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"It started with a girl..."

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Fic: Fated
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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 12:14 am    Post subject: Fic: Fated Reply with quote

This is a project I began recently, one that may take years to complete.

"Fated" is a rewrite of virtually the whole of BtVS, altering the story to keep Buffy and Angel together. It is done in a sub-episodic format - each chapter is one act of one episode. Every episode has an epilogue and four acts. I have a basic outline for practically the whole series.

The first altered episode is "Ted", and the first alteration is that it switches places with "Bad Eggs". I've posted most of "Ted" already on other sites. I will post each chapter here.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the First Evil, aka Joss Whedon.
Rating: Same as the show itself.
Spoilers: Up to "Ted" for now.
Notes: Everything up to "Bad Eggs" (but not including "Ted") is canon. Nothing else is.


Buffy, Xander, and Willow walked along the street towards their house. Xander and Willow were having a heated discussion which Buffy was ignoring.

“Well, that was her genius. He didn’t even know he was playing second fiddle.” Xander turned to Buffy. “Buffy.”


“Who do you think was the real power – the Captain or Tenille?”

Confused. “Uh, who are these people?”

“The Captain and Tenille?” Xander got that look he got when people didn’t understand his pop culture references. “Boy, someone was sure raised in a culture-free environment.”

Buffy sighed. “I’m sorry. I was just –“

“– thinking?” Willow completed.

“No. Not thinking. Having a lot of happy non-thoughts.”

“Yeah, with Spike and Drusilla out of the way, we’ve really been riding the mellow…” Xander got a guilty look on his face, “…and I’m really jinxing the hell out of us by saying that.”

“Eh, I’ll let you off this time,” Buffy dismissed his concerns. She pulled out her keys as she arrived at her door. She put her key into the lock – and the door swung open.

Buffy tensed up. She knew that a door ajar at night was a bad sign. “Wait here,” she warned her friends as she stepped inside, stake in hand. From the kitchen, she heard her mom cry “No!” followed by a crash. She rushed into the kitchen, and saw a horrific sight.

Her mom was wrapped in a deep kiss with a big, slightly portly man Buffy had never seen before. There was a bottle of wine on the counter.

They broke the kiss. Joyce stepped away from the man as Buffy hid the stake behind her back.

“I thought I heard…” Buffy started.

“I broke a wine glass,” her mom explained. “You’re home early.”

“Hi,” the man said.

“Hi,” Buffy replied.

“Oh, uh, this is my daughter, Buffy,” Joyce hastily introduced her. “And Buffy, this is… Ted.”

End Teaser


Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
David Boreanaz
Charisma Carpenter
And Anthony Stewart Head as Giles

Created by Joss Whedon
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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 12:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Act One

Buffy leaned against the refrigerator as she talked with her mom.

“So, all these late nights at the gallery, I gather you were cataloguing more than art.”

Joyce smiled. “Well… I've been looking for the right moment to introduce you two. He's a wonderful man.”

Buffy did not return the smile. “How’d you meet?”

“Oh, he sells computer software. He revamped my entire system at the gallery. Freed up a lot of my free time.”

“To meet new people. And smooch them in my kitchen.”

“You weren’t supposed to see that.”

Buffy considered the irony of the situation. She had been carrying on a relationship with Angel for three months now, all without her mother knowing. She always worried that her mother would eventually find out about her and Angel – if not the vampire part, then at least the kissing part.

But apparently, her mother had been carrying on with Ted for a while, all without Buffy knowing. And of the two hidden boyfriends, it had been Ted who had been found out about first, not Angel.

“How long have you been seeing each other?” Buffy asked.

“Oh…” Joyce looked up as she tried to remember “…about two months.”

Not as long as Buffy and Angel, than. So Buffy was better at keeping her boyfriend a secret than her mom.

“Buffy, we’re leaving,” Willow announced. She and Xander went to the door.

“See you!” Buffy called to her friends.

“I’ll have your upgrades by Monday!” Ted waved goodbye.

Buffy closed the door. She turned to Ted.


“For Willow’s computer.”

“Ah.” Buffy wasn’t as technologically-deficient as, say, Giles, but stuff like upgrades went right over her head.

“Buffy,” Ted started, “I want to apologize. That wasn't how I wanted us to met. I wanted it to be... perfect. I'm very fond of your mother, I guess that's pretty obvious...”

He looked at the refrigerator, focusing on a picture of Buffy and her mom.

“…I know that you’re the most important thing in her life and, well, gosh, that makes you pretty important to me too.”

“I really want you to be okay with this,” Joyce added.

“I beg to differ.” Ted wrapped his arm around Joyce. “We really want you to be OK with this.”

“I’m okay,” Buffy insisted.

“You are?” Joyce asked.

“I am.”

A vampire smashed into a picnic table. Buffy didn’t let up her assault. Picking up a trash can lid, she whacked him hard in the head. There was no method to her attack, just pure fury.

The vampire wasn’t actually putting up that much of a fight, Angel observed. Buffy was clearly working out some personal issues, and this vampire was simply on the receiving end. Which was why Angel was sitting on a bench and not interfering. It was better than how he had worked out such issues when he was Angelus – a spat with Darla could claim twenty lives.

Still, he almost had to feel sorry for the poor vamp.

After Buffy finally staked him, she came over to Angel.

“Any more?” she asked.

“Well, for their sakes, I certainly hope not.” In truth, Angel didn’t smell any vampires nearby.

“What? I kill vampires, it’s my job.”

“True, though you don’t usually beat them to such a bloody pulp beforehand.” Angel shrugged, as his girlfriend sat down beside him. “Is everything all right at home?”

“What are you talking about?” Buffy asked.

“Well, when you wail on a vamp like that, it tends to be the result of domestic issues.”

Buffy sighed. “It’s Ted.”


“This guy, sells computer software. Apparently, Mom’s been seeing him for a while now. I walked into their makeout session about an hour ago.”

“And, how is that different from you dating a vampire?” Angel replied.

Buffy gave him the “You’re right, and I don’t like it” look. “It’s just, I have so much to deal with, I don't need some new guy in my life right now.”

“No, but maybe your mom does.”

Another look, this one more sheepish. “Oh, sure, if you’re gonna use wisdom…”

Angel smiled at her. “Loneliness is about the scariest thing there is.”

Buffy sighed. “OK, fine, Mom needs a guy. Does it have to be Ted?”

“You have somebody else in mind? There a guy out there who would satisfy you?”

“Well… Dad… Okay, that’s not going to happen. Fine, fine, I’ll give Ted a chance. I’ll smile and curtsey and be the dutiful daughter.” She smirked. “Does it mean I have to like him?”

“Kiss me,” Angel replied.

“Finally something I want to do.” Buffy leaned over, and the best part of any encounter between the two began.

“Willow, if you say one more word about it, things will become dire,” Buffy warned.

“You don’t like him,” Willow observed. She had been geeking out over the upgrades Ted had promised her, and Buffy was not happy about it.

“I don’t know him.” She scowled. “I mean, so far all I see is someone who apparently has a good job, seems nice and polite, my mom really likes him…”

“What kind of a monster is he?” Xander said in a dramatic voice. Buffy glared at him before continuing.

“I’m telling you, there’s just something a little too clean about this clown.”

“He’s a clean clown!” Willow squealed. At their looks: “I have my own fun…”

“Buff, you’re lacking evidence,” Xander returned to a more serious tone. “I think we’re getting into Sigmund Freud territory.”

“He has a point,” Willow jumped on this new tack. “Separation anxiety, the mother figure being taken away, conflict with the father figure…”

“He is not my father figure!” Buffy fired back. In truth, Willow knew that Giles was much more of a father figure to Buffy than Ted – or even her actual father.

“Having issues much?” Xander replied.

“I am not!”

Xander pointed and did a little dance: “You’re having parental issues, you’re having parental issues…” he stopped after seeing their looks. “What? Freud would have said the exact same thing. Except he might not have done that little dance.”

Buffy stopped to get a drink from the soda machine. “I admit it’s weird – seeing my mother Frenching a guy is definitely a ticket to therapyland. But it’s more than that. I’m pretty good at sensing what’s going on around me…”

Willow noticed Ted out of the corner of her eye, coming up behind Buffy.

“…and I know that something’s wrong with this Ted.”

“Ted!” Xander called.

“Of course, Ted. Who did you think I was talking about?” Buffy was confused.

“Hi, Ted! Ted who’s here,” Xander pointed out. Buffy spun around, shocked to see her mother’s boyfriend at her school.

“Hi, kids!” Ted greeted them.

“What are you doing here?” Buffy asked.

“I’m updating the software in the guidance office, which reminds me…” He pulled a disc out of his shirt and handed it to Willow.

“…your upgrades.”

The next minute or so was a blur. Willow heard something about going miniature golfing at the new course on Sunday, but she was so overjoyed to get the upgrades that she didn’t hear the details. She was in geek heaven.

Jenny was cleaning up in the computer lab when she saw Rupert standing in the door.

“Hi, Jenny.”

“Rupert. Hi.”

He gestured behind him. “A couple crates of your textbooks were dropped off at the library. Do you want me to hold on to them?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll send the kids by to pick them up.”

“Right. Good.” He started to turn away. Jenny didn’t give him a chance to get away.

“That was a pretty flimsy excuse for coming to see me.”

He stopped. “You should have heard the ones I threw out.” He came back in.

“I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“I’m doing pretty good, actually.” She shelved a set of manuals. “I’ve stayed out of mortal danger for a month and a half. I could get used to it. Still don’t sleep too well, though.”

“Of course. Well, you need time.”

“Or possibly space.” Jenny came closer. “Rupert, I know you’re concerned, but having you constantly poking around making puppy dog eyes at me and wondering if I'm okay... you make me feel bad that I don't feel better. I don't want that responsibility.”

“I’m sorry,” Giles replied. “I certainly don’t mean to make dog eyes at you. I’m just –“

“Worried. I know.”

“I shouldn’t have bothered you.”

He left. Jenny looked after him.
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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 12:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Act Two

“The dreaded five-par cuckoo clock,” Xander spoke with dramatic flair. “So many have come. So few have conquered.”

Ted chose that moment to ask one of those perfectly normal questions that Buffy couldn’t answer truthfully.

“So, Buffy, I’m sure boys are lined up around the block trying to get a date with you.”

“Not really,” she answered. Buffy had been on enough dates with Angel at the Bronze that most of the school knew she was not single. There was plenty of gossip about who Angel was, none of it even close to the truth.

Willow tried to cover as she took her shot. “Oh, they are, but she’s only interested in… uh… her studies. Book-cracker Buffy, it’s kind of her nickname.”

Ted lined up his shot. “Glad to hear that. I bet that means your grades will be picking up soon.”

“My grades?” She moved next to her mom. “How does he know about my grades?”

“I told him. He wants to know all about you. He’s concerned, that’s a good thing.” She saw Ted shoot. “Nice shot, Ted!”

“Thanks, Joycee,” he replied. Joyce lined up her shot, and Ted held her arms from behind.

“Steady swing, lead to the right.”

They hit it together.

“Perfect,” Ted commented.

“Thanks to you,” Joyce smiled.

Ted chuckled.

Buffy lined up her shot next.

“Eye on the ball… watch those elbows…” Ted instructed.

Buffy applied a little too much Slayer strength (which might have been an advantage in regular golf), and sent her ball into the bushes.

“Bad luck, little lady,” Ted commented.

“We won’t count it,” Joyce shook her head.

“We won’t?” Ted looked at her.

“Well, it’s just miniature golf.”

Ted got a serious expression on his face.

“It is, but the rules are the rules. What we teach her is what she takes out into the world when we’re not there, whether it’s at school or an unchaperoned party…”

He smiled at Buffy.

“I don’t mean to overstep my bounds, this is between you and your mother. I just think right is right.”

Buffy looked at her mother for support.

“He has a point…” Joyce said.

Not what she wanted to hear.

“Yah, I’ll just go hit from the rough.” She disappeared into the bushes and retrieved her ball. Looking around and not seeing anyone, she dropped the ball near the hole and kicked it in.

“Hey, how ‘bout that, I got a hole in two!” she called back over her shoulder.

“Beg to differ,” Ted said from right next to her.

Okay, how did he get that close without her noticing? He was like Angel – well, aside from not being a vampire, incredibly hot, or nice to her.

“Okay, so fine my score or whatever…” Buffy tried the “total admission of guilt” method.

“I think you’re missing the point here, little lady. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Why don’t people see that?”

“It’s just a game.”

“Right. It’s just a game. Do your own thing. Well I’m not wired that way. I’m here to tell you it is not a game, it does count, and I don’t stand for that kind of malarkey in my house.”

He was seriously creeping her out.

“Then I guess it’s a good thing I’m not in your house,” she retorted.

“Do you want me to slap that smartass mouth of yours?”

Buffy’s adrenaline spiked. She gripped the golf club tighter. If he laid a hand on her, she intended to show him the error of his ways.

Joyce, Willow, and Xander came into view. Ted instantly reverted to his friendly self. The rest of the game went fine, but Buffy was permanently wigged out.

She needed to do something about Ted.

Angel answered the knock at his door, and was greeted with the not unwelcome, if slightly unexpected, sight of his girlfriend.


“Angel.” Buffy came in, and sat down on the couch. She had a sour expression on her face, and Angel had a guess as to what it was.

“Problems with Ted?”

“We went mini-golfing today. Xander, Willow, Mom, Ted, and me.”


“Ted threatened to slap my face after I kicked my ball in.”

This got Angel’s attention.

“I don’t get why everyone else likes him so much. He’s a total control freak, and Mom’s been completely different since he’s been around.”

“OK, but why did you come by at 3:00 in the morning to talk about it?”

Buffy looked down.

“I had a dream – could be a Slayer vision. I was coming back from patrolling, and Ted was in my room.”

“Buffy…” Angel took her in his arms.

“I’m just… I’m worried that he’s going to find out about me going out at night – or worse, about the slaying itself.”

“Don’t worry.” Angel kissed her on the cheek. “We’ll work it out. You and me. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

They simply lay there for a while, until Buffy got up suddenly.

“I have an idea.”


“What if, I told Mom and Ted about us – not the whole ‘you’re a vampire’ part, but about us dating. That way, if Ted ever catches me going out at night, I can always say I was with you.”

Angel smiled. “So, I’m your cover story.”

She nodded. “I mean, half the time, I’ll be telling the truth anyway.”

“Only half?”

She smiled back, and kissed him.

Joyce was humming to herself when Buffy came down the stairs.

“Good morning, sunshine,” she greeted Buffy. “I’ve got juice, I’ve got sticky buns. Don’t they smell good?”

“Hi,” Buffy took a bun.

“Ted made them.”

Buffy immediately replaced the sticky bun.

“What?” Joyce put her hands on her hips.

“I’d just like to eat something around here that Ted didn’t make.”

“What kind of an attitude is that?”

“Look, Mom, I know you think he’s great and all but –“

Joyce didn’t even let her finish the sentence. She was frustrated with how her daughter was acting towards her boyfriend.

“He’s gone out of his way to be nice to you, and you couldn’t find two words to say to him on Saturday. Now I don’t expect you to love him right away like I do, but I do expect you to treat him decently.”

Buffy pounced on her mother’s choice of words. “You… love him?”

Oops. “I don’t know, that kind of slipped out… but I guess… it’s not exactly like men beat down the door when you’re a…”

“…single parent,” Buffy finished.

Joyce composed herself before continuing. “I would never have anything to do with anyone who didn’t care about you. But he does, I don’t understand why you can’t see that.”

“He threatened me,” Buffy deadpanned.

“What?” Ted would never do such a thing.

“He said he was going to slap my face,” Buffy explained.

Joyce smiled. “He never said any such thing. Ted told me what happened. He caught you cheating, didn’t he?”

Buffy got a guilty expression on her face. “Yes, I kicked my ball in, so put me in jail, but he wigged –“

“And he didn’t say anything about it in front of the others, did he?”

“No, but –“ Buffy stammered.

“I think that was pretty decent of him.”

She began eating pieces of the sticky bun, swallowing before continuing.

“Ted says we're just going to have to give you time to come around. Speaking of which, he's making dinner for us tonight, please be here promptly at six.”

Buffy was quiet for a minute. “Mom, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Uh-oh. “What is it?”

“You remember Angel?”

“Angel…” she tried to remember. “Uh, the college boy who was tutoring you in history?”

“Right. Well, he’s… and I’m…”

Please don’t tell me you’re pregnant.

“We’ve been dating for the past three months.”


“Oh.” Beat. “And, you kept this from me because…”

“Well, I wasn’t sure you’d approve. He is older than me.”

“Too old, if you ask my opinion,” Joyce replied. “Why are you telling me now?”

“Fairness?” Buffy replied. “I walked in on you making out with your boyfriend, it’s time I told you about mine.”

“Well, can he come to dinner tonight?” Joyce asked. It would be easier to deal with this with Ted there.


After school, Buffy went over to Angel’s.


“Hi.” She gave him a quick kiss. “OK, here’s the sitch. Ted’s making dinner tonight, and you’re coming.”


“Well, I told Mom about us this morning, and she’s pretty insistent that you come to dinner.”

Angel took it in stride. “So, what should I do?”

“First, you need to wear something nice. I’d prefer you make a decent impression on my Mom, and possibly Ted.”

Angel opened his closet, and pulled out a red silk shirt.

“Good. Next, we need to work out a cover story for you.”

“A cover story?”

“Look. Mom’s going to be asking all kinds of questions about you, and most of our answers will have to be lies. For instance, we can’t tell her your real age.”


“So, we’ll make that up.” She hesitated before asking the next question. “How old were you – when you were turned?”

“About 22.”

“Great. We’ll use that. Next, she’ll want to know your full name…”

Joyce was rather agitated at the moment. She had planned this as a simple dinner with her boyfriend and daughter. Now, Buffy was bringing home her boyfriend, a boy Joyce had only met briefly, and almost a year ago at that.

All Joyce could remember about Angel was that he was a college student, he had tutored Buffy in history, and he was significantly older than Buffy. Admittedly, none of Buffy’s previous boyfriends had been much, but at least they were her age.

To make matters worse, Buffy hadn’t come home yet. She had called to say that she and Angel would be there at six o’clock. Which meant that the next time Joyce saw her daughter, she would be with her boyfriend.

At 5:59, the door opened. Buffy was there, wearing her favorite leather jacket. Standing next to her was an older boy – or perhaps man was the better word – wearing a red silk shirt and a black jacket on top of that.

He dressed nicely, Joyce had to give him that.
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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2009 12:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

“Hi, Mom,” Buffy greeted her mother, relieving Angel of the obligation to make the first statement. In 200 years, he had never been quite this scared before.

“Uh, can I come in, Mrs. Summers?” Angel asked.

“Oh, yes,” Joyce replied hesitantly. “May I take your jacket?”

“Thank you,” Angel removed his jacket and handed it to Joyce, who placed it on a coat hook near the door.

Angel sized up Joyce and Ted. He had met Joyce briefly before, the night he and Buffy fought the Three. She was wearing a nice red blouse and a frown on her face. He smelled a hint of fear off of her – probably nothing more than extreme anxiety over meeting him. From what Buffy had told him about her, she was a very loving woman.

Ted was different. He was a big man, as tall as Angel, if somewhat wider. He wore a collared shirt and nice pants, probably the same clothes he wore at work. He wasn’t afraid, but he did smell… off. Angel couldn’t place it, but something was wrong about him.

Figuring it out could wait. Right now, Angel needed to make a good impression on Joyce.

“Nice to see you again, Mrs. Summers.”

“Ted Buchanan,” Ted extended his hand.

“Angel,” Angel shook it. They had decided to use as much of Angel’s actual life as possible in creating his fake background. The name change was part of it.

“Buffy’s told us absolutely nothing about you,” Ted joked.

“Well, I hope I can rectify that tonight,” Angel replied.

“I think that was the entire point of Angel coming for dinner,” Buffy added.

“Well,” Joyce said after a significant pause, “dinner’s on the table.”

Giles moved slowly through the cemetery, keeping an eye out for any signs of vampire activity.

It was the first time he had actually done this – gone on patrol to cover for Buffy. Buffy had explained the critical importance of her having dinner with her mother tonight, and Giles actually agreed. It would be much easier to keep up appearances if Buffy had a believable excuse for her late night outings and absences from school.

There was the possibility that Joyce might not like Angel and forbid Buffy to date him, but that wouldn’t stop Buffy from seeing Angel. She was completely in love with him, and while Angel’s vampiric nature and the 224-year age gap gave Giles some pause, he knew that Angel was equally in love with her – that he would, in fact, die for her. Giles wasn’t Buffy’s father, but for what it was worth, he approved of Angel.

He heard a branch snap behind him. He spun around, holding out a cross to ward off… Jenny.

“I get that reaction from men all the time,” Jenny smiled wryly.

“Jenny! What are you doing here?” Giles needed to get her out of here. Hunting vampires was dangerous at best, and without a Slayer present…

“I saw your car back there. I wanted to apologize.”

“I don’t think this is a good time to –“

“Please, let me get this out,” she cut him off. “I was very harsh the other day. I know how bad you feel about putting me in danger…”

Giles spotted a vampire behind her.

“Imagine how I must feel now…”

They all sat down at the table. Angel and Buffy sat on one side, Joyce and Ted on the other. Angel was quick to start on his chicken – he had assured Buffy that he could eat solid food, it simply didn’t do him any good.

After a few bites, Joyce asked the inevitable question:

“So, how did you two meet?”

“At the Bronze,” Buffy answered. “We started talking, he mentioned he was a history major, so I asked him if he could help me with my studies.”

“You’re at UC Sunnydale?” Ted asked.

“Was,” Angel corrected. “I graduated last spring.” There was the issue that the first time they had met, Buffy had introduced Angel as a freshman at community college, but they were banking on Joyce not remembering. There was also the fact that Ted might be able to find out that he didn’t attend any nearby college if he tried.

“Very nice,” Joyce seemed to approve of that. “And what do you do now?”

“Tutor kids in history. Sorta like Buffy, only they pay me.” Picking Angel’s “job” had taken a while. They had settled on professional tutor, since it fit with his “major” – and, more importantly, there was no way Ted could check on it.

“So you’re from around here?” Joyce inquired.

“Hardly.” Angel smiled. “I was actually born in Galway, Ireland.”

“Ireland?” Both Joyce and Ted were surprised by that.

“I moved to New York when I was 10.” Actually, Angel had been 140 when he had come to New York. “I’m an American citizen now.”

“Well, why come all the way out to Sunnydale for college?” Joyce pressed.

“Long story.” And completely made up.

“Well, you’ll have to tell us sometime,” Joyce smiled. Angel was relieved that he wouldn’t have to cover that particular lie tonight.

The vampire leapt past Giles, knocking him to the ground. He managed to avert a biting with his cross, but the vampire wouldn’t let go. Jenny looked around for a weapon.

“My bag!”

Of course. Jenny opened up the bag and pulled out a crossbow. She clumsily tried to load it – fortunately, it had several bolts already attached.

By now, Giles had broken free of the vampire. He pulled out a stake, but the vamp knocked it away. As they fought, Jenny tried to take aim…

“I have to ask,” Ted took over the inquiries, “what kind of a name is ‘Angel’? I’m guessing you weren’t born with it.”

“No,” Angel shook his head. “I was born Liam Reilly. Thing is, I never really liked that name. A girl I met once said I had a face like an angel, so I changed my name to Angel.”

The truth was a little more complicated. Angel didn’t have any real problem with the name Liam Reilly, except that it was given to him by his father. He had also left out the part where he had gone by Angelus for a while, and changed it to Angel after he had gotten his soul.

“Interesting,” Ted said.

“I like it,” Buffy put in. “And you do have a face like an angel.” She took Angel’s hand, and they just gazed at each other for about a minute. Angel meant every moment of it, but it was also important to show how much he cared about Buffy. Nothing would win Joyce over more than obvious signs that he cared about Buffy.

That part, he didn’t have to lie about at all.

Giles finally got the vampire turned around so Jenny had a clear line of shot to his back. She fired – just as the vampire pulled Giles around. The bolt buried itself in Giles’ side. He doubled over in pain.

Jenny couldn’t believe it. She had shot Giles. She had just shot her boyfriend!

“Nice shot, lady!” the vampire laughed – a second before Giles pulled the bolt out of his side, and plunged it into the vampire’s heart.

The rest of the dinner went well. The topic of conversation shifted away from Angel and onto Ted.

As everyone finished up, Joyce turned to Buffy.

“Buffy, can you help me clear the table?”

Angel got up quickly. “I’ll help you, Mrs. Summers.”

Somehow, Joyce wasn’t entirely surprised. She smiled at Angel as he collected plates and brought them into the kitchen. Joyce followed. As she began washing, she turned to Angel.

“Angel –“

He cut her off. “You want to know why I’m dating someone Buffy’s age.”

“Actually, I was going to ask you to pass the soap, but an explanation will do.”

He handed over the dishwashing soap, then began explaining.

“I wasn’t looking to date someone her age. But after a few tutoring sessions with her, I realized I couldn’t stop thinking about her. One night – the night after you and I first met, actually – I started babbling, and I just told her that I wanted to kiss her.”

Joyce’s eyebrows went up. “And?”

“And then she leaned in, and we kissed.”


“I’m in love with your daughter, Mrs. Summers. She’s the most important thing in the world to me. And I want you to understand that.”

Jenny rushed to Giles’ side.

“Oh, god, I’m so sorry…”

“I think I’m all right,” Giles groaned.

“You’re just in shock.”

“No, really, it didn’t go in too deep. The advantages of layers of tweed – better than Kevlar!”

“We’ve still got to get you to a hospital.”


They got up. As they started walking, Jenny started laughing.

“What is it?” Giles asked.

“Some night, huh? You sure know how to woo a girl back, don’t you?”

Giles started laughing too. “Heh heh – oww.”


“It was very nice meeting you,” Ted shook Angel’s hand.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” Angel replied.

“Maybe you can come over for Buffy’s birthday on Friday?” Joyce suggested.

“Absolutely,” Buffy agreed. “Mom, would it be OK if I walked Angel home?”

“Well…” Joyce looked to Ted.

“Oh, it’s not far,” Buffy assured her mother. “There are some things I want to talk to him about.”

Her mother finally relented.

“Be back by 10:00.”

“Well, I think that went pretty well,” Buffy said.

“I think the obviously-being-in-love helped my case,” Angel replied.

“Then what’s up?” Buffy could tell that something was bothering Angel.

“It’s Ted.”

“What, you don’t like him? Join the club.”

“No, I mean, I’m not entirely sure that he’s human.”

“Yeah, well -” the meaning of Angel’s words fully sunk in. Buffy turned to face him. “What?”

“I’m not entirely sure that he’s human. He didn’t smell quite right.”

“You think he’s a demon?”

“No, I’d have noticed something like that. Maybe he’s possessed.”

This was not good. If Ted was possessed, then Mom was in danger.

“I’d better get back to the house – I don’t want to leave Mom alone with Ted.”

“You go on home,” Angel said gently. He kissed her quickly, then let go. “I’ll call Giles.”

“Good night, Angel.”

“Good night, Buffy.”
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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 6:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, Angel would know that Ted isn't right, and he would've noticed that Ted didn't have a heartbeat, if he didn't have a heart. The show wasn't clear on whether Ted was pure robot or not.

I'm liking it so far.
"Been playing a little Ahab."
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PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's very good
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 12:52 pm    Post subject: Ted: Act Four Reply with quote

“So, how did the dinner go?” Willow asked.

“Well, the good news is, I think Mom likes Angel.”

“Great!” Willow smiled, excited. She had been cheering Buffy and Angel on for a while. Xander was less enthusiastic, but he had given up on his Buffy crush a while ago.

“The bad news is, Angel isn’t sure Ted’s human.”

“Wait, what?” Xander asked, taken aback by this news.

“He said he didn’t smell quite right. I called Giles, but I got no answer.”

“That would be because he was in the hospital,” Jenny explained as she walked by. She sat down with them.

“Hospital?” Willow asked, worry creeping into her voice.

“Oh, don’t worry, he’ll be fine. I… accidentally shot him with a crossbow while he was fighting a vampire.”

Mental note: keep Miss Calendar away from crossbows, Xander thought.

“So, how was your evening?” Jenny asked.

“Angel thinks Ted’s evil,” Willow deadpanned.


“No, he said Ted didn’t smell right,” Buffy explained. “He thought Ted might be possessed.”

“I see.”

Cordelia walked by. Xander called out to her.

“Hey, Cordy. Nice outfit.”

She stopped. “Oh, very funny.”

Xander was confused. “Not really…”

“What are you saying?”

“Uh, ‘nice outfit’?”

“Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut?” she snapped before walking off in a huff.

Xander was very confused.

“Will you guys excuse me for a moment?”

He got up and went after Cordelia. As he caught up with her by her locker, she snapped at him again.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I gave you a compliment!” he protested.

“In front of your friends! They’re gonna know!”

“They’re gonna know what? That we’ve been making out?”

“Gnegh!” she replied.

“I’m not gonna tell them and they’re not gonna know,” he assured her. “Not your friends, not my friends. You wanna go in the utility closet and make out?”

“God! Is that all you ever think about?” she replied furiously. She calmed down, then answered, “Okay.”

After lunch, the gang reassembled in the library.

“The first thing we need to do is figure out what kind of demon has possessed Ted,” Jenny said. “Buffy, what kind of unusual behavior has Ted displayed?”

“Well, he’s a total control freak, for a start,” Buffy said.

Jenny wrote “Control Freak” on the blackboard. “And Angel said he didn’t smell quite right?”


Jenny wrote that down too.

“Anything else?”

Buffy thought for a while, but couldn’t come up with anything else.

“Nothing. I had no idea about this until Angel told me he didn’t smell right.”

“Maybe you two could check out his house?” Willow suggested.

“Won’t Angel need an invitation?” Cordelia pointed out.

“Right.” Willow frowned, before brightening again with another idea.

“You could check out where he works.”

“Good idea,” Jenny said.

“I’ll get on the computer.”

After sunset, Buffy met up with Angel. She didn’t always go with him, but if Ted was possessed by a demon, she would want backup.

Her first surprise came when the parking lot at Detronics was not empty like she expected. It was, in fact, quite full. And all the lights were on.

“Shouldn’t everyone be home by now?” Buffy said.

“Guess not.”

Buffy looked at the piece of paper Willow had given her.

“Ted’s cubicle is on the second floor. How are we going to get in without being noticed?”

Angel scanned the building. “Service entrance,” he pointed.

For whatever reason, the service entrance was unmanned. Buffy tried the handle.


Without missing a beat, she punched a hole in the door. Opening it, she saw a vacant storeroom.

“Come on.”

There was a stairwell off to the left. Buffy went first, followed by Angel. Buffy opened the door, and stepped into the hallway.

Buffy looked to her left. Nobody was coming. She looked to her right. One person was coming.

It was Ted.

Buffy knew she should run. Yet she couldn’t move. She stood there, paralyzed with shock as Ted… walked right by?

Seemingly oblivious to her presence, Ted continued down the hallway. He disappeared around the corner, leaving Buffy and Angel very confused.

“OK, something is definitely up,” Buffy observed.

“Look on the bright side. At least nobody will recognize us.”

The pair began following Ted. As they walked through the office, Buffy noticed something. The place was bare. There were no Dilbert comics taped to office doors, no Joke-A-Day calendars, no Star Trek action figures cluttering desks. Buffy didn’t even see any pictures of family members. She stopped to scan a bulletin board. It contained plenty of business-related announcements (including several meetings in the evening) but nothing else.

She also noticed that there wasn’t any idle chatter. People weren’t talking about their kids, their girlfriends, or TV. Pretty much every conversation she could overhear was business-related. It was like everyone was totally focused on their work.

“Angel, you noticing this? How it’s like these people have no lives outside of work?”

“I’m more noticing the fact that everyone here smells like Ted.”

She stopped as two employees discussing software brushed past. “What?”

“Well, they’re not identical. But the way that Ted smells off, they all smell that way. Whatever’s affecting Ted, it’s affecting them all.”

“An entire company possessed?” That was bad news.

“I doubt it. If they were all possessed, they’d probably be doing something other than working.”

“You’re right. They’re just doing their jobs. Like robots.”

Angel stiffened. “Maybe they are robots.”

“Mom dating a robot.” Buffy shuddered at the thought. “Well, if they are robots, there’s probably a control device somewhere around here.”


“The boss’s office?”

“Good idea. I think Ted said his name was John Sagan?”

As they headed to Sagan’s office, they passed by the kitchen. Inside, Buffy saw a man filling the coffee pot. He was bald and gave off a massive creep vibe.

And unlike everyone else, he noticed Buffy and Angel.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I could ask you the same question,” Angel replied.

“I’m John Sagan, manager of the Sunnydale branch of Detronics Enterprises.”

“What are you doing with the coffee?” Buffy asked.

“Something pretty clever,” he smiled. “It’s doped with Nah’met blood. Makes them easy to control without reducing their intelligence.”

“And you’ve used this to… turn your employees into workaholics?”

“Yep. Productivity’s up by 30%. The Sunnydale branch of Detronics is the most profitable one in the country. I figure I’ll be promoted shortly for raking in so much money.”

“Not if we have anything to say about it,” Buffy growled.

“What are you going to do about it?” Sagan demanded. “You’re not employees, so you’re not supposed to be here. I control the security guards. I could have you killed, and nobody would ever know.”

“They might find that a problem.” Angel shifted to vamp face. Sagan’s eyes went wide with terror.

“Now, if you want to survive, you’ll do exactly what I tell you.”

“So, how did they find out about the coffee being doped?” Joyce asked.

“Sagan left a signed confession on his desk. It must have happened last night while I was at work,” Ted explained. “The police still aren’t sure what he was putting in there.”

“But there’s no sign of what happened?”

“Nothing. The security tapes from the night were missing. The last anyone saw of John Sagan, he was driving out of the parking lot.”

Buffy hid a smile. Sagan had confessed to everything before taking off. He had also arranged for the security tapes to be destroyed. Evidently, nobody remembered seeing Buffy or Angel there.

“Anyway, the company’s giving us all two weeks off to let the stuff wear off.” He leaned back, a smile creeping across his face. “Oh, and when we get back to work, I’ll be taking over.”

“Ted, that’s wonderful!” Joyce planted a kiss right on his lips.

“Which is why, tonight, you and I are going out. I have a reservation for two at this wonderful restaurant.”

“What about Buffy? She’ll be all alone.”

“Oh, you two go on alone,” Buffy encouraged. “I’ll find something to do.”

No sooner had Joyce and Ted left, Buffy was out of the door. Arriving at Angel’s apartment, she knocked twice on the door.

Angel answered.


Supporting Cast:

Željko Ivanek as John Sagan

Robia LaMorte as Jenny Calendar

John Ritter as Ted Buchanan

Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers

A/N: Plot twist: Ted’s human! Bet you didn’t see that coming!

I need to clarify something here. While I will use background material revealed later on the show, I will also alter that material as I see fit. For instance, Ted is human here, while he was a robot on the show. I've also pinned down Angel's age when he was turned as 22, when there is some evidence that he may have been older. Anything prior to "Ted" is canon. Nothing else is.

I do not intend to turn this series into a fluffy happy Buffy/Angel fic. There will be death, carnage, and suffering. I only promise a few things. I won't break up Buffy and Angel, for a start. And while there won't be an Angel spinoff, I don't plan to just kill Cordelia or Wesley off. I have big plans for Cordelia.

Also, I will be listing secondary actors at the end of each episode. These would be the actors whose names would have appeared onscreen during Act One. Due to my particular viewing preferences, the majority of actors who didn’t actually appear on Buffy or Angel will have appeared on Firefly, Dollhouse, or Heroes.

Next episode: Buffy’s life is about to change forever, as a new enemy shows its face.
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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 1:57 pm    Post subject: Surprise: Teaser Reply with quote


Buffy woke from a restless sleep. Reaching for a glass of water, she found it empty. She climbed out of bed, and walked down the hallway, still half-asleep. She opened the bathroom door, and walked into the Bronze.

Otherwordly music was playing. Buffy saw Willow sitting at a table with a monkey.

“L’hippo à piqué ses pantalons,” Willow said.

Buffy turned and saw her mother, drinking out of a cup and saucer.

“Do you think you’re ready, Buffy?” she asked.


Joyce dropped the saucer. It shattered as it hit the floor. Buffy looked back up at her mother, only to see that she was gone.

The dance floor was alive with sexual energy. Between the writhing couples, Buffy spotted Angel. He smiled as their eyes met. They slowly walked towards each other, oblivious to their surroundings.

Just as they were about to reach each other, Ted struck without warning from behind Angel, driving a stake into his heart.

“Buffy…” Angel crumbled into dust inches away from Buffy. She looked up at Ted. Flanking him were Spike and Drusilla, fully alive.

“Happy birthday, Buffy,” Drusilla said.

“Hope you like your present,” Spike added.

Buffy woke up.

End Teaser


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Nicholas Brendon

Alyson Hannigan

David Boreanaz

Charisma Carpenter

And Anthony Stewart Head as Giles

Created by Joss Whedon
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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 12:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ooooh can't wait
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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 7:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, that was a twist. Well done, you had me fooled. I really thought Ted was a robot and that Angel would be able to tell. Well done on an original idea.

Loved this -

“I gave you a compliment!” he protested.

“In front of your friends! They’re gonna know!”

"Been playing a little Ahab."
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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 6:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ares wrote:
Well, that was a twist. Well done, you had me fooled. I really thought Ted was a robot and that Angel would be able to tell. Well done on an original idea.

Loved this -

“I gave you a compliment!” he protested.

“In front of your friends! They’re gonna know!”

To be fair, that is a direct quote from the episode.

I'm working on "Surprise" right now. My goal is to have the entire episode published this week.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:44 pm    Post subject: Surprise: Act One Reply with quote

Well, the whole "publish the whole episode by the end of the week" didn't happen. But here's act one!

“Angel?” came Buffy’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Hold on!” he called back.

Angel pulled himself out of bed. He opened the door to see a rather distraught Buffy standing there.

“Hey… everything okay?” he asked.

“That was what I was going to ask you. You’re okay, right?”

“Sure. I’m fine.” Angel stepped out of the way so Buffy could enter. “What’s up?” He grabbed a shirt and put it on.

“I had a dream that Spike and Drusilla were alive… and that Ted killed you. Right in front of me.”

Angel stroked Buffy’s face, trying to soothe her. “It was just a dream. It wasn’t real.”

“But it felt so real,” Buffy’s voice quavered.

“It wasn’t,” he reassured. “I’m right here.”

Buffy moved away from him.

“This happened before, Angel. That dream I had about the Master, it came true.”

“Still, not every dream you have comes true. I mean, what else did you dream last night? Can you remember?”

Buffy thought before answering: “That… Giles and I opened an office supply warehouse in Vegas.”

Angel chuckled at the thought. Giles in retail? Maybe a bookstore…

“You see my point?”

“Yeah. But, I mean, what if Drusilla and Spike are alive? We never saw their bodies.”

“They’re not.” Resolute. “But even if they were, we’d deal.”

“But what if she’s –“

Angel drew Buffy back into his arms and kissed her. She relaxed, and the kiss got intense. Finally…

“What if what?” he asked her.

“I’m sorry. Were we talking?”

They resumed kissing. Eventually, Buffy broke it off.

“I have to go to school.”


And they kissed some more. Buffy took a hold of Angel.

“God, you feel –“

“You have to go to school.”

Still kissing, Angel moved her to the door. They continued kissing against the door before Buffy pulled back.

“Alright, this is me. I’m going.”

They kissed one more time.

“You still haven’t told me what you want for your birthday,” Angel said under his breath.

Buffy smiled. “Surprise me.”

“Okay. I will.”

Neither said anything, not wanting to end the moment.

“This was nice,” Buffy broke the non-awkward silence. “I like you first thing in the morning.”

“It’s bedtime for me,” Angel shrugged.

“Then I like seeing you at bedtime.”

Buffy realized how that sounded. “I mean… you – you know what I mean.”

“I think so,” Angel nodded, stopped, then asked: “What do you mean?”

“That I… I like seeing you. And the part at the end of the night when we say goodbye, its… getting harder.”

“Yeah, it is,” Angel replied.

“’I like you at bedtime?’ You actually said that?” Willow asked, surprised.

Buffy had just filled her in on her encounter with Angel. One thing for sure – Buffy never skimped on details. At least not with Willow.

“Totally unplanned. It just came out,” Buffy explained.

“And he was into it? He wants to see you at bedtime, too?”

Buffy stopped walking.

“Yeah. I think he does. I mean, he’s cool about it –“

“Of course he is. Cause’ he’s cool. He would never, you know…”

“Push,” Buffy filled in.

“Right. He’s not the type.”

Buffy and Willow sat down on a bench.

“Willow, what am I going to do?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Well… want isn’t always the right thing… to do, I mean. To act on want can be wrong.”


“But, to not act on want… you could watch your whole life pass you by.”

Willow smiled. “Carpe diem. You told me that once.”

“Fish of the day?” Buffy furrowed her brow.

“Not carp. Carpe! It means seize the day.”

“Oh. Right.” Buffy waited a minute before continuing.

“I think we’re going to… seize it, Will. Sooner or later. Once you get to a certain point – seizing is sort of inevitable.”

The meaning of this sunk in.




They continued walking, while Willow tried to imagine Buffy and Angel actually making love. It would definitely be “making love” – Buffy and Angel couldn’t simply have sex.

“Ooh, speaking of wow potential, there’s Oz,” Buffy pointed out. “What are we thinking? Any sparkage?”

Willow glowed. “He’s nice. I like his hands.”

“Ah. Fixation on insignificant detail is a definite crush sign,” Buffy stated.

“I don’t know, though. I mean, he is a senior…”

“You think he’s too old because he’s a senior? Please. My boyfriend had a bicentennial,” Buffy scoffed.

“That’s true, I guess… I just…”

“You can’t spend the rest of your life waiting for Xander to wake up and smell the hottie. Make a move. Do the talking thing.”

“What if the talking thing becomes the awkward silence thing?”

“You won’t know unless you try.”

Smiling, Buffy walked away, leaving Willow alone. Willow gathered her courage as she came over to Oz. Fortunately, he seemed pleased to see her, in his Ozian way.

“Hey,” she said.


“Do you have a… a gig tonight?”

“Practice. The band’s kind of moving towards this new sound where we suck. So, practice.”

“I think you guys sound good,” she replied. It might be the fact that Willow rarely paid attention to the other members of the band, but she honestly thought they were good. “I bet you’ve got a lot of groupies.”

“It happens,” he shrugged. “But I’m living groupie free nowadays. I’m clean.”


Then Oz said about the last thing Willow expected to hear.

“I’m gonna ask you if you wanna go out tomorrow night. I’m actually kinda nervous about it. It’s interesting.”

“Oh. Well, if it helps at all, I’m gonna say yes.”

“That helps. It adds a comfort zone. You wanna go out tomorrow night?”

Suddenly, Willow remembered that tomorrow night was Buffy’s party.

“Oh! I can’t!”

“I like that you’re unpredictable,” he replied.

“Well, it’s Buffy’s birthday and we’re throwing her a surprise party.”

“That’s okay.”

An idea came to her head. “But you could come. If you wanted.”

“Don’t wanna crash…”

“No, that’s fine. You could be my… date.”

“All right. I’m in.”

Willow walked away, a shy smile on her face.

She said “date”!

Xander hung around next to Cordelia at her locker, trying to look like he wasn’t hanging around.

“So, Buffy’s party. Mañana.”

“Right. Just because she’s ‘miss save the world’ we have to make a big deal. I have to cook and everything.”

Cook? Since when did Cordelia cook?

“You’re cooking?”

“I’m chips-and-dips girl.”

“Horrors. All that opening and stirring.”

“And shopping. And carrying.”

“You should have a person who does such things for you,” Xander suggested.

“That’s what I’ve been saying to my father. But does he listen?”

Xander leaned in.

“So, you’re going. I’m going. Should we – you know – go?”


“I don’t know…” Xander shrugged. “This thing. With us? Despite our better judgment, it keeps happening. Maybe we should just admit that we’re dating.”

“Groping in a broom closet is not dating. You don’t call it a date until the guy spends money.”

“Fine. I’ll spend, then we’ll grope. Whatever. It’s just some kind of whacked that we feel we have to hide from all our friends.”

“Well, of course you want to tell everybody. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I, on the other hand, have everything to be ashamed of.”

Xander gave up.

“Know what? ‘Nuff said. Forget it. Must have been my multiple personality guy talking. I call him Idiot Jed, Glutton for Punishment .”

Xander walked away, coming over to the student lounge where Giles was.

“Oh, good morning,” Giles greeted him. He lowered his voice: “Is everything ready for the party?”

“Absolutely,” Xander nodded. “You ready to get down, you funky party weasel?”

Giles looked at the stairs, where Buffy and Jenny were coming down.

“Here comes Buffy. Now remember: discretion is the better part of valor.”

“You coulda just said, ‘shh!’ God, are all you Brits such drama queens?” To Buffy: “Buffy, I feel a pre-birthday spanking coming on.”

“I’d curb that impulse if I were you, Xander,” Jenny suggested as she sat down with Buffy at a table.

“Check, cancel spanking,” Xander said into his shirt as if there was a microphone there.

Giles sat down with Buffy and Jenny. “You alright, Buffy? You seem a little fatigued.”

“Rough night,” Buffy replied. “I had a dream that Drusilla and Spike were alive – and that Ted killed Angel. I-it just really freaked me out.”

“You fear it was more of a, a… a portent?”

“See, I don’t know. I don’t wanna start a big freakout over nothing.”

“Still, best to be, uh, on the alert. If Spike and Drusilla are alive, it could be a fairly cataclysmic state of affairs.”

“Again, so many words!” Xander said. “Couldn’t you just say, ‘we’d be in trouble’?”

Giles gave Xander a look. “Go to class, Xander.”

“Gone.” Xander started away, but stopped. “Notice the economy of phrasing: ‘gone.’ Simple. Direct.” He pointed at Giles and left.

Buffy stood up. “Maybe I should get ‘gone’, too.”

“Uh, don’t worry unduly, Buffy. I’m sure it’s nothing,” Giles assured her.

“I know, I should keep my Slayer cool, but… it’s Angel, which automatically equals maxi-wig.”

Dalton entered the main room of the factory, carrying a large wooden box.

“I have your package.”

“Just put it on the table near the other gifts,” Spike instructed.

As Dalton placed the box on the table, Spike and Dru walked through the main room of the factory.

“Are you dead set on this, pet? Wouldn’t you rather have your party in Vienna?”

“But the invitations are sent.”

“Yeah. It’s just I’ve had it with this place. Nothing ever comes off like it’s supposed to.”

Drusilla put her hands on his chest. “My gatherings are always perfect. Remember Spain? The bulls?” She walked her fingers along his chest and around his neck.

“I remember sweet,” Spike took her hand. “But Sunnydale’s cursed for us. Angel and the Slayer see to that.”

“Shh…” she spoke into his ear and licked his cheek. “I’ve got good games for everyone. You’ll see.”

She wandered over to the table, inspecting the roses and flowers that were woven into the high backed-chairs.

“These flowers… are wrong. They’re all wrong!” she moaned. “I can’t abide them!” she screamed as she ripped them apart.

Spike took her in his arms and slowly rocked her. “Let’s try something different with the flowers then.”

She calmed down and kissed him passionately. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the boxes on the table. She broke the kiss and walked over to them.

“Can I open one? Can I?”

They exchanged a smile.

“Just a peek, love,” Spike allowed. Drusilla reached for the latch on one of them and opened it.

“Do you like it, baby?” Spike asked.

“It reeks of death,” she sighed and kneeled in front of Spike. “This will be the best party ever.”

“Why is that?”


She looked back into the box.

“Because it will be the last.”
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:33 pm    Post subject: Surprise: Act Two Reply with quote

Buffy awoke to the smell of something cooking. After dressing and coming downstairs, she found Ted in the kitchen, flipping pancakes and talking with her mother.

“Morning, birthday girl!” Ted greeted her with a smile. Though Buffy still didn’t like Ted, the pancakes were going a long way towards changing that.

“Ooh, pancakes!” Buffy sat down at the island.

“So, does seventeen feel any different from sixteen?” Joyce asked.

“It’s funny you should ask that,” Buffy replied. Joyce raised an eyebrow. “I woke up feeling more mature, responsible, and levelheaded.”

“Really? It’s uncanny,” Joyce said.

“I now possess the qualities one looks for in a… licensed driver,” Buffy looked at her mom hopefully.

Ted vanished.


“You said we could talk about it again when I was seventeen.”

“Do you really think you’re ready, Buffy?”

Joyce dropped the plate she was holding. Buffy watched it fall and shatter on the floor.

“…and then my mom broke the plate. It was just like my dream. Every word, every gesture,” Buffy told Giles.

“Yes, well, I-I-I’d imagine it would be… fairly unnerving,” he stammered.

Willow and Xander came bounding up.

“Hey, it’s the woman of the hour!” Xander announced.

“It’s Happy Birthday Buffy!” Willow bounced, embracing her friend in a hug. She saw Buffy’s lack of a reaction. “Not Happy Birthday Buffy?”

“It’s just that, um, part of the nightmare that Buffy had the other night actually transpired,” Giles explained.

“Which means Spike and Drusilla might still be alive,” Buffy said.

“Even if they are alive, we can still protect Angel,” Giles assured. “Dreams aren’t prophecies, Buffy. You dreamt that the Master had risen, but you stopped it from happening.”

“You ground his bones to make your bread,” Xander added.

“That’s true. Except for the bread part,” Buffy sighed. “OK, so, fine. We’re one step ahead, but I wanna stay that way.”

“Absolutely.” Giles stood up. “Let me read up on Drusilla, uh, see if she has any particular patterns.” He started towards his office. “Why don’t you meet me here at seven? We’ll map out a strategy.”

“What am I supposed to do until then?” Buffy asked.

Giles shrugged. “Go to class, do your homework, have supper…”

“Right. Be that Buffy.” She picked up her bag and walked away.

“Well, that’s not a perky birthday puppy,” Xander pouted.

“So much for our surprise party,” Willow sighed. “I bought little hats and everything. Oh, well. I guess I’ll tell Cordelia.” She started to leave.

“No you won’t,” Giles said. “We’re having a party tonight.”

Xander stared at Giles. “Looks like Mr. Caution Man, but the sound he makes is funny.”

Willow nodded in agreement.

“Buffy’s surprise party will go ahead as we planned,” Giles said. “Except I won’t be wearing a little hat.”

Willow got confused. “But Buffy and Angel…”

“May well be in danger. As they have been before, and, I imagine, will be again.” Giles sipped his tea. “One thing I’ve learned in my tenure here on the Hellmouth is that there is no good time to relax. And Buffy’s turning 17 just this once, and she deserves a party.”

“You’re a great man of our time,” Xander affirmed.

Willow smiled. “And anyway, Angel’s coming. So she’ll be able to protect him and have cake.”


“Jenny Calendar,” came an accented voice from behind.

Jenny spun around, startled to see her uncle Enyos standing in the doorway of her classroom. He was wearing a dark suit and a wide-brimmed hat.

“You startled me,” she said.

“You look well.” He stepped up to her desk.

“Yes, I’m fine. I know I haven’t written as much lately. I’ve been busy.”

“I cannot imagine what is so important to make you ignore the responsibility to your people.

A pang of guilt. “Well, I’ve been working and –“

He interrupted her. “The elder woman has been reading signs. Something is different.”

“Nothing has changed,” Jenny replied firmly. “The curse still holds.”

“The elder woman is never wrong! She says his pain is lessening. She can feel it.”

Buffy. Jenny looked down in guilt. “There is…”

“There is what?”

“A girl…”

Enyos exhaled in disgust. “What? How could you let this happen?”

“I promise you. Angel still suffers. And he makes amends for his evil. He even saved my life!”

Enyos exploded. “So you just forget that he destroyed the most beloved daughter of your tribe?! That he killed every man, woman, and child that touched her life?! Vengeance demands that his pain be eternal as ours is! If this girl gives him one minute of happiness, it is one minute too much!”

Jenny tried to explain. “I’m sorry. I thought…”

Enyos didn’t give her a chance. “You thought what?! You thought you are Jenny Calendar now?! You are still Janna, of the Kalderash people! A Gypsy.”

“I know… Uncle. I know.”

“Then prove it. Your time for watching is past. The girl and him, it ends now! Do what you must to take her from him!”

“I will see to it,” Jenny promised.

“Good!” Enyos stormed out without another word.

Then it hit Jenny. She had to break up Buffy and Angel.

Hacking the NSA would have been easier.

While Jenny was racking her brain for ways to break up Buffy and Angel short of killing one or the other, she had another role to play – in the surprise party for Buffy. Jenny caught up with her after school.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there,” Buffy said.

“Sorry. Um, Giles wanted me to tell you that there’s been a change of plans. Uh, he wants to meet you someplace near his house… ‘cause he had to run home and get a book or something.”

“’Cause heaven knows there aren’t enough books in the library.”

“Uh, he’s… very thorough,” Jenny tried to cover. Fortunately, Buffy didn’t seem to suspect anything.

“Oh, which is not to bag. It’s kind of manly in an obsessive-compulsive kind of way, don’t you think?”

“Mm-hm,” Jenny agreed. “You know, my car’s here. Why don’t I drive you?”


The car turned into an alley near the Bronze.

“Are we goin’ to the Bronze,” Buffy asked.

“I’m not sure. Giles gave me an address, I’m just following his directions.”

As they rounded a corner, Buffy noticed something up ahead. A truck was parked in a loading area and people were loading something. Something didn’t feel right.

“This looks funky. Stop for a sec.”

“No, Buffy, maybe you shouldn’t.”

“Sorry. Sacred duty, yada yada yada.”

Buffy got out of the car and went to investigate.

Sure enough, it was vampires. Buffy recognized one of them as the vampire with glasses who had been raiding DuLac’s crypt.

“Every time I see you, you’re stealing something,” she quipped. “You really should speak with someone about this klepto issue.”

A big vamp attacked Buffy. She kicked him away just in time to hear the truck start. Another vamp was in the driver’s seat, while Klepto Glasses was trying to close the cargo gate.

Buffy tore open the door and staked the driver before he could react. She swung around to the back. Klepto Glasses dropped the box and took off.

Smart move.

Before Buffy could catch her breath, the big vamp tackled her from behind. Buffy threw him off of her and turned to face him.

Angel peeked out from behind a column. “Where is she?”

“Shh!” Willow hushed him from behind the pool table where she was hiding along with Oz, Giles, Xander, and Cordelia. “I think I hear her coming!”

Oz had done this sort of thing plenty of times before. The Dingoes had thrown a surprise party for Devon for his birthday last September. Of course, it all depended on bringing the victim to the location. All Oz knew was that Ms. Calendar was handling that part of the plan.

He heard a bang from the wall, like something had slammed into the Bronze. Before he could guess at what it was, he saw Buffy smash through the blacked-out window. She was followed by a very large man, who had presumably thrown her and was now trying to jump on top of her. Buffy threw him off in a move that no person that small should be capable of. She leapt to her feet and grabbed a drumstick from a nearby drum set. When the man charged her, she drove it straight into his heart.

At that point, he exploded into dust.

By now, everyone had left their hiding places, and was staring at Buffy.

“Surprise!” Cordelia yelled as she popped out from behind the pool table.

Correction. Now everyone had left their hiding places, and was staring at Cordelia.

“That pretty much sums it up,” Oz replied.

“Are you okay?” Angel asked Buffy.

“Yes, what happened?” Giles inquired.

“There were these vamps in the alley. And one of Spike’s guys was –“

She noticed the decorations.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, um… surprise party.” Giles blew on his party favor.

“You guys did all this for me?” Buffy smiled. “That is so sweet!”

“You’re sure you’re okay?” Angel asked again.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she assured him.

“Are you okay?” Willow asked Oz.

“Yeah,” he replied. Finally, he lost his composure. “Hey, did everybody see that guy just turn to dust?”

“Uh, well… sort of,” Willow mumbled.

“Yep,” Xander sighed. “Vampires are real. A lot of them live in Sunnydale. Willow will fill you in.” He walked off.

“I know it’s hard to accept at first,” Willow began.

“Actually, it explains a lot,” Oz replied. Why so many people died from neck wounds in Sunnydale, among other things. He also surmised that he was the only person in the room who did not know about vampires.

I wonder if other monsters are real. Like werewolves? Man, I hope not. It would suck to be a werewolf.

Ms. Calendar entered the room carrying a large box.

“Hey, can someone give me a hand here?”

Angel and Giles took it from her, and set it on the table.

“Those creeps left it behind,” she explained.

“What is it?” Buffy asked.

“I have no idea,” Giles said. “Can it be opened?”

“Yeah. This looks like a release right here.”

Buffy worked the latch and opened the box. She peered in, a look of disgust on her face.

An arm, clad in armor, leapt out of the box, grabbed Buffy by the throat, and started choking her.
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oooh I have thought of one thing though, your not going to have Jenny killed off are you cos that would suck. I read a similar fic recently and I was hoping Jenny would survive since you know Angel wasn't evil nup not a chance Dru got her instead totally sucked.

Keep up the great work Very Happy
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes. Is Angel going to keep his soul? Will Jenny stay alive? And Oz thinks being a werewolf would suck. Heh!!

Surprise coming up for him. "0)
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