many times Meredith, the desperation to keep a child and the dirty tricks both parties carry out on each other. We all say things we don’t mean to the people we love. Yesterday at the cemetery I remembered every vile comment I made to Thatcher, how he ever forgave me and continued to live with me I will never know,” Ellis explained.

“Men like Derek are rare; don’t throw away the best thing to have ever happened to you. You are not the disappointment Meredith, I am. I am so proud of the person you have become,” Ellis said crying.

They both hugged and cried together for close to an hour before Meredith stood up “What do we do now... I mean what do we do with the house, their belongings?”

“I imagine you will be returning to Seattle regardless of what happens with Derek,” Ellis said.

“Yeah,” Meredith smiled “I can’t leave Beth.”

“I am going to go and live with your aunt Susan in Maine, her husband died years ago and she is running the antique shop by herself. She has constantly been asking me to visit and when I called her earlier she asked me to come and stay... a fresh start,” Ellis said.

“That’s good mom,” Meredith whispered.

“As for this house, sell it, rent it, burn it I don’t really care,” Ellis replied.

“There’s nothing you want, photos...” Meredith asked.

“The only photographs I want are the photos of you and Molly as babies and our wedding photos, but Thatcher lost them in the move from Boston. Anything I want I can bring with me tomorrow. My flight leaves at 11am tomorrow morning,” Ellis explained.

“Jack will be here to help if you need it. You can finally have some peace and quiet to think,” Ellis said as she took Meredith’s hand.

“Yeah,” Meredith said as she now realised that it was decision time and she prayed that she would make the right decisions.

Derek’s flight landed in Boston on time and he was met in the arrivals area by his father.

“You look exhausted,” Michael said.

“I am, where’s Beth?” Derek asked.

“At home with your mother. Gavin is trying to teach her how to bake, we’re trying to tire her out so she will sleep for tonight on the flight back to Seattle,” Michael explained.

“Thanks,” Derek smiled.

“Where is Meredith?”

“In London. Her father asked her to take care of their finances in the will so she needs to sort that out,” Derek explained as they walked out the door and headed for Michael’s car.

As Derek sat down in the passenger seat he looked to his father and whispered “I think I’ve lost her dad,” and started to cry.

They sat there for a further thirty minutes before Michael started the car and started the journey to the Cape.

The second they pulled up in front of the house Carolyn had the front door opened and Beth came running out.


“Hey princess, I have missed you,” Derek said as he lifted her up into his arms and gave her a big kiss.

“Mommy?” Beth said asked.

“Mommy is in London she needs to take care of her mommy remember,” Derek said as kissed her forehead and looked as his mother.

“I want to see mommy,” Beth cried as Derek’s heart broke.

“I know but we can speak to her real soon, promise,” Derek said as they walked in the house.

Gavin managed to distract Beth with more “baking” as Carolyn, Michael and Sam all gathered all round the kitchen table.

“How is she Derek, really?” Carolyn asked

“I don’t know. She’s not sleeping, not eating, she has definitely lost weight. One minute she is fine the next she is so distant,” Derek explained.

Gavin walked over and set some brownies on the table.

“I remember when my parents died I just wanted some peace and quiet. Someone would come over and pay their respects and we would remember something and laugh and you would feel okay, then you feel guilty for being happy for a split second. She just needs some time Derek,” Gavin said.

“Maybe you could talk to her...” Derek said to Gavin.

“I would if she would answer her bloody cell phone,” Gavin said as he led Beth into the lounge to watch cartoons with Noah.

“Tell me about it,” Carolyn said, “what must the poor girl be going through losing her father and sister.”

“I don’t really think she is grieving her sister mom, she is mourning her father and my actions at the time haven’t exactly helped,” Derek said.

“Why did you not tell her about Addison when she first appeared?” Sam asked.

“I didn’t want to worry her; instead I snapped at her and treated her like...” Derek stated

“The nanny?” Sam finished for him.

“Yeah,” Derek replied.

A few hours later and Derek was back at the airport with Beth checking in for the flight to Boston. They had just gone through security when Derek decided to text Meredith to let her know that they were on their way back to Seattle.

Within minutes his cell phone rang and he was overjoyed when the screen said Meredith.

He let her speak to Beth for a few minutes before asking how she was.

“Tired,” Meredith said.

He looked at his watch it would be 11pm in London.

“How did you get on with Ellis?” Derek asked gently.

“Well it was open and honest and it certainly explained a few things,” Meredith stated “Mom is flying to Seattle tomorrow to get Molly’s body and fly her back to Boston for burial while I stay here and sort out what to do with this house and all their stuff.”

“I wish I could be there with you,” Derek said and was met with silence “Meredith?”

“I’m going to go and get some sleep. Text me when you arrive in Seattle?” Meredith stated.

“Of course. I love you, we both love you,” Derek said.

“I know, good night,” Meredith said as she hung up.

It was a long flight to Seattle and thankfully Beth slept for part of it. Mark was waiting for them at the airport and Derek really did not feel like going through everything again.

“Which house?” Mark asked.

“Queen Anne, I can’t go to the other house, not without Meredith,” Derek whispered.

“Okay,” Mark said as he pulled out of the driveway. “I’ll warn you now; Yang is still out to castrate you.”

“Wonderful,” Derek said as he pinched his nose.

Beth was sleeping by the time Mark pulled up outside. Derek lifted her and carried her straight to bed while Mark carried in their luggage.

Derek came down the stairs and started to sort through the post and noticed a letter from his lawyers. He opened it and stared at the letter.

“What is it?” Mark asked worried by the look on Derek’s face.

“The divorce has been finalised – I am now single again. Addison has also granted permission for Meredith to adopt Beth. She was telling the truth after all,” Derek said as he sat down on the sofa and buried his head in his hands.
Across the Atlantic in London Meredith had given up trying to sleep, that and the fact the sun was almost beginning to rise when Derek sent his promised text message.

Part of her wished he were with her to comfort her and remind her of the person that she fell in love with. The other part of her could still see and hear him yelling at her. She just lay there and stared at the ceiling.
Its decision time for Meredith while Derek starts to the feel the effects of his actions/big mouth.

If you have read please comment and as usual if you would like a teaser please let me know!



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First of all I do not own the show....

Secondly thank to you everyone who has taken the time to comment they mean a lot and i appreciate each and every one.

Now for the story... it has been about three weeks since the funeral and Meredith is still in London trying to sort out her father’s finances and she is missing Beth like crazy... She is still confused over her feelings with Derek and does not know what to do for the best...

On the morning that Ellis flew back to Seattle to prepare for Molly’s funeral Meredith had made a list of things she had to do.

- Meet with bank manager about her father’s debts
- Funeral expenses
- What to do about the house
- Sort out Molly and Thatcher’s belongings
- Send some things to her mother in Maine
- And the hardest one – think about Derek and if they had a future

The meeting with the bank went well and all their debts had been cleared by Derek’s generous gift, which Meredith still had reservations about.

When she got home she sat down on the sofa to think about what to do with the house. Ellis made it clear that the decision was Meredith’s to make. She lay back and closed her eyes and let her thoughts take over, all of which revolved around Derek and whether she could ever forgive him for what he had said and done.

She could keep the house and live here in London and start all over again... a fresh start away from everything... but no, she hated this house... ‘I could sell it and move somewhere else...’ Meredith thought.

‘What about Beth...’ as angry and confused as she was about Derek, Meredith missed the little girl more than what she thought was possible and even if she never forgave Derek she would want to be close to Beth.

‘So I sell the house and split the money with mom and move back to Seattle. I can use the money from the house to start again in Seattle...’ Meredith continued.

Meredith closed her eyes and kept picturing the happy and good times with Derek and she smiled. She yearned for those moments... and then she could hear his cruel words...’but think of distance he travelled to be here...’ she thought again.

Meredith spent the best part of the next two days lying on the sofa thinking about Derek, her father and her childhood. Her head hurt from thinking so much.

By the third day Jack came round and insisted she clean herself up as they had a meeting with the bank manager. Meredith was even more confused by the end of the day. Jack had discovered that Thatcher had another bank account with £5,000 pounds in it. The bank manager explained that Thatcher had opened the account just after Meredith had moved back to Boston and wanted to have some money saved in case of an emergency or if anything had happened to her.

The only thought now in Meredith’s head was that if that was the purpose of the bank account then why did he not fly over after she was shot? Even Jack could not answer this.

Meredith spent the next few days going through everyone’s belongings. Ellis had requested a few items to be sent over to her in Maine and Meredith did that first.

After that she put all of Molly’s clothes into bin bags and left them out with the rest of the household garbage.

When she finally started to go through Thatcher’s things she spent more time reminiscing at the old books and other bits and pieces than actually clearing out.
Meredith was still not sleeping or eating properly. Anna was leaving dinners with her nearly every night but Meredith would only take a few mouthfuls before feeling sick.

By now Jack was worried about her and to Meredith’s surprise had booked her on a flight to Dublin and ordered her to spend some time at his holiday cottage just outside the city.

Meredith at first refused to go but then thought that a change of scenery might be a good idea and stayed there for a few days before returning to London vowing to get the house and her life sorted.
Derek pov

For Derek the past three weeks had been a constant nightmare.

Leaving Meredith in London was the hardest thing he had ever had to do and he had a horrible feeling in his stomach that she would never forgive him or return to Seattle.

Beth had been a holy terror and was testing everyone’s patience with her constant tantrums and her constant crying for mommy. It made his heart break that his little girl was crying for Meredith and that he had been the one to drive her away.

Since returning Derek had not set foot into their new house in the woods. He couldn’t bear to be in the house without Meredith and so he and Beth stayed in the other house. Although to be fair they were both spending most of their time at the hospital. Derek kept himself busy with back to back surgeries while Beth spent many nights at the crèche.

Derek wanted to speak to Meredith badly but they both kept missing each other and when she did call it was only to speak with Beth. It got to the point where he called Anna and Jack on a daily basis to make sure that Meredith was okay.

The more time passed the more depressed Derek was. In three weeks they should be going to St Lucia, Derek thought as he covered his face with his hands and could feel the beginnings of a beard. They were supposed to have seven perfect days there and start trying for a baby.
Meredith pov

The trip to Dublin had been just what Meredith needed. The weather had been great and she spent most of her time walking along the beach and through the quiet town. Many evenings she sat on one of the rocks and thought to the many nights that she Derek had sat on the rocks at his parents’ house.

Being in Ireland gave her a chance to think without anyone nagging at her. Deep down she still loved Derek. She still wanted to be with him. Sitting on the beach she kept imagining what it would be like if he and Beth were here with her.

Meredith did not question her love for Derek. She knew deep down that she would forgive him in time. Her only doubt was if Derek truly loved her and Meredith was scared of what that answer would be.

When Meredith returned she was amazed at the amount of missed calls and voice messages she had received from Derek, Cristina, Adele, Mark, Sam, Gavin and Carolyn. She knew that they were all worried about her and aside from being in a poor reception area in Ireland she was not really in the mood to talk to anyone.

She had spoken to Derek and Beth the night he flew back to Seattle and a few times since then. Mainly when she called she spoke to Beth whose constant singing was the only thing to lift her spirits.

Two days after her return, Jack had called round to the house to help sort through Thatcher’s belongings and packed up the books and other bits and pieces he had wanted to keep. While he was there doing that Anna took Meredith out for some lunch in Covent Garden and while they waited for their food Anna decided to broach the subject of Derek.

“Is that Beth?” Anna asked as she saw the small photo of the little girl in Meredith’s purse.

“Yes, it was taken at Christmas at Derek’s parent’s house,” Meredith explained.

“What happened Meredith?” Anna asked quietly.

Meredith explained the whole situation with Addison, and then her parents and Molly and what Derek had called her. Anna sat back and folded her arms.

“Sometimes we all say something in the heat of the moment and instantly regret it and never forgive ourselves for it,” Anna answered.

“He called me the nanny in front of everyone, his colleagues and our friends,” Meredith replied. “I’m scared in case I forgive him and he does it again...” Meredith whispered.

“I once called Jack a cold blooded murderer, banned him from seeing the children and accused him of causing me to miscarry,” Anna said quietly.

“What?” Meredith managed to say, the shock evident on her face. Jack and Anna were one of the strongest couples she knew.

“It was years ago, long before you moved to London,” Anna said as she drank some of her water. “Jack was in the middle of a case and he was defending someone who was up on a murder charge. The man was guilty but Jack had pleaded insanity. I found out and hit the roof and I called him some unforgivable things basically for doing his job. I have no idea how he ever forgave me,” Anna continued. “I cannot tell you what to do Meredith, but no matter how much a couple are in love one always hurts the other at some point, that’s why the expression ‘good times and bad’ was invented.”

Meredith had to smile at what Anna was saying.

“Anyway he is a man and it must be genetically engineered for them all to go through a jerk phase,” Anna stated as their lunch arrived.

“I... just want to know if he really loved me. When I got shot, he was wonderful and I truly believed he loved me, now I don’t know,” Meredith tried to explain.

“Meredith, the first time I saw Derek I could tell he loved you, I mean not many men would undertake a journey like he did to get here for the funeral, and if he doesn’t love you then why is he calling Jack and I every morning to see if you are okay?” Anna asked.

“He’s what?” Meredith replied shocked at what Anna had just said.

“Every morning around 8am our time, midnight in Seattle, without fail. I know I do not know him very well, but he sounds terrible on the phone,” Anna answered carefully.

“Oh God,” Meredith muttered, her lunch forgotten.

“What you need to do is think and remember. Remember what your life was like before Derek, with Derek and what it could be like in the future both with and without him in your life. That is the only advice I can give you,” Anna said “now eat up, we still have to go shopping before meeting up with Jack at the hardware store.”

It wasn’t until they reached the hardware store that Meredith realised she had left her cell phone back at the house and upon their return to the house Meredith could hear her phone ringing but by the time she got to the table it had stopped.

“Typical,” Jack said as he walked in behind her carrying empty cardboard boxes while Anna followed with the shopping bags.

The phone started to ring again and Meredith answered it without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello,” Meredith said.

“At long last, Meredith... how are you?”

“Carolyn?” Meredith asked as she raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I have been trying to call you for weeks with no joy so today I was determined to speak with you so I have been calling non-stop. I have been so worried about you,” Carolyn scolded down the phone.

Meredith saw that Jack and Anna were about to leave, “Carolyn can you hold for a minute please?”

“Of course,” Carolyn smiled down the phone.

“Meredith I’ve left the shopping on the counter – call me if you need any help with the boxes,” Jack whispered.

“Dinner is on the counter – and I want you to eat every last bit of it!” Anna ordered.

“I will,” Meredith laughed as she lifted her phone and took a deep breath at what was about to happen.

“Sorry about that my aunt and uncle were just leaving dinner for me,” Meredith explained.

“I’m glad someone is helping you, as for that son of mine...” Carolyn took a deep breath “Meredith, Michael and I are so sorry about your father and sister. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it,” Meredith smiled “At the moment I’m trying to sort through everything at the house and seem to be getting nowhere. I want to keep everything even though I have no use for it.”

“I was the same when my father died,” Carolyn said softly.

They talked for ages before Carolyn apologised to Meredith for Derek’s behaviour and tried to assure of her of Derek’s love for her.

“Sam is desperate to talk to you... she has only five weeks to go...” Carolyn said.

Meredith had somehow managed to forget that Derek’s baby sister was due to give birth so soon.

“Of course!” Meredith said trying to hide the fact she had forgot.

“She has a DVD of her latest scan and wants you to see it. She has really missed talking to you.”

“I know me too,” Meredith said quietly.

“She will be so pleased when I tell her that I spoke to you, in fact she will probably call you straight away,” Carolyn laughed.

“Well give me at least five minutes to make a cup of coffee,” Meredith laughed too.

“Okay, Meredith you can call me anytime you need to talk I don’t care what time of the day it is.”

“Thanks Carolyn.”

“I mean it, and I also mean it when I say how sorry Derek is, he really does love you,” Carolyn said as they said their goodbyes and hung up.

Five minutes later and Meredith had just finished making her coffee when her cell phone rang again – Sam.

“I knew it!” she laughed as she picked up cell phone and heard Sam shrieking down the phone at her.

After the first few minutes of “I’m sorry,” and “how are you?” they both chatting away like nothing had happened.

“Are you near a computer?” Sam asked.

“Yeah; why?” Meredith answered.

“You have to see the pictures of the scan and the DVD,” Sam stated.

“Hang on its takes few minutes for this computer to switch on and co-operate” Meredith said as she walked over and turned it on.

After a few minutes she was still waiting and when it did come on there was no internet connection.

“I see what you mean about the computer,” Sam said laughing down the phone.

“Tell me about it. It is now saying no internet connection when I know for a fact there is...” Meredith growled through gritted teeth. “Sam can I call you back, I’m going to have to go under the table and sort out the wires.”

“No! I’m not waiting another month to talk to you! I’ll hold,” Sam said laughing.

Meredith rolled her eyes “Hang on then,” she said as she crawled under the desk.

She finally sorted out the wires and noticed a plastic folder wedged down the back of the desk. Meredith lifted it and climbed out from under the table.

“What on earth is this?” Meredith muttered out loud.

“What is what?” Sam stated yelling down the phone at her.

Meredith picked up phone “I just found something down the back of the desk.”

“Forget it until you see the scan photos,” Sam responded.

Meredith signed on to her emails and ignored the amount of “Rotas HELP!” emails from Adele and opened the email that Sam had just sent her. Meredith could feel the tears forming at the pictures and video.

“Oh my god she is sucking her thumb!”

“Thank you! I knew you would see it. Gavin did not see, neither did Derek or dad. In fact only you, me, mum and Nancy can see her sucking her thumb,” Sam yelled.

“Are they blind?” Meredith asked laughing.

“No, they’re men!” Sam replied.

As much as Meredith loved looking at the scan photos her mind keep drifting back to the plastic folder she had just discovered. She opened it and saw a letter from one of the largest banks in Boston.

“What the...”

“Meredith what’s wrong?” Sam asked.

“The folder I found has letters from a bank in Boston, all addressed to my dad,” Meredith explained.

“He must have forgotten to close it when he moved back to London,” Sam suggested.

“It’s strange there was no mention of this in his will, mind you there was no mention of his second bank account either. I feel as if I am learning more about him in death than what I did when he was alive,” Meredith said.

“Listen call Peter, you are going to need a lawyer to help with the paperwork and he has dealt with them before,” Sam responded.

“I think I have his cell number...”

“He changed it – Clara flushed his phone down the toilet during one of her tantrums. He had fun explaining that to his boss,” Sam laughed. “I don’t have it but I think Derek might or better still call Jen. She would love to hear from you too.”

“I’ll call Derek later when he is out of surgery,” Meredith answered only to be deafened by Sam yelling in the background.

“Gavin! Quick you will never guess who I am speaking too... “

“Who?” Meredith heard Gavin ask at the other end of the phone.

“Meredith... and she saw your daughter suck her thumb...”

Meredith could hear the phone being passed to another person and then heard Gavin’s voice

“I am prepared to bribe you with cinnamon muffins, chocolate brownies, hell even a French vanilla cake if you get your ass on the next flight to Seattle and either scream, yell or even kill Derek as long as you two sort things out,” Gavin practically yelled down the phone.


“Do not Gavin me Meredith Grey, I have been where you are and gotten the t-shirt to prove it. Talk...” Gavin said as he sat down beside his wife.

An hour later and Meredith was finally off the phone and immediately reached for a tissue. As much as she hated to admit it but speaking with Gavin and been a huge help.

Her only problem now was this new bank account and decided that she may as well bite the bullet and call Peter and get started and that meant calling Derek to get the new number. She was convinced that Sam had his new number and this was a ploy to get her to talk to Derek who, judging by his family seemed to be desperate to talk to her.

She dialled his cell phone and it went straight to answer phone and she left a message.

“He must be in surgery,” she said out loud and then decided to call Cristina who should be at lunch right about now.

Cristina answered the phone “Meredith, where the hell are you? Derek is going out of his mind and has been following me everywhere to find out if I have heard from you.”

Meredith told Cristina about the events of the last few weeks.

“Yeah well secret bank accounts and your family really don’t surprise me,” Cristina said as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“I’m just confused – he always used to say that he was broke and had no money and now this...” Meredith tried to explain.

“As I said nothing surprises me,” Cristina stated “Listen Mer, about Derek...”

“Cristina don’t please, I have just had his mother, and sister and brother-in-law tell me how depressed he is...” Meredith started to explain.

“Well I hate to agree with them, but he is Mer,” Cristina said “I was there remember, I saw him that day and heard what he said to you, and yes I still want to castrate him, but Meredith he is a mess. He hasn’t shaved in days; he’s grumpy and refuses to go home. Beth is a holy terror and throwing temper tantrums all over the place. They both miss you. I miss you...”

‘Oh god’ Meredith thought as Cristina words hit home. He must be genuine for Cristina to say something...

“At least come back and talk to him... and he has just walked into the canteen and is heading straight towards me,” Cristina said quickly.

Meredith took a breath before answering her “Do you mind... if I speak to him...or just tell him to call....” she did not get to finish her sentence as she heard Cristina and Derek talking.

“Dr Yang have you seen Dr Karev?” Derek asked her.

“No, Dr Shepherd,” Cristina said as she handed him his cell phone “It’s Meredith she wants to speak to you.”

Derek grabbed the phone and spoke quickly “Meredith! Where are you? How are you?” he said as he sat down at the other table.

“I’m fine Derek, tired but fine I tried calling your cell phone but there was no answer,” Meredith explained.

Derek checked his phone and cursed quietly “The battery has died,” Derek explained.

Meredith found herself repeating everything again and she could tell by Derek’s voice that was far from being okay.

“It’s a really long story but in the past two hours I have spoken to your mom, Sam , Gavin, and just found that my father has a secret bank account in Boston. Sam suggested calling Peter for help and said something about a new number which you apparently have,” Meredith asked

“Yeah Clara threw it down the toilet and I thought Beth’s tantrums were bad,” Derek replied.

“How is Beth?” Meredith asked.

“A menace,” Derek answered truthfully “she misses you. I miss you.”

“I miss her too,” Meredith whispered.


“Derek now is not the time or place to talk. If you could text or email me Peter’s number I would really appreciate it and I promise I will call you later at home,” Meredith answered.

“Okay,” Derek said as he rubbed his face in defeat “okay I’ll text you when we get home and you can speak to Beth.”

“Sounds good,” Meredith replied as they said their goodbyes.

Ten minutes later and Derek had just emailed her Peter’s contact details.

Meredith quickly called Jack to let him know of her latest discovery and he advised her to call Peter as soon as possible and to come round to his office the following morning for him to look at the contents of the folder.

Meredith dialled the number and took a deep breath. The last time she had spoken to Peter was at Christmas. The phone was answered on the third ring “Peter West speaking”

“Um hi Peter, its Meredith... Meredith Grey, Derek’s...”

“Meredith, my god, are you okay? I was sorry to hear about your father. Everyone has been so worried about you, Derek is frantic and as for Carolyn...” Peter stated.

Meredith answered all his questions and explained why she was calling.

“It’s not a problem Meredith, just fax and email everything over to me and I’ll see what I can do,” Peter advised.

“Thanks Peter,” Meredith replied.

“That is what families are for... and you are not going to believe this but I have just got an email from Jen telling me that you are alive and that Carolyn has just spoken to you,” Peter laughed.

Meredith could definitely believe it, this was the Shepherd’s after all.

Meredith managed to eat some of the dinner that Anna had prepared for her and finished packing more boxes. Derek texted her when he got home from work and even though it was the middle of the night in London Meredith was still awake and called him back. The phone was answered by Beth screaming “mommy” down the phone at her.

By the time Meredith finished talking with Beth she was almost in tears. Talking to Derek had been easier than what she had thought. She told him all about her brief visit to Ireland and the new discovery regarding her father. Derek decided to bring up the subject of their holiday to St Lucia which was now only three weeks away.

“I don’t know Derek. There is still a lot I need to sort out here, documents to sign and a house to sell...” Meredith had rambled.

Derek took this as a sign that Meredith not only did not want to go away with him but that they had no future together.

“Its fine...” he stammered “I just asked so I know whether to cancel or postpone it for another time,” Derek had managed to explain.

They talked for another few minutes before saying goodnight.

Derek was now totally convinced that he had lost Meredith for good.

Meanwhile Meredith was starting to believe she was starting to believe the words of Derek’s family and friends that he was truly upset and regretted the things he had said to her. She smiled as she remembered the journey that he had taken to get to London in time for Thatcher’s funeral. She climbed into bed and fell fast asleep.

Derek did not get the opportunity to sleep. A few hours later he was paged back to the hospital and had the terrible task of waking Beth and leaving her at the crèche for another night. All he knew was that the patient was a young pregnant woman who had a head trauma.
So Meredith has had time to think... almost to the point where she has thought too much.

I only included the trip to Ireland as a brief change of scene for Meredith – sometimes a change of scenery can be a great help (and I speak from personal experience here), but Meredith is on the way up, Derek is on the way down...

If you have read please review... there are only two chapters remaining!

If you would like a teaser please let me know!




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I do not own the show...

Thank you to everyone who has commented.

Here is part one and Meredith is in London and Derek is in Seattle... some people are going to love this and some are going to hate it...

That night was the first night in weeks that Meredith had a good night’s sleep and she groaned when her alarm clock went off. She was supposed to meeting Jack at his office later in the morning.

“A few more minutes,” she mumbled as she lay back down “a few more minutes before Beth starts singing...”

Meredith sat up the second she mentioned Beth’s name. Beth was not here, Derek was not here... and in that moment Meredith realised that not only did she miss Beth, but she really missed Derek. She missed him rolling over and switching off the alarm clock and kissing her good morning. She missed the way he always offered to make her breakfast and how they normally showered together while Beth was still sleeping. She missed the way he would whisper “I love you” after they made love when he thought she was sleeping.

She remembered the look on his face at the spa when they first talked about marriage and the joy on his face when she mentioned she was ready to have his baby.

Ever since lunch yesterday with Anna, Meredith had being thinking about her discussion that sometimes we all say something hurtful to the people we love. A part of her knew deep down if she did not go back to Derek she would revert back to the shy quiet woman that she used to be who never be able to trust anyone ever again.

It was then Meredith asked herself the question “Do you want to be alone for the rest of your life or be with Derek and Beth?”

Meredith knew the only way to answer her question was to speak to Derek and try and figure out some way to find out if he truly loved her.

Meredith got up and dressed and was soon on her way to meet Jack at his office and together they went through the plastic folder she had found the previous day. They not only found statements but also letters regarding a storage facility just outside Boston.

“Do you have any idea what Thatcher could have been storing?” Jack asked.

“I have an idea, but I’m not sure,” Meredith answered remembering something her mother had said about photo albums being lost in the move years ago.

“Okay, I’ll fax this stuff over to this lawyer friend of yours in Boston,” Jack said as he stood up and headed for the fax machine.

“He’s Derek’s brother-in-law,” Meredith explained. “Jack, do I need to be here... in London?”

“Not really anything regarding the sale of the house can be done by fax, why?” Jack asked although he suspected he already knew the answer.

“I think it’s time for me to go back and sort things out properly with Derek,” Meredith replied.

Jack smiled “I’ve already threatened him with death if he hurts you again.”

Meredith rolled her eyes and smiled.

It was late by the time Meredith returned home. The house was finally up for sale and Jack had organised for the furniture to be removed and sent to various charities as soon as Meredith returned to the US. She threw her handbag on to the table and opened the freezer to lift out one of the many frozen dinners Anna had prepared for her when she heard her cell phone ringing.
Derek pov

For Derek the last few hours had been a nightmare.

When he had walked into the OR he could not help but look at the young woman he was about to operate on. Her hair was the same length and colour as Meredith and for the briefest of moments Derek wondered how Meredith was. He was broken from his thoughts when the OB attending strode into the theatre and barked out his orders.

His patient had a clot in the brain and he fought for hours to try and remove it, and just when he thought he was getting somewhere the patient started to flat line...
An hour later and Derek was mess “I killed her. I am a murderer,” Derek muttered as he sat in the chief’s office.

Richard Webber sat forward and looked at him. This was not the Derek Shepherd that he knew. He lifted the patient’s notes and read what had just happened in the OR.

“Derek none of this is your fault,” Richard stated calmly.

“I killed her, I could not remove the clot... she is dead and so is her baby...” Derek said as he choked back a sob.

“Derek no-one could have removed that clot from her brain. Nelson had looked at the scan, so has Weller and they all agree you are not responsible. If anyone is to blame its Mendes the OB attending on call,” Richard explained.

Derek looked up at Richard.

“He missed the signs that the baby was in distress and managed to sever an artery whilst doing the c section... and he was drunk, this is not your fault Derek,” Richard stated again.

Derek nodded his head.

“I know things have been tough for you over the last few weeks Derek, but you need some rest. Get that new house sorted or go and see your family in Boston,” Richard said.

“I can’t I need the vacation time for St Lucia, that is if Meredith...” Derek started to break down again.

“Derek your on leave from now until you return from St Lucia. For goodness sake talk to Meredith, for my sake as well as yours. If I hear Adele complain about those rotas one more time...”

Derek laughed at Richard’s comment. “Thank you,” he said as he stood up and walked out of his office.

Mark and Owen met him on the cat walk “London or Boston?” Mark asked.

“Boston,” Derek muttered “I... I don’t deserve to see Meredith not after this.”

“It was not your fault Derek,” Owen stated.

“Come on lets go get Beth and I’ll help you pack,” Mark replied.

As Mark and Derek walked off Owen lifted his cell phone and called Cristina.

“I need you to do something.”
Meredith pov

Meredith walked across the kitchen and lifted her cell phone.

“Hey Cristina what’s up?” she laughed down the phone.

“Meredith, its Derek...”

Meredith knew by the tone of Cristina’s voice that something had happened...

“Oh god, what?” Meredith asked as she almost fell on to the chair at the table.

Cristina explained what had happened “Meredith he really needs you right now, I know he wasn’t there for you when you needed him but I have never seen him like this. He is on the overnight flight to Boston.”

Meredith hung up and immediately started to call the airlines. Despite her best attempts she was booked on a flight to Boston the day after tomorrow.
As soon as Derek arrived at his parent’s house he started drinking.

He wanted to forget everything. He wanted to forget that he had lost a patient. He wanted to forget how he had treated Meredith and what he said to her. He wanted her to be here so badly that it hurt, but why should she be here with him when he was not there for her on the worst day of her life... and she would not want to be here with a murderer... like Molly.

Deep down Derek knew he was not responsible for the woman’s death but why did he not pick up that the other surgeon had been drinking? He should and could have done more that was why he felt like a murderer.

The next morning Derek woke to a pounding headache. As soon as he walked downstairs Carolyn was asking him what he wanted for breakfast. The thought of food made him nauseous.

“I don’t want anything,” Derek said as he walked over and sat beside Beth while she ate her breakfast before walking over to the patio door and walked down to the beach.

He sat down on the sand and hugged his knees to his chest. He knew he was being a horrible father to Beth but at this moment all Derek could think about was the mess he had made of his life and how to get Meredith back.

A short time later a car quickly pulled up on the driveway. He groaned praying that it was not one of his sisters coming to see him. He then heard the car pull away and realised that it must have been the mail man and walked back down to the shoreline.

While Derek was on the beach, Carolyn was standing watering the plants in the front garden when she noticed the taxi turn and drive up towards the house.
“Who on earth could this be?” she muttered.

Meredith got out of the taxi and paid the driver who was helping to lift her suitcase from the boot.

“Thanks,” she muttered. The next thing she knew she being pulled into a huge hug.

“Meredith, you have no idea how pleased I am to see you,” Carolyn said as she let go and grabbed her hands “How are you? My god you are skin and bones...”

“I’m okay, all things considered...” Meredith answered “Where’s Derek... I heard about what happened.”

“He is down on the beach,” Carolyn replied as she helped Meredith with her luggage and they headed into the house and filled her in on everything since Derek arrived the previous day.

As soon as Meredith walked into the kitchen Michael was over welcoming her. The second Beth saw her she was squealing and trying to get out of her seat and within seconds the little girl was in Meredith’s arms.

“I have missed you,” Meredith said to Beth while trying to fight back the tears and pulled her into a tight embrace.

Meredith spent some time playing with Beth while talking to Carolyn and Michael and when she tried to leave Beth clung tightly to her legs.

“I have to go and talk with daddy, but I will be back soon. I promise,” Meredith said as kissed Beth on the cheek.

Michael looked over at her “Good luck,” he whispered.

Derek was still sitting on the beach when Meredith walked up behind him. Thinking it was his mother coming to harass him into eating something Derek sat where he was “I don’t want anything to eat mom, just leave me alone.”

“And to think you were the one who forced me to eat in London,” Meredith replied.

For a moment Derek thought he was hearing things and then he turned around so quickly his head spun. She really was standing there. He closed his eyes in relief.

“Meredith... your here...”

“Cristina called me and told me about what happened Derek,” Meredith said as she took in his dishevelled appearance – not to mention the beard. “You are not responsible for that woman’s death.”

Derek nodded his head. “I was thinking about you. Before the operation when I saw her lying on the table, she had your hair and... For a split second I thought about you instead of her, when in fact I should have realised that the OB surgeon was drunk.”

“I can’t forgive myself for what I said to you,” Derek said “I am truly sorry for everything I have put you through Meredith,” Derek answered as he pulled her into his arms. His slight beard was tickling her cheek.

“I’m sorry too,” Meredith answered.

“You have nothing to be sorry for,” Derek replied.

“I do, we need to talk Derek and I avoided you, I just wanted to have everything sorted in my head before I saw you again,” Meredith continued “I love you Derek, and I always will but you hurt me.”

“You still love me?” Derek asked quietly.

“I can’t help it,” Meredith answered.

“I worship you Meredith Grey,” Derek smiled back. “I love how patient you are Beth, I love how much Beth loves you, I love how you see both sides of an argument, I love that you let me be me...” Derek said as he choked back a sob.

“Derek?” Meredith whispered.

“Addison was a control freak; everything had to be done her way. I was never allowed to play The Clash CD, never allowed to go to rock concerts; instead I had suffered through Mozart recitals and ballet. She looked down at my family, and criticised every decision I made. When I woke up that morning and realised that she was gone, I was not angry at her walking out on our marriage, I was angry at what she done to Beth,” Derek said now crying.

“I panicked when she came back, I couldn’t believe that she did not want custody. I knew that she if wanted custody that she would criticise everything about us and what we do. The whole thing consumed my thoughts, I would watch you going about everything as normal and I was so scared of losing that and for some stupid reason I took it out on you... the most important person in my world,” Derek said.

“Second most important... after Beth,” Meredith responded trying to hold back tears.

“I don’t know what else I can say and do Mer, to convince you of how sorry I am and how much I love you... I just wish I had proposed to you at Christmas, but me being a traditionalist I wanted to do things right and wait until the divorce and now that I am finally divorced it’s too late...” Derek rambled as he ran his hands through his hair.

Meredith’s brain was still at the proposal at Christmas... did this mean what she thought it meant...

“You wanted to propose at Christmas?” she asked.

“Yeah, only between the whole still married and the fact I figures it would be to clichéd for you I decided to wait, the ring is still in my case,” Derek said looking down at the sand.

“The divorce has been finalised. You were right too about Addison. She does not want custody and she has given permission for you to adopt Beth,” Derek said smiling.

“What... Derek...” Meredith stuttered.

“You are her mother Meredith, it is you she has been crying for and promise me that the next time I tell you that she is ‘my daughter’ punch me,” Derek stated as he held her face in his hands.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Meredith laughed “are you sure about the adoption?” she asked.

“Yes,” Derek answered as he kissed her again.

“Truthfully Mer, I only ever hired you as the nanny as a way of getting close to you. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you on Boston Common.”

“Honestly?” Meredith bit her lip and looked at him “so did I. I could not believe that someone as good looking as you could ever be in love with someone like me.”

Derek rubbed her arms and whispered “Meredith I think my family love you more than me.”

They both laughed as Derek continued.

“What about your mother, how is she?” Derek asked gently.

“She is coping better than I thought she would be. Molly’s funeral took place when I was in Ireland. Mom and her sister Susan were the only mourners,” Meredith answered.

“Why does that not surprise me,” Derek responded.

“Mom and Aunt Susan did not speak for years but they made up after my uncle died. Susan kept asking her to come and visit her in Maine and she has decided to move there and help Susan with her antique shop. A new start and all that,” Meredith whispered.

“Did you two talk after I left?” Derek asked gently.

“Yeah,” Meredith sighed and told the Derek what Ellis had told her.

“God Meredith I will never forgive them for what they did to you... I can barely forgive myself for my actions,” Derek answered.

“You are nothing like my parents, at least you realised pretty much straight away what you had done,” Meredith replied squeezing his arm in support.

“Trust me I have learned my lesson – to think before speaking, I don’t think I could stand being apart from you again,” Derek stated.

“I have learned not to run and hide when something goes wrong,” Meredith said “I am new to this whole relationship thing. Before when something happened I had to deal with it and cope with it myself and shut myself away from the world.”

“You did what you had to do Meredith,” Derek said.

“I want to trust you again,” Meredith said as she took a deep breath “It took a lot for me to trust you. When you left London I spent nearly two days lying on the sofa thinking. Thinking about everything to the point I was probably thinking too much,” Meredith laughed.

“I woke up the other morning and I realised all the things I missed. I missed Beth, I missed the morning rush to get out of the house in time but most of all I missed this. Just sitting here relaxing in your arms. Part of me is telling me that you will do it again and to leave, but I know that if I leave I will revert back to the old Meredith. The Meredith who will lock herself away because she cannot trust anyone and probably die alone of a broken heart. And then I realised that I did not want that. I wanted to be with you and be a part of your family,” Meredith explained.

“It is going to take time to become the couple that we were at Christmas. But we are not perfect Derek. Every couple on the planet has rough patches and say hurtful things to each other, god if you heard some of things Anna and Jack have called each other over the years and they are still together,” Meredith smiled.
Meredith said “I don’t know if I can ever forget what you said and did but I love you and when I look into the future... I only see you and Beth.”

“I just need to know... please tell me that I was more than a nanny to you,” Meredith whispered.

“Meredith, you are my life,” Derek answered looking directly into her eyes.

The pain in his eyes was reflected in hers.

Meredith smiled at his words knowing that every word was true. “If we are to have a future can you do something for me?”

“Anything,” Derek replied.

“Lose the beard,” Meredith smiled.

Derek smiled too, “On one condition...” he replied.


“Marry me,” Derek said smiling.

He saw her slightly puzzled expression “It’s the only way I can prove to you that I love you, I want to be with you, I need you,” Derek said smiling.

“Well then we better find a razor...” Meredith said smiling back at him.
“Carolyn will you come away from the window and give them some space,” Michael sighed as he watched Beth playing on the carpet.

“I am cleaning the windows that you refuse to clean,” Carolyn replied as she rubbed the same spot on the window for the tenth time.

“I did not refuse to clean them,” Michael replied. He had to admit curiosity was getting the better of him too “Okay you win, what’s happening?”

“Well they were kissing and Derek has now lifted Meredith and is spinning her around in his arms!” Carolyn almost squealed.

Michael smiled and closed his eyes before muttering “Thank God!”

Back on the beach Derek had finally stopped spinning Meredith around and they both sat down on the sand. Derek sat down first with Meredith sitting between his legs with his arms wrapped around her hugging her closer to him.

“We can fix this, you proposing shows me how much you love me but Derek I swear if you say or do anything like this again that’s it,” Meredith stated.

“I swear,” Derek said his hand on his heart “I have too much to lose,” Derek said as she settled back against his chest once more.
Part two will be slightly longer and will be posted on Saturday.

Meredith and Derek are back together... and getting married! Some readers may love this... while others may not... but let’s face it Meredith and Derek are made for each other! (and on the show Derek has called her a lot worse...)

As always if you enjoyed it please comment... if anyone is interested in a final teaser please let me know... although it will probably be tomorrow night before I get to send them as I am working all day tomorrow.

Thank you


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I don’t own the show...

Well here it is the final chapter.... I think I am more anxious about posting the final update than I was when posting the first chapter... simply because I can’t believe I am finally posting the ending... thank you to everyone who has commented throughout the whole story.


“I loved your proposal by the way,” Meredith laughed.

Derek laughed too “not too corny for you I hope,” as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Well I said yes didn’t I?” Meredith replied.

“I have wanted to propose to you for so long and remember that night at the spa?” Derek asked.

“How could I forget,” Meredith smiled.

“Since then I have been thinking of a different type of proposal that would be spontaneous and us,” Derek explained “When I turned around and saw you standing there... I ... it just seemed like the perfect time and place.”

“Well it was definitely spontaneous and definitely us, since we love this beach...” Meredith smiled.

“That was what I thought too,” Derek said “as long as you are sure?”

“I’m sure,” Meredith smiled.

“Good, stay right there, I’ll be back in a minute,” Derek said as he kissed her again and ran up towards the house.

As soon as he opened the patio door, Beth ran straight out and headed straight for Meredith. He stood and watched for a minute before being bombarded by his parents. Derek simply told them “I’m going to get her ring,” to which Carolyn was practically jumping for joy on the spot.

Ten minutes later Derek walked back down to the beach to find Meredith and Beth building a sandcastle. He sat down behind Meredith and whispered “I have something for you,” and handed her the small box.

Meredith carefully opened the box and was stunned when she saw its contents.

“Derek this is your mother’s ring, I can’t...”

“Yes you can. This ring was my grandmother’s and was given to dad when he proposed to mom and now he passed it on to me... it’s yours now,” Derek said as he placed it on her engagement finger and kissed her.

“I cannot wait to marry you Meredith Grey,” Derek laughed.

“I cannot wait to marry you too Derek Shepherd,” Meredith smiled.

They sat and watched Beth build her sandcastle when Derek looked at Meredith

“So what type of wedding would you like?” Derek asked.

“I haven’t even thought about it,” Meredith giggled “Adele and Richard are going to love us taking more time off for a honeymoon though.”

Derek laughed and a thought entered his head. “We go to St Lucia in just under two weeks,” Derek stated, “that is if you still want too...”

“God, I cannot wait,” Meredith moaned.

“Seven days for me to apologise and grovel to you,” Derek smiled.

“Oh how I will make you suffer,” Meredith smirked.

They stood together arm in arm for a few minutes watching Beth playing and singing happily building her sandcastle.

Meredith was not like most girls who had dreamed and planned her wedding since she was little girl and quite frankly the last thing she wanted was some big the over the top affair that was months and years in the making.

“I take it you will want a honeymoon?” Meredith asked.

“Of course!” Derek replied as he raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“Are you thinking wedding venue or honeymoon destination?” Meredith asked.

“Both,” Derek smiled.

“It is the perfect place for both... but I want Cristina and your family to be at the wedding,” Meredith answered still smiling.

“Really?” Derek asked.

“Yes, they are my family now too,” Meredith smiled, “Although I will probably be tearing my hair out with them with wedding preparations. A short engagement sounds good!” Meredith laughed.

“How short?” Derek said as he looked at her an idea forming his head.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Meredith said.

“St Lucia would be perfect for a honeymoon... since it is already booked and all...” Derek suggested.

“I like how you think,” Meredith smiled.

“Meredith are you sure,” Derek said as his face turned serious. “I can wait...”

“Derek the idea of a long engagement terrifies me; I don’t want some big fancy wedding in a church. I want something simple, just us. Life is too short. I don’t want to spend months and years planning something when we can do it now... that is if you want to?” Meredith answered.

“I would marry you now if we could,” Derek smiled and they both laughed.

“How the hell are we going to organise a wedding in less than two weeks?” Meredith said still laughing.

“We’ll talk to mom if anyone can organise it she can,” Derek laughed.

They stayed on the beach for a while longer not only talking wedding plans but also spending some time and playing with Beth who instantly became the toddler they loved and cherished. By lunchtime they had both agreed on something plain and simple on the beach before heading up to the house. By now Sam and Gavin had arrived and it made for an emotional reunion for Meredith.

It was after lunch by the time Meredith got a chance to unpack and just sat down on Derek’s bed when Carolyn knocked on the door...

“Come in,” Meredith answered.

“You look tired dear,” Carolyn said as she sat down beside her.

“I am it was a long flight and with the time difference...” Meredith said.

“I am so happy for you and Derek,” Carolyn said.

“Thank you,” Meredith smiled.

“I don’t want to pry, I just want to make sure that you are okay with getting married so quickly,” Carolyn said quickly. “I know how Derek can steam roll into things.”

“I know it seems quick, but I love Derek and Beth and while in London I woke up one morning and realised just how much I missed them and wanted them in my life. I don’t want to waste months planning some big extravagant wedding when we could be already married... and besides St Lucia is perfect for a honeymoon,” Meredith explained.

“Makes sense,” Carolyn said as she pulled Meredith into a tight embrace “and at least this way my daughter’s will not get a chance to stick their noses into the wedding plans.”

They both laughed as they pulled apart.

“Well, I have made some calls and the local minister is happy to perform a beach ceremony and can marry you the day before you fly to St Lucia,” Carolyn explained still smiling.

Meredith raised her eyebrows in shock at how quickly Carolyn had managed to organise things “I’m impressed,” was all she could to say.

“Gavin has of course, volunteered to do the catering,” Carolyn said with a roll of her eyes.

They sat and chatted for a few minutes before Carolyn left to make a few phone calls – a celebration barbeque had been organised for that night and everyone except Kathleen were ordered to attend.

Meredith took this opportunity to call Cristina and Adele and tell them both about the wedding. Adele was literally crying with joy down the phone. Cristina response was more guarded.

“Why so quick? Oh god you’re pregnant...” Cristina stated down the phone

“No I’m not,” Meredith answered “I don’t see the point in wasting a year planning something that we do not want and turning into bridezilla and falling out with everyone.”

“Or being made to wear a dress you do not like and have your eyebrows removed?” Cristina stated.

Meredith remembered Cristina telling her about being left at the altar by her former fiancée and fellow surgeon Preston Burke “Sorry, I didn’t mean too...”

“Don’t be sorry,” Cristina said “I just want to make sure that you want this and will not be put through the hell that I was,” Cristina explained. “However I refuse to wear a flouncy frilly bridesmaids dress.”

Meredith laughed “Cristina you can pick the dress and colour.”Deep down Meredith knew that Cristina was happy for her

Just as she finished talking to Cristina, Derek came into his room and explained that he just called Mark and Richard and had managed to organise an extra few days off when they returned from St Lucia to help them move properly into the new house.

“Let me guess the house is a mess,” Meredith said as she tried to unpack.

“No,” Derek said as he stood in the doorway with a razor in his hand “I stayed in the old house. I could not bear to be in the house without you.”

Meredith just nodded her head in response.

“I can’t believe how much mom has planned already. Are you okay with all of this?” Derek asked.

“I cannot think of a better venue than outside on the beach,” Meredith smiled.

“Good. Now are you going to help me get rid of this beard?” Derek asked as he stood in the doorway.

“No,” Meredith said as she stood up “but I will come and watch.”
The family barbeque had been a great success with everyone delighted to see Meredith and Derek together. Within minutes of the engagement being announced Meredith was already being bombarded with questions about dresses and colours to the point that Carolyn stepped in and reminded her daughters that it was Meredith’s wedding.

Meredith had been grateful and took this chance to speak up. “I have no idea what colour the bridesmaid dress is going to be, I’m going to let Cristina choose and Beth will be the flower girl,” Meredith said “I just want to keep things simple so please do not take it personally but I just want Cristina as my bridesmaid.”

“Thank god, I would never fit in to the dress anyway,” Sam said smiling gratefully at Meredith.

“Meredith its fine, just let us know what colour you and Cristina decide on and we will try and match,” Nancy suggested.

“Okay,” Meredith replied smiling as she sat down beside Sam.

A short while later Peter came over and gave her a hug “officially, welcome to the family!”

“Thank you,” Meredith said smiling at her soon-to-be brother-in-law. “I actually need to come in and see you sometime soon about dad.”

“Why don’t you come in tomorrow morning, the sooner the better,” Peter suggested.

“Okay,” Meredith replied as Peter gave her the address of his office in Boston.
Meredith woke up the next morning to find Beth bouncing on top of her while Derek bought her breakfast in bed before they all headed into downtown Boston to see Peter.

Derek took Beth to the aquarium while Meredith met with Peter and together they went through the contents of her father’s folder.

“I’ll call the bank now and make an appointment to come and see them,” Peter explained.

“Thanks Peter, I really appreciate this,” Meredith said as she stood up.

“No problem,” Peter replied. As Meredith walked to the door Peter replied “That’s what families do.”

Meredith simply smiled her response.

After meeting Derek and Beth for lunch Meredith decided she may as well take the opportunity of being in the city and went dress shopping for Beth. Two hours and two stores later not only had she found Beth’s dress but Cristina’s as well. She spoke to the store manager and sent Cristina a picture of the dress. Within minutes her friend was on the phone agreeing to the colour and design and giving them her measurements.

Cristina, Owen, Mark and Lexie were all flying in the day before the wedding and she prayed that Christina dress would not need to be adjusted. Her only problem now was finding her dress.

She called Nancy to let her know the colour and soon found herself booked to go dress shopping with Jen, Nancy and Sam on Saturday morning.
The next morning Meredith woke again to find Beth bouncing on top of her, not that she was in any way complaining about it.

“Easy princess,” Derek said as he lifted Beth and reached down to kiss Meredith.

“Happy birthday fiancée,” Derek laughed “What would you like for breakfast?” he asked as he nibbled on her ear.

“I was hoping you had forgotten...” Meredith laughed.

“Never,” Derek said as he kissed her “I had no idea whether you were going to be here for your birthday so there is no actual present for you to open.”

“I do not need a present,” Meredith smiled.

“So instead we are going to dinner in a very fancy restaurant and then going to a show and then staying overnight in a five star hotel,” Derek explained.

“Derek that is too much,” Meredith tried to argue.

“It is not too much for my soon-to-be wife,” Derek said he smiled warmly at Meredith.

Beth soon realised that she was no longer the centre of attention and started bouncing on the bed again.

“I think someone wants breakfast,” Meredith said as she started to tickle Beth.

“I think we will all have breakfast in bed again today,” Derek said as he walked out of his bedroom smiling.

As promised Derek spoilt Meredith like crazy for the rest of the day and Meredith thoroughly enjoyed their night out. The show had been fantastic and they both decided to walk the short distance back to their hotel. It was a warm June evening and together they walked hand in hand down Boylston Street towards their hotel.

“Remember this time last year?” Meredith said as she lay naked in his arms an
hour later.

“I wish I could,” Derek laughed.

“I think I still have the bruises on my ass from the stair sex,” Meredith laughed and then remembered what happened the following morning “I’m going to call the crèche in the morning. I feel awful that I am not there for the first anniversary.”

“Adele understands,” Derek said as he stroked her hair as the memory of that horrible day flooded Derek’s mind and he pulled Meredith closer to him “Try and get some sleep.”

It was the nearly 2am before either of them fell asleep and were both woken by room service at 7am. Derek had organised for breakfast to be delivered to their room so that they could be away early. Today was the day Meredith visited the bank regarding her father’s secret account.

The bank manager had been sympathetic and understanding with Meredith when he advised that there was $10,000 in the bank account along with a key for a safety deposit box.

Ten minutes later and Meredith was staring at a letter from her father and a key.

She carefully opened the letter. Derek held her hand the entire time she read the letter which basically told her everything that Ellis had told her upon Molly’s death.

He went on to explain that he managed to hide some money from his wife and eldest daughter to try and help with the debt that he knew he would leave her with when he died. The letter ended with Thatcher telling Meredith how much he loved her and the address of a storage facility on the outskirts of town.

Derek, at first was hesitant to go to the storage facility but Meredith assured him that she was fine and would rather get it over and done with.

On their way there she called the crèche to find out how they were all doing. She still could not believe that it had been a year since Gary Harper had shot her and killed Gina and Melanie. She briefly spoke to Mel who was delighted by the news of her engagement and promised that she and Adele would do everything they could to get to Boston in time for the wedding.

A few minutes after arriving and Meredith was standing in front of a large locker, her hands trembling.

“Meredith?” Derek asked.

“Can you open it please, I can’t ...I think I know what it is,” Meredith whispered.

“Of course,” Derek said as he opened the locker and looked at the contents inside.

“It seems to be photo albums,” he said.

Meredith smiled “they are photos of Molly and I as babies and children. Dad claimed they were lost on the move to London and mom was furious with him. Turns out he was just keeping them safe from Molly,” Meredith said as she sat down and wiped away a tear.

“May I?” Derek asked as he found Meredith’s album and together they looked through the album and Meredith found herself in tears again.

“You were one gorgeous baby,” Derek laughed “What are you going to do with these?” Derek asked as he looked at the other albums.

“Give them to mom I suppose,” Meredith replied

“Can I suggest that we keep some of these photos of you, I would love to show them to our grandkids one day,” Derek said smiling warmly.

“If you must... as long as I get to show them the ones of you with your afro hair,” Meredith smirked as Derek gave her a dirty look.

“I guess I better call mom then and tell her... about these and the wedding,” Meredith sighed “get ready for the interrogation as to why it is so quick.”

“Would you like me to call her?” Derek offered.

“No, it’s okay. It will be better coming from me. Does it sound horrible that I don’t want my own mother at my wedding?” Meredith asked as Derek pulled her in for a hug.

Ellis had taken the news of the wedding surprising well and congratulated both of them. Meredith and Derek arranged to drive up to Maine the following day with Beth and give Ellis the photo albums.

“I’m surprised you are not giving me a lecture about it being so quick,” Meredith said as she and her mother spoke in the office of her aunt’s antique shop. Derek and Beth were looking around the shop with her aunt Susan and Meredith could see Derek had his eye on an antique desk.

“I think the last few months have taught us both that life is too short. Grab happiness while you can Meredith,” Ellis had replied.

“I intend too,” Meredith replied.

“About the wedding Meredith, would you mind if I did not attend...” Ellis asked.

Meredith was relieved “That’s fine, it just for close family and friends anyway.

Some of our friends in Seattle will not be able to attend anyway so we are going to have a party when we return.”

“I have never been a mother to you Meredith, I understand... I do but I would like to stay in contact even if it is only one phone call or email every few months,” Ellis said.

“I would like that too,” Meredith replied as she stood up “We better get going, Beth in an antique shop is never a good idea,” Meredith laughed and to her surprise Ellis also joined in.

It was no surprise to Meredith that Derek bought the antique desk for his study and made arrangements for it to be delivered to their new house.
The next morning all hell broke loose in the Shepherd house when they received a phone call to say that Sam had gone into labour three and a half weeks early.

Carolyn immediately set off for the hospital and would meet Nancy there. Meredith volunteered to look after Noah much to Michael’s relief as he too headed for the hospital.

Just after lunch Gavin called Derek to let him know that Sophie Shepherd Sinclair had been born safe and well. Although they both could not wait to see their new niece both Meredith and Derek decided to head down later that evening to meet the new arrival.

Baby Sophie was beautiful and the image of her mother. As soon as Meredith picked up the small baby Derek had to choke back tears at the image of Meredith talking to the small baby.

Derek walked over beside Meredith and started talking to his youngest niece while Sam continued to tease them that they would be next. They both looked at each other and when they got into the car to drive home Derek cautiously broached the subject of having a baby.

“Meredith you know how we discussed trying for a baby...” Derek said.

“Yeah,” Meredith replied as she turned in her seat to look at him

“I really really want to have a baby with you, but I think we should wait,” Derek said quickly “after everything that has happened I just want some time to be ourselves again... maybe start in couple of months... if you want too,” Derek said nervous of Meredith’s reaction.

“Thank God,” Meredith sighed as Derek looked at her. “I too think we need some time together... just you, me and Beth and get settled into the house and then we can start trying,” Meredith said.

“Okay,” Derek said as he kissed her.

The next morning Meredith saw Nancy and got her birth control refilled and afterwards they went wedding dress shopping and to her surprise Nancy had been a great help and agreed on her choice of dress and gave her helpful tips on shoes and accessories.
Before they all knew it the wedding was upon them and the flight from Seattle had arrived.

Meredith had decided to stay overnight at a nearby hotel along with Cristina and Owen and Mark and Lexie. To Meredith’s surprise Richard and Adele and Mel from the crèche also flew in for the wedding.

This was the day when the wedding nerves hit Meredith especially when she saw Cristina.

“Please Cristina I need you to be honest. Am I doing the right thing, is it too quick?” Meredith rambled.

“Listen Mer, Derek loves you and if you are happy then to just do it,” Cristina stated

“I wanted the quick wedding to avoid spending the next god knows how long constantly discussing wedding plans and either turning into bridezilla or agreeing to something that I did not want,” Meredith explained

“Remember how I told you once about the guy I dated before Owen and how he dumped me at the altar?” Cristina said quietly.


“As I told you on the phone, I had no control over that wedding. He decided on the venue, the service, his mother made me wear a family necklace that almost choked me to death and a dress I could not walk in. The last thing I want is for you to go through that. After all the crap you have had this year you deserve your happy ending,” Cristina answered.

“You both love each other and if he hurts you again I swear I will kill him,” Cristina answered deadly serious.

Meredith smiled and took a deep breath “Cristina can you do me a huge favour?”

Cristina looked at her friend “What?”

“I need someone to walk me down the aisle. Mom can’t make it and Uncle Jack is in the middle of a trial and everyone else is a member of Derek’s family,” Meredith asked as she started to ramble.

“Of course, you are my twisted sister after all,” Cristina smirked.

The day of the wedding had been glorious with clear blue skies and a light breeze.

For once all the Shepherd grandchildren had been on the best behaviour and the day passed without the traditional argument, much to Cristina’s chagrin.

Everyone cried when Derek and Meredith exchanged their vows and shared their first kiss as husband and wife, but it was Beth who stole the day in her slightly different flower girl dress and who had to pose in every wedding photograph.

Everyone’s heart melted as Derek danced on the beach with Meredith with Beth in his arms.

One of Carolyn’s best friends came up to them at the table and remarked on pretty Beth is and went into great detail of how Derek must be proud of his daughter.

Derek beamed his hand entwined with Meredith’s and stated “We are both proud of our daughter,” Meredith bit her lip to stop the tears of joy.

The reception lasted long into the night even after the bride and groom had left for their honeymoon in St Lucia.

Lexie had caught Meredith’s flowers and everyone ribbed Mark about how he would be the next one to marry. The party finally started to break up around 3am and most of the guests who were booked into the nearby hotel passed out in the Shepherd’s lounge.
The next morning Meredith woke to an empty bed. She looked around and for a few seconds was confused as to where she was. She then saw Derek leaning against the balcony of their hotel suite taking in the beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the beach and the Pitons.

Meredith grabbed her robe and tied it loosely around her and walked over to where Derek was standing and wrapped her arms around Derek’s waist.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“How we very nearly did not get here,” Derek replied as he kissed her “how did you sleep?”

“Like a baby,” Meredith laughed as Derek pulled her against his chest.

“Consummating a marriage can be very tiring,” Derek smirked.

“Is Beth okay?” Meredith asked worried at how Beth would take another separation.

“According to mom she had not missed us yet, she is too busy helping Sam look after Sophie and chasing Noah,” Derek smiled.

Meredith smiled. “This is amazing Derek,” Meredith whispered as she took in the view of the Pitons and the beach.

“Yes and tonight we are having a romantic waterfront dinner on the beach to toast the start of our life together. I love you Meredith Shepherd,” Derek said as he kissed her.

“I love you too,” Meredith replied as she leaned in closer and for the first time in her life felt completely and utterly happy.
There is a lot I want to say, firstly and most importantly I could not have posted this story without the help of two people – Em (Eastern Merdian) and to Donna my beta reader who has to suffer through numerous re-writes and panic attacks and “Am I doing the right thing here?” Massive hugs and kisses to both of them.

I know it may seem very quick for them to get married but this was where they were headed before happened and as Meredith has discovered - life is too short...

I first planned this story 11 months ago. It took me from November to April to write seven chapters and once I started posting the story and received such positive comments I then started writing at least one chapter a week! Originally the story was going to 25 chapters and it ends on 39! A lot of things have changed from my original plan but some things remained the same. I actually had the proposal on the beach written before anything else!

Some parts of This Life were a joy to write others were extremely hard – especially Derek and the whole nanny speech and Meredith grieving for her father. This story has practically taken over my life and now that it is over I am going to try and take it is easy for a while before I start to post the sequel.

Please leave a comment and sign up for email notification and you will be updated when the sequel is posted.

Lastly I want to thank ... you ... the fabulous readers who have inspired me to continue writing, your feedback (both good and constructive) has been greatly appreciated and I cannot wait to read your thoughts on this... the final chapter.

Now all I ask is that if you have read and never left a comment ... please do so now!



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Hi everyone!

I must apologise for not doing this sooner... The sequel to "This Life" is now being posted and can be found at my site "The Reader's Corner..."

You will probably need to register when you go there.

I have set up this as a fanfiction site for various different shows... Greys Anatomy, Buffy, Bones, True Blood to name but a few so please come over and have a look!




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