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Greys Anatomy fic - This Life
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:57 am    Post subject: Greys Anatomy fic - This Life Reply with quote

Disclaimer: I do not own Greys’ Anatomy – Shonda does.

If i owned it Meredith and Derek would be properly married and probably have their first child. Anyway...

Personally huge hugs and thanks to Clueless Angel and Em for their help, support, spell checks and advice since i starting writing this fic – could not have done it without them!

Some useful information:

I have visited both Seattle and Boston on vacation and find it easier to write about places that i have visited. Boston is a fantastic city with lots to see and do but Seattle is very laid back and relaxing. I could imagine living there.

In this story Derek and Mark were born and raised in Boston and not New York. Meredith was also raised in Boston but also spent some time in London.

Meredith has a sister who she does not like and her parents are still together. They live in London and are not in the story but are mentioned.

Some of the characters from Greys will be in this if not at the start then somewhere in the middle – i may even throw in some from Private Practice! One character who will not be in it is Izzie.

I have this story planned from beginning to end, but i will warn you now of the writer’s block. I have a good few chapters written already and am aiming to post one chapter every week. For the first few chapters the story is written in the past tense but hopefully throughout the fic this will change to present tense.

I love feedback – i need to know whether you like or hate this story and where i am going right and where i am going wrong – please if you read the story – please review – i am begging here.

Now for the story!
When Meredith heard the weather forecast this morning and they said it was going to be a warm day they really had not been lying. It was a beautiful summer’s day in Boston with a temperature hitting the 90’s. It was too nice to work in.

Thankfully she had just finished work for the day and decided to do some late afternoon sunbathing in Boston Common. She found a nice quiet spot close to the entrance which faced on to City Hall and the Beacon Hill area. The park was full of families making the most of the heat wave and enjoying the start of the weekend. The place was also bursting with tourists who were either starting or finishing the Freedom Trail.

She settled down on the grass using her bag as a pillow and gazed at the view of the Boston skyscrapers in front of her.

She was born and raised in Boston but still the city amazed her. One minute you are in beautiful green and relaxed surroundings of Boston Common and two minutes around the corner you are surrounded by towering skyscraper and around the next corner you find a graveyard where Samuel Adams is buried and the site of the Boston Massacre. The city was full of history and culture. It was moments like these that made Meredith Grey desperate to return home to the city she loved.

She smiled to herself thinking that this was the first time she had sunbathed in Boston Common for nearly ten years. God how much her life had changed since then, and not for the better. To say that it had been a hard ten years was an understatement. In fact the last two years had changed her whole perception of what she thought of her family and what they they had thought of her.

Meredith Elizabeth Grey was born in Boston exactly 27 years and six weeks ago. Her mother Ellis was one of the most sought after and successful attorneys on the East Coast. She terrified lawyers, witnesses, jurors and judges alike and if she told you to do something you did it no questions asked. Her father however was completely different. Thatcher Grey was born and raised in London, England to Irish parents. He had trained as a lawyer and on a gap year he came to Boston on holiday where he met and fell in love with Ellis.

He was probably the only man on earth who was not frightened of her and could put up with her temper. Anyone who knew them well knew they were the perfect match and deeply in love. They married two years later and two years after that their much wanted first daughter Molly was born and they were perfect little family. Meredith was the unexpected surprise three years later.

Looking back at her childhood it was not hard to see that Molly was Ellis’ daughter in both looks and temperament while Meredith was more relaxed and carefree like her father. While Molly’s birthday was treated like a national holiday with a huge party and lots of presents Meredith’s was a low key event which usually consisted of her and Thatcher and a few of closest school friends blowing out candles on a small cake at her kitchen table. When Thatcher used to ask Ellis about planning a party for Meredith the excuse was either she was busy in court or Molly had ballet or horse riding lessons which were far more important.

Her favourite childhood memories were always of her and her dad.
It was when Meredith turned eight that she realised she did not like her sister. It was Molly who cruelly told her that Santa Claus did not exist and that she would not get any presents that year. On Christmas morning when she opened her presents she was so pleased to see the Girl's world set complete with doll and hair brushes and make up. It was exactly like the one Molly had – only more up-to-date. Her dad had winked her and told she now had her own doll that she could make up and style her hair. Meredith had never been so happy...until three hours later Molly deliberately spilt Ellis’ expensive bright red nail polish all over the doll’s hair and face.

Of course Molly cried and said it was accident and while Thatcher had saw the whole incident and tried to defend Meredith all Ellis could do was soothe a distraught Molly while disciplining a sobbing Meredith for being careless and to show more respect for her belongings. The doll was promptly thrown the bin and Meredith sent to her room.

She could hear her parents arguing the rest of the night while Molly was actually singing with happiness.

This pattern continued for the next nine years. If Meredith ever had any friends over Molly had to gatecrash and ruins things again blaming Meredith. When they were in high school Molly would spread nasty rumors about Meredith and her friends and took great satisfaction when she was bullied in school. Of course when Meredith told her parents she told to stop telling lies and picking on her sister.

When she turned 16 that is when things started to change for the worst. Many times she could hear her father talking on the telephone to relatives back in the UK enquiring about jobs and accommodation. On more than occasion she tearfully asked him if he was leaving. Each time he told her no. She also noticed that her mother had started drinking and was even more cutting and cruel in her comments.

Molly however had turned into every parent’s worst nightmare. While Meredith sat at home doing her homework and visiting friends at the weekend, Molly was escaping out her bedroom window every night and drinking with her friends. She got even more out of control when got her driving licence. Within two months she had already been stopped by police several times for drinking and speeding offences. Each time she had been bailed out by Ellis. The worst incident was when Molly was both drunk and high on heroine she managed to knock down on her own boyfriend. Ellis got the call at 3am and managed to convince the boyfriend not to press any charges.

By now Molly had scared off nearly every friend Meredith ever had. Her only friend was Emma. Together they had planned to escape their overbearing parents and travel the world before going to university and train to be teachers. While Meredith was tall with dirty blonde shoulder length hair, Emma was tall rake thin with long brown hair and extremely popular with boys. While Meredith was asked on plenty dates, Molly always found out and off course had to try them out for herself.

One Saturday night Meredith decided she would do things the same way as Molly. She climbed out her bedroom window and went to Emma’s 17th birthday party where fingers crossed the gorgeous Todd Barrowman would keep up his promise of dancing with her.

Four hours later she was in the emergency room. She had been attacked by Todd. As she sat battered and bruised Ellis called her a disgrace to the family and stormed out the hospital. Her father sat beside her crying that the family’s out of control behaviour had to stop. Emma felt guilty about the whole thing and could not look at Meredith. They never spoke again.

Two days later Thatcher Grey finally stood up to Ellis Grey and questioned her on her drinking and told her it had to stop. He explained that he had looked into their bank accounts to discover they had virtually no savings left. The money had been used to feed Molly’s heroin addiction and bailing her out of jail. It was time for a fresh start for everyone. They were moving to London no questions asked. His brother Jack had a job lined up for him as a solicitor in London and found a good sized house for them. He had enrolled Meredith in college and while Molly was horrified that she would now have to earn her living a secretary in Jack’s law firm

On her last day in Boston, Meredith came down to the Common and cried. She could understand why her father was doing this but just when she had chance to live her life the way she wanted it was snatched away. By this stage Meredith did not hate Molly, she despised her. She literally snorted, drank and bribed away her parents and their trust funds but yet Meredith Grey was the disgrace of the family.

The first few years in London had been great. Molly had calmed down even seemed to enjoy her job. Meredith went to college and received diplomas in child care. Her dream was still to teach but decided to take a year out and save up for the university fees. She found a job as a nanny for a young professional couple Helen and Colin and their one year old son James. She was own boss and most days was out and about the museums and parks and James adored her. She had started to think about returning to Boston but then Ellis took ill.

Although Ellis had stopped drinking nearly three years ago the damage had been done to her liver. Meredith came home one night to find her unconscious on the kitchen floor and for the next three years she was in and out of hospital all the time. She would take turns there was some big fancy name for them that Meredith could not pronounce. She would be awake but she could not remember who she was or where she was. It became so bad that Ellis needed 24 hour care she could not be left alone.

Thatcher had no choice but to remain working in order to pay the debts.
Molly reduced her hours but told Meredith in no uncertain terms that she would not be looking after Ellis alone. Meredith did the same and cut out the plans for university and became a part time nanny for James. Both with hospital stays and appointments that Molly could simply not attend a sympathetic Helen and Colin had to tell Meredith that they could no longer employ her. She understood there situation and they promised to keep in touch.

A year later they were given hope when Ellis was put on the waiting list for a liver transplant. For the next sixteen months they hearts stopped every time the telephone rang. When they received the call it was Thatcher and Meredith who went to the hospital with Ellis and held her hand as she went into the operating theatre. It was them who sat by her bedside in Intensive care for three days afterwards. It was them who held her when she nearly died of an infection and when she was delirious with high temperatures and pain medication.

Molly’s reaction to the transplant was to go out and party – she had her life back after all. She rarely visited Ellis in hospital and told her father “I don’t like hospitals”.

It was on one of these the days that Ellis was delirious that Meredith’s world fell down around her.

The doctors and nurses were in her hospital room trying to calm her and asked Ellis who Meredith was Ellis’s response was “I don’t know”. Meredith was visibly upset at this and knew it was a side effect of the pain medication. The nurses sat with her and cheered her up. Those nurses were the most thoughtful and caring people Meredith had ever met. They were her friends and she was even invited to two hen nights a wedding reception and the Christmas night out.

Later on that same night Meredith was sitting in the room wiping of the sweat of Ellis’ forehead her temperature was hitting 100F and one of the nurses Claire was helping her calm Ellis. Claire was talking to Ellis telling her what a fantastic daughter she had in Meredith. However Ellis’s response chilled them both to the bone.

She sat up in bed her voice completely calm. “Where is Molly? She is MY daughter; she is the one I wanted.” She turned and looked Meredith in the eye "You were a mistake, I was on my way to the hospital to get rid of you when your father convinced me to keep you. You have been nothing but an inconvenience your whole life" Clare somehow managed to speak calmly and softly but Ellis would not listen “Molly would be here but she is busy.” Meredith fled the hospital room in tears and nothing Claire said or did could calm her down.

Somehow Meredith was not surprised by Ellis’ words. She did not tell her father what her mother had said about her and to the astonishment of Claire was back by Ellis’ bedside the next day, Three months later Ellis was allowed home from hospital; it took another for health to return but at least Meredith was able to go back to work as a nanny.

The day before her 27th birthday Ellis was given a clean bill health. When Meredith woke up the next morning her father greeted her in the kitchen singing Happy Birthday she even got a birthday kiss from Ellis. It was strange because since that night in the hospital her relationship with Ellis improved. They often went out shopping together or went to the cinema to see a movie but what was said that night was never discussed.

It was then she decided it was time. Time to move on with her life. Live her life the way she wanted. She had a lot of bad memories in Boston but also a lot of good ones. That night they went for a family meal in a small restaurant in Covent Garden when Meredith told her family that she was moving back to Boston. The nanny organisation she worked with was able to find her job in a day care facility. Ellis did not say much except good luck. Molly through a temper tantrum worthy of an Oscar and could not believe how selfish she was. Two days later Thatcher dropped her off at Heathrow Airport. He had spoken with some old friends in Boston who were able to find a decent apartment for her to live in. He also handed her an envelope and told her it was a cheque. She was given strict instructions not too open it until she was on the flight. “You deserve it” was all he said as he kissed her goodbye.

That had been six weeks ago.

Since arriving back in Boston Meredith had managed to get in contact with Emma and some of her other friends from school. They all went for a meal and although it was a good night it was clear that the damage Molly had done in school could not be repaired. Both herself and Emma went shopping that next weekend for things for her apartment and although friendly they could never be the best friends that they were for one thing Emma could never understand why Meredith gave up everything to care for Ellis when she was ill.

“Because she is my mother and I am her daughter. Because if I hadn’t no-one else would have.”

Meredith was the happiest now that she ever had been. She knew herself that she needed to get more but the thought of going on dates terrified her – the memory of her attack ten years still lingered with her but with like everything else she would take one day at a time.

“Enough reminiscing” thought Meredith. She didn’t know how long she had been lying there and was just about to get up when she felt something wet on her cheek. She opened her eyes and found herself staring into a pair of blue eyes of a giggling baby who decided to start playfully hitting her on the chest.

“Beth stop that. Oh God I am so sorry...”

Meredith looked up to the voice and found herself looking into a matching pair of blue eyes.

Thanks again to cluless angel for your help!

Love it or hate please review...



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PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh this is lovely. I could feel Meredith's pain. What an awful mother she had, and a most despicable sister. And this happens in families, oh yes.

You brought us her anguish, her hate, her utter dismay, and Meredith's determination to get on with her life.

(Some people just can't be helped. That Molly was a spoilt brat and it showed.)

Thank you for a wonderful stroll around Boston. It was lovely to see the city through Meredith's eyes, even if only a small part.

I'm looking forward to the next part. Well done.


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:59 pm    Post subject: Chapter 2 Reply with quote

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to review and leave a comment. It really means a lot to me.



Chapter 2.

Derek was glad to get out of his office. Even with the air conditioning on it was still hitting the high 90’s. All he wanted to do was get home and rescue his daughter from his mother – or was that the other way round?

He glanced at his watch and figured that it would just be quicker to walk from his office to his apartment – and it would probably be a lot cooler too.

Forty five minutes later Derek strolled into Boston Common. By this time on Friday afternoon the park was packed with tourists, young families enjoying the good weather and tired workers on their way home. He searched for a quiet spot that he could sit and play with Beth. His mom had said that she had been restless and grouchy all day – most likely because of the intense heat. That and the fact that she was teething and not really sleeping at night probably did not help either.

He found a quiet spot close by the entrance to City Hall. A group of tourists taking the Freedom Trail tour walked past and as he was sitting on the grass he noticed a young woman lying sunbathing nearby. He silently hoped and prayed that Beth would not start one of her very loud temper tantrums. He just wanted to sit and relax in peace and quiet and think about his options. He could not believe how much his life had changed in the past year.

Derek Christopher Shepherd was at 35 one of the most successful neurosurgeons in the US. He had his own private practice which he co-owned with his wife Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepherd and his best friend Mark Sloan.

His neurology clinic was the busiest in Boston and he had job offers from every major hospital on both the East and West Coast. His close friend Mark Sloan was the go-to plastic surgeon on the East Coast and his wife Addison was one to the top neo-natal and gynaecologists in the US. The three of them had created a very successful partnership.

Now Derek could not but help but wonder how they were ever partners in medicine or even friends in the first place.

Derek came from a large family. He was born and raised in Boston to fantastic parents. Cathryn Shepherd was a former army nurse and his father Michael a retired head school teacher. Although born in Hyannis Michael moved to Boston to attend university. He had lived there for a few years before he met Cathryn and it was love at first sight. They were married a year later and together raised their five children – all of which were doctors and surgeons in their own right, Kathleen – a psychologist, Nancy in gynaecology, Derek a neurosurgeon, Jennifer a general surgeon and Samantha who was one of the youngest cardiologists at John Hopkins.

When Michael retired from teaching he and Cathryn decided to leave Boston and move back to Hyannis in the old Shepherd family house. All of their children helped to pay more an extension to the house and restore it back to its full glory of a typical Cape Cod property. The best thing about the house was the small walkway between the gardens and the beach. After a few months Cathryn had redecorated some of the spare bedrooms and opened up a small Bed and Breakfast for tourists during the holiday season.

When Derek thought back to his childhood five words would describe it best. Mad. Crazy. Noisy. Loving. Comfortable.

His relationship with his sisters could be heated and argumentative but he knew that no matter what they all cared deeply for each other and at some point had helped each other out in the darkest of times. Derek would have been lost without his sister’s support over the past six months.

Derek had quickly learned during his teenage years that his sisters were always right, he was always wrong and most importantly how to get in the bathroom first in the mornings. His bedroom was the first in the house with an en-suite bathroom. His parents took pity on him, however his sisters now two bathrooms to fight over.

He was close to all of his sisters especially Samantha or Sam for short. She was the baby of the family and was often left out of his sisters activities when they were younger and Derek usually took of her. Many afternoons would be spent making sandcastles on the beach and during the week looking out for her at school.

Even now as an adult there was nothing Derek enjoyed more than walking into the family home to the smell of fresh baked bread or muffins or the dinner cooking in the oven. His ideal weekend was walking along the beach at sunrise followed by some fishing with his father in Hyannis Bay.

It was in high school that he struck a friendship with Mark Sloan. Mark was an only child to rich parents that he was lucky to see once a month never mind every day. Mark’s legal guardian was a paid employee while his parents partied and shopped around the world. Cathryn and Michael soon took the young Mark under their wing and before long he was spending weekends with Derek and his family at the Cape.

Whilst Derek was kind, caring and thoughtful Mark was loud, cocky and quite frankly a womaniser. It was Mark who met Addison first.

Addison Forbes Montgomery came from a wealthy and privileged family. She and her brother Archer could want for nothing. Addison and Mark came from the same backgrounds and they hit it off straight away. They were a couple for a short time until Addison realised early in their relationship that Mark could not be trusted and promptly dumped him. A few weeks later she and Derek went on their first date. At first Mark was pissed with his best friend but could see that Addison was more suited to Derek than she was with him.

Derek and Addison were married for nearly 11 years. For ten of those years Derek had yearned to be a father but Addison was never ready. She wanted to build her career as a neo-natal surgeon and Derek supported her fully. After five years he asked her if she wanted children – “Maybe next year” would be her answer. On the ninth year of marriage Derek decided that he would no longer ask the question as he already knew the answer. At that time he dreaded going home to parents as he knew what the first question would be as soon as he walked in through the door – “When are we going to be grandparents?” He had run out of suitable answers for his mother.

So imagine his surprise nearly eighteen months ago when he came home from work only for Addison to tell him that she was ready to start to start a family with him.

Derek was overjoyed and much to his delight eight weeks later Addison told him she was pregnant. While Derek was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement Addison was as a cool as anything. Derek at the time had put it down to the fact that as she was one of the best ob gyns in the country she knew what to expect during pregnancy.

However it was Derek who decided on names, colour schemes and furniture for the nursery. He planned for them to continue living in their Beacon Hill apartment for a while after the baby born and that would give them a chance to find the perfect family home.

Addison went into labour a few weeks early and after a long labour Bethany Morgan Montgomery Shepherd was born was weighing 7lbs 8ozs. For Derek it was the best day of his life. Everyone remarked on how much Beth resembled her daddy with her blue eyes and mop of dark curly hair.

Derek loved being father – he loved giving Bethany her bottle feeds, and sitting reading her a story when she should have been sleeping at 3:30 in the morning.

It wasn’t until Beth was nearly four weeks old that he realised Addison did not really bother much with the baby and thought it was just a case of the post baby blues.

However he received the shock of his life when he awoke one morning to find a note from Addison saying that she did not want to be a mother and how Beth was better with him.

Derek was frantic. For the next few weeks his mother stayed in Boston with him while his sisters came and helped out as much as they could.
He and Mark searched all over for the city for Addison but they could not find her. A few weeks later he received a letter from her lawyers asking for a divorce and signing over all parental rights to him. She also gave him her share of the practice. Derek was devastated. He could not believe that any woman, never mind a specialist in babies could walk out on her new born baby.

Seven months later Derek was still trying to get some stability in his life. He was back at work and was now in the process of trying to find a new nanny. The first nanny lasted three months. Tanya was a nice girl fresh from college but more interested shopping on the internet and making long distance calls on his telephone than looking after his daughter. What didn’t help was coming home from work one night to find her having sex with her boyfriend on the kitchen floor while Beth was crying her heart out.

The second nanny – Martha – was his mother’s choice. She was 60 and ruled the apartment with an iron wrist – it was at the stage that Derek was scared to breathe in his own home and Beth simply did not bond with her.

Now it was back to square one in regards to child care and he did not want to depend on his mother and sisters all the time.

He had to make a decision – risk another nanny or try a day care facility?

He also had to decide what to do about his friendship with Mark.

When Addison had left Mark had decided to tell him a few home truths about Addison and what had happened when they had dated. Derek had been furious that it taken his best friend so long to tell him that Addison had split with Mark years ago because she was pregnant with his baby and had an abortion behind his back. Addison had told Mark in no uncertain terms that she never wanted children.

What had infuriated Derek was that why Mark had never told him about this. He and Mark were practically brothers and told each other everything, Mark would often tell Derek about his escapades with women. So why did he never tell him that Addison was pregnant and that he was going to be a father? Thinking back now, if Derek had known he would have never had asked Addison out on a date so soon after their split and would have discussed having children with Addison before he did.

Then there was Addison why had she never told him but then at the moment he questioned every single thing he thought he knew about his wife.

Derek felt as if his world was spinning madly out of control.

Now as he sat down on the grass with Beth he had to start making proper decisions about their future.

He watched as Beth sat on the grass playing with her teddy bear. Derek had bought “Patch” the day after Addison had told him she was pregnant. Despite not having a mother around Beth was a happy baby. All of her aunts had made sure that she had plenty of designer clothes to wear and toys to play with while Derek and his father had set up and decorated the nursery. His mother had got him into a routine of sorts of when to make up bottle feeds, do the laundry and go shopping. Cathryn would often come up to Boston and stay for a few days and help out looking after Beth while Derek returned to work.

Derek had spent the last weekend literally chasing Beth around the apartment as she had just started crawling and everything within her reach was either thrown across the floor or she tried to eat it. He did not have a chance to clean the apartment or do any laundry and as for cooking... His mother had been horrified at the state of the place when she arrived yesterday. He tried to explain that he had asked the nanny for help only to be informed that she was employed to watch and play with the baby and not to run around after him. Derek was too scared of her to say anything different.

Beth giggling brought Derek back to the present. She was the one thing that he loved most in his life. Her gorgeous black hair and her smile which proudly showed her one front tooth melted his heart. She deserved better than this.

He reached into his backpack to for a baby wipe to remove the drool from Beth’s chin when he turned around Beth had disappeared. His heart had nearly stopped beating when all of a sudden he could hear her giggle he looked in front of him and there she was, sitting beside a young woman and trying to get her attention not only by drooling over but also hitting her in the chest with Patch the bear.

“Beth stop that. Oh God I am so sorry...”

The next thing he knew he was staring into the most gorgeous pair of green eyes.

“It’s okay I’m used to it.”

“I’m so sorry she has just started crawling and I only took my eyes off her for a minute” Derek responded.

“Really it’s fine – it only happens to me three or four a times day.” Derek raised his eyebrows at the stranger’s response.

Meredith noticed his questioning look and explained “I work in the baby room in the day care facility down town – you get drooled on, head butted and objects threw at you several times a day.”

Beth decided to start hitting Meredith again jealous that she was no longer getting any attention.

“Oh sorry, did we forget you” Meredith said to the baby who was now bouncing where she sat and giggling at Meredith.

“I’m so sorry for disturbing you; she has just started crawling and is in to everything” Derek replied.

“That sounds familiar” Meredith laughed and then reached over to Beth “and what is your name”

“Beth” Derek answered. He could not believe how well Beth was getting on with the woman. Usually she started screaming if she was placed within three feet of a stranger.

“Hello Beth and who is this?” she asked pointing to the teddy bear.

“Where are my manners and let me start over. I’m Derek and this is my daughter Beth and this is Patch the Bear.” He reached out and shook hands with her.

“I’m Meredith.” She shook his hand. They both felt the jolt of electricity has their hands touched. “...and hello Derek, Beth and Patch the Bear.”
Again if you have read this... please, please review.
Lots of reviews = quicker updates!!!!

Very Happy

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awww...poor Beth. Her mother doesn't want to be around, and poor Derek, being left to look after a baby. It would have been hard for Derek's best friend to tell him what Addison was like. People don't like to make waves.

And now Meredith and Derek and Beth (and Patch the Bear) have met. Romance in the air?

Next part please.
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2010 9:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For some silly reason i have posted chapter 3 as new post rather than here...
I am now trying to fix the problem... sorry for any confusion - i'll blame it on the wine that i was enjoying way too much when i posted the story!!!

Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2010 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AN: Both this chapter and the next one will mainly be written as flashbacks and you will be introduced to more of the other characters from Greys.

I have written and re-written this chapter so many times and am still not completely happy with it.

There will be more dialogue in later chapters – at the moment we still in the introduction stage of the story. All i ask that you stick with a have great plans for this story.

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to review – i really do appreciate it!


Chapter 3

It had been four weeks since Meredith had met Derek and Beth in Boston Common and Meredith could not believe how much things had changed since then.

After they had met they must have sat there for nearly an hour chatting about Beth, their jobs, their love of Boston and the Red Sox and even the weather.

Now here she was packing up the last of her few belongings and handing them over the Fed EX agent for the journey to Seattle. She walked over and locked her suitcase and made sure she had her tickets as Derek and Beth would be here shortly to collect her and head over to the airport.

She cast her mind back to that sunny afternoon.

Her first impression of Derek was that of someone who was well educated and came from a rich family. His interests would probably include opera, classical music and would have memberships for the most elite golf and yacht clubs on the east coast.

So imagine her surprise when he told her that his favourite band was The Clash and also enjoyed blasting some Bon Jovi and Metallica and when it came to sport he was devoted fan of the Red Sox and New England Patriots. He told her that he could not wait to take Beth to her first game at Fenway Park and watch the Red Sox knock the seven bells out of the Yankees.

Derek seemed to be equally surprised that he had met a good looking woman who just as passionate about the Red Sox as he was and who also enjoyed the same tastes in music as him.

Meredith had sat and waited for the moment that he would mention his wife and she would suddenly remember that all the good, nice and caring men in the world were spoken for.

Derek meanwhile had sat and watched at how well Beth was getting on with Meredith. He smiled, suddenly realising how unsuited he and Addison had been. The only thing they had in common was medicine and to be the best in their respective careers. Addison enjoyed tennis while Derek preferred baseball. Every time he would play his Clash albums Addison would tut her disapproval. She however was into opera, ballet and classical music recitals. There were at least three visits to the ballet every year and Derek personally would have found pulling his own teeth more enjoyable. When Derek suggested going to see a rock gig Addison had been horrified.

So imagine his delight when he discovered the young woman in front of him had been to one of the biggest rock festivals in England earlier that year.

It was only when Beth realised that she was no longer the centre of attention and started crying that broke up Meredith and Derek discussing the above mentioned rock festival and some of the best albums of the last few years along with the recent success of the Red Sox.

“Hey are we ignoring you” Meredith said to Beth.

“That and the fact that she is probably hungry” Derek said suddenly realising the time. “I had better get going before grandma sends out a search party.” He joked as picked Beth up and put her back in her buggy.
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to keep you back. I’ll ...” Derek looked at Meredith as she started to ramble.

“No, you didn’t keep us back. It was actually quite nice to have a conversation with another adult that didn’t involve feeding routines and dirty diapers.”

“Well if you want to have that conversation I certainly have plenty of stories to share” Meredith laughed.

“True.” Derek smiled at her. “Truthfully though, mom was probably glad of the peace and quiet for a while. Madam here has been playing everyone up lately and this intense heat has not helped.”

“Tell me about it. Everyone, children included were all in a grouchy bad mood today too.” Meredith replied.

“Unfortunately Beth’s temper tantrums have been lasting longer than one day.” Derek answered.

“Oh, she could be teething?” Meredith said softly.

“That’s what mom thought too but after her first tooth came through the tantrums continued and she will not settle for anyone. Except you...”

Derek smirked at her and could not help but be amused at the blush in Meredith’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry” Meredith stammered.

“No don’t be. It is actually nice to see her meet someone new and rather than scream her lungs out, cling on to you and play with you.” Derek said smiling warmly at Meredith.

“She’s shy with strangers?” asked Meredith

“Yes, why?” asked Derek

“Well you wouldn’t think that considering she just crawled over and drooled on me” giggled Meredith.

“Well Beth is a very smart child. She takes after her father, she must like you.”

Meredith definitely blushed this time. Derek smiled even more.

“So what are you doing tomorrow?”

Meredith giggled as thought back to that afternoon. She was embarrassed by the compliments that Derek had given her. She simply was not used to anyone paying her a compliment and usually turned bright red with any small of amount of praise she received.

When he asked what she was doing the next day she nearly passed out and rambled like only she could that it would not be appropriate to go out with a married man.

That was when Derek told her that Beth’s mother did not live with them anymore and that he had not had any contact with her for six months.

When Meredith heard that she literally wished the earth would swallow her up she was so embarrassed. She could not help but feel sad for both Derek and Beth at the way they had been abandoned by Addison. She did not want to admit that she was secretly happy that Derek was single, not that he would be interested in her in any way, shape or form.

She soon realised that Derek would not take no for an answer and agreed to meet him at the park again tomorrow afternoon.

She woke the next morning grateful that it was her day off. She had some errands that she needed to do before heading down to the common to meet Derek after lunch.

Derek and Beth were already there and again Beth crawled straight over to her as soon as she saw her. They had a fun afternoon crawling around after Beth and they had all went paddling at Frog Pond. Meredith had never felt more alive and happy and reminded her of the days she had spent as a nanny in London.

After an hour of having both of Derek and Meredith chasing around after her, Beth eventually fell asleep in Meredith’s arms and Derek bought her an ice cream. Like the day before they sat and talked for ages discussing their favourite movies, books, television shows and their favourite places in Boston.

Derek told her about his job as a neurosurgeon and about the two previous nannies he had hired and since fired. Meredith in return told him about her days as a nanny in London. It was at that point that Derek had asked her if she would be interested in becoming Beth’s new nanny.

Meredith could not believe her ears and her luck. Here was a good looking man with a great sense of humour offering her job as a nanny. As much as she loved working in the crèche she really wanted away from her boss. Derek had explained that she did not need to answer him straight away and they exchanged telephone numbers. He had then insisted that they go for a meal that night to discuss the position, even though to Meredith it sounded more like he was asking her out for a date.

They had gone to one of the many Irish bars in Boston where Derek proudly boasted that his family tree originated back in Ireland and how he loved this particular bar with the traditional Irish music and Irish menus. Meredith laughed and told him that when living in London she had gone to Ireland for a weekend and had to visit many bars to try and find Irish music playing and corned beef and cabbage on the menu.

“What was on the menu?” a shocked Derek answered.

“Hamburgers, fries, lasagne in most bars and most restaurants served Chinese, Indian or Italian food. The music was chart hits or a local band trying to make it big.” She looked at his face and laughed “Sorry to ruin the dream. There are traditional Irish pubs set up for tourists but you need to look for them”.

The dinner date had went well – very well and it wasn’t until they were getting into the taxi that Derek realised that they had not yet discussed the job offer.

Once the taxi had pulled up outside her apartment Derek insisted on walking her to her door. She was tempted to invite him in for coffee but it just did not feel right. She really wanted out of the crèche and as much as she would have loved to have a relationship with him it just did not feel right.

They said their goodnights and Meredith had arranged to visit Derek’s apartment the next day to discuss the job offer.

The next day Meredith arrived on time at Derek’s apartment and when she knocked on the door she was instantly greeted by a much older woman with short silver gray hair.

“You must be Meredith.” The older woman had asked.

“Yes” stammered Meredith.

“Well come in, forgive me I’m Carolyn Shepherd, Derek’s mother, he has spoken none stop about you over the last few days.”

‘Oh dear God’ thought Meredith. “I have to pass the mother test.”

“It’s nice to meet you” Meredith shakily answered back.

“Look who’s here Beth” Derek said as he came over to greet her. Beth immediately reached over to be in Meredith’s arm. An act that did not go unnoticed by Carolyn.

As tempted as she was Carolyn decided not to charge in with all guns blazing and ask Meredith a hundred questions about her child care experience and instead took a step back.

She offered coffee and freshly baked muffins which Meredith quickly decided were the nicest she had ever had. Carolyn stood at the kitchen counter pretending to be tidying while observing the sight in front of her.

She had not seen Derek as happy since the day Beth was born. In fact it was probably the happiest she had seen him in a long time. Her granddaughter was actually crawling around and playing happily with Meredith a sight which not only shocked her but pleased her – Beth had never played or acted so well behaved around her aunts or cousins.

As for Meredith she was obviously used to working with children and she acted so normal and casual with Beth, but Carolyn could not but notice that she came across as quiet and shy. Nonetheless she liked the girl and a blind man could have seen the attraction between her son and the young woman.

Carolyn Shepherd realised that Meredith might be the best thing to happen to Derek.

Several hours later Derek walked Meredith back out to her taxi and promised to call her tomorrow. He went back into his apartment where his mother simply greeted him with “She’s the one.”

Derek had called her as promised the following day and told her that she had the job as Beth’s nanny if she was still interested.

Meredith delightfully hung up her cell phone and handed in her resignation effective immediately to her boss. She was so excited and could not believe her luck that she could not wait to get started. She called Derek back and asked if it is was okay if she started the following day.

Derek was ecstatic.

Meredith had quickly set up a routine with Beth and Derek. She would arrive at his apartment for 8am every morning just in time for Beth’s breakfast. After the third morning Derek had insisted on making her pancakes for breakfast after he had discovered that she normally skipped breakfast. Derek would leave for work around 8:30 and she would clear up the dishes and put on any laundry before heading out for the morning. Her and Beth would go the park and the aquarium and generally chill out and have some fun.

Most afternoons when Beth was sleeping Meredith would attempt to make a dinner. It was not that she was a bad cook she just did not have enough patience and never had anyone to show her how to master it. The only dish she could successfully master was Spaghetti Bolognese and she thought that Derek would not want that every night of the week.

After the first week Derek politely asked Meredith not to make dinner – his exact words had been that it was enough she was doing their laundry without cooking as well - he would cook when he came home around 6pm... and invited Meredith to stay most nights for dinner.

Meredith stopped cooking and decided to start baking with Beth instead. Derek arrived home early one afternoon to find them both sitting on the kitchen floor mixing ingredients for brownies. There were probably more ingredients on them and the floor than what was in the bowl. Derek had laughed out loud and reached from the camera.

The brownies were simply delicious with Derek bringing in them into the practice boasting of his daughter’s baking skills.

The next day Derek invited Meredith to join him and Beth and the rest of his family for the Memorial Day weekend down at the family home on Cape Cod. Meredith at first refused and said that she had made arrangements with friends. She hadn’t of course; she was just using that as an excuse. The truth was that the thought of spending the weekend with Derek and his family terrified her.

It was stupid really. All her life she had dreamed of being a part of a large family and although she knew Derek and his mother would make her feel welcome she could not help but feel that she would be intruding and no doubt his sister’s would ask a million questions about her and the last thing she wanted was Derek and his family finding out about her family life. The last thing she wanted was to be made fun off and no doubt Derek would not want someone as messed up as her looking after his daughter.

She could see that Derek was disappointed when she declined the offer of the weekend away, however two hours later and after a one way telephone conversation with Carolyn Meredith was heading to Cape Cod for the weekend.

Derek had finished early that Friday so that they could head straight down to the Cape before the roads got too busy. Derek talked nonstop the whole way there about the Cape and how he loved the relaxed atmosphere and the salty air. Meredith had to remind him several times that she been to the Cape before – albeit not since her return from London and they both shared stories of summer days on Hyannis beach.

Meredith was speechless when she saw the Shepherd’s house. It was a classic Cape Cod house – painted with grey cedar shingles and was overlooking the sea. It was absolutely beautiful.

As soon as Meredith opened the car door she was greeted with the sound of children playing down at the beach. Derek smiled then grimaced – “that is the sound of my numerous nieces and nephews – you will get to know them really well very soon!”

And Meredith certainly did. She had been dreading that weekend and it turned out to be one of the best weekends of her life.

Both Carolyn and Michael had been very welcoming and gave her own en-suite bedroom. She was introduced to everyone and both she and Derek’s youngest sister Sam had hit it off straight away. Sam’s husband Gavin was a chef and had spent most of Sunday morning showing and teaching Meredith various different recipes to cook. She had spent most of the weekend down on the beach with Derek and his sister Sam who were both trying to teach their children how to build the best sandcastle.

The only thorn in the whole weekend had been Derek’s older sister Nancy. She had been best friends with Addison and was still having trouble believing that Addison had walked out on her family.

Nancy could clearly see Derek’s attraction to Meredith and decided that she wanted to know a little more information about the nanny. Over Sunday dinner she quizzed Meredith about her family and why she lived in London. Meredith decided to tread carefully and somehow managed to hold her ground under the interrogation. She explained that she had one older sister who she was not really close to.

Meredith went on to explain that she was qualified in childcare and had been a nanny in London and also about how she had been a carer for her mother. However Nancy wanted more answers and sensing Meredith’s discomfort Carolyn politely told her to stop the questioning.

Meredith offered to help tidy up and do the dishes but was ordered out of the kitchen by Derek’s father who said he would be offended at a guest washing the dishes. In order to clear her head Meredith went for a walk along the beach.

A short while later Derek joined her on the beach. He could not but how happy Meredith had been all weekend and how her whole demeanour had changed following Nancy’s questioning.

“I’m sorry about Nancy; she always has been the interrogator of the family.” He said as he walked up behind her.

“It’s okay. She’s your sister she is just looking out for you” Meredith replied quietly staring out at the ocean.

“Nancy has to know every little piece of information about everyone. There are no secrets were she is concerned. Meredith I apologise if she has offended or upset you in any way.”Derek said.

Meredith did not want to get in to this conversation – not here, not now and ruin what she had thought had been a great weekend.

“Don’t worry its fine. Believe me I’ve heard and dealt with a lot worse” Meredith replied.

Meredith sat down in the sand and Derek joined her.

“This really a beautiful place your parents have here.” Meredith as took in the scene in front of the house, gardens and isolated beach.

“I love it here. But trust me with my nieces and nephews the house is rarely ever quiet. Out here however is different.” He smiled.

“You have no idea how lucky you are Derek, to have a family that looks out for you and cares for you.”

“You cared for your mother – you’re close to her and I am sure she misses you.”

Meredith started to laugh at this comment.

“What’s so funny?” Derek asked confused at why she would be laughing at his comment.

“It’s a long story that I do not want to get into – not here anyway.” She stood up and turned to walk back into to the house when Derek reached out and held her hand.


“Derek don’t...not here ...”

Derek was at a loss at what to say or do. He hated the expression on Meredith’s face. He knew that there was something that she was not telling him but he did not want to press the issue. She would tell him in her own good time.

Looking into her tearful eyes he knew in that moment that he wanted to make her smile and for her to be happy and to be more than Beth’s nanny. He wanted her to become a part of the family.

He reached out and pulled her towards him letting her cry softly on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry Meredith” he whispered gently.

In the few days since their return from the Cape Meredith had started to notice how Derek would cast an extra glance in her direction when making dinner and would ask for her opinion on something in the news.
On one occasion when chasing after Beth they collided with one another. In a split second it felt as if the world had stopped and all she wanted to do was kiss him, but she couldn’t – in her eyes having a relationship with Derek was wrong when he was paying her to look after his daughter.

She still stayed for dinner most nights and would help get Beth settled for bed and she would still be there at 10pm, with her and Derek losing track of time chatting about Beth and his family and watching the Red Sox game on the television. She could not help but be attracted to Derek.

One night after dinner and Beth was fast asleep Derek told her about a job offer he had received from a former colleague and mentor Richard Webber. He offered Derek the head of Neurology at Seattle Grace Hospital and the possibility of being Chief when he retired. The pay was excellent and he explained to Meredith that he had accepted the position.

As much as he loved having his family nearby, he needed a fresh start out of Boston and away from memories of him and Addison on every street corner. He needed to prove to himself and his family that he could look after Beth.

Meredith was quietly devastated. Here she had finally found the perfect job and the perfect guy and it was over in the space of a few weeks. She had the chance of having a normal life and now it was gone. She managed to look calm and just about heard the question that Derek asked her.

“I know I am asking a lot, but Beth loves you and frankly I would be lost without you – but would you consider moving to Seattle with us? I mean as Beth’s nanny and maybe as...I don’t know what I’m saying other than the fact that I like you... a lot and I care for you and I want to get to know you better”

‘Oh God’ Meredith silently thought.

Meredith had accepted the job offer much to Derek’s delight. However it would be on one condition. She explained that although she did have feelings for him, things would have to remain professional with them. She was either Beth’s nanny or his girlfriend but she could not be both.

“It just wouldn’t be right for me to date my boss – I’m sorry.”

Derek could understand the way she felt and reluctantly he put the needs of his daughter before his. He just hoped that when they got to Seattle he could change her mind.
Meredith could hear the car horn signalling that Derek had pulled up outside – she doubled checked that she had everything and closed her apartment door.

She could not help but feel slightly nervous – was she doing the right thing? However at the same time she had never felt more alive and happy in her whole life.
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Two updates in two days – i did a lot of writing and amending done today and decided to post this a little earlier than planned. Very Happy

In this chapter Derek and Meredith are now in Seattle and again the story is told in flashback form.

Thank you again for the lovely comments.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The move to Seattle had been relatively hassle free – well as hassle free as it can be when you are moving to the other side of the country.

Derek had ordered a cab and picked Meredith up from her apartment and made the quick journey to Logan International Airport. An hour later and they were at the sitting at a small cafe beside the boarding gate. Derek told Meredith how he knew Richard Webber and his wife Adele and that they were both going to meet them at the airport and take them to hotel that they would staying at until they could have a house.

Meredith nearly choked on her latte at the mention of “they”. Derek casually informed her that he was not in private practice with set hours anymore and it would be more practical for Meredith to be a live-in nanny.

Seven hours later and they had arrived in Seattle. The sun was just beginning to set when they were finally leaving the airport for their waterfront hotel. The Webbers had booked them into the penthouse suite on the top floor of the hotel. Her own private bedroom was nearly the entire size of her old apartment.

They were all tired after the long journey especially Beth who decided to be Miss shy upon meeting Adele. Meredith had been surprised at how well behaved Beth had been on the flight. There had been a few tears when the plane had started to take off in Boston but she soon settled and she had been fast asleep when they landed in Seattle.

Richard and Adele arrived at the hotel for lunch the following day in the beautiful waterfront restaurant. Derek and Richard had talked mainly about the hospital with Richard telling him all about his new colleagues and the teaching programme they currently had in place and were ranked third in the US behind John Hopkins and Mass General.

Meanwhile Adele told Meredith all about Seattle from the best shops and restaurants to things to see and do. Adele had also brought along some flyers for houses that were for sale close to the hospital and amenities such as shops and schools.

Adele had picked two out that they go and view today one in the Queen Anne area of Seattle and the other just outside the Downtown area.

“Well what do you think?” Adele asked Meredith.

“They both look really nice, but it’s not really my decision to make ...” Meredith stammered. Derek had been watching Meredith for the past few minutes and took this moment to join in the conversation.

“Nonsense. Of course it is your choice to make - you will be living there too. So which one do we view first?” Derek smiled at her before looking at the two houses Adele had picked out.

Three hours later Derek had signed for the Queen Anne house.

The Downtown townhouse would have been closer to the hospital but Derek had been put off by the internal water feature – there had been a hole in the roof which had supposedly been repaired but the house still smelt mouldy and damp.

Meredith had loved the Queen Anne house from the moment she had walked in through the door. It was your basic family home with a good sized lounge which was joined to the dining room and kitchen. Upstairs were three good sized bedrooms and the bathroom. The basement was used for storage and a utility room. There was even a small enclosed garden and patio area at the back of the house. Derek had been especially pleased with the two car garage and the fact it was only ten minutes from the hospital.

An hour later and Derek Shepherd was the new owner.

As the house was empty Derek soon made arrangements for them to move in within the next few days and was soon on the phone with Fed Ex to arrange the delivery of their furniture and other belongings.

Because of his long hours Derek had very little time to get the house tided and decorated and put Meredith in charge of getting the house organised.

Two days after buying the house the decorators were in painting every room in the house, a few days later the carpets were fitted and then Fed Ex arrived and they finally moved in to their new house.

That had a month ago and Meredith had soon realised why Derek had wanted to her to be a live- in nanny. As he was an attending he could pick and choose his hours but as he was new and wanted to impress both Richard and his fellow surgeons, Derek was starting work most mornings at 6am and staying most nights until 7pm. He was usually home in time to bath Beth and put her bed.

Derek would come home and tell Meredith all about that day’s surgery and who he had worked with.

Derek being Derek had made friends easily especially with another attending – Owen Hunt – head of trauma.

By the end of his second week Derek had invited another surgeon who he was friendly with to come over and watch the Seahawks game. Derek told Meredith that Owen had been a medic in the army and had served in Iraq and that his girlfriend was a resident at the hospital. Derek explained how Christina Yang was one of the best surgical residents in the hospital who had an intense passion for cardio and to be the best. He also described her as being demanding, challenging and selfish.

On the day Meredith had been introduced to Christina could only be described as hectic for Meredith. She was trying to finish tidying the house and Beth had been extra clingy and last thing Meredith was in the mood for was to meet and entertain Derek’s friends.

Owen and Christina had arrived just before the game started armed with some beer and a bottle of wine. Meredith was instantly by Owen’s politeness and sense of humour and could not believe how someone like him was living with someone like Christina.

Christina had made it perfectly clear from the moment she set foot through the door that she did not want to be there. She wanted to be drinking lots of alcohol in Joes’ – a bar across the road from the hospital.

Whilst Derek and Owen were in the lounge watching the game, Meredith had decided to continue trying to clean up after dinner only to have Christina follow her into the kitchen and go on and on about how bored she felt she was not getting enough surgery time. She then asked Meredith why she would want to do something as crazy as looking after children all day. Meredith was speechless when Christina referred to children as ‘toxic’.

When Beth woke up crying Christina’s response was simply “the brat’s awake”.

Meredith took a deep breath before going upstairs to settle Beth. She came back downstairs and walked back into kitchen and said to Christina

“Why do you want to be a surgeon? I am a nanny and I enjoy it. I love with working with children – I finally have the childhood I never had and get to make sure that at least one child does not as crappy an upbringing as I had. Does that answer your question?”

Christina was sitting on a stool at the island.

“I watched my father die in a car crash and I felt useless, that I could have saved him somehow. I’m rude, insensitive and hard core about surgery and I don’t like children.” She answered looking Meredith straight in the eye. “Do you want another glass of wine?”

“Yes please” Meredith answered “... but do not call Beth a brat again. Deal?”

“Deal” Christina said

After the dodgy start Meredith and Christina were now good friends – Owen going as far as calling them the ‘twisted sisters’.

Meredith liked her simply because she did not hold back – she did not lie and would honestly tell you if your bum looked too big in something. Meredith found her refreshing.

‘The Sport’s Night’ became a weekly event and each time Meredith and Christina would sit in the kitchen with a bottle of wine and generally bitch about life in general. Meredith had even told her about her relationship with her family with Christina offering to help Meredith hide the body of her sister if she ever came to Seattle.

It was the morning after one of these evenings that Meredith found herself standing at the island in the kitchen looking at the brochure that Derek had brought home two nights ago.

“I still cannot believe you paid $3 million dollars for this?” she said to Derek who was pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“It is a great investment! Imagine waking up every morning to either a view of Seattle or the forest. It’s going to be great!” Derek answered.

“Yes, the view is amazing but still, $3 million dollars when we already have a perfectly acceptable house?” Meredith replied.

“This place is small and is just a stepping stone until the house is built. Imagine no nosy neighbours, we can play all our rock albums as loud we want and not having to worry about Beth running out in front of the road.” Derek replied.

“At here it’s the only the road to be worried about, I’m thinking of all the bears, the cliff edge, and not to mention the lake...”

“There will be a fence at the cliff edge and as for the lake we can discuss all of this with the architects.”

“Yeah, but $3 million dollars?” Meredith was still dumbstruck at the amount he paid for the land.

“Listen you do not need to worry – I am not going to be bankrupt. As I said the other night I’ll be earning nearly two million a year at Seattle Grace, I sold my share in the practice for three million and then the Boston apartment at one million and there are my savings...”

“Okay stop anytime soon – I am painfully aware of how rich you are.” Meredith laughed

Derek stood at the counter and smiled her.

“So are you ready for tonight? Do you need to me collect anything on the way home?” he asked.

Tonight Richard and Adele Webber were coming over dinner – Derek had arranged it as a thank you for helping them get sorted when they first arrived in Seattle.

“Near enough. I’ll just keep it simple – Spaghetti Bolognese and some salad, although you could collect the Cheesecake for me on your way home.” Meredith answered.

“Not a problem. I better go – I’ll see you later”. Derek walked over to the highchair and kissed Beth goodbye. He stood and made eye contact with Meredith. What he really wanted to do was kiss her goodbye as well.

"Yeah, have a good day” Meredith smiled back.

Derek lifted his briefcase and jacket and walked out to his car. Meredith turned around just in time to see Beth lift her cereal bowl and throw it on to the floor.

“Thanks Beth.”

Beth started to laugh and squeal in her highchair.

Thankfully the rest of the day went without incident. After breakfast Meredith and Beth went shopping to get everything in for the dinner party. After a quick lunch they went to the nearby park and Beth had a go on the baby swings and finally fell asleep on her way home.

Meredith was thankful that she would now get a few hours peace to get ready for this evening. She liked both Richard and Adele and although she was looking forward to the evening she was little apprehensive about it. All dinner parties started out the same she thought. After everyone had eaten a lovely meal they would to know more about her – why was she not married, why did she not go to college and the evening would end with someone making snide comments to her. Most dinner parties left Meredith feeling that she should be waitress or servant at the event rather than a guest.

Meredith prayed that tonight would be a success for her sake as well as Derek.

Derek finished early and arrived home shortly after 6pm with the cheesecake as promised and went upstairs to get ready. Beth was playing in her cot dressed for the occasion in her lilac dress with white flowers in the hem and matching cream cardigan. Meredith had just lifted her stuff and was headed for the bathroom when she literally walked into Derek coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel.

“Oh God” Meredith stammered and blushed at the same time.

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going” Derek answered back trying his best not look at the Meredith in the thin dressing gown.

“Have you finished in the bathroom?” asked Meredith still stammering at the sight of a semi-naked Derek.

“All yours” answered Derek trying to get lots of dirty images out of his brain.

A short time later Meredith came down the stairs wearing a plain black shirt and indigo jeans and Derek could notice the faint make-up and that she had curled her hair.

“You look beautiful Meredith”

“Thanks – you don’t look too bad yourself.” Derek was wearing a plain light blue shirt and black jeans.

“Listen Meredith about earlier I’m so sorry I didn’t realise...”

“It’s okay really. Let’s just forget it ever happened” Meredith replied.

“Good. Okay. Forgotten.” Derek muttered the last word under his breath. The image of Meredith in nothing but that thin dressing gown will be embedded in Derek’s brain for a long time to come.

At exactly 7pm Richard and Adele arrived armed with a bottle of wine and chocolates for Meredith. Adele immediately asked if she could help Meredith with anything while Derek and Richard discussed that day’s surgeries.

The simple meal of Spaghetti Bolognese had been popular and the evening was going well. Beth loved being the centre of attention the whole night with both Richard and Adele making a fuss of her. When Beth started to get tired Meredith excused herself and took Beth upstairs to bed leaving Derek with the lovely job of doing the dishes.

Once Beth was asleep Meredith came down the stairs and joined the others in the lounge. Derek was just opening another bottle of wine when Adele asked Meredith if she had enjoyed living in London.

Meredith took a deep breath before telling them about living in London and how she loved being a nanny and how she had to give it up when her mother took ill. When she explained that her mother had a liver transplant Richard’s interest peaked.

“If you don’t mind can I ask you about the transplant process in the UK, I know it is different to what it is here in the States”.

Meredith spent the next thirty minutes explaining about how mother was diagnosed, how she had to have numerous assessments before being approved and how once she was accepted on to the transplant list they had to attend a course explaining what they had to do before and after transplant. They also had to notify of any changes in her mother’s health and medication to a transplant co-ordinator.

Meredith went on explained about the organ donor process and how it is decided who gets a liver when one becomes available.

She also explained what it was like spending six months breaking out into a cold sweat every time the telephone rang and how they got from one end to London in less than 20 minutes once they got the call. She told him about the transplant how Ellis had received a split liver – the donated liver was split between her and a young child.

Derek was sitting back watching the conversation and was literally amazed at how much Meredith had gone through.

“I am a liver transplant surgeon Meredith; sometimes we forget what it must be like for the patient and families.” Richard said “Thank you for sharing your experience”.

Although initially cautious talking about her family – something which Derek had picked up on, Meredith actually enjoyed talking about it to someone who could explain the illness and procedure to her in a plain and simple manner.

It was only then that Derek began to understand Meredith and how she became the person she is today. He knew from the moment he met her that she was sweet and caring – but to give her up the job loved to look after her mother – he knew that not many people would do that. Addison would never have done that. He looked at her sitting in the chair in the corner; she looked beautiful and relaxed with her slightly curled hair and faint make –up laughing at a joke that Adele had made. It was in that moment that Derek realised he was in love with her.

He only realised that he had been staring when Meredith looked him in the eye and smiled at him.

Meredith had noticed Derek staring at her for the last few minutes. She knew that she had discussed some things with Richard that she had not told Derek and she knew he would ask her about later.

A conversation that would probably be full of questions that Meredith did not really want to or felt ready to answer. She knew that if and when she told Derek about her family that would be the end of everything – she would no longer be Beth’s nanny and Derek would want nothing to do with her.

She glanced over at him – he looked gorgeous tonight: happy and relaxed enjoying the company of his friend and former mentor.

Their gaze was broken when Adele decided to change the topic from liver disease and surgery to her work as wife to the Chief of Surgery and her new project.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realise that the chief’s wife would have duties” Meredith answered.

“Oh yes, mostly fundraising events for the hospitals, breakfast meetings, galas and photo opportunities.” Adele answered. “However there is a new project that I am currently working on that you might interest you Meredith – that is if Derek is prepared to share you”. Adele glanced over and smiled at Derek.

“Oh really – what would that be?” answered a cautious Meredith.

“We finally have the funding to open a new day care facility at the hospital. It has just been built and is specially designed to be a crèche and is equipped with all the latest toys and gadgets for the children. The ground floor is for parents who have appointments at the hospital basically somewhere for the children to play rather than in the waiting room or in the hospital corridor. The Second floor crèche is for hospital staff and will operate 24 hours.”

“Wow, that is a really good idea Adele” Meredith answered.

“I’m glad you like the idea Meredith – what I’m really trying to say is that I need a manager for staff crèche. Someone who has plenty of childcare experience and who can provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere who will not only help in the rooms but also help me with a lot of managerial work – staff rotas and showing new parents around the facility, but also someone who knows what life can be like at a busy hospital – and I think you are the perfect person for the job.”

“I don’t know what to say Adele...” Meredith answered. She had to admit she was shocked by Adele’s offer. The whole day care facility sounded fantastic but she already had a job and could not bear the thought of leaving Beth.

“Well give me call and I’ll give you a tour of the crèche and you can let me know what you think” Adele said.

Shortly afterwards Richard and Adele announced that it is time for them to leave and it was only when Meredith stood up to say goodnight that she noticed Adele kissing and whispering something to Derek that Meredith realised what had just happened.

She had been set up.

She walked to the front door and waved goodnight before going back into the lounge and collected the empty wine glasses.

Derek closed the front door pleased at how well the evening went.

He was glad that Meredith was interested in the position: if she was also working at the hospital it would mean that he could spend more time with her and Beth. They could drive to and from work together and have lunch together, and as he would no longer be her boss, she might finally agree to go a proper date with him he thought.

“Well that went well.” Derek said as walked into the kitchen where Meredith was cleaning the wine glasses.

“If you say so” Meredith answered curtly.

That was not the answer Derek was expecting. “Meredith they loved you, Adele would not have offered you the job if she...”

“Oh yes the job.” Meredith turned around and looked Derek directly in the eye. “Did Adele really offer me the job due to my childcare experience or did you have a word in her ear. I saw you to whispering Derek. Thank you for the vote of confidence. If you were so desperate to get rid of me all you had to do was say.”

She threw the cloth on the counter and turned to walk out of the kitchen.

Derek was shocked at Meredith’s reaction and quickly grabbed her before she left the kitchen.

“Meredith it was not how looked” he started to explain

“Oh really” she bit back.

“Adele happened to ask me if I knew of anyone who be interested in the position and I remembered you telling me that day we met on Boston common how much you would love to run your own crèche and I thought it would be perfect for you... and for Beth. There would be loads of other children for her to play with and we...”

“Ah, now I get it...”

“No Meredith you don’t.” Derek could not understand why Meredith was being like this and he was determined to get his point across. “You are a fantastic nanny, Beth adores you, you are brilliant with children – even my spoilt nieces and nephews love you. You are perfect for the job and I do not want to hold you back from doing something that you have always wanted to do. I do not want to get rid of you – if anything I want to spend more time with you...”

“Yeah right, get Meredith a job at the crèche and she will go out with me. I get it Derek. Crystal clear.” She almost yelled back.

“Meredith that is not what I meant.” Derek sighed and ran his hand through his hair “It was a simple gesture. You have no idea how much you have helped me in the short time I have known you. All I wanted to do was return the favour – to give you a chance to do something you have always wanted. If you don’t want the job you don’t have to take it.”

Meredith looked at Derek. He was leaning against the island his eyes looked sad and defeated. He looked disappointed.

She had done it again Meredith thought. She had disappointed him and let him down, just like she always does. So much for the fresh start.

She continued to stand there, but could no longer bear to look at Derek’s face.

She did not know what made her do it. Maybe she had too much wine but she found herself opening her mouth and saying the words that she knew would lead her to telling Derek everything about her past.

“I’m sorry Derek... I’m just not used too this. I’m not used to people doing nice things for me, giving me compliments. I don’t know how to react...” by now the tears in her eyes threatened to spill.

Derek walked over to her and put his arms on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“I’m just not used to it. I’m sorry...” Meredith whispered.

Derek knew by the look on her face that something had happened to her in the past, something she had not told him. He held her face in her hands, his thumb wiping away the solitary tear.

“Meredith what’s wrong... what happened?” he asked gently.

“Are you sure you want to know? Because by the time I’m finished you won’t want a screw up like me anywhere near you or your daughter.”
As always if you enjoyed please review – lots of reviews mean i may update chapter 5 before the weekend!

Thanks again!


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I have to warn everyone now... i was crying writing this – so i apologise in advance for any errors.

Well, this is it – Meredith tells Derek about her family and childhood.



“Meredith what’s wrong... what happened?” he asked gently.

“Are you sure you want to know? Because by the time I’m finished you won’t want a screw up like me anywhere near your daughter.”

It was 3am and Derek was still awake.

He was lying on the sofa in the lounge with Meredith lying fast asleep beside him. He tried to close his eyes and go to sleep but when he did he kept replaying everything Meredith had told him only a few short hours ago.

He pulled her in closer to him and he could immediately smell her lavender shampoo. He gently caressed her face and in that moment swore that he would love and protect her and give her everything that she had never had as a child.

From the moment he met Meredith Derek had wanted to know every little thing about her. He wanted to know what was her favourite music, favourite food, drink, even how she took her coffee.

Over the past few months he was able to answer all of these – she preferred rock music, loved pizza, loved rose wine and took her coffee strong. But it was the other things that he wanted to know about her as well – did she have any brothers and sisters? What was she like as a child? He remembered their trip to his parents house at Cape Cod before moving to Seattle and he could see how tense she was – that there was something troubling her. When he had asked her Meredith simply answered him with “not here”. Derek knew that she would tell him in her own time.

He knew that was lucky to have a family as brilliant as he has, but when he heard about Meredith’s family – it simply made his blood boil he was that angry.

Four hours earlier.

Derek could see that Meredith was upset and told her to go and sit in the lounge whilst he got another bottle of wine from the fridge and lifted two clean glasses from the cupboard. Her words kept bouncing around his brain “a screw up like me”; he could not believe that Meredith had thought about herself in such a way.

He walked into the lounge and sat down beside her on the sofa. He could hear her crying softly.

“Mer...” Derek reached out and touched her shoulder.

“Don’t... please Derek” Meredith whispered quietly while trying to move from his touch. She tucked her feet up under her and sat in the corner of the couch and looked directly at Derek.

“I was not wanted Derek. I was nothing but an inconvenience and a disappointment to my mother.”

Derek closed his eyes briefly and started to say something but Meredith shushed him.

“Please Derek let me just get this out.”

Derek nodded his head in agreement.

“Both of my parents are lawyers – my mother being the most successful – not surprising really as she could literally scare the shit out of everyone she meets. My father was born in London to Irish parents. He came to Boston on a gap year and met my mother and the rest as they say is history...”

Meredith paused to take a sip of her wine before continuing “I have an older sister Molly... she is three years older than me and she is...quite literally a bitch.”

Meredith let out a sob, Derek reached for her but she pulled away. She had to do this – tell him this – by herself.

“Molly was the golden child – blonde hair, blue eyes. Anything Molly wanted - she got. She wanted to ride a pony for her birthday – she got it. When her friends started ballet classes Molly was also enrolled. As for me that was a completely different story.”

“For two years I wanted a doll from Santa. Not any doll – this was Girls World doll that you could make up on and style their hair, all my friends had one and for two years I asked for this on my note to Santa. The first Christmas I was told that Santa could not find any and that I would have to be good to get one next year. Molly by this stage knew that Santa did not exist but had great pleasure it telling me that the real reason I didn’t get the doll was because I had been bad. I spent the next year being extra nice to everyone.” Meredith tried to smile through the tears.

“The following Christmas when I came down the stairs and opened my presents and saw the doll – I was so happy Derek and started yelling thank you Santa!”
Derek sat and smiled at this.

“Anyway what does Molly do – because at this stage everyone is looking at me – she tells me that Santa is not real and that dad had bought me the present because he felt sorry for me because even if Santa were real he would not give it to me. I started to cry and dad tried to calm me down but all I could hear was my mother stating that I was a silly little girl.”

“We went to church as normal and when I came home I couldn’t wait to start playing with the doll. I already knew how I was going to style her hair and what make – up to use. I walked into the lounge to find Molly pouring my mother’s bright red nail polish all over the doll’s hair and face. I ran over to stop her but of course mum came in to the room and started shouting at me for being so silly and not taking care of my present. I was sent to my bedroom for the rest of Christmas Day while Molly cried fake tears and enjoyed her dinner and desert and presents. I sat and cried all day I hated her so much. From that point on Molly did whatever she could to make my life a misery. Every Christmas toy and birthday present I received – Molly had to either have it or destroy it”.

Derek again tried to reach out to her and again Meredith pulled away.

“Every year at my birthday I would ask for a birthday party but was always told no. We can’t afford a party or mum would be too busy at work. On my birthday it would usually be just me and dad with a small cake at the kitchen table. When Molly asked for a birthday party an invite was sent to every child in her class and the biggest most extravagant birthday cake was ordered.”


Meredith stopped to take some more of her wine and looked at Derek “You think that’s bad - imagine what it was like in high school together.” Derek gave her a small smile encouraging her to continue.

“I had some friends in school, but not as many as Molly and by god she was determined that I would have no friends. Anytime I brought friends home she would accuse of them stealing stuff from her bedroom."

"All through high school I had one friend – Emma - she was the only person who was able to stand up to her. Of course Molly’s revenge was to spread rumours in school that we were thieves and stole things from her bedroom and if that wasn’t bad enough she starting rumours that we were lesbians and that no-one should go anywhere near us in case they caught something. Emma’s parents came down the school and put a complaint in against Molly. Of course Molly played innocent and mum blamed it all on me. Her exact words were that Meredith has been nothing but an attention seeker since the day she was born. When we got home from school I was told that my lies in would get me in serious trouble one day.”

“For some strange reason Emma still wanted to be friends with me but that did not stop Molly. Any boys that came and talked to us where paid by Molly to come and make fun of us. Emma was tall and thin and popular and would always try to set me up with plenty of dates, but as soon as Molly found out about it she either spread the rumours again or tried my dates out for herself.”

“She would often rip up or spill juice over my school coursework the night before it was due to be handed in. It got to the point where I tried to hide it but Molly always found it. I remember how dad was so proud that I had made the school swim team but again Molly put an end to that. She would go down into changing rooms and flirt with all the boys and make fun of me because I was flat chested and how she was not. When I pulled out from the swim team dad was so disappointed. When i told him what Molly had said, mum told him I was making up stories and telling lies again.”

Meredith paused and looked over at Derek the shock was etched over his face. He sat forward and started to speak.

“Why did you never fight back?”

“Oh I did, plenty of times, but it was always ‘Poor Molly, Meredith is always fighting and picking on her’”. Meredith replied.

Derek took a deep breath and started to bite his lip.

“Molly loved Valentine’s Day.” Meredith continued. “She loved all the cards and all the attention. One year dad decided to send me a single red rose so that I would not feel left out. He knew how much i loved red roses. The only problem was Molly found it before I did. She took the rose and painted the red petals with her black nail polish and left it on my bed with a note:

“Roses are black
Violets are dead
Sugar is horrible
And so are you”

Derek could not believe anyone could be so cruel. He reached and grabbed Meredith’s hand and gave her gentle squeeze.

“Trust me it gets worse” Meredith continued. “Molly would spend most school nights climbing out her bedroom window and going to parties with her friends. It was no surprise that she failed her exams and then she passed her driving test and mum bought her a car.”

“Oh dear God...” Derek stated

“Exactly.” Meredith was shocked to find both her and Derek laughing. They both stopped and she continued.

“Within a few months she had been stopped numerous times by the police for drunk driving and speeding offences. The best one was when she knocked down her own boyfriend. She was high on heroine and mum of course was able to make sure that no charges were ever pressed.”

By the time I was 16 Emma and I had planned that when we finished school we would go travelling. I knew that when I turned 18 I would be able to use the trust fund left by my grandparents. God we had planned lots of silly trips... anything to get away from both Molly and mum. It was by this stage I noticed mum was hitting the gin bottle every night.”

Meredith took a deep breath knowing that the next part would be the hardest.
“Emma ‘s parents went away on a golfing break the weekend before her 17th birthday, so Ems planned a birthday party of which my mother refused to let me attend. I was gutted because the hottest guy in my class – Todd Barrowman - had asked me if I was going to the party and that he wanted to dance with me. So I decided to take a leaf of out of Molly’s book – since she was always getting away with things – and climbed out my bedroom window to go the party.”

“When I got to Emma’s I got changed into my navy blue dress, put on my make-up and even curled my hair. Todd arrived a short time later and we had our dance. I never noticed that he was drunk when he arrived or that he had slipped something into my drink.”

Derek closed his eyes he could feel his stomach churning at the thought of what Meredith was about to tell him. His grip on her hand tightened.

Taking a deep breath Meredith continued.

“The house was packed and it was stuffy and Todd asked me to come outside for some fresh air. We went and stood at the side of Emma’s house and the next thing I know is that Todd is kissing and touching me.” Meredith took another deep breath and willed the tears away. “The next thing I hear is Todd saying ‘your sister said you would be easy for it’. The next thing I know I am waking up in hospital bed with dad crying in the chair and mum yelling at me calling me a disgrace to the family. She won’t even let Emma come in and see me.”

By now Meredith was crying and Derek pulled her towards him and hugged her to his chest.

Derek felt sick at thought that her sister had done this to her.

“To this day Derek I don’t know what happened. Emma found me unconscious and called the police and my parents. Mum told the police that my story was lies and that was all I ever did was tell tales. She discharged me from the hospital me and wouldn’t let the nurses carry out a rape exam.”

“Let me get this straight” Derek said “you get attacked and you’re a disgrace! Mer...”

“Derek don’t. Let me finish please.” Meredith moved out of his embrace and sat back on the sofa her hand still enclosed with his.

“For weeks before this I had heard dad on the telephone with his brother in London. When I got home from the hospital dad announced that he had enough of Molly’s erratic behaviour and mum’s drinking. He discovered that mum had used all our savings, trust funds everything to bail Molly out of trouble. In dad’s words to save the family we were moving to London. A fresh start. When we arrived in London Molly sobered up and had to work for a living as a secretary at my uncle’s law firm. I went to college and got my childcare qualifications. Everything was fine for a few years until mum collapsed. Basically her liver was failing and she needed round the clock care. Dad had to keep working; Molly refused to look after mum by herself, so I gave up being a nanny to look after her.”

“Why?” Derek was struggling to believe how Meredith could give up her career to look after a person who had treated so badly. Meredith next words did not surprise – it described her perfectly.

“Because she is my mother. I did what I had to do. I couldn’t let some stranger come in and take care her.

“Anyway mum got a liver transplant – as you already know. Afterwards she took a number of infections and in one her delirious states announced one day in front of me and several medical staff that I was a mistake – that she was on her way to the hospital for an abortion but dad begged her not to do it.”

“Jesus Meredith” Derek whispered.

Meredith looked at Derek – he couldn’t keep the emotion from his face. “It’s okay Derek. Let’s face it she confirmed that day what I had felt for years. We have never discussed it. While dad and I took care of her Molly started partying again – celebrating that she had her life back and that she no longer had to look after her mother. When I told them at dinner one night that I was moving back to Boston Molly flew into a rage and through her plate at the wall, the fork landed on the floor and the knife just missed my arm. She then announced that she no longer has a sister. That was the first time I can ever remember my mother ordering her to apologise for her actions.” Meredith added stated.

“I met up with Emma when I moved back to Boston. It was good to see her again – but too much has happened – we will never be as close as we were. She did tell me that Todd is now in jail – he did exactly the same thing to two other girls.”

“God if I ever get my hands on him” Derek stated through clenched teeth. He badly wanted to tear of each of Todd Barrowman’s limbs... very slowly.

“I still don’t understand Meredith – why on earth would you think that I would no longer want you looking after Beth?” Derek asked. He was now holding both of her hands.

“Because I am not normal.” She almost screamed at him. She lowered her voice “Derek all my life I have had is people criticise me and blame me for every single thing that has gone wrong. I am a disgrace and failure to my family. I have absolutely no self confidence. I have never had anyone tell me ‘well done Meredith’ or ‘you look lovely tonight’. I have never had anyone do anything nice for me – I’m not like you – I don’t have family and friends running around trying to help me and throwing parties for me.” Meredith was now crying.

“I have never had anyone tell me that they love me...not even from my parents...”

Before she knew it she wrapped in Derek’s arm and she was now literally crying on his shoulder. Derek gently rubbed her back and whispered soothing words in her ear.

“My sister has made things hard for me – I am so scared of being hurt that I don’t really let people in. I’m scared of trusting of someone, of letting them get close to me in case they make fun of me. I don’t know what Todd did that night. It scares me that there is an hour of life that I don’t remember. When I moved to London I went to a clinic and got tested – I’m clean. I thought that would try and help me move on but it hasn’t.”

Meredith was facing Derek who was still rubbing her back.

“This here – right now with you – is the closest I have been with anyone and that scares me. I have gone on dates with some really great guys but every time they try to.... I.... Feel Todd all over me. I have never ...”

“It’s okay Mer”. Derek badly wanted to tell her that he loved her but he didn’t know if this was the right time.

“I am a complete screw up Derek. How can I look after a child when I don’t know how to let anyone in?” Meredith asked.

Derek took a deep breath before answering.

“Meredith I am not going to lie to you. I am not going to hurt you. You know that I have feelings for you, from the moment I met you I have wanted to get to know you, to take you out for a proper date and I understand – now more than ever your reasons for not wanting anything more.” Derek gently wiped a tear from her face.

“When Beth crawled over and drooled all over you that day in Boston I was embarrassed – you were beautiful lying there and I wanted to ask out for a date but Beth had other ideas.” They both laughed at the memory of that day.

“I used Beth to get to know you better. I could not believe my luck when you told me that you worked with children and when I was offering you the nanny position I really wanted to ask you to go on a date with me. You are not a screw up Meredith – you have just experienced life differently from others. Contrary to what you what you think – you are the best person to be looking after Beth right now. You may not have had the perfect family or upbringing but you know what not to do – not to abandon a child and forget about them and at the same time not to spoil them rotten.”

Derek smiled as he continued.

“My parents love you; Sam and Gavin spend more time talking to you on the phone than they do with me. Beth adores you. You cooking is good but your baking is excellent - your chocolate brownies and cookies are to die for. No-one is perfect Meredith. Even me. But I do know one thing – to me and Beth you are perfect and I want you in both of our lives.”

Derek continued, “I want to spoil you Meredith and when it’s your birthday there will be a party.”

“I’m too old for birthday parties” Meredith laughed.

“Nonsense and I am going to pay you more compliments because you deserve them. The job that Adele has offered – it’s your dream, you deserve it. I don’t care what you decide as long as you are happy.”

Derek reached over to kiss Meredith and he was delighted and when she returned the kiss.

When he broke away Derek stated “I want more kissing. More kissing I say. I want to spend every free moment I have with you.”

Derek reached over a tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “I do not want to rush you into anything you do not want to do – but Meredith - I want to make love to you and wake up every morning beside you. I want you to help me build an amazing house and family with me on the land. I don’t care how long it takes – we go at your pace. All you need to say is that you want that too.”

Derek smiled and gazed into her eyes.

Meredith looked him the eye and answered “I want that too.”

Derek pulled her back into his arms and held her tightly to him and continued to rub her back.

It was a short while later that Meredith had fell asleep in Derek’s arms on the sofa and there was no way in hell he was going to waken her.

It was just after 6am when Beth’s crying through the baby monitor woke them from their sleep. Neither of them wanted to leave each other’s embrace which was probably more due to the fact that their muscles were sore from sleeping on the couch.

Meredith went and lifted Beth and changed her diaper while Derek put on some fresh coffee and started to make pancakes for breakfast.

Derek was standing at the island in the kitchen when he saw Meredith standing in the doorway with Beth in her arms and he smiled at her. When she smiled back Derek thought that life could not be more perfect.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am very cautious about how this chapter will be received – i really would appreciate that if you read this chapter to please review. I am begging here....


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I have just read all the chapters I had missed.

I liked Christine, even though they got off to a rocky start, Meredith and Christine are now friends. Everybody needs a straight talking friend like her.

So pleased that Meredith had a great Memorial Day's weekend with Derek's family. Believe me, that can be daunting, visiting with strangers.

And the last chapter was gut-wrenching indeed. Poor Meredith pouring out her heart to Derek. I can see why you were in tears writing this. You were pouring out your heart too.

Are they, please, going to be dating now? :~)))))
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Hi Ares - yes Meredith and Derek will be dating ... but will be baby steps!

Thanks for your comments!

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Thank you for your kind reviews – I really do appreciate each and every one!

This chapter is the morning after the night before and is a bit of “a day in the life”. All I can say is thank god I have banked some updates as I have not had a chance to write all week due to a horrible sore throat and am now about to lose my voice. I have literally sat all say staring at the computer screen!

I can promise that there is some good stuff coming...



Breakfast in the Shepherd household was a messy occasion on this particular morning.

Derek had decided that he would let Beth help him make pancakes. Ten minutes later and he had regretted that decision as there was probably more pancake batter on Beth than what there was in the pan. Meredith could not but help but laugh at the sight in front of her. Beth was currently up to her elbows in pancake mix while Derek was in between trying to stop the pancakes from burning and preventing Beth from making even more mess.

Meredith walked over, still giggling “you save breakfast and I’ll clean Beth”

By the time she was finished Meredith was nearly covered in as much pancake batter as Beth. When they both came back into the kitchen the pancakes were ready and the kitchen was a bit more presentable.

“Don’t worry I’ll clean up later when she is sleeping” Derek said as he took Beth from Meredith and sat her on his lap and gave her breakfast. The highchair was completely covered in pancake mix and would need to be cleaned via a garden power hose, Derek thought.

“So do you have any plans for today?” Derek asked Meredith who was now on to her third pancake and maple syrup.

“Um, yes” Meredith answered “I’m going to meet with Adele at the nursery and have a look around. That is if you don’t mind. If you would prefer...”

“Meredith – it’s your dream. As I said last night I am happy with whatever you decide. How about Beth and I come and meet you afterwards – we could all go to the park together?”

“Sounds perfect” Meredith answered as Derek reached over and kissed her gently on the cheek.

“Good that’s a date then.” Derek smiled.

Meredith helped clear up the kitchen before getting ready to leave. She was standing under the shower enjoying the feel of the warm water hitting across her shoulders and her back.

It had been a long night for both her and Derek between the dinner party and their heart to heart afterwards, neither of them had had much sleep, but truthfully Meredith had never felt better knowing that Derek knew the truth about her family that and was still amazed at the fact he wanted to be with her.

She finished in the shower and went into her room and dried her hair and decided for a change to straighten it – it would look more professional she thought.

However she could not decide what to wear – she thought a suit might be to formal as was not an interview as such and realistically she would not be wearing a suit when working in the nursery but at the same time jeans looked too informal.

She finally decided on a smart pair of black trousers and a plain purple top. She grabbed her purse and jacket and hurried down the stairs to find Derek and Beth waiting for her. Derek insisting on kissing her goodbye for luck – Meredith could not help but roll her eyes as Derek stated that it was all Beth’s idea.

Once Meredith had left Derek placed Beth in her play pen and tided the mess in the kitchen – although at one stage he thought the term explosion was closer to the truth than mess. He decided to wait a while before allowing Beth to help with breakfast.

A short while later both Derek and Beth were dressed and ready to go out. They would go and do some shopping and then meet Meredith at the park after she had finished meeting Adele at the hospital. Secretly Derek really wanted her to take the job as he would be able to sneak away during breaks to come and visit her and Beth in the nursery. He would probably see more of them there then what he does now. But the decision was Meredith’s to make and he did not want to influence her in any way.

It was just shortly after 11am when Meredith arrived at the hospital to find Adele waiting for her.

“Meredith welcome! Now before we get started I just wanted to thank you again for last night both Richard and I had a wonderful time. We will have to return the favour soon!” Adele spoke.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Truthfully I was a bit nervous. I am not used to hosting dinner parties.”

“Nonsense – you are a natural. Now let me show round.” Adele answered as she linked arms with Meredith and started the tour of the hospital.

The tour started with a quick look around the surgical wing and Adele introduced her some of the other surgeons that she had often heard Derek and Christina talking about – Dr Arizona Robbins who was a paediatric surgeon and Dr Miranda Bailey – an attending general surgeon who was also a parent of one the children Meredith would be looking after. They stopped for a quick cup of coffee before heading over to the east side of the building were the crèche was located.

An hour later and Meredith was impressed. Very impressed as the nursery was almost identical to how she would have planned and decorated the building.

All the rooms were decorated in soft pastel colours and had new and comfortable furnishings.

“What I am really looking for is a right hand” Adele explained “Someone to take care of the staff rotas and show parents round but at the same time is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and help out. The pay is excellent and you can even choose your own hours.” Meredith immediately liked the idea of working around Derek’s hours.

“Well I have to admit most of my experience is with babies so that would probably the room I would prefer to work in.” Meredith explained especially as it was right beside what would be her office.

It was a lovely, bright, cheerful yet relaxing room painted in a soft yellow with balloon stencils as a border around the ceiling. There were two large sofas and a huge large mat play area along with a small kitchen corner complete with a sink, microwave and lots of cupboards. There was also two large floor to ceiling windows at either side which had wonderful views over Seattle. There was also a small cot room to side which had ten cots

The baby room was for children aged between 6 weeks and approx 14 months. Then there was a tiny tots for approximately 14 – 20 months – this was room was decorated in a soft blue, then there was the toddler room for 20mths to approx 3yrs – which was decorated a mint green and finally the pre-school room for the 3- 5yrs which was a soft lilac. Each of the rooms there was a soft mat play area and a separate room for messy play and a quiet corner.

“I have just started to place advertisements for staff. Each room will have a supervisor along with a team of staff. If it is not too much trouble Meredith I would like your answer as soon as possible as I would like some help when interviewing staff.” Adele said.

“Yes, of course I need to talk with Derek and see what is best for Beth but I’ll let you know in the next couple of days.” Meredith answered brightly. She really wanted this job but didn’t want to accept it without speaking to Derek first.

“Great and the next dinner party is at our house!” Adele exclaimed as she spotted her husband walking down the corridor to the main entrance of the hospital.

“Richard, I have just told Meredith that she and Derek will have to come over for dinner sometime soon.” Adele said

“Of course” Richard answered. “Thanks again Meredith. I’m sorry I have to go and meet someone at the entrance.” With that Richard Webber disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

“Forgive my husband, he’s always in a rush and always has to be somewhere. I imagine it will be something you will soon get used to.” Adele said.

“I guess so, but having practically lived in a hospital – I know the drill” Meredith answered.

A few minutes later Meredith sat in her car and rang Derek. Both he and Beth were at the park at Pike Place Market and Meredith agreed to meet them there in about 20 minutes. She had just driven past the entrance when a taxi cab pulled up.
Richard walked up to the stranger and stretched out his hand in greeting “Mark Sloan I presume, I’m Richard Webber Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace. Welcome to Seattle”.

While Meredith had been at the hospital Derek and Beth had made a quick trip to Wal Mart before heading to down to Pike Place Market. He and Beth had just settled on the rug at the park which overlooked both the freeway and the Puget Sound when Meredith rang him on his cell phone.

“I was just thinking about you” Derek smiled as he answered the phone.

“Oh really” Meredith replied laughing.

“Yes. Beth and I have just arrived at the park. Beth is itching to crawl around the place and go and drool over and an attack an innocent bystander.” Derek said.

They both laughed at the memory of their first meeting. “Well how did the tour go?” Derek asked still smiling.

“Great – the nursery is fantastic. I’ll tell you more when I get there. I’m just going to grab a coffee so I’ll see you in about five minutes.” Meredith answered.

“No problem, we’re sitting near the wall.”

Meredith was there in exactly five minutes later with coffee for both herself and Derek. As she sat down the grass Derek reached over and kissed her gently on the cheek, within seconds Beth was climbing up on to her lap and kissing her the cheek copying Derek’s actions seconds earlier.

Meredith excitedly told Derek all about the crèche and Adele’s vision for the place and explained that she would have her own office and could choose her own hours which she eventually admitted to Derek would mean that they all would see more each other. She did explain that she would have to do some nightshifts – after all the crèche would be open 24 hours and it would only be fair to share the workload.

“So I take you are going to accept the job offer?” Derek asked smiling at how happy Meredith was.

“I want to, but I just want to make sure that you are okay with it.” Meredith stopped when she saw the look on Derek’s face “I know you have said that it would be perfect but I just want to be certain that you are not going to think that I don’t enjoy looking after Beth because I do...”

Meredith did not get to finish her sentence as Derek kissed her before stating “Meredith you are a fantastic nanny and I cannot wait to come and visit you and Beth in the crèche.”

“Okay” Meredith answered.

“I take it that is a yes then?” Derek asked

“Yes – I want plenty of lunch dates.” Meredith boldly stated almost to Derek shock as this was first time she said mentioned the word ‘date’ or even given any strong indication of a relationship between them.

“Oh there will be plenty of lunch dates Miss Grey, in the canteen, in my office, in your office even in the on-call rooms” Derek huskily answered causing Meredith to blush. He then reached over and gave her a quick kiss.

They finished their picnic and Meredith rang Adele who was delighted that Meredith had accepted the job offer. They agreed on a starting date of next week so Meredith could help Adele with the job interviews. They then spent the next hour walking around the market and doing some more shopping before heading home.

Later that evening Derek had just finished preparing dinner when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it” Derek said to Meredith who was upstairs playing with Beth.

He opened the front door and found himself staring into the eyes of his former best friend.

From upstairs Meredith could hear Derek opening the front door and then saying “What the hell are you doing here?” By the time she got to the top of the stairs she saw Derek punching the stranger before telling the man to go back to Boston.

“Oh my God Derek! What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Mark’s just about to get a taxi back to the airport and go back to Boston.” Derek angrily stated.

“Derek please can we sort this out” Mark said

“No” Derek shouted back.

“Derek, who is this?” Meredith asked her eyes moving between Derek and the stranger.

“Meet Mark Sloan – my former friend” Mark winced at the comment and Meredith recognised the name as being the other partner in Derek’s private practice back in Boston.

“It’s nice to meet you Mark” Meredith reached out her hand to shake hands only for Derek to sigh in disgust.

“Actually it’s Dr Mark Sloan” as he flashed Meredith his trademark smile. He looked back at Derek who was currently giving him a look that could kill. “We need to talk Derek, especially now we are going work together.”

“What do you mean work together” Derek was almost afraid of the answer he was about to receive.

“I’m the new head of Plastics at Seattle Grace”.

The next thing Mark saw was the front door being closed in his face. “Charming” Mark muttered. He decided to go and sit on the front step and allow Derek to cool off for a few minutes.

Inside Meredith could not believe that Derek had shut the door in Mark’s face while trying her best not to yell at him.

“Derek what the hell did you do that for?” Meredith asked.

“It’s none of your business Meredith – just please stay out of it.” Derek was so mad he was almost shouting.

“Fine.” Meredith turned around and was about to storm up the stairs when Derek reached out and touched her shoulder. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I just wasn’t expecting him to turn up.”

Derek turned around and walked into the lounge and sat down on the sofa. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked over at Meredith.

“Mark and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. He dated Addison before me and then they split up. A few months later Addison and I started dating. It was only after she left that Mark told me they had split up years ago because she was pregnant and aborted his child. She never wanted children. For eleven years he knew this and he never told me.”

“He probably had his reasons Derek” Meredith said as she came and sat down beside him

“Don’t take his side in this Meredith please.” Derek stated.

“I’m not taking anyone’s side. I just look at both sides of the story before I make a judgement.” Meredith answered as she turned around on the sofa and looked out the window to find Mark still sitting on the front porch. She turned around and sat back down beside Derek “just speak to him Derek and hear his side of the story.”

Derek knew that what she was saying made sense – he had been quick to blame everything on Mark and at the time as he had no-one else to take his anger out on.

“I suppose I blamed him because he was there – I mean I couldn’t yell or scream at Addison as she had disappeared of the face of the earth.” Derek said as he ran his fingers through his hair again.

Meredith sat there and smiled in agreement with him.

“I really should hear his side of the story.” Derek said softly as looked into Meredith’s eyes.

“Yes you should.” Meredith answered.

Derek reached over and the next thing Meredith knew she was sitting on his lap and was being kissed like she had never been kissed before. One of his hands was in her hair the other on her back. The only thing that stopped them was the constant ringing of her cell phone.

Meredith reached over to the table and answered it. It was Christina.

“I have had a bitch of a day here – no surgeries, not one. I need alcohol. You wanna join me at Joes?”

Meredith at first was going to decline the offer but then decided she would rather be out drinking with Christina than listening to Derek and Mark fighting.

“I’ll meet you in twenty minutes”

“Ooh are things that bad at casa Shepherd?” Christina replied.

“I’ll tell you when I get there” Meredith said as she hung up.

“Right, I am going to open the door and let Mark in and you two can talk, yell, scream and punch as much as you want. I’m going to meet Christina at Joes.” Meredith said as she stood up.

“You’re leaving?” Derek said.

“Yes. This is discussion I don’t need to hear. You and Mark need to talk and make things right. He’s your best friend.” Meredith replied as she grabbed her coat and bag and called for a taxi.

Ten minutes later Meredith was sitting in a taxi heading for Joes. As she left the house she told both Mark and Derek in no uncertain terms that she was not coming home until they had talked and made peace with other.

However escaping to Joes had not helped Meredith. Several beers later Meredith was glad to be home after having a drunken Christina cry on her shoulder all night because she had not cut in two days.

If she had heard ‘mama needs to cut’ one more time she swore she would not be responsible for her actions. Owen gave her a sympathetic yet thankful look for making sure that Christina got home safely – even though it had taken the two of them to get her up the stairs before Owen gave up and threw her over his shoulder.

She paid the cab driver and was nervously expecting to see either the police at the door or find blood in the doorway. Although Derek had calmed down a bit when she was leaving he and Mark still looked ready to kill each other when she left but what scared her more was the peace and quiet as she walked through the front door.

‘This is not good she thought’ as she took off her coat.

She had just hung up her coat when she heard the yell come from the lounge and Derek running from the kitchen with a beer in one hand and Beth’s bottle in the other. He ran over kissed her hello and yelled in to Mark “what did I miss?”

Meredith looked in to the lounge and found Mark, Derek and a very much awake Beth were watching an old baseball game on TV.

“I don’t want to know” she mumbled as she made her way upstairs and got ready for bed.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for reading – I hope to get the next chapter up by Thursday. If not – enjoy the finale!


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I'm sorry you're not well, sweetie. The flu is going around. I hope you get better soon.

Well, I didn't expect to see Derek's old friend turn up. How could a friend tell his best friend that the woman he is about to marry had aborted his child? Men don't talk. They hold it in. I was pleased to see that the two men had made up their differences.

And anyone who has had children know how much of a mess they can make when helping in the kitchen. Teehee...

Did you say this was the finale, or is there one more to go?
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Okay I wrote this a chapter a while ago and when I re-read I decided to add a bit more to it only for my computer to through a hissy fit and I lost everything I had added!
Thankfully the original was backed on a hard drive but I have to re-write parts again – hence the delay and why it is shorter than usual. I apologise in advance for any missed words, spelling etc...

However it is as promised posted before the episodes tonight...



It had been a long and busy week for both Derek and Meredith and they were both glad for the weekend to finally arrive. Owen, Christina and Mark were coming over to watch the baseball game. Christina was bringing the alcohol and Mark was bringing pizza. Mark had now become a regular visitor over the past few weeks and although disgusted at first at Mark’s womanising ways Meredith could not help but like him.

Meredith was still at a loss as to how Derek and Mark had made up and frankly was too scared to ask. All she knew was that they were now speaking and were gradually repairing their friendship. She particularly enjoyed when Mark started telling her stories about Derek as a teenager and the tricks they both used to play on his sisters. Usually by this stage Derek was threatening to expel Mark permanently from the house.

Meredith had officially started working at the crèche and between her and Adele they not only interviewed loads of applicants for the various positions but also added the finishing touches to the nursery – hanging curtains, cleaning cupboards and buying in more toys and utensils that they would also need. They also decided on a uniform for the staff - navy scrub bottoms with a white scrub style top with an assortment of nursery characters. Adele had insisted that as manager Meredith would not need a uniform but Meredith still ordered a uniform for herself on the days she would working in the baby room.

The crèche had been fantastic idea and was very popular with the hospital staff. Meredith enjoyed meeting all the parents and was amazed at how many people knew Derek. She was worried as to how Beth would adjust as it had always been just her and Beth in the house together, but Beth was having a ball. She enjoyed playing with the other babies and the other baby room staff. When she was tired she would still crawl over and cling to Meredith.

For the first time in ages life was good thought Meredith. Her and Derek had finally went on their first official first date the previous weekend with a meal in a small intimate Italian restaurant before going to see a movie. Adele had babysat for them and the evening had ended with a heavy make out session on the sofa. Meredith knew that Derek wanted to do much more than kissing but he knew that she was not yet ready to take their relationship to the next level.

She was grateful that Derek that was not rushing her into sleeping with him. Admittedly there was nothing that Meredith wanted more than to wake up in Derek arms but she could not understand why someone as good looking as Derek wanted to be with her but deep down she was still embarrassed that she would not be good enough for him.

Derek could not help but think that Meredith still had a low opinion of her herself and still thought of herself as the nanny instead of his girlfriend.

Derek was also happy with the way their relationship was progressing. He was always kissing her and texting her throughout the day in between surgeries. Now that the hospital crèche was open Derek would call in several times throughout the day to see how she was and also to spend some time with both her and Beth.

The game had just started when the telephone rang. Derek answered as he knew it would his mother returning his earlier call. He had the dreaded task of informing Carolyn Shepherd that he, Meredith and Beth would not be spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with the family at the Cape.

Mark who was only to aware of the force of nature that Carolyn is about these things whispered to Meredith “You think he is winning?”

“I have no idea” Meredith replied.

“Yeah well he is braver than me” Mark answered back.

Tradition had it that you had to spend at one least holiday at the main house in Cape Cod. Derek had explained that he and Addison used to spend Thanksgiving at her parents in Manhattan and then Christmas with his family; this would be reversed the following year. However this year with them only arriving in Seattle, Derek thought that it would only be fair if he did the holiday cover at Seattle Grace. Meredith had thought the same and thought it would good if she covered some of the shifts over the holiday season.

Carolyn Shepherd was not taking this development well judging by the exasperated tone and body language coming from Derek.

A few minutes later an exhausted Derek finally emerged into the lounge

“You have been ordered to Boston” Mark stated

“No. Mom has finally accepted that we will be missing this year.” This remark caused Mark to raise his eyebrows.

“So they are all coming out for Beth’s birthday instead.” This last statement caused Meredith to choke on her wine.

“What? ... Where are they going to stay?”

Derek could not but smile at the look of horror on Meredith’s. She loved his family but the thought of having the full tribe descending on their small Seattle house was a different matter.

“Well at least they have given us a few months to get hotel rooms booked. Relax Meredith I wouldn’t dream of inviting any of them to stay here.”

Meredith relaxed slightly at this but was still daunted by the prospect of having Derek’s four sisters breathing down neck, especially Nancy.

The game had turned out to be an epic and Meredith was amazed at how Beth had managed to fall asleep during the all the shouting, yelling and cursing that had come from everyone mouths.

That was until 1:30am. Derek and Meredith had just finished tidying up the mess and had gone to bed, separately and just started to go into a nice sleep when Beth started crying. Both of them literally walked into each other on the landing and telling the other that they would look after her. However an hour later and a spoonful of medicine later Beth was still awake her cheeks bright red with teething.

“I’ll stay up with her, you have surgery in the morning” Meredith offered.

“Thanks but I don’t think I could sleep with her crying like this” Derek answered.

By 3:15am Meredith and Derek were lying in his bed with a sleeping Beth in both of their arms. They were both too tired to even suggest moving Beth back into her cot.

“Do you think it’s safe to move” Derek whispered desperately trying not to waken Beth.

“Do you want to risk it?” Meredith whispered back.

“Not really but I really need the bathroom”

“Too much information Derek, just move gently” Meredith replied as he gently lifted Beth and laid her down on the bed facing Meredith.

He gently got out of bed and tiptoed out of the bed only to stub his toe against the chest of drawers.

“Shit!” he whispered as Meredith tried her hardest not to laugh.

“Not funny!” he loudly whispered as he dashed into the bathroom.

Beth yawned in her sleep and grabbed onto Meredith index finger.

A few minutes later Derek tiptoed back into the room and slid back into bed and wrapped his arm around his sleeping daughter.

“She’s still out for the count.” Meredith whispered before yawning. “I better get to bed she’ll be up again in a few hours.” Meredith then realised that Beth was still holding on to her finger and she was trying to think how she was going to get out of the bed without waking her.

“Stay. You can sleep here – unless you want to chance waking her” Derek answered.

“You don’t mind?” Meredith asked.

“Not at all.” Derek answered smirking, “And now you are in my bed you can tell how much chocolate Mark fed my daughter while I was on the phone with mom.”
“Not that much – although I think her refusing to sleep is more to do with teething than too much sugar.” Meredith giggled.

“Well I’m not convinced – I know what Mark is like: it’s almost a tradition for him to arrive on Cape Cod with enough sweets and chocolate to feed everyone on the Cape for my nieces and nephews, then when they get hyperactive and are sick he conveniently leaves for ‘a hot date’ and quite literally leaves it for everyone else to clean up”. Derek said.

“Mind you” Derek continued “I was so proud when Beth him on the head tonight”
“It almost matched the right hook you gave him when he arrived in Seattle and besides she did not do in purpose, she was upset that she had to go bed and miss the game.” Meredith said never forgetting the look of horror on Mark’s face and the look of pride on Derek’s.

Derek laughed quietly “Meredith I have always told you that Beth was smart and takes after me. Mark just needs to realise that – hence why she hit him.” Derek proudly stated.

Meredith rolled her eyes at the comment.

“I hope you don’t think I am interfering but how did you guys make up? I mean when he arrived at the house that night you looked as if you wanted to kill him.” Meredith asked.

“I did. He knew Addison as well as I did. She disappeared and I wanted to blame someone. Mark was an easy target. He explained that he never told me about the abortion was because deep down he believed that Addison had been right – he would have constantly cheated on her and that even she was with him it was me she wanted to be with, to have a family with. He didn’t tell me in case it changed my mind about marrying Addison. He knew she wanted to be Addison Shepherd and he did not want to ruin that for her.”

Derek gently stroked Beth’s face.

“In a way he’s my brother, and for some strange reason no matter how many fights we have had I can never stay mad at him.” Derek said as he continued to gently stroke Beth’s face and hair.

Derek looked at his sleeping daughter. “How do I tell her when she is older that her mother didn’t want anything to do with her” Derek whispered.

“I don’t know Derek, I really don’t” Meredith answered. “But I’ll be here when you do”
Derek rested his hand on top of hers and gazed into her eyes.

“I was with Addison for a long time but I don’t feel for her what I feel for you. I’d be lost without you”

“I think I would be lost without you too.” Meredith replied as they both reached over Beth and gently kissed.

They broke away and Meredith yawned.

“Enough kissing, it’s time we got some sleep before madam decides to start up again.” Derek said as he pulled himself closer to Beth and gently placed his arm on top of Meredith and Beth’s.

“Definitely” Meredith said as she yawned again.

“Goodnight Derek.” Meredith whispered.

“Goodnight Meredith” Derek replied.

“Good night Beth” Meredith whispered.

“Good night Beth” Derek replied

“Good night John Boy!” Meredith said before starting to laugh

“Good night Mary Ellen” Derek laughed.

“Sorry couldn’t help it” Meredith giggled.

Within minutes they both fast asleep.

When they both woke the next morning their legs were entwined together while Beth’s head lying on Derek’s arm and still clinging to Meredith’s index finger.

Both Meredith and Derek felt as if the most natural thing in the world to wake up together in each other’s arms and wanted more than anything to wake up every morning like this.

I hope you liked the bit at the end! Let’s just say it was something I and the rest of my family used to do when on holiday together – but for the life of me could remember the names of John Boy’s brothers and sisters when writing this!

As always if you have read this please review – I like to know what you are and are not enjoying with this story!


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Awww...Loved the nod to The Waltons.

It all looks good for Derek and Meredith, doesn't it? Is this the finish? Or will there be troubles ahead for our two love birds?
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Chapter 8


Over the next few weeks Beth’s teething had gotten worse instead of better. There had been several nights when coming home from a late surgery Derek would find Meredith pacing the house with a screaming Beth in her arms. It had gotten so bad on one particular evening that Derek finally relented and phoned his mother.

Cathryn was pleased that her son had called for help and was prepared to jump on the next available plane to come and help them out. Derek reassured her that they were fine but running out of solutions on how to ease the pain for Beth. He had been slightly horrified at Cathryn’s suggestion of putting a dash of brandy on Beth’s gums. Cathryn’s response had simply been that he had not complained about it when he was teething and it did not do him or Nancy harm. When he hung up the telephone and told Meredith she simply laughed “Stupid! I forgot all about that!” and when she noticed the look on Derek’s face “Relax – it is only a miniscule amount.”

Derek had not been convinced and chose to stick with the medicine.

Derek felt as if his heart was breaking when he looked at his daughter’s sobbing face and bright red cheeks. Most nights started with him and Meredith taking it in turns to sit and try to get Beth to sleep and usually ended with all three curled up together in Derek’s bed. Although he had no objections to Meredith sleeping beside him in bed every night he knew that Beth would get to used this idea and it would be a nightmare to get her settled back in her cot.

He had no idea how Meredith had stayed sane throughout it all. She was up most mornings at 5am with Beth crying and then looked after her in the nursery for most of the day so that she would not distract the other children. Once Beth finally did sleep Meredith was then trying to do her own work and most days did not even get a chance to take a lunch break. She then left the hospital before him most nights so that would not annoy the other children who were sleeping. When he eventually got home Meredith was still trying to get Beth to eat dinner with no joy. Throughout it all Meredith had never complained once.

Thankfully the teething stopped the day before Thanksgiving. He finished early at the hospital and came home to find his daughter chewing on a farley’s rusk in her highchair while Meredith was on the phone with Gavin who was giving her a crash course on to make a Thanksgiving dinner.

They had decided to have a small dinner tonight as both of them were working 12 hour shifts the following day and knew that by the time they got home they would be too tired to cook.

Derek walked over and kissed Beth hello at the same time as Meredith finished speaking to Gavin. He could not resist walking over and grabbing Meredith by the waist and kissing her.

“Derek” she squealed

“Am I not allowed to kiss you hello now?” Derek smirked.

“No, you just scared me that’s all. Beth had something to show you” Meredith answered.

Derek turned around and looked at his giggling daughter.

“Come on Beth smile for daddy” Meredith said tickling Beth under her chin.

Beth finally opened her mouth and there it was another small white tooth at the front of her lower gum. Meredith looked at Derek who was crying with joy. The next few minutes was a flurry of activity with Derek clicking like mad on the camera and also on his cell phone and texting everyone he knew a photo of Beth’s new tooth.

They had enjoyed dinner and for the first night in weeks Beth fell fast asleep in her cot as soon as her head hit the pillow. The only downside of this Derek thought was that Meredith would not be sleeping in his bed tonight.

Thanksgiving Day had been busy for Derek with a constant stream of consults and had only got to see Meredith and Beth briefly for a quick sandwich between patients. However the day had been quieter for Meredith in the nursery with only a handful of children in. She had spent most of the day with the older children showing them how to make brownies that they could take them home for desert at thanksgiving dinner.

Both of them were grateful that had been kept busy in their respective jobs and when they got in the car to drive home neither wanted to admit to each other that they had been unable to sleep the previous night in their own beds without the comfort of each other.

By the time they finally got home there was, at least six voice messages from various members of Derek’s family wishing them a happy Thanksgiving. The funniest one had to be from Gavin who ordered one of them to call him back asap just to make sure that Meredith had cooked dinner correctly and that they were not suffering from food poisoning. Both Derek’s father and his sister could be heard laughing and shouting at Gavin in the background.

It was Meredith who had called Gavin and reassured the Shepherd clan that were still healthy and alive while Derek headed out to Joe’s with Owen and Mark for Thanksgiving drinks while Christina came and sat with Meredith and shared a bottle of wine grateful that she could now visit the house without being deafened by the midget aka Beth. Meredith knew that secretly Christina liked Beth but would just never admit to it.

It was just after midnight when Christina left and after tidying up Meredith decided not to wait for Derek and climbed into bed not that she thought she would get any sleep.

It was just as well she was not sleeping as Derek arrived home as drunk as a sailor.

First of all he dropped his keys on the porch and after swearing loudly he then tripped on the front step to the amusement of Owen and Mark who realised that this was not their stop and were trying to remember how to get in the back of the taxi.

As mad as she was Meredith could not but help but laugh at the shape of the three surgeons who could obviously not hold their liquor. As she tried to help Derek into the house she silently prayed that they not managed to waken either the neighbours or a sleeping Beth.

“Mer...” Derek yelled as she helped him up the stairs “you’re gorgeous” and planted a sloppy kiss on Meredith’s left cheek.

“Really” Meredith whispered back hoping Derek would take the hint. He didn’t as he yelled back
“Yep... most gorgeous woman in all of Sea...” Derek did not get the chance to finish the sentence as he started to hiccup.

They had finally reached the top of the stairs and Meredith tried to navigate Derek to turn left towards his bedroom, but no Derek decided to turn right and head straight for Meredith’s room.

“Wrong way Derek” Meredith tried to turn him around, but it didn’t work as Derek staggered into her bedroom and decided to start mumbling. All Meredith could make out was “Need”, “Smell”, “lavender”. The next thing Derek fell and landed on top of her bed.

“Great” thought Meredith, wondering what the hell she was going to do now. Derek then let out a loud snore and Meredith decided to leave him lying there. She pulled the duvet over him, turned off her bedside light and tiptoed quietly out of the room and gently closed the door. She quickly checked on Beth and to her relief she was still fast asleep. She walked across the landing and opened the door to Derek’s bedroom.

“Well if he’s passed out on top of my bed I may as well sleep in his” thought Meredith as jumped into the king size bed. The first thing she could smell was the faint trace of his aftershave on the pillow. After a few minutes she was fast asleep.

Beth’s crying woke Meredith some four hours later.

She went into her room to find Beth bouncing around her cot.

“Someone’s full of energy this morning! Fancy sharing some with me Beth?”

Meredith said to the baby as she lifted her out of her cot and changed her diaper.

Beth was at the stage where she thought it was great fun to roll around on the changing mat when someone was changing her diaper. Thankfully Meredith was able to distract her by giving her a toy to play with.

“You are going to be a little madam today aren’t you” she said to Beth who just giggled in response. “I don’t mind... just remember to bang your toys as loud as you want when daddy gets up!” Beth continued to giggle.

“Oh I have her well trained” Meredith thought as she placed Beth back into her cot and went downstairs to start a fresh pot of coffee and prepare Beth’s breakfast.

Meanwhile Derek was just starting to waken from a deep, deep sleep. All he could hear was banging. He was not sure whether the banging noise was coming from inside or outside his brain. As he gradually woke up his nostrils were hit with a strange aroma. It was a faint mix of lavender from Meredith’s pillow and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

As he started to open his eyes Derek became fully aware of the pounding headache as he reached over to the nightstand to see what time it was... and landed face first on the floor.

“What the hell” he muttered “where did the nightstand go” Derek now managed to pull himself up into a sitting position his back resting up against the bed.

He opened his eyes properly and looked around. He was relieved when he recognised Meredith’s bedroom but for the life of him could he remember how he got there.

He remembered going out drinking with Mark and Owen and then falling out of the taxi, “I’m sure the neighbours loved that” he thought, and then he remembered kissing Meredith on the stairs.

“oh shit” he said out loud just as Meredith opened the bedroom door carrying a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a bottle of headache tablets.

“Oh it was you who made all the noise; I was beginning to think Beth had developed superhuman powers.” Meredith said “I thought you would need this” she said as she walked over and handed him the tablets first and then the coffee.

“You are a life saver” Derek said as quickly swallowed two of the tablets.

“Derek I have to ask – did you drink the scotch or swim in it?” Meredith stated as she could smell the whiskey of his clothes.

“I honestly cannot remember” Derek took another gulp of the coffee before continuing “all I can remember is falling out of the cab and ... kissing you” Derek said the last words in almost a whisper. He was wracking his brain trying to remember what happened when he arrived home. He prayed that he had not done anything stupid by forcing himself on Meredith.

Meredith watched Derek and could tell by the look on his face that he honestly could not remember the events of the previous night.

“You, you don’t remember ... last night” Meredith stammered.

‘Oh God’ Derek looked at Meredith and feared the worst. “What did I do?” Derek dreaded her answer.

“You don’t remember ... the... five ... screaming...orgasms ...” Meredith had to bite her lip to stop from laughing out loud. The look on Derek’s face was priceless.

‘Oh god. I took advantage. I slept with the woman I love and I don’t even remember it’ thought Derek.

Meredith was beginning to think that the joke had backfired on her and that Derek had been repulsed at the thought of having sex with her, until she saw the look of realization on his face.

After thirty seconds of a million different thoughts roaming around his aching brain Derek suddenly realised that if he had slept with Meredith he would not be sitting fully clothed on her bedroom floor. As he realised that Meredith was only joking, Derek realised that Meredith probably thought that his silence would be him regretting sleeping with her – if it had happened.

Derek looked at Meredith and smirked “Meredith, if we had five screaming orgasms I would not be fully dressed and you would not be able to move.”

He reached over and grabbed Meredith pulling her down on to the floor beside him and kissed her passionately on the lips. His hands were in her hair and roaming across her back, seconds later Meredith was lying on the floor with Derek on top of her looking in her eyes “I intend to be sober when we make love for the first time” before kissing on the cheek and then whispered in her ear “... tease”.

Meredith looked up into Derek’s eyes “Sorry couldn’t resist it although it nearly backfired on me. For one second I thought you were horrified by the very idea of sleeping with me”.

“Meredith I love you, I can’t wait to make love you, but only when you are ready I’m not going to rush you into anything you are not ready for.” Derek was now sitting on the floor with Meredith sitting on his lap. His brain was beginning to hurt again with all the quick movements.

“Derek, I know I don’t say it... but I do love you and I want too... really want to ... but I just need some more time.”

“Meredith it’s fine really.” Derek answered.

“Are you sure – I don’t want to scare you off, I just need a little more time.” Meredith said her eyes never leaving Derek’s.

Derek reached over and kissed Meredith softly on the lips “just let me know when you are ready” he whispered as he continued to kiss her.

After a few minutes of sitting on Derek’s lap Meredith became aware of Derek’s arousal. “Um, sorry” she muttered.

“Don’t be.” Derek muttered in between kisses. “Although I think we should stop...” Derek did not get a chance to finish what he was saying as he heard a loud bang come from Beth’s room.

A million thoughts were racing through both of their minds when they entered her nursery – Derek’s especially – the panic did not help his hangover.

When they opened the door and looked in the toy that Beth had been playing with was lying on the floor and Beth was proudly standing up on her feet in the cot.

“Oh my god, she standing up Mer!” Derek yelled – his hangover instantly forgotten as he searched for the camera.

Meredith’s mind flashed back to earlier that morning – “oh you’re going to be a madam today. You are not allowed to throw toys”. Beth’s answer to this was a big grin which simply said “Who me?”


As usual if you liked it – please let me know.

I will try and update again before the weekend, I’m trying to write and bank as many updates as I can as I am going on holiday in a few weeks and I will not get a chance to write for a while when I return. I am still aiming to update at least once a week.

Thanks for reading ... please review!



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