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Greys Anatomy fic - This Life
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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 5:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mmm...I didn't know that brandy was something that can be used to help with teething? What would have been nice - since you mentioned it - was that Meredith and Derek tried the remedy and then show us if it worked or not. Having mentioned the brandy and Derek's mother and then not using that to further the story was puzzling to me.

OTOH, Meredith telling Derek that they'd had amazing sex and he thought he was too drunk to remember was cute.

Have a great holiday.
"Been playing a little Ahab."
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PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2010 2:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In the last chapter it was Thanksgiving – this chapter it’s Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment!


“What do you think about this?” Derek asked Meredith.

It was exactly three weeks to Christmas and Derek was literally driving Meredith crazy looking at toys for Beth. He was scanning through a catalogue from a local toy store in downtown Seattle.

“Um, looks great” Meredith answered “but I don’t think a tree house is really suitable for a 10 month old baby Derek.” She saw the look on his face and smiled “I know it’s her first Christmas and you want to spoil her rotten but be practical she is not even walking yet”.

“She is standing up though” Derek argued back and then realised “fair enough, I see your point maybe next year.”

Meredith just rolled her eyes and continued with the pile of ironing.

“Here let me finish that – you haven’t stopped all day.” Derek said as put the catalogue down and came up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“It’s okay I don’t mind” Meredith said.

“Really?” Derek answered. She was the first woman he knew apart from his mother who did not mind ironing clothes.

“Yeah, I learned early that in my family if you wanted something ironed it was best to do it yourself. My mother was not a domestic goddess and as for dad and Molly forget it – unless you wanted to go school with burned shirt.”

Derek did not know how to respond to this and so decided to kiss the back of neck instead. Meredith put down the iron and turned around allowing him to kiss along her neck and then deeply on her lips. The kiss was just starting to heat up when the doorbell rang.

“Oh that’ll be the guy from the market delivering the Christmas tree” Meredith giggled.

“I’ll go.” Derek answered.

They had spent the morning going around various department stores buying Christmas decorations for the house.

Derek’s parents decided they would come out and visit the weekend before Christmas to see Beth’s first Christmas nativity play at the nursery before going to Nancy’s husband’s family for Christmas, or as Michael had put it the torture chamber. Jeff Goldstein’s parents had to be the most boring people you had ever met in your life. The Shepherd’s had previously declined their Christmas invitation for the last three years and knew that they could not get out of it this year. Sam and Gavin had also been talked into attending and had not spoken to their parents since they had been ‘volunteered’ to go.

Meredith was also up to her eyes trying to organise the nativity play and was not really looking forward to going shopping three weeks before Christmas, but then again she had never been Christmas shopping with Derek before.

Her eyes lit up in the Christmas store and before they both knew it they had bought tree lights and some simple but elegant Christmas decorations. Derek had even convinced Meredith to buy wrapping paper and cards.

Meredith admitted that she had always loved Christmas and every year Molly had always been the centre of attention and would get the most extravagant of presents. Christmas Day usually always ended with Meredith crying softly in bed promising and hoping that next year would be different.

It was in that moment that Derek made sure he would spoil Meredith and give her a Christmas she would never forget.

“Thanks again and Merry Christmas “Derek said to the delivery guy as he gave him a tip and closed the door. Meredith was coming down the stairs with Beth and went into the kitchen to get the decorations.

The tree was in the corner of the lounge between the fireplace and window and Derek was standing beside it with the stepladders and looking as if he did not know where to start. Meredith walked over and stood facing him.

“I’ll decorate the tree and you can put the lights up around the fireplace.”

“No, it’s okay I’ll do it. There is a special way of putting up fairy lights – “Derek was still standing staring at the lights in his hand and did not get to finish his sentence as Meredith lifted the lights out of his hands.


“Derek if there is one thing I know how to do is to how to decorate a Christmas tree and put on the lights. Now go and leave me in peace.” Meredith laughed.

“Being bossy is quite a turn on” Derek whispered in her ear before walking over to get the garland and fairy lights for the fireplace. Meanwhile Beth was having fun playing with Christmas teddies in her play pen as the adults sang along to the Christmas CD’s playing in the background.

Two hours later and Derek was impressed.

To his right was the most gorgeous Christmas tree he had seen in years.

Meredith had decorated with purple and silver bobbles with thin silver strands of tinsel. The clear fairy lights cast a lovely warm and cosy glow over the lounge. At the top was a silver star covered in glitter. He had to laugh at Meredith’s explanation that there were would be angel on top of the tree as they “creeped her out”.

While Meredith had been right in how to decorate the Christmas tree, Derek was still trying to hang the fairy lights across the fire place and it was starting to piss him off.

Meredith walked up beside him and gently asked “Do you want me to help?”

“No... Yes” he laughed admitting defeat. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she decorated the fireplace and was impressed when it was finished ten minutes later.

“How about I finish up and you can make dinner?” Meredith suggested as she turned round.

“I have a better idea how about I order a delivery from that new Italian restaurant that has just opened?


For the first time in years Meredith was actually looking forward to Christmas especially as the forecasters had predicted snow on Christmas Day. There were just two small problems to overcome.

The first thing was that the present she had ordered for Derek was still to arrive and the second was the nativity play.

Adele had decided that all the staff should dress up for the play and Meredith as manager felt obliged to go along with this suggestion and dress up like everyone this. The only problem was there were three outfits left and she really didn’t think any of them were appropriate to wear in a baby room. Her and Marcie – the baby room supervisor and Mel one the baby room staff had been last in the line when selecting the outfits Adele had hired.

It was not the fact of being in funny dress that got on Meredith’s nerves it was the fact that she was going to have walk around the hospital and meet Derek’s parents in an outfit that she did not feel the least bit comfortable in. Adele had cleared it with Richard that some of the older children in the crèche could come into some of the wards and sing Christmas carols to the staff and children and give out sweets and mince pies.

Derek had been teasing Meredith nonstop trying to find out what her costume was. He had just returned to hospital from picking his parents up at the airport and was introducing them to Owen, Christina, and Drs Webber, Bailey, Karev and intern Dr Lexie Harris whom he suspected Mark was sleeping with. He had just finished the introductions when he saw Meredith and the children including Beth who was Meredith’s arms at the top of the stairs.

“Well Mr and Mrs Shepherd you’re just in time to hear the children singing some Christmas songs” Richard said as Derek’s eyes never left Meredith in the stairs.

Meredith was wearing a white ball gown with fine silver threading which shimmered as the light hit them giving the gown a slight silver tint, fluffy white and silver angel wings graced her back and a glittering silver halo hovered above her head the headband holding it there concealed by her hair. She looked stunning.

As soon as Beth saw her dad she immediately wanted in his arms. Derek lifted her and gave her a kiss “Hello princess – you look gorgeous”. Beth was in a cream and red frilled party dress and Meredith was amazed that it was still clean.

Adele had started the children in a version of Jingle Bells when Derek whispered in her ear “You look stunning.”

Meredith’s response was an evil glare in his direction.

“Derek I’m dressed like Cinderella - all the babies are trying to pull off my wings, Beth keeps trying to eat my halo and Tuck Bailey and a few other babies have already tried to hide under my dress...” she took a deep breath before continuing “at least I got the silver angel outfit, Marcie is mad as she is wearing the gold angel outfit even though with her dark complexion it suits her. Mind you it’s Mel I feel sorry for.”

Derek was trying hard not to laugh “Why?”

“She is wearing the ‘Santa’s little helper’ outfit complete with the five inch killer heals. Marcie and I tried to reason with her that out of the three of us she is the only one with the figure who could pull it off. God love her she has already most of the fathers making lewd comments to her”. As she finished talking she saw Carolyn and Michael standing at the other side of the corridor and walked over to say hello.

Derek meanwhile could not get the image of Meredith wearing s ‘Santa’s little helper’ out of his head.

The nativity play had been a great success. Derek had been sitting in the front row along with his parents capturing it all on his camcorder – although Beth had spent the majority of time more interested in Marcie’s halo. Meredith was directing the children backstage and when the play was finished had to make escape and give one of the younger babies their bottle.

Derek lifted Beth and brought his parents down to see the baby room and found Meredith curled up on the sofa with the small baby in her arms. She looked adorable and could not help but wish that it was their baby that she was feeding.

Meredith looked up when she heard them enter.

“Hi, did you enjoy the play?” she asked.

“It was marvellous Meredith – you did a fantastic job” Michael beamed at her. Carolyn came over and sat down beside her all questions about the small baby in her arms.

Michael placed an arm around his son’s shoulders “She’s the one isn’t she”

Derek simply smiled and answered her “Yes – I love her so much dad it hurts.”

It took a while before they could leave the nursery as the parents came back upstairs to get their children’s belongings. For some of the children this was their last day at nursery before Christmas and some of the parents wanted to wish Meredith a happy Christmas and leave a small present for her and the staff.

When they arrived home it took both Derek and Michael two runs to carry in Meredith’s presents. She had four bottles of wine, a box of chocolates, one tin of biscuits; two bunches of flowers and a plant. She had also received vouchers for some department stores downtown. Derek nearly fainted when Meredith told him that there were enough tins of biscuits back in the nursery to keep all the staff going to Easter.

Meredith was glad to get out of her costume and into something more comfortable for dinner. Derek was taking them all out to dinner at one of the most expensive waterfront restaurants while Mel came and babysat Beth.

They had a fantastic evening with Carolyn and Michael both amazed at how much their granddaughter and grown and could not even get over how much more confident Meredith was around them.

The next day Derek had taken them up to the land where he was planning to build the new house. Both Carolyn and Michael could not believe the view from the cliff top and overall the size of the land. He explained how he was planning a large house and how he hoped Meredith would help him in planning and designing the house. His heart nearly missed a beat when they both told him that they already considered Meredith a daughter something they had never done with Addison.

The next day both he and Meredith were both sad to see them go and Meredith told him later that night that she was probably closer to them than her own family.

Christmas Day had started at 5am for everyone in the Shepherd household. They woke up to heavy frost and ice but no sign yet of the snow that was forecast.

Derek was the first one up making pancakes and coffee and arranged the presents for Beth. He also made sure that the camcorder was working as was under strict instructions to send a DVD back to Boston of Beth’s first Christmas.

By 5:50 there was wrapping paper everywhere. All of Beth’s presents were still lying in the corner of the lounge beside the tree – Beth was more interested in playing with the empty cardboard boxes then the toys themselves.

Derek was delighted with his Christmas presents. Meredith was still in contact with the family she had worked she for in London and they knew someone who worked in the music industry and was able to send her some rare Clash memorabilia including t-shirts, cd and a dvd recording of The Clash on tour. She had wrapped some of the stuff up and let on that Beth had bought the t-shirt especially for her daddy.

Derek had done the same with Beth buying Meredith a bottle of her favourite perfume and a box of very expensive handmade chocolates.

However it had been Derek’s present that had completely surprised Meredith. She opened the gold gift bag and saw two wrapped jewellery boxes inside. The first box was a beautiful diamond necklace and matching earrings. The other box was a matching bracelet.

She remember back to three weeks earlier when out shopping with Derek when she noticed the exact same necklace set in the jewellers window. She quickly lost interest when she the price tag of nearly $4,000.

“Do you like it – if not I can take it back and exchange it for something else?”
Derek asked when she had opened the last box.

“I love it Derek, but it’s too much...”

“Nonsense – I promised you I would spoil you and besides you’re worth it.” Derek said as he reached over kissed her.

Meredith had tears in her eyes as said “Thank you Derek - you do realise I will probably never wear them – I’ll be too scared of something happening to them. But Derek I feel awful, I didn’t spend that much on you and...” Derek silenced her by kissing her again.

“Meredith your present is priceless. No-one has ever bought me anything to do with The Clash before. Do you know how hard it is to get some of this stuff?”

“Painfully.” Meredith laughed “Why do think I have been looking out for the postman for the last three weeks.”

They tidied up the lounge and quickly dressed and arrived at the hospital shortly after 7am. Meredith knew that there were not be many children in today and had planned to do some baking with the older children in the morning and then it would be story time and let the other children watch a Christmas dvd in the afternoon.

By 10 am there were a total of ten children in the nursery. Meredith and Mel decided they would look after them and went to bake in the kitchen while Marcie and a few others tided and cleaned the other rooms.

Derek came up at lunchtime with some soup and salad from the canteen for Meredith. It was even quiet on the surgical wards for a change. They were both sitting on the floor with Beth standing in the middle of them when it started to snow.
Meredith was like a school child and Derek started laughing at her.

“Meredith you were born and raised in Boston you must be used to the snow.” He said.

“Well Dr Shepherd you seem to forget that I have lived in London for the last ten years and even when it did snow there it was never like this.” She answered as she grabbed her coat. Within minutes all the children – babies included where out playing in the snow. Thirty minutes later they were joined by Owen, Mark and Christina and the Seattle Grace snowball fight had begun.

By the time they finished their shifts at 6pm the snow was really beginning to lie. Derek insisted on driving home and there were no arguments from Meredith who was relieved to finally arrive home.

By 8pm Beth was exhausted and fast asleep in bed. Meredith could not help but put on her coat and went and sat on the step at the porch.

Derek came and joined her a short time later and sat on the step above her so that she was sitting between his legs with arms wrapped around her.

“Call me a big softie but I love watching the snow fall – it is so quiet and peaceful. I love it when it starts to lie and no-one has walked in it yet.”

“Um, I know what you mean” Derek quietly answered.

Meredith sat and leaned back further into Derek’s embrace and never wanted this spot. This had been the best Christmas she had ever had and she did not want to end any time soon. Derek started to kiss her neck and Meredith softly moaned.

She reached round and kissed Derek on the mouth and said “Thank you”.

“What for?” Derek answered.

“For giving me the perfect Christmas. For being here. I love you Derek.”

“I love you too” Derek answered as he pulled her in for a deeper kiss.

Meredith moaned loving the feeling of Derek’s kisses and she knew that it was time. She wanted, no needed Derek to make love to her. She knew that he would not hurt her and would always be there for her.

She broke away from the kiss and stood up looking at Derek the whole time.

“What’s wrong Mer?” Derek asked as he stood up and hugged her to him and kissing her forehead.

“It’s time. I’m ready Derek. I want you to...I want us to...” Meredith rambled.

“Meredith, don’t get me wrong I want to make love to you, but only when you are ready. I’m sorry I have given the impression...” Derek did not get to finish his sentence either as Meredith walked into the house and took off her coat and simply said.

“I’m ready Derek, Please I need you ...”

Part of Derek wanted to rush inside, tear of his coat and carry her up the stairs, as much as he wanted to, as much as he needed to he did not want to rush things or make her in any way feel uncomfortable.

Instead Derek calmly walked inside and locked the front door. He took off his coat and hung it next to Meredith's on the coat rack. He turned around and reached out to Meredith. One hand was stroking her face the other was holding her hand.

“I’m ready too Meredith. I love and need you so much too. “He smiled at her as she kissed his hand and lead him the up the stairs.

Once at the top of the stairs Derek lead her into his bedroom and closed the door. He turned around kissed her on each cheek, her nose, neck and finally her mouth.

“If at any time you want me stop Meredith just say the word. Okay.”

“Okay” she whispered back. She then stepped forward and kissed Derek on each cheek mirroring the actions he had just taken. While she was kissing him, she was reaching for his shirt and Derek took the hint and pulled off her sweater.

Within moments they were both naked. Meredith was embarrassed and started to cover herself, but Derek stopped her. “Don’t, you look beautiful.”

Meredith could not help but stare at Derek between his muscled body and impressive length. “So are you”. She replied.

Derek gently eased her down on top of the bed before quickly grabbing a condom from his bedside table. He lay down beside her and started kissing her gently at first but getting hotter and more passionate.

Derek kissed and caressed every part of her body before Meredith returned the favour. Derek stopped her and again asked her if she was sure her reply was a gentle kiss on his lips. “Please Derek...”

It was just after 7am when Meredith woke to the feeling that she was being watched. She opened her eyes and immediately realised that she was not in her own bed and that she was not alone. Then she remembered last night’s activities and smiled.

“Morning beautiful” Derek huskily whispered in her ear as he reached down to kiss her.

“How long have you been awake?” Meredith asked as she turned around and lay facing him.

“Not long. I was going to wait a few more minutes before I started working on screaming orgasm number three” Derek stated.

Meredith’s blush nearly matched the colour of Derek’s bed sheets, much to Derek’s amusement. “Your beautiful Mer” he said as she started to bite her lip.

“What’s wrong, did I hurt you?” Derek asked slightly panicked by the look on her face.

“No... its... me. I don’t know how to say this, but was I... I know that you have probably slept with loads of woman who are more experienced than me... but...”

Derek knew exactly what Meredith was trying to ask him and he stopped her by kissing her and answering “Mer, you are perfect.” He lifted his arm and gently stroked her arm and then moved round to caress her back.

“I was with Addison for a very long time, and before that – three, sorry four girls in college and none of them even came close to what I feel for you, and what we shared last night.”

“Okay...” Meredith was pleased at his answer is somewhat embarrassed.

Derek started to kiss behind her ear before whispering “I’m going to show you how much you mean to me.”

“You are?” Meredith whispered.

“Um huh” Derek replied as started to kiss down her neck on her to breasts.

It was only Beth crying that prevented orgasm number three.
I apologise in advance – I am crap at writing ‘mature’ scenes – just use your imagination!!!

Just to let you all know that I am going on holiday on Friday and although I will have my laptop with me I will not have internet access.

I will try to update again on Thursday but I am not promising – it will depend on how much I much I can written today and tomorrow. (Hint – more reviews the quicker I write!!)

If I don’t get to update on Thursday it will be this day two weeks before I update again... sorry!

Thanks again for your support!


Very Happy

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a gorgeous Christmas for Meredith. And what fabulous gifts Derek gave her.

I would have liked to have seen more interaction between Meredith and Derek's parents. Family get togethers can be fun or a nightmare! :0)

Mature scenes? Very difficult to write. At least for me, anyway.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As promised here is the next chapter!

AN: The black dress that Meredith is wearing at the prom is the same one that she wore to the prom in the series two finale.


As they had both worked on Christmas Day both Derek and Meredith had the following day off, and all Meredith wanted to do was to go outside and play in the snow. Derek had already mentioned he was going to teach Beth how to make a snowman.

Meredith had just given Beth her breakfast and had left her to play in her cot. She walked into the bedroom and grabbed a change of clothes before heading to the bathroom to have a quick shower. She opened the bathroom door to find a naked Derek coming out of the shower.

“Sorry, I should have knocked” as she quickly turned around and headed for the door.

“Meredith wait” Derek laughed as he grabbed a towel and walked over to her.

“I’m so sorry... I should have knocked” Meredith giggled. She then noticed just how pleased Derek was to see her and she started to get embarrassed.

“Don’t be – you can walk in on my shower anytime. That’s what couples do”.
Derek said as he reached out and pulled her closer to him. She could feel his arousal pressing into her as he kissed her.

“Okay.” Meredith answered as Derek started kissing down her neck and on to her breasts.

“Where’s Beth?” he asked.

“Playing her cot... oh god don’t stop” Meredith groaned.

“You know we never got to finish screaming orgasm number three” he huskily muttered in her ear.

“You’re never going to let me forget that are you” Meredith moaned to response to his kisses.

“No.” Derek answered as he lifted her wrapping her legs around his waist and carried her back into the shower.
After some hot shower sex Derek was called into the hospital for a consult. Due to the heavy snowfall there had been a road accident on the interstate and although Seattle Presbyterian was taking the majority of patients Seattle Grace was taking those classed as critical.

Thankfully Derek was only gone for a few hours and he arrived home with Mark who decided to come over and help Derek build a snowman. A short while later they were all in the front garden with Meredith sitting on the steps capturing the event on the camcorder when her cell phone rang, it was Christina.

She hit pause on the camcorder. “Hey Chris enjoying the snow?”

“Hell yes – I’ve had back to back surgeries all day. What about you? Christina excitedly answered.

“I’m watching Derek and Mark build a snowman, and then watching Beth crawl over knock it down” she laughed.

“I love that child – please tell me you’re taping it” Christina said.

“Oh yes”. Meredith laughed as Beth grabbed hold of the carrot they were planning to use as the snowman’s nose and started hitting Mark with it.

“Owen wants to know if you are watching the game tonight” Christina asked continuing the conversation.

“I take it this is a hint that you want to come over and get drunk and pass out on the floor like the last time.” Meredith answered never forgetting coming down the stairs at 5:30 in the morning to find a naked Owen and Christina sleeping on the lounge floor.

“Yes it’s a hint but there will be no passing out. I have to be in here at 6am for rounds tomorrow”.

Meredith quickly asked Derek and Mark about their plans for football game that night and it was soon arranged that Owen and Christina would bring the pizzas on their way from the hospital.

Several hours later they were sitting in the lounge with the blinds open watching the snow starting to fall again.

Beth had decided to show everyone her new trick – kissing. She had crawled around the floor to Derek and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

Derek was beaming with pride at his daughter – until she crawled over to Mark and gave him a kiss. Mark thought this was brilliant as Derek flashed his friend a look that could kill.

“Oh someone’s jealous” Christina stated smirking.

“Beth no kissing” Derek said

“What!” Meredith exclaimed “She is allowed to kiss you but not Mark?”

“Yes. Beth no kissing boys until you are 40... at least” Derek answered seriously as stood to get Beth’s bottle and get her ready for bed. As he walked out into the kitchen Beth crawled over to Christina and tried to kiss her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Christina said as tried to push Beth away.

“She wants to kiss you” Meredith said

“Why?” Christina asked.

“Because she likes you – although I don’t know why” Meredith responded.

Beth pulled herself up and gave Christina a big sloppy kiss on the cheek before heading over and kissing Owen.

Owen gave her a kiss back while Christina was wiping the drool of her cheek.

Meredith could see that Christina was trying to look horrified but was silently pleased at Beth’s show of emotion.

Meredith quickly went over and picked Beth up before Derek returned “Enough flirting Beth, time for bed”.

As Derek settled Beth for bed Meredith went into the kitchen to make coffee.

Christina followed her in and making sure she was out of earshot from Mark and Owen stated.

“You slept with him” Christina stated.

“Excuse me” Meredith turned around and looked at Christina.

“Don’t lie to me I’m your person. It’s written all over both of your faces – you’re practically glowing.” Christina smirked.

“Okay yes – last night...” Meredith held her hands up in defeat knowing that she could not lie to her best friend.

“Okay I don’t want the gory details just tell me he didn’t force you into it and that it was good.”

“He did not force me into anything and it was better than good” Meredith smirked.

“Bitch” Christina smiled.

The snow was falling heavily now and no-one really wanted to drive home. Derek invited them to stay the night here and was now upstairs trying to find a spare pillow and blankets.

“I really don’t mind them staying over, but where is everyone going to sleep” Meredith asked.

“Mark can sleep on the couch and Owen and Christina can sleep in your room." Derek answered as he found a warm blanket that Mark could use.

“And what about me?” Meredith answered.

Derek looked her at for a second before smiling as he answered “with me of course.” He kissed her on the cheek and headed downstairs.

In that second Meredith knew that she would never be sleeping in her bedroom again.
Thankfully the snow had melted a few days later and everyone at the hospital were preparing for New Year.

Adele had talked Richard into holding a New Year Prom at the hospital for the staff and decided to keep the crèche open for the staff to use instead of having to pay a fortune for a babysitter.

Derek had insisted that Meredith accompany him to the ball and she was now trying to organise who would be working in the crèche. Adele had agreed that it would only be fair to give the staff who worked over Christmas the night off. Adele also allowed the staff who did work New Years Eve to have a small party with the children as long there was no alcohol.

“You don’t understand New Year is ruined if I have to work” Gina stated to Meredith, her foot tapping the floor.

Gina was one of the more temperamental nursery staff who had to have everything she wanted all time. She reminded Meredith a bit of Molly. The only difference was that Gina was not afraid to do a decent days work and all the toddlers loved her.

“I understand you would like to have the night off” Meredith tried to answer back.
“It’s alright for you – you’re the boss you can do what you like and have a fancy prom to go to.” Gina snapped back.

Meredith took a deep breath before replying “Gina what did you do for Thanksgiving?”

“Spent it at my boyfriend’s house.” She snapped back.

“And what did you do for the five days you had off over Christmas?” Meredith asked.

“Went out drinking with my friends and spent the most boring ever Christmas day with my parents. Why?”

“Well I worked all through Thanksgiving and Christmas Day – I think it is only fair that I and the rest of the staff should have at least a few hours off to bring in the New Year. I’m sorry Gina, I know Adele has only decided this in the last few days but you were told when you applied for the job that you would have to work holidays."

Gina had accepted the fact that she was going to have work and sulked out of the office.

Now a few hours later Meredith was faced with a sulking Christina as they tried to find the perfect dress for the prom.

“What about this one?” Christina asked as she came out of the dressing room wearing a red skin-tight cocktail dress.

“No. First of all it makes your ass look big and secondly - are you a hardcore surgeon or a hooker?” Meredith replied.

“Just because you found your dress as soon as you walked through the freaking door...” Christina stopped talking as she looked at her reflection in the mirror “Your right.” She groaned.

“I told you stick to black – that first dress was perfect.” Meredith answered.

Thirty minutes later they both had their dresses. Christina ended up buying the first dress she tried on – it was a black sleeveless ball gown that deep down Christina knew Owen would love her in especially when she planned to her put hair up.

New years Eve day turned out to be hectic for Meredith as she was trying to help Adele get the hospital ready for the prom along with covering breaks at the nursery and for some strange reason she and Christina had booked an appointment at a beauty salon to not only have their hair styled but also have a facial and get their nails done.

Christina simply described this as a weak moment.
It had just turned 11pm and the reception area of the hospital was filled to the brim with doctors, surgeons, and other hospital staff. The waiting staff that Adele had hired were rushed off their feet serving drinks and finger foods to all of the staff.

As fate had it Derek had been called into an emergency surgery and had literally just came out of the OR and had a quick shower before changing into his tuxedo and was now rushing down to the reception area where he knew Meredith would be waiting. He heard a noise to his left and saw Mark disappear into an office locked in passionate embrace with one of the surgical residents Lexie Harris. Derek frowned. Mark sleeping with the nurses was bad enough but now the residents? “Don’t even think about it” he thought to himself.

He arrived in the reception area and immediately saw Owen who pointed him in the direction of where Meredith was waiting for him.

Meredith meanwhile was standing over to the side wishing the ground would slowly eat her up. She hated these types of things and Derek promised he would be with her the whole time. Yet he was still in surgery and she was stuck ‘talking’ to two of the most boring people she had ever met – Dr Nelson was also a neurosurgeon and the very annoying Dr April Kepfner who was drooling that badly over how great a surgeon Derek was that Meredith felt as if she were going to be sick.

She finally saw Christina come over and she excused herself.

“Sorry got here as soon as I could. Derek is on his way he was called into surgery and he’s just getting changed.” Christina said

“Thank God. I don’t know which one of those pair I was going to kill first.” Meredith said through almost clenched teeth.

“Dr Boring or Dr Creepy? I know what you mean?” Christina replied.

“She almost sounds obsessed with Derek.” Meredith said “Does he know about it?”

Christina took a deep breath and decided it would be best to be honest with Meredith.

“Yes and no” Christina answered and saw the puzzled expression on Meredith’s face.

“Dr Creepy arrived here just before Derek joined and she was literally joined to Owen’s hip. She agreed with everything he said and she followed him everywhere. I nearly attacked her with a scalpel when she nearly followed him into the men’s room, all of this because had praised her on a diagnosis. It only stopped when she misdiagnosed a patient and Owen gave her a verbal dressing down in front of everyone. Then Derek arrived and again the same thing happened. Only problem is Derek is that gooey-eyed over you he never realised that she is literally following him everywhere.”

“What!” Meredith was starting to panic at what Christina was saying.

Christina saw the look on her friend’s face and said “Relax, Derek only has for eyes for you everyone can see it. He never shuts up about you.”

Right on cue Derek arrived and kissed Meredith on the cheek. “You look amazing” he whispered in her ear.

“We need to talk. Now.” Meredith answered back as she saw Dr Creepy approaching them.

“Oh, Dr Shepherd that was an amazing surgery. I have never seen anything as good as that Dr Shepherd. You will have to let me scrub in the next time” Dr Kepfner kept blabbering on.

“Not now” Derek snapped back as he followed Meredith down the corridor and into one of the exam rooms and locked the door behind him.

Christina meanwhile walked up to Dr Kepfner and smugly stated “Your wasting your time sweetheart just like you did with Owen. He is madly in love with her. Take the hint and stop trying to steal someone else’s boyfriend.” Christina turned around and walked over to join Owen who was laughing at something Dr Robbins had said.

Meanwhile in the exam room as soon as Derek closed the door behind him

Meredith turned around and faced him. “When were you going to tell me?”

“Tell you what?” Derek was puzzled at what was going on.

“Tell you what, Derek!” Meredith was practically yelling at this stage.

“Mer I don’t understand...”

“Dr Kepfner, the resident who is drooling all over you and following you everywhere with big puppy dog eyes.”

“It’s nothing – just a silly crush, she did the same thing with Owen a while ago.” Derek tried to reassure her.

“You say that now. I have seen this before Derek; you know the family that I used to work in London? The same thing happened to them. Colin’s secretary started with gooey eyes too and the next thing you know she pulling a fatal attraction” Meredith said

“Meredith, she is not anything like that?

“Oh really. What is she like Derek?” she asked him.

“Meredith what is this really about?”

“She’s a surgeon Derek you probably have more things in common with her than with me and she is probably smarter than me, I’m just a nanny after all.” The last few words were muttered that quietly that Derek barely heard them.

“Meredith, don’t.” Derek finally understood what this about. Meredith saw Dr Kepfner as someone Derek should be interested in.

“I am in no way attracted to her and if at all possible I want nothing to do with her. There are only two women in life that I am interested in – you and Beth.”

He reached over and pulled her in for a kiss.

“But what if she tries something Derek, she is that dopey eyed to try something...” Meredith said her voice starting to crack.

“She won’t. I promise you. Anyway I will not let her get that close to try anything.” He was now holding her close to his chest.

“I’m sorry.” Meredith sniffed. “It’s just... god it’s so stupid and pathetic... I’m finally happy and dating a really good looking guy and ... and I’m just waiting for something to happen and for it all to come crashing down and...”

“It’s not stupid and pathetic Mer. God I wish i could take back all the bad things that your sister did to you. But Meredith I swear there is no-one else. There will never be anyone else. You are it for me. I need you to trust me” Derek said, his eyes never leaving hers.

“I do trust you Derek. You are the only thing in this world that keeps me sane.” Meredith ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath.

“I have just had a long day running about between here and the nursery and even a bloody beauty salon” they both laughed at this before Meredith continued “I have never been to a prom before and did not really know what to expect and then you were stuck in surgery and she was going on and on in my ear and I figured it was is best to scream and vent at you than attack her with a wine glass.”

“Definitely. Vent at me anytime, it’s actually quite hot.” Derek smirked.

“Trust you to think about sex.” Meredith giggled.

“Well you did say I was good looking” Derek huskily replied.

“You are. Have you a problem with that?” Meredith stated.

“Yes. I would describe myself as ... handsome... charming.... “Derek was saying this as he was kissing her face and neck “... sexy”

“And how would you describe me... Dr Shepherd” Meredith said in a husky and playful tone that went straight to his groin.

“Stunning. You look beautiful tonight Meredith” he said as he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up on to the bed and stood between her legs. His left hand was in her hair and tugging it down as he kissed her neck and down to her breasts. His right hand was desperately trying to undo his belt.

Meredith reached down and helped him with his belt before lowering his zipper and grabbing and stroking him.

“God Mer... back pocket... condom”

Meredith quickly helped him put the condom on and then he entered her and the world seemed to stop as he quickly and passionately thrust into her.

Moments later they were both moaning their release with Derek kissing Meredith to stop her from screaming.
As quiet as they had tried to be someone had heard them.

From the other side of the door Dr Kepner realised that Dr Shepherd was not interested her. She turned around as saw Dr Nelson standing by himself. “I think I will join him – he was so nice to me earlier” she thought as she walked down the corridor.
Meanwhile in the exam room, Derek handed Meredith some tissues to help clean herself up with before going back out to the party.

“Thanks.” She smirked at him. “What time is it?” she asked as Derek was tucking in his shirt and pulling his zip up.

“11:45pm” he said as he walked over and tied the back of her dress before kissing the nape of her neck. “I’ll go and get Beth.”

“Okay” she answered.

Derek had wanted to make sure that Beth was with them at midnight and he quickly ran up to the nursery to get his little girl.

As soon as she walked out of the room and down into the reception area Cristina walked straight over to her, “Dr Creepy has now started pestering Dr Boring. It’s so sad it’s actually funny.”

Meredith glanced over at where they were standing and shrugged.

“God, do you two ever stop with the sex?” Christina stated

“What?” Meredith replied

“Meredith your lips are swollen, your hair is tousled and you look as if you have just had the best of sex of your life. I’m jealous.” She quickly smirked at Meredith before walking over to Owen.

Meredith looked up at the stairs to see Derek coming down with a tired and just awake Beth in his arms. He walked straight over and put his other arm around her kissed her on the cheek.

“Everybody it nearly time” Richard shouted at 11:59pm.






“Happy New Year!”

Meredith and Derek stood facing each other and said “Happy New Year” at the same time and then kissed Beth who was delighted to be the centre of attention.
As everyone joined in on a dodgy rendition of Auld Lang Syne, Derek looked at Meredith and said “Happy New Year, I promise it will be a good one.”

“Somehow I can believe that. Happy New Year Derek.” Meredith answered.

“Oh and Mer,” Derek whispered in her ear “I noticed the strapless black lacy bra”.

Meredith was blushing as Richard and Adele came over to them with champagne to toast the New Year.
Thanks again for your support and again if you enjoyed the update – please comment!

I’ll update next weekend when i return from vacation!


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Teehee...what is it about office parties and sex? And New Year's parties at that?
"Been playing a little Ahab."
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I am so sorry for the delay in the posting in this update – I am having major problems with my computer and for a few scary days thought I had lost every word and idea I have stored for this story. (I have the story backed up on a portable hard drive which again I could open!)

Thanks to my best friend I am posting this from her computer – all I can say is thank goodness I have some updates banked.

I have not able to write due to this and it is annoying as I was in the middle of writing a major scene but hopefully fingers crossed I will get some writing done tonight.

Enough moaning – here’s the update...enjoy
Meredith could not wait to get this day over with. In fact Meredith could not wait to get the next few days over with. The day after tomorrow was Beth’s first birthday and as promised both Carolyn and Michael Shepherd were due to land in Seattle later this evening.

Since New Year Derek had talked non stop about what to buy Beth for her birthday and what to do for her first birthday party.

Several times Meredith tried to tell him that hiring a bouncy castle and magician was a bit too much for a first birthday. It was only when Carolyn rang to confirm the flight details that she had talked some sense into Derek.

The plan now was a too have a large party for all the family and various members of staff from the hospital and the nursery. Carolyn and Michael were arriving in Seattle tonight with the remaining Shepherd’s arriving later tomorrow – thankfully not all of the grandchildren were coming as they had exams in school. Sam, Gavin and Noah were definitely coming and Meredith could not wait to see them again.

As much as she loved Derek’s family the thought of entertaining them filled her with dread. However Meredith was not looking forward to seeing Nancy who was bringing her two youngest children, Lauren and Charlotte. Kathleen was also bringing her youngest Regan and Jennifer was bringing her three children Sarah, Toby and Clara and husband Peter.

Meredith had been relieved when Derek told her that they had rented a holiday cottage for the few days that they would be in Seattle, however Carolyn and Michael would be staying with Derek and Meredith instead. Hence the reason why Meredith was a little bit jittery.

This would be the first time that Derek’s parents would be staying with them since they moved their relationship to the next level and she was unsure as to Carolyn would react to this. Also the house was a mess or so Meredith thought and no matter how many times Derek tried to reassure her she just panicked even more.

Meredith looked at the clock on the wall. 1:30pm. “Only three more hours to go” she thought wishing Adele would hurry up and return from her lunch meeting so they could discuss the safety procedures at the creche.

Meredith had just finished talking with the mother of a child who started at the crèche two weeks ago regarding his behaviour.

Karen Harper had just moved to Seattle and started working as a Radiographer at the hospital and was a single parent. Her three year old son Jason had behaviour problems and would often be found throwing toys around the room and hitting other children.

During the meeting Karen had told Meredith about the abuse she had received from her husband and how she was in the process of getting a restraining order issued against her ex-husband.

Meredith sympathized with the position Karen was in and assured her that all staff would be told not to let Jason’s father into the creche. She left a note for Adele to check that all the panic buttons in the nursery were working and still linked not only to the hospital security but also to the police. Meredith wanted to be planned and prepared for the worst case scenario. As she was crèche manager she would have to be the one to block Gary Harper from his seeing his son.

There was a knock at her door and Gina came in “Meredith, I’m sorry to interrupt but we need you now, it’s Jason”

Meredith ran from her office and into the pre-school room and was immediately met with a toy dinosaur narrowly missing her head.

“Jason stop that right now!” Meredith said loudly but not shouting.

Jason immediately froze and backed into the corner screaming “I want my daddy”.

Meredith took a deep breath and walked over and sat down beside Jason who had started to cry.

“Jason have you got something to say” Meredith asked the sobbing boy.

“I’m sorry” he whispered and then ran over to give her a big hug before standing up doing the same with Gina.

Meredith had spent the previous day with Jason observing behaviour and quickly learned that he is a very intelligent little boy and always had to be doing something – it was impossible to get him to sit still even to eat his dinner. Yesterday as soon as he had finished dinner he stood up the table and went to go and play, Gina had told him “no” that he needed to wait for the other children.

Jason picked up his plate and dropped it on to the floor and started another tantrum. Thankfully the plate was plastic.

Meredith and Gina had both decided to set up a different play plan for Jason – as he finished his dinner he had to carry his plate to the sink and go and sit in the book corner and wait for the other children to finish.

So far their plan had worked until another child tried to take Jason’s story book, but Meredith and Gina felt that some progress had been made.

Once Jason had calmed down Meredith got up and walked out of the room and went into the baby room to check on Beth. As soon as she opened the door Beth crawled over to her and started rubbing her eyes.

“Come on Miss Beth time for your afternoon nap” she lifted Patch the bear and headed for the cot room. Minutes later Beth was fast asleep.

As she walked out of the room and into the hallway she got a text from Derek asking her to meet him for lunch in the canteen in fifteen minutes.

‘At least he still talking to me’ Meredith thought. Earlier that morning after some pretty steamy shower sex she informed Derek that as his parents would be sleeping in the spare room aka her old bedroom and there would be no sex until they returned to Boston. Derek had been horrified. Meredith put her foot down.

As she walked down to the canteen Meredith could not help but think about the past month since she and Derek had started sleeping together.

She and Derek had gone out on more dates – Derek loved the fact that
the baby room staffs were fighting over who would babysit Beth. Last weekend they had went for drinks with Owen and Christina and Mark and his new girlfriend Lexie. The previous Saturday had been dinner and a movie. Strangely Meredith had been the one to feel guilty about getting a babysitter but Derek insisted that they needed at least one night a week out together as couple.

When she arrived in the canteen Derek was already sitting at a table in the corner and had bought her a salad. When he saw her he stood up, kissed her on the cheek and pulled out her chair. Meredith found herself blushing with embarrassment and glared at Derek.

“Spoiling you remember?” Derek said smirking at her before continuing “Now this sex ban rule ... it only applies at the house...”

Meredith could not help but roll her eyes and laugh at Derek’s comment.

The rest of the afternoon had gone quite quickly and she was glad that she was able to talk to Adele about the situation regarding Jason’s parents. Adele immediately contacted the relevant authorities for guidance and discussed the situation with all of the staff.

A few hours later and Meredith was running around the lounge after Beth trying to make the place look more presentable when Derek called to say that he was on his way back from collecting his parents at the airport.

For all of her worrying and fretting about the state of the house, Meredith did not need to worry. The second they had walked through the front door, Carolyn had rushed over and gave her a huge hug followed moments by Michael.

“Meredith it’s so good to see you again” Carolyn said “Now, I have to warn you Gavin is landing here tomorrow with a folder full of cake and cookie recipes for you to use at the nursery and knowing my son-in-law he will probably have to talk you through and demonstrate each one.”

“It’s always handy to have a chef in the house Carolyn – especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. She loves him really.” Michael said as he looked at Meredith. “Now where’s my granddaughter?”

Beth spent the next hour showing her grandparents her new tooth and her crawling skills followed by a special performance of her bedtime temper tantrum.

Once she was settled Carolyn and Michael filled them both in on all the latest news from Boston and the Cape. The best part was when they brought out an old photograph album of Derek as a baby through to college. By the time she was going to bed Meredith was still laughing and could not look at Derek without picturing him with an afro hairstyle.

The next morning Meredith woke to a strange smell and it was not nice.

She glanced at the nightstand and was shocked that it was 8:00am already. A lie in for Meredith lately was 6:30am.

She got out of bed and reached for robe and slippers before opening the door and being hit with the horrible smell again. She instantly heard voices come from downstairs and as she got to the top of the stairs, she met Carolyn coming out of the nursery with Beth in her arms.

“Good morning Meredith. I was awake when Beth woke up and thought you would appreciate a lie in. I hope you don’t mind?” Carolyn said.

“No, that’s fine thank you.” Meredith said as she brought her hand up to her face to cover her nose and mouth. “Oh god! What is that smell?”

“Michael and Derek decided to get up at 5am and go fishing at the lake on Derek’s land. I’m surprised you didn’t hear them they made enough noise to wake the dead.” Carolyn said as started to climb down the stairs.

By the time they reached the kitchen Meredith thought she was going to be sick.
“Morning” Derek said as soon as he saw her in the doorway and came over to kiss her, only for Meredith to push him away.

“Forget it – not until you have showered.” Meredith stated as she looked over Derek’s shoulder and saw Michael lifting a dead fish.

Between the mess of the kitchen and the smell Meredith simply said “I’m going to be sick” before running from the kitchen and up the stairs to the bedroom.

A few minutes later her stomach had stopped doing flip flops and she could hear Carolyn scolding the pair of them and telling them they should have cooked the fish at the lake.

An hour later Carolyn and Meredith were having their breakfast at the Seattle’s Best Coffee store at Pike Place Market. Beth was in her stroller chewing on a Farley’s Rusk. The women had decided to leave the house ASAP and leave the men to clean up after themselves and try to get rid of the smell of dead fish.

They spent a lovely morning walking around the market and met up with Michael and Derek and visited the Seattle Aquarium before heading round to the airport to meet Derek’s sisters.

After going out for dinner it was nearly 9pm by the time they arrived home. Beth was fast asleep in Meredith’s arms as they walked through the front door to find the house still smelling of fish... and Derek and his father getting another telling off from Carolyn.

Thankfully the following morning Meredith woke to find Derek kissing her shoulder. He kissed her again before saying “my baby girl is one today.”

Meredith smiled at him and stroked his face “A year ago today i was running after my mother and sister – going shopping, collecting medication and doing all the household chores silently praying for a way out.”

“What a difference a year makes” Derek whispered.

“Yeah... are you thinking about her... about Addison?” Meredith asked gently.

“Yes. No. The minute Beth was born was the happiest moment of my life. I can’t find the words to describe how Addison walking away from Beth makes me feel. I’m still angry at what she has done to Beth, but at the same time, I’m grateful. If she had stayed i would never have met you.” Derek bent down and kissed Meredith.

Before the kiss became more heated Meredith pulled away “no sex remember”.

“I remember – you lying here with me is far more important.” Derek replied as he reached over and kissed her.

Beth started banging a toy in her crib and within minutes Derek was in singing happy birthday to her and brought into bed with Meredith for a while. A short while later they came down stairs to find Carolyn making a large breakfast for them and they encouraged Beth to open her presents. Just like Christmas, Beth was more interested in playing with the empty cardboard boxes.

By 2pm the house was packed with Beth’s aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends from the hospital and crèche.

Meredith had never seen so many presents for one child. Even Christina had bought her a present – a “My first surgical kit”. Christina’s explanation for the present was that there were not enough talented women surgeons in the world and she was starting Beth early.

Mark had just arrived with his girlfriend Lexie who was a resident at the hospital. The whole Shepherd clan had nearly passed out with shock when Mark told them that he and Lexie had been dating for four weeks. Curious Carolyn asked Meredith for more information on the brunette.

“A walking talking encyclopaedia.” Was how both Derek and Meredith described her. Meredith went on to explain that she was very nice and friendly on the few occasions that her and Mark had come round to the house.

“I never thought I would see the day – Mark Sloan settling down.” Carolyn said.
“I can’t really judge as I have only known him for a few months but if it helps Derek said the same thing.” Meredith replied as she went to answer the door.

By 3;30pm Meredith craved a few moments of piece of quiet. She needed away from screaming children and she needed away from Nancy’s prying eyes. As everyone was in the lounge playing games, she crept out and walked into the kitchen and closed the door behind her. She leant up against the door and closed her eyes.

“You escaping the madness too... don’t worry your secret is safe with me”.

Meredith opened her eyes to find Gavin standing in the kitchen. He had just made cookies and was in the process of mixing the ingredients together to make muffins.

“I just need a few minutes to catch my breath. I’m not used to these huge parties.”

Seeing the look on Gavin’s face Meredith carried on “I come from a small family. We don’t do birthday parties and gatherings.” Meredith walked over to the kitchen island and sat on one the stools.

“You don’t have to apologise and definitely not to me. I know exactly where you are coming from” Gavin answered.

“Don’t get me wrong – I really like them and they have welcomed me to the family – well except for Nancy, but I need a few minutes of peace and quiet.” Meredith said.

“Don’t worry about Nancy – she always walks around as if she has bug stuck up her ass. As for everyone else, be grateful they are still speaking”

“What do you mean?” asked Meredith

“The Shepherd family are very close ... and very temperamental. At almost every family gathering I have been to there has been a fight. Nancy and Kathleen always take one side while Sam, Derek and Jen take the other side. Now, throw in the husbands, Mom and dad and Mark and it becomes a full scale war zone.” Gavin said as he poured muffin mix into the cases and on to the tray.

“What about you? Whose side do you take?” Meredith asked.

“Me. I stay out of it.” Gavin said as he placed the muffins into the oven.

“Very wise” Meredith replied and then noticed the amount of cookie’s Gavin had made. “Do you think we have cookies?” she joked.

“I cook in a crisis.” Gavin stated. He saw Meredith’s puzzled expression and carried on.

“I cook in a crisis. It’s what I do. “I’m not great with words at the time of a drama so I cook.” He leaned back against the counter. “When there is a fight or when someone you know has died or someone has taken ill I can never find the appropriate the words to say, so I bake or cook. The way I look at it is no matter what has happened you still need to eat. Just after I met Sam one of my elderly neighbour's died of cancer. I didn’t know what to say her to husband but I knew that he was a hopeless cook and that the house was full with family and friends paying their respects. So I made a big pot of soup and a load of and sandwiches and brought them to him. On the day of the funeral he came up and thanked me – he had appreciated that more than the bunches of flowers that were being delivered to the house.”

“I know I would have appreciated it if someone had done that for me when my mother was ill. I lived off stale canteen sandwiches and microwave dinners for nearly a month.” Meredith said.

“So, where did you learn how to cook?” Meredith said hoping to divert the subject away from her family.

“Both of my parents were chefs and they loved to cook and bake. When I was 18 they were killed in a car crash.” Gavin said as he started to clean up his mess.

“I’m so sorry” Meredith replied.

“It was a long time ago – Carolyn and Michael are my parents now” as he smiled at Meredith. “The night they died the house was packed with people coming to pay their respects. It got to the point that if I had heard ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ one more time I was going to inflict an injury on someone. I left my aunt to speak with everyone and walked into the kitchen and could immediately see them both standing there cooking and getting excited at discovering a new recipe, but all I wanted was one of my mother’s cinnamon muffins. This was not your average cinnamon muffin; this recipe had been passed down through the generations.”

Meredith could feel her mouth watering as she remembered the muffins Gavin had made out at the Cape.

“Anyway here I am at 9pm making cinnamon muffins – I thought that if I could eat one of her muffins then it would mean that they were still here that and the fact I never wanted to not be able to have one again so I started baking then it progressed on to cooking. It was kind of like therapy for me. Next thing you know I went and trained as a chef now I own a very successful restaurant.”

“The way I see it is that we always have to eat – no matter what has happened.

Take for example when the Shepherd sisters start having one of their fights the first thing they all come looking for is the cookies. When ‘Sorry’ does not resolve the issue – they reach for the muffins... and by the time they have made up the cake is out of the oven and beginning to cool .” Gavin said as starting mixing the ingredients for a vanilla cake.

“Seriously?” Meredith asked.

“Seriously.” Gavin answered.

They sat and chatted for a few more minutes as they mixed ingredients for the cake until they started to hear raised voices coming from the lounge.

“Told you there would be a fight” Gavin stated dryly.

A few minutes later and Sam stormed into the kitchen “God I hate my sisters” and sat down at one of the stools at the island.

Gavin walked over and offered Sam a freshly baked cookie. He turned around and gave Meredith a look that simply said ‘told you so’.

A few minutes later Sam went back into the lounge ready to make peace but with no success. Seconds later Mark and Lexie arrived in the kitchen.

“Are you sure it is safe to leave them when they are fighting” Lexie asked.

“Yes” Mark and Gavin both answered at the same time.

“What started this one?” Gavin asked

“Nancy went ballistic when Beth ignored her birthday present, then Sam said it was a stupid present. For some strange reason they are now arguing over Nancy’s high school prom” Mark said as he bit into one of the cookies. “Um, nice cookies Gav.”

Within five minutes the kitchen was full as everyone escaped the screaming match in the lounge.

“Do you think I should go and try to calm them down?” Meredith asked

“NO” answered Mark, Michael and Gavin at the same time.

“Leave it to Carolyn – she always manages to make the peace. My wife should have worked for the UN.” Michael replied.

“Okay” Meredith said as she noticed Christina was searching for something in the kitchen. “What are you looking for?” Meredith asked her.

“The popcorn.” Christina pointed to the lounge “That’s the best entertainment I have watched in years!”

Meredith and Owen looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

Gavin had been right about Shepherd family fights.

An hour later and Sam was still not speaking with Nancy and Jen was not speaking to Derek. Derek was not speaking with either Kathleen or Nancy. Meredith gave herself a headache trying to keep up.

They had gone past the cookie stage and where now eating muffins.

Two hours later and all the guests had gone home and Carolyn was helping Meredith and Gavin clean up the kitchen, while Derek was trying to give Beth a bath after the birthday girl decided to cover her face and hair in chocolate cake. He was not surprised to find cake crumbs in her diaper.

The sisters had finally forgiven each other and were getting stuck into the cake. Meredith and Gavin looked at each and laughed.

Meredith walked into the lounge to collect some empty glasses when Nancy came over to her.

“Can I speak to you for a minute please Meredith?” she asked quietly.

“Yeas, of course” Meredith answered nervously dreading the words that were bound to come out of Nancy’s mouth.

They walked out into the hallway and out of earshot from the rest of the family.

“I want to apologise to you. I’m sorry for the way I treated you that weekend at the Cape. I just wanted to protect Derek.” Nancy said.

Meredith could see by the look on Nancy’s face that she was genuine. “There’s no need – you were just looking out for your brother – I understand that.”

“Addison really hurt him. I still cannot believe she did what she did. I was expecting her to her get in touch even it was only a birthday card, but that has got nothing to do with me.” Nancy said looking directly at Meredith. “He’s happier with you than what he ever was with her.”

“I’m sorry?” Meredith answered, shocked at what Nancy was saying.

“Derek. He looks at you in a way in he never looked at Addison. He’s finally happy and I’m pleased for you both. Welcome to the family Meredith” Nancy stated as she reached over and hugged Meredith.

“Thanks” Meredith answered as Nancy walked back into the lounge to start getting the children ready to leave.

Gavin had witnessed the whole thing. Meredith saw him and whispered “Did that just happen?”

“I’m in shock. I think I need cake”. Gavin said as he walked back into the kitchen.
Meredith laughed and then climbed the stairs to help Derek get Beth ready for bed.

“Everything okay down there?” Derek asked knowing exactly what his family were like.

“Yeah, everything is fine... Nancy just gave me a hug” Meredith said.

“Nancy... tall, brunette, hair cut in a bob?” Derek asked shocked.


“Is she drunk?” this was the only reason Derek could think for Nancy hugging someone.

“No she wasn’t. She apologised for her earlier behaviour and welcomed me to the family” Meredith said she took Beth from his arms and walked into the nursery.

“We are still talking about my sister?” Derek answered as he followed Meredith into the nursery.

By 10pm everyone had gone, Beth was fast asleep and the house was finally tidy.

Carolyn and Michael had left with everyone else. Their excuse was to help get over excited and hyper grandchildren to bed but the real reason was to give Meredith and Derek a few hours by themselves which they did not waste.

“Oh just gets better..” Derek said as he came back to earth from his release and starting kissing Meredith’s neck.

“Oh yeah... we both needed that.” Meredith replied “I don’t think I can move!”

They both laughed. Derek started running his fingers over her thighs and whispered in her ear “So much for the sex ban!”
I know nothing about restraining orders – I’m sorry if any of the information is incorrect.

Once again I ask nicely if you have read this – please please please review. I only ask because it lets me know whether you still like the story. It great that 500 people are reading the chapter it really is but yet only 10 people leave a comment.

If you have enjoyed this – please let me know!


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Talk about comfort food. All those muffins and cookies...and the family that fights and then make up when eating cookies. That's novel. Usually families feud and don't talk to each other.

I'm happy that Meredith is made to feel welcome by Derek's family, and especially Derek's mother.
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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment – it really means a lot!


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If anyone had been watching the baby room staff in the hospital crèche they would have thought the five women were stark raving mad.

Adele had simply described them as the “M” Team – Meredith was the crèche manager, Marcie – the baby room supervisor, Melanie, Melissa (Mel for short) and Mary were the remaining full time day shift baby room staff and together they ran a tight ship.

They all shared the same sense of humour and had the same outlook when looking after children. They all knew the tears of a hungry baby and the fake tears of a temper tantrum. They knew when a baby was tired and needed to sleep and most importantly they knew exactly how to avoid being covered in projectile vomit.

Today a student joined their ranks – funnily enough another young girl whose first name began with “M”. Megan had been thrilled at the prospect of spending her first day on work placement in the baby room. Her exact words had been “Oh I can sit and hold the little babies all day!”

Four hours later and that cute little baby had just vomited all over Megan for the second time and had not stopped crying. Megan was moments away from fleeing the room when the young baby finally drifted off to sleep.

Meredith did have some sympathy for her and thought it was harsh of Marcie to let the young student look after the 12 week old baby who suffered from bad reflux but that was life in the baby room. You had to be prepared for everything. Like for example a baby’s first steps and hence the reason why they all acting like mad people trying to encourage those all important first steps.

Lunchtime was over and most of the other children were in the cot room fast asleep, but not Bethany Shepherd.

She was standing still on the floor in the middle of the room smiling from ear to ear. Meredith sat facing her with her arms open wide to catch her, while Mary was standing to one side and Mel on the other with Marcie standing at the changing unit with the box of tissues. All of them were saying and doing things to encourage Beth to take her first steps.

Melanie opened the door with Adele following behind with Derek’s fancy camcorder that he left with Meredith earlier in the morning.

“He’s on his way” Melanie said to Meredith as she sat down on the carpet beside her.

“He’s just finished surgery and asked Adele to start the camcorder in case he misses the first steps” Melanie continued.

“That is if Adele can figure out how to work the blasted thing” Adele muttered under her breath and finally found the start button. “Got it”.

Ten minutes later and everyone including Beth were still in the same position as Derek ran through door “Did I miss it?” he exclaimed out of breath.

“No. She has been standing there for the last ten minutes laughing at us” Meredith said as she stood up and looked at Derek “here swap places – I’ll stand behind her.”

Beth was now wearing her confused face – why was daddy here?

“Dada” she babbled to everyone and then started to look around her before losing her balance and falling flat on her bum.

Meredith bent down and picked her up and set her back down on her feet. Meredith gently held her hand and got her to walk slowly over to Derek. She gradually let go of Beth’s hand and held her breath as Beth took four stumbling steps towards her daddy.

There was a chorus of “Oh my God!” and “Good girl Beth” from everyone in the room.

Meredith could feel the tears forming in her eyes as she bent down and kissed Beth who was now climbing all over Derek who was still too choked to speak. She could hear sniffing and heard Mary say “Still gets me every time” and passing the box of tissues around the staff.

“Dada” Beth babbled again before giving Derek a big kiss on the cheek.

“There’s my little princess” as Derek started kissing and tickling his daughter not caring that he was sitting in the middle of the baby room floor.

Beth turned around and looked at Meredith and took two small steps over to her and babbled “Mama” before kissing Meredith’s cheek.

Meredith could not actually breathe as she held Beth in her arms and saw Derek wiping a tear from his eye. He smiled, leant over and whispered in her ear

“I told you my daughter was smart.”

Meredith did not want to burst into tears in front of everyone and stood and ran into her adjoining office. Beth now crawled over to Mel and started to play with some of the toys, as Derek stood up he confirmed with Mel that she was still okay to babysit tomorrow night as he had made the arrangements for Valentine’s Day since New Year.

“Yeah no problem – I would rather spend the night with Beth than stare at four walls.” Mel laughed as she got a big sloppy kiss from Beth. “Thank you Beth. It’s nice to know someone loves me.”

Derek walked into the office and pulled Meredith into his arms. His kissed her forehead.

“What’s wrong Mer?” he asked gently.

“Beth... she called me mum “she took a deep breath

“Yes and what’s wrong with that?” Derek asked gently.

“Apart from the obvious.” Meredith sniffed.

“Meredith it’s obvious that Beth would call you mum. You love her and care for her. You probably spend more time with her than I do.”

“I know... it just feels weird that’s all. Are you okay with it ... I mean does it annoy you...”

“Meredith as far as I am concerned you are Beth’s mother. You love her more than what Addison ever did. Off course I don’t mind.” He smiled lovingly at her. “And as I have said before Beth is a very smart child and takes after her father.”

Meredith rolled her eyes at this remark.

“So who have you forced into babysitting tomorrow night?” Meredith asked.

Derek had told her the previous evening that he was fully intending on spoiling her rotten for Valentine’s Day. Meredith had argued back that they would never get a babysitter at short notice, only for Derek to respond that everything had already been organised.

“Mel asked first followed by Melanie and Marcie. Mel won.” Derek answered. He was pleased that the staff loved Beth that much that they often volunteered to babysit so that he and Meredith could go the cinema or go for a quick meal and have a few hours to themselves.

“We don’t have to go out Derek – we were out on Saturday. I would just be just as happy to stay in with a bottle of wine and a take away.” Meredith said.

“No. It’s Valentine’s Day and I fully intend on making sure it is the best one you have ever had.” Derek answered firmly. “I understand how you feel after what your sister did to you, but trust me I fully intend to give you nice memories of red roses.”

Meredith burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Derek asked

“Sorry. I just have an image in my head from a TV show that I used to watch in England. It was based on six friends – think a UK version of ‘Friends’, I can’t remember why he did it but I think one of the male characters was trying to impress his girlfriend and walked down the street butt naked with a red rose down his butt cheeks.”

Derek started to laugh and then wince at the image.

“Did it work?”

“Well they got together, split up, got back together again, got married, had a son and then she was killed in a car crash.”

“Okay... “Derek responded. “Rest assured I have no plans of wooing you with a red rose there” Derek laughed.

At that moment his pager went off. “I have to go” Derek said as he kissed her on the cheek and ran into the baby room to kiss his daughter.

Meredith spent the rest of the afternoon meeting with Adele to discuss the situation regarding Jason Harper.

The young boy’s behaviour had improved but still needed constant attention. It was only this morning that his mother Karen had told Meredith that his father had somehow managed to get her telephone number and was bombarding her with messages and that it would only be a matter before he would find them. The restraining order was now in place and Adele had informed all of the staff of the situation.

Meredith was glad when 6pm came and she could go and try and talk Derek out of making too much fuss tomorrow. He had just texted her to say that he had finished for the day and that he would meet her in the lobby in ten minutes.
Meredith got her and Beth coats and bags and walked in to the baby room to get Beth.

Twenty minutes later and she finally arrived at the lobby with Beth holding onto her to her hands.

“Hey, what took you so long?” Derek laughed as soon as he saw her. Meredith glared back as Beth decided to show her new trick to Mark who immediately picked her up and spun her around and she started squealing in delight.

“Beth decided she wanted to walk down.” Meredith said as she was finally able to stand up straight. “My back is near broke between holding her hand and trying to carry the bags.”

Beth now started screaming at Mark and wanted her daddy.

“You should have lifted her “Derek said as he lifted Beth from Mark into his arms and was promptly met with Beth screeching and hitting him in the face. “What the...”

“She wants to walk Derek” Meredith said pleased that Beth was doing the same thing to her father as she had done on Meredith twenty minutes ago.

“No Beth. No more walking until we get home” Derek said sternly and then got hit in the nose and screamed at again.

Derek relented and lifted Beth back down on to the floor.

“We’re walking to the car then”. Derek responded.

“Told you” Meredith smirked.

With all the walking Beth was exhausted and fell asleep in the middle of her dinner to Derek’s amusement.

Later in bed he muttered “My baby’s walking” and pulled Meredith in closer to him and fell fast asleep.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Meredith woke up the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee. She got out of bed and pulled on her robe and slippers and made sure the small paper box was there and walked downstairs to find Derek getting hit on the head with a rose.

Meredith gave Beth the thumbs up sign. Beth giggled in response.

“Morning” she said holding in her laughter.

Derek stood up and handed her the stalk. “Happy Valentines’ Day! This is the rose that Beth was supposed to give you... sorry”

“Why thank you Beth.” Meredith said as she kissed Beth on the forehead.

“Where’s my kiss?” Derek asked.

“Make me coffee first and I’ll see what I can do.” Meredith smirked. As Derek turned round to pour a fresh cup of coffee for her Meredith lifted a small paper box out her pocket and set on the highchair. As a precaution she held Beth’s hands as if playing with her.

Derek turned around “Coffee M’lady!”

“Why thank you sir!” Meredith giggled. “I think Beth has something for you” Meredith said and looked at the small paper box.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy!”

Derek saw the box and lifted and inspected it. He carefully lifted untied the string and opened it to find a small dark chocolate muffin covered with small red heart shaped jellies.

“Um, this looks delicious sweetheart, thank you!” and kissed Beth who squealed in response.

He set the muffin on the counter – he had to admit it looked too good to eat and asked Meredith – “Who made it?”

Meredith laughed. “Relax. Mainly Mel, Gina and I made one for every parent in the nursery and got the pre-school children to help decorate and make the paper boxes. Trust me when I say they are lovely.” When she saw the look Derek was giving her “We had a load left over and gave them to the staff.”

By 11am Meredith was dizzy answering the door to the crèche for floral deliveries for the staff. So far two bunches of red roses; two single red roses and a floral assortment had been delivered for the staff from their partners.

Marcie had been particularly shocked that her husband Rick had gone to the trouble of ordering her flowers – “He’s after something” she had said.

“Yeah – I think we can guess what!” said Mel.

When Meredith had first saw the delivery she had panicked in case they were for her from Derek – it would be something like this he would do.

However the most emotional one had to the single red rose that was delivered for Carrie in the toddler room. It was from her boyfriend who had just been posted on a six month tour of duty in Iraq.

All morning Meredith was expecting something to happen following on from Derek’s promise to spoil her rotten. As the day went on she began to relax thinking that Derek had finally listened to her. She had just covered the staff breaks in the baby room and walked into her office to find Derek sitting in her chair with a white rose sitting on her desk with a note attached.

“I remember you telling me that you loved red roses and I know that Molly scared you off them so I thought white would be good start.” He got up and kissed her.

“Derek...” Meredith started to speak.

“Don’t say anything. Just read the note.” Derek answered.

Meredith walked to desk and lifted the note.

“This is the Valentine’s Day Treasure Trail.
There are 6 roses scattered around Seattle with 6 notes especially for you.
Each note will give you a clue for the location of the next rose end and each note will end with ‘I love you’.
The last rose will be the location of your present.
I love you!

Meredith swallowed the lump that had formed. “Derek what have you done?”

“Giving you good valentine’s memories” he smiled warmly.

Meredith re-read the note “Derek there is no clue here”.

“Open the door” Derek said

Meredith opened her office door and found a yellow rose sitting on the carpet. She bent down and picked up the rose and the note.

“Don’t read it – wait until I go.” Derek said as he walked over to her and kissed her. “I’ll see you later Miss Grey.” He opened the door and walked away.

Curiosity had now gotten the better of Meredith as she read the note.

“Why six roses you are asking.
There is a rose for each month since you came into our lives.
Now go to the place where we had our lunch on your first day working at the crèche.
I love you.

Meredith smiled. On her first day at the crèche Derek had insisted they have lunch in his office. She walked into the baby room and told Marcie that she had to leave for a while and would be back soon.

“No problem” Marcie replied.

Once Meredith closed the door behind her Marcie turned round to Mel and said “Game on!”

Ten minutes later and Meredith was standing outside Derek’s office. The door was open and she walked in. The office was empty and she saw all the awards and certificates hanging on the wall. On Derek’s desk was a photo of Beth taken at Christmas and one of the three of them taken at Beth’s birthday party. On the sofa in the corner lay a pink rose and a note sitting beside it.

“Okay, I know you will probably protest at this but go back to your office and get your coat and bag.

"Remember the beauty salon you went to on New Year’s Eve? Well I heard you say the other day that you needed to book an appointment to get your hair done – well I have booked one for you!
Be at the salon for 2:30pm and ask for Cindy who will arrange a whole afternoon of pampering for you.
I know what you’re thinking – your beautiful but just this once let me spoil you!
Relax and unwind....
I love you!

“What!” Thought Meredith as she read the note. ‘I can’t just leave for the day’ she muttered as she walked back to the office . She was going to call and Derek and give him a piece of her mind.

She walked into the office and saw Adele sitting at the desk.

“Adele what are you doing here?” Meredith asked.

“I was about to ask you the same question – should you not be on your way to the salon?” Adele asked.

“How... Derek!” Meredith stuttered.

“Go... enjoy your day!” Adele said as she Meredith her bag and practically pushed her out the door.

Twenty minutes later and Meredith arrived at the salon and was greeted at the door by the owner Cindy who had the afternoon already planned.

First of all was a full body massage and while they were colouring her hair she had a manicure.

Meredith had felt uncomfortable at first but afterwards when she looked in the mirror she felt like a new woman.

Cindy had put a few more blond highlights in her hair and had straightened for her date tonight with Derek.

As she was getting ready to leave Cindy handed her a white rose and envelope.

She sat down in one of the chairs at the waiting area and opened the envelope.

“I hope you are relaxed and happy – I only wish I could have given you the massage!
Anyway dinner is booked for 8pm and the car will pick you up at 7:45pm sharp.
Mel will bring Beth home from nursery and will be there from 7pm if you need any help.
The restaurant is one of the best in Seattle – great food, great view!
Now what to wear... the restaurant dress code is ‘smart but casual, no denim, ripped clothing or trainers.’
See you there!
I love you!

Meredith drove home wracking her brain about what she was going to wear. She had narrowed the restaurant down to either the intimate seafood restaurant at the waterfront or Sky City at the Space Needle. Both places had a strict dress code which matched what Derek had said.

She arrived home about twenty minutes before Mel arrived with Beth and she had finally made up her mind what to wear. A classic little black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps and a split at the side with a matching bolero jacket. She also decided to wear the jewellery that Derek had bought her for Christmas.

Her and Mel sat and chatted for a few minutes when the doorbell rang Meredith kissed Beth goodnight and said cheerio to Mel and walked out to the car.

She immediately asked the driver where they were going but he was not allowed to say.

Ten minutes later and the car stopped outside the Space Needle and Meredith was relieved that she had chosen the black cocktail dress.

Meredith walked through the door at the Space Needle and walked straight over to the reception desk for the Sky City Restaurant. When she gave her name the receptionist handed her a note and a pink rose.

“You look beautiful!
Ready to dine at the highest restaurant in Seattle?
I love you!

“Miss Grey – the lift is ready”

As the doors to the lift opened Derek was standing there wearing a white striped shirt with smart black trousers and matching jacket.

“You look beautiful” Derek said as he kissed her when she walked on to the lift.

“Hi, I’m Kelly and welcome to Sky City!” the young lift attendant said as the door closed and the lift started to move. Kelly told them the history of the Space Needle and pointed out places of interest in the night sky to both her and Derek.

Derek held Meredith’s hand as they were greeted at the entrance to the restaurant and as they were shown to their table.

Sky City is not only the highest restaurant in Seattle but also the only revolving restaurant.

Both of them were amazed at the view. At the moment the view was of downtown Seattle and by the time they were tucking into their main course they now had a view of the Puget Sound.

Meredith had nearly passed out the price of the main courses and Derek insisted that she wanted the steak at $85 dollars then she would. Meredith realised that there was no point is arguing with Derek as he always won. They chatted all through dinner – Derek especially wanted to hear about her afternoon

They were waiting in dessert when Meredith decided that she may as well put Derek out of misery.

“I did buy you a present only it’s at home.” Meredith said as she sipped on her champagne.

“Meredith you did not have to buy me anything” Derek said.

“Yes, I did. You have spoiled me rotten all day and now this wonderful dinner – it was only fair that you get something to.” Meredith replied.

“I don’t need a present Meredith – and besides I was hoping you would pay me back with lots of hot sex!” Derek laughed.

“Why does that not surprise me Dr Shepherd!” Meredith laughed back.

An hour later after ice-cream and coffee Meredith and Derek arrived home. As Derek paid Mel and made sure she got safely into the taxi Meredith walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the table;

“The dinner was only part of your present.
Never forget our first valentine’s day Meredith!
Let’s get ready for bed...
I love you

Beside the note was a long rectangular box wrapped in red wrapping paper. Derek came up behind her and held her waist.

She opened the present and saw a jewellery box. Inside was a beautiful silver watch with diamonds around the face.

“Oh my god Derek!” she squealed. “This is too much!”

“No it’s not, and besides it matches your necklace. “ Derek replied and started to kiss down the back of her neck and on to her shoulder.

Meredith realised there was something missing “Where’s the rose?” she asked.

“Where’s my present that you were telling me about at dinner “Derek teased.

“Your present...” Meredith stuttered as Derek was continuing to kiss along her neck.

“Yes. “ Derek groaned as he pulled her back closer to him.

“I’m wearing it Derek” as soon as Meredith said the words she could feel Derek instantly harden.

“Oh yes – the black lacy bra!” Derek whispered in her ear.

“No. Something similar ... only it’s red...”

Meredith did not get to finish her sentence as Derek swept her up into his arms and carried her up the stairs and into their room.

As they walked into the room Meredith saw the red rose lying on the bed.

Derek put her down on the ground and stood behind her.

“Tonight you are going to have good memories of a red rose.” Derek said as he unzipped her dress and Meredith kicked off her shoes. Derek took a deep breath when he saw Meredith’s red lacy underwear.

“Red... I like it!”

“Thought it was appropriate – Happy Valentine’s Day Derek”.

Derek kissed her as she fell back on the bed. He lifted the rose “Close your eyes Meredith” as he gently stroked the rose along her body.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Meredith”.
The TV show I was referring to was Cold Feet and the actor was James Nesbitt. Absolute classic scene to which I do not own!

Once again if you have enjoyed this please review! I have a few updates banked but more reviews = more writing and quicker updates!



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I have to say a big thanks to my beta reader for help and support while I write this fic - she is fantastic!!

Thank you to everyone who has commented!


“You look tired.” Derek said as he glanced over at Meredith who was curled up on the sofa in his office eating the salad he had bought her for lunch.

“I am. Someone woke me at 3am for sex and then again at 5am to get ready for work.” Meredith stated.

“Sorry” Derek answered.

“It’s okay – considering it was nearly 10pm when we got home and then Beth wouldn’t settle, I just didn’t get much sleep” Meredith answered.

In the last few weeks Derek had come up with an idea for a new clinical trial in regards to treatment for a certain type of brain tumour. To be honest Meredith couldn’t keep up with everything Derek was telling her about it. She just nodded her head and supported him as best as she could, which meant up at 5am, starting work in the nursery for 6am and in the case of the last three nights not home until 10pm. The change in routine was not helping Beth either but Meredith knew how much Derek enjoyed them all coming and leaving work together.

Derek got up from his chair and walked over to the sofa and sat down beside Meredith.

“I’m sorry. I know the last week has not been easy and that you probably do not have an idea what I am talking about most of the time but I do appreciate your support.” He reached over and kissed her on the forehead.

“I know how important this is to you and I want to support you as best as I can. That is what couples do, right?” Meredith asked.

“Yes, it is. But not at the expense of your health. “Derek said. “Listen I am on call tonight and I’ll stay here and work on the trial. So why don’t you and Beth go home early and just chill out.”

“Sounds lovely but I can’t” Meredith answered “I need to stay until at least 6pm when Jason’s mum comes to collect him.”

“His father still causing trouble?” Derek asked as he frowned at Meredith.

“You could say that.” Meredith replied.

Last week Jason Harper’s father arrived at the nursery to collect his son. Gina immediately alerted both Adele and Meredith who were in the office. Adele paged Jason’s mother while Meredith tried to explain to Mr Harper that due to the restraining the order he could not collect his son.

Jason’s mother had arrived at the crèche at the same time as Derek who witnessed firsthand just how violent Gary Harper could be as he pinned he ex-wife up against the wall by her throat before leaving as soon as security arrived. For the next two nights he turned up and again started threatening violence when either Meredith or Adele mentioned the restraining the order.

“He threatened Gina last night” Meredith almost whispered.

“What?” Derek almost yelled.”Mer, why did you not tell me this last night?”

“You were in a good mood with your latest findings and I didn’t want to ruin that. Anyway Adele called the police and they are going to try and send an officer here for when Karen comes to and from work.”

“I don’t like this” Derek stated.

“Neither do I. Trust me. Adele is doing some fundraising event for the hospital today and is not available otherwise I would have gone home early and let her deal with things... if he turns up.” Meredith answered.

Derek hated this he knew that she was doing her job, as crèche manager she had to deal with situations like this but at the same time the very thought of her being anywhere near this man scared Derek more than he would ever admit.

After finishing lunch Derek made Meredith promise that she would go home as soon as Jason went home and if things got heated to call the police and him straight away.

Meredith arrived back at the crèche and walked in to the tiny tots where Beth was now being settled into. Jo the room supervisor came over and told her that Beth was having a ball and was now fast asleep. She walked out of the room and sent Derek a quick text to update him on Beth’s progress.

She opened the door and saw Marcie sitting in one of the chairs with her head on the table.

“Marcie, are you okay?” Meredith asked quietly. She had noticed that her friend had been a strange mood the last few days and now today she looked pale and worried.

“Oh, sorry Mer, I just needed a few minutes of peace quiet those babies are going to drive me crazy today.” Marcie said as she stood up.

“Marcie sit down you don’t look well.” Meredith said as she sat on the edge of the table and faced Marcie.

“Truth time?” Marcie asked.

“Truth time.” Meredith replied.

“If I tell you something promise not to tell anyone.” Marcie asked quietly.

“I promise.” Meredith replied almost dreading what Marcie was going to tell her.

“I think I’m pregnant.” Marcie whispered.

Meredith took a deep breath before answering her, “Have you taken a test yet?”

“No. I have one in my bag but I’m too scared to take it.” Marcie started to cry and Meredith reached to hug her.

A few minutes later Meredith pulled away and said “I thought you and Rick wanted kids?”

“We do. God we have been trying for so long and have had so many false alarms that I’m scared of disappointing both myself and Rick if I’m not.”

Meredith nodded her head in agreement before answering “Well there’s only one to find out. Go pee on the stick and come back here and we can find out together – okay?”

“Thanks Mer.” Marcie said as she grabbed her bag and walked out of the office.

Meredith sat down in the chair, her stomach was doing flips flops for her friend, but she could not help but think what she would be like if she were in that position. Her and Derek had never really discussed having children. She was on the pill and Derek always wore a condom – she laughed thinking how she and Derek had often said they should buy shares in a condom factory the amount they go through.

She didn’t get to finish that thought as Marcie walked back into the office with the test in her hand. “Just a few minutes till we find out” Marcie said as she took a deep breath.

They chatted for a few minutes before Marcie went and lifted the test “Pregnant”.

“Oh my God!” she said loudly as Meredith reached over and looked at the stick.

“Congratulations!” Meredith said as she hugged Marcie who was now crying.

As the baby room was next door to Meredith office Mel opened the door to see what all the shouting was about. As Marcie put the test back in the box and tried to hide it while Mel asked what was going on. Meredith started to ramble about something stupid, but Marcie decided to be honest with the girl and knew she could be trusted to keep a secret and told her the news.

In the midst of the three of the celebrating no one noticed the test falling off the desk and into Meredith’s large and open handbag.

The celebration soon ended when Gina came into the office to let Meredith know of a fight that broken out between two of the older children. A few minutes later and two children had made up Meredith decided to let Marcie go home early and tell her husband the good news. The real reason Meredith sent her home was that she did not want her here in case Jason’s father turned violent again. Meredith knew she would never forgive herself if something happened to Marcie or her unborn baby while at the crèche.

Thankfully Jason’s father did not show up at the crèche and Meredith left the crèche five minutes after Jason and his mother did.

Meredith had just arrived home when she noticed a warning light come on in her car. “Great – just what I need. Looks like we are using daddy’s car tomorrow” she muttered to Beth as she lifted her out of her car seat. Meredith opened the front door and dropped their bags on to the table in the hall and went into the kitchen to start dinner when her cell phone rang. It was Derek.

“Hey, where are you?” Derek asked.

“Literally just walked through the front door, Jason’s dad never appeared.”

Meredith answered as Beth ran round the coffee table in the lounge.

“Good. Listen I’m on my way home – Mark is giving me lift, we are leaving now and should be home in about twenty minutes.”

“I thought you were on call tonight – not that I am complaining.” Meredith stated.

“I was but Weller wanted to swap – I am covering Friday night for him so he can attend his future son-in-laws birthday party.”

“Good. When you get in can you look at my car there was a warning light flashing by the time I got home – and yes the tank is full. The keys are in my bag” Meredith asked

“Sure – do you want me to get dinner on the way, Mark won’t mind.” Derek asked.

“Yes please – I’m too tired to cook.”

“Okay, see you in about thirty minutes. Love you” Derek said

“Love you too.”

Thirty minutes later and Beth was banging her plastic fork on the highchair demanding food when Derek came through the door with the Italian carry out.

Once dinner was finished Meredith took Beth upstairs and gave her a bath and started to get her ready for bed. Derek had just finished the dishes when he remembered about Meredith’s car. He dried his hands and went to her handbag to get the car keys. He eventually found them buried underneath a box but as he tried to lift the keys the box fell out along with a white stick.

Derek knew immediately that it was a pregnancy test and his heart missed a beat as he saw the word “Pregnant”.

Derek clutched the test and sat on the chair in the lounge and took a deep breath while a million thoughts raced through his mind.

‘Oh my God – that’s why she has been so tired lately.’

‘I’m going to be a dad again’ and he smiled at this thought along with the image of Meredith pregnant.

‘How far along is she? Followed closely by: Why has she not told me?’

‘Oh god she’s panicking, oh shit what if she doesn’t want it?’

Those were just some of the thoughts that were going through Derek’s brain as Meredith came down the stairs and saw Derek is sitting in the lounge.

“Beth’s out for the count.” Meredith said

Derek looked up at her and couldn’t help but smile. “okay.” She’s going to tell me now he thought.

“Did you look at the car yet?” Meredith asked.

“Um, no.” Derek took a deep breath. “Is there is something you need to tell me?”

“About the car – no. As I said earlier the tank is full and I haven’t been in an accident there’s just a light flashing and as far as I’m aware there’s nothing wrong.” Meredith answered confused by the strange look on Derek’s face.

“You’re really not going to tell me.” Derek said staring at her.

“Derek tell you what – you’re confusing me.” Meredith said.

“Tell me that you’re having my baby.” Derek almost whispered as he tilted his head slightly to the side.

“I’m having what!” Meredith said shocked at what Derek had just said.

“Mer its okay – I know it wasn’t not planned but god Mer – a baby – our baby!”

‘Oh shit’ Meredith thought as she realised what had just happened.

“Derek it’s not mine...” but she never got to finish her sentence.

“Meredith I found the test in your bag – I know it’s a shock but you’re pregnant you can’t deny it.” Derek continued to ramble.

“Derek it’s...” again Meredith tried to interrupt him but with no success.

“You don’t want it,” Derek said as he stood up and faced her.

“What? Derek will you listen to me” Meredith replied desperate to explain things and get her point across.

“We can talk about this” Derek said as he sat down on the chair.

“Derek Christopher Shepherd will you shut up and let me explain.” Meredith yelled.
Derek looked at her.

“The test is not mine – its Marcie’s. I have no idea how it got into my bag... Hold on I do, she was trying to hide it when Mel came into the office and it must have fell in.” Meredith realised she was starting to ramble.

“If you don’t believe me ring Marcie.” She said as a look of realisation washed over Derek’s face.

Meredith walked over and sat down beside him.

“I’m sorry. I saw the test in your bag and you have been tired lately and I put two and two together and... thought it was yours.” He leaned back against the cushions, his hands in his hair.

“I can see how you thought it was mine” Meredith said

“I couldn’t... understand why you didn’t say anything and I’m sorry for not giving you a chance to explain.” Derek said as he held her hand.

“Trust me Derek you’ll be the first to know if even suspect I’m pregnant.” Meredith smiled.

“What would you do if you were ... pregnant?” Derek asked.

“Oh probably have a panic attack, threaten to kill you, freak out some more and then take a deep breath.” Meredith stated half joking, half serious.

“You would kill me?” Derek joked.

“Hey – it takes two to tango, or had you forgotten?” Meredith joked back.

They were now sitting facing each other on the sofa. Derek reached over to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Joking aside Mer – what would you do?” Derek asked her.

Meredith took a deep breath before answering.

“Derek, I have spent so long not letting anyone get close to me that I just decided I wasn’t meant to be a mother. Let’s face it I wouldn’t let a man anywhere near me so getting pregnant was never going to happen. I suppose I was the person who loved kids but enjoyed handing them back at the end of the day.”

Meredith saw the look on Derek’s face – a look of understanding but also disappointment.

“But that was until I met you and Beth and I couldn’t hand Beth back at the end of the day and I’ll admit when Marcie was taking the test I thought about what I’d do if was me and I realised that we have never discussed the issue – which I guess is what we are doing now.” Meredith stated.

“Your right we haven’t.” Derek replied.

“I spent so long wanting to be father and Addison kept putting it off and then Beth came and Addison disappeared. I haven’t even thought about having any more children until ten minutes ago.” Derek said.

“What was your first thought?” Meredith asked.

“Oh my God! My heart skipped a beat and I felt ... happy.” Derek answered. “But Meredith if you don’t – that’s fine, we have Beth.”

“Derek if you had asked me a year ago I would probably have no way, no, never in that order. But now... knowing that I have you and that you would support me, I kind of like the idea... of being pregnant – I don’t like the idea of childbirth ...”
Meredith answered.

Derek was literally beaming. “God Mer! I promise I will there holding your hand the whole time!”

“I’m not saying I want a baby right now, but definitely in the future.” Meredith said Derek reached over and kissed her.

“Future’s good. Plenty of time to practice, practice is very important.” Derek said he kissed her again.

“What was it like? I mean when Addison was pregnant with Beth.” Meredith asked.

“Truthfully I don’t really know. Looking back Addison didn’t really let me get involved. I was so happy and choosing nursery furniture and colour schemes that I never picked up on how distant Addison was. Once she started to feel Beth move, Addison slept in the spare room she said that she didn’t want the baby kicking me during the night when I had the surgery following day. She also said that the needed to room to move. I didn’t argue with her because I just wanted her to be happy, her hormones were all over the place. I thought she was beautiful but Addison said she was fat and ugly and didn’t want me to touch her. I felt Beth move a handful of times before she was born.”

“Derek I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you.” Meredith said.

Derek pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Meredith moved in closer and rested her head on his chest.

“I promise that when I’m pregnant that you can feel my tummy whenever you want and I won’t kick you out of bed.”

Derek bent down and kissed the top of her head. Meredith looked up and moved so that she was sitting straddling him and kissed him again on the lips.

Derek automatically ran his hand up under her light sweater and started to stroke her bare skin. His other hand was in her hair and he started to kiss along her face and down her neck.

“I need you right now Mer” as he started kissing behind her ear.

Meredith could feel him hard and ready for her. “Here on the sofa...”

“Yes” Derek answered as he removed her sweater at the same time she was unbuckling his belt and pulling down the zipper.

“Shit Mer, I don’t have a condom...oh god... don’t stop...” he moaned as she stroked his length.

“I’m still on the pill... practising ... remember...” Meredith muttered in between kisses and removing her pants.

“Practising” Derek said he lowered her down on to him and entered her “Oh god Mer...”

The next morning Derek finally remembered to look at Meredith’s car and managed to fix the flashing warning light while the coffee was brewing. He poured a cup and took it upstairs to Meredith and set it on the bedside table.

“Morning” Meredith mumbled as she started to waken. “What time is it?” she asked.

“5:30am. Beth is still asleep and I have fixed the light on the car.” Derek said as he kissed her.

“Thanks. Are going to the hospital?” Meredith asked as she saw him lift his jacket.

“Yeah I have had an idea for the trial that I want to work on before surgery. Lie on, get some rest. I have left some fresh coffee on the nightstand for you if you want it.” Derek said as he sat beside her on the bed.

“Thank you.” Meredith smiled up at him.

“Meredith, last night...” Derek smiled down at her.

“Last night we agreed that we both want kids but not for a while” Meredith smiled back.

Derek smiled back “Definitely, I’m not ready to share you just yet – well except with Beth”

He kissed her again before leaving for the hospital.

Two hours later and Meredith had a fight on her hands.

First of all Beth refused to get out of her car seat and then as she walked up the corridor to the crèche she met Dr Bailey and her son Tuck.

“You’re just in time” Dr Bailey said as she approached them.

“What do you mean?” Meredith asked.

“There is a father screaming to see his son.”

As soon as Dr Bailey said the words Meredith could see Gary Harper screaming at Gina.

“Dr Bailey could you page security for me please?” Meredith said as she handed Beth over to the attending.

Miranda Bailey did not need to be asked twice as she pulled out her cell phone.

A member of staff from crèche arrived as soon she made the phone call and Dr Bailey asked to look after Beth and Tuck and she marched down the corridor to assist Meredith in any way possible.

“Mr Harper, I am sorry but I cannot let you see your son.” Meredith stated.

“Bullshit – I have a right to see my son.” Gary Harper yelled back at her

“Mr Harper I have a copy of the restraining order that states you are to have no access to your son. I am sorry but I have to ask you to leave.” Meredith said again.

“Make me.” He stated as he glared at Meredith and started to move towards her.

“You’re going to have get past me as well.” Miranda Bailey spoke up as she stood firmly beside Meredith with Gina standing on the other side.

Minutes later Gary Harper was being dragged from the building by hospital security.
“You’re all going to pay for this...” he screamed.

“Thank you Dr Bailey” Meredith said as she tried to hide the nerves in her voice. She hated confrontations.

“No problem” the surgeon replied. “Do you want me to page Shepherd?”

“No it’s okay, I’ll tell him later.” Meredith replied.

As Dr Bailey walked away Meredith had a feeling that she not seen the last of Gary Harper.
I just want to clear up a few things from this update

1) There is nothing wrong with Meredith’s car – the light was just something to get Derek to look in Meredith’s bag.

2) They both want a baby – in the future – Meredith is still on the pill.
Well if you enjoyed please review! Please...


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That was a nice touch, having the pregnacy test fall into Meredith's bag and Derek thinking she was pregnant.
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Due to popular demand drunk Derek, Owen and Mark make a re-appearance...along with a few others!


“Damn it!” Derek stated as he scrubbed out from surgery, another patient had died and now he had to break the news to their family. Once again his clinical trial had claimed another life.

All Derek wanted to do now was to collect his daughter from the crèche and give her a big hug and curl up in bed with Meredith. He looked up at the clock and saw the time – 3:30am.

“Oh shit!” Derek exclaimed as he hurried out of the scrub room and headed for the nursery. He knew that Meredith and Beth were both still there as they had come to work together and there were no messages on his cell phone to say that they had gone home.

Within a few minutes Derek arrived at Meredith’s office and he took a deep breath before opening the door.

Meredith was lying sleeping on the small sofa in the office but as soon as the office door opened she was awake. “What is it?” she muttered.

“Mer, it’s me – I’m so sorry I didn’t realise the time I was stuck in surgery” Derek whispered.

“I would say its okay Derek, but it’s not.” Meredith answered.


“No Derek. This is the fourth time in two weeks this has happened.” Meredith answered back. She was trying her best not to shout as she did not want to waken the sleeping children in the crèche.

“I Know. Let’s go get Beth and go home and get some sleep.” Derek said.

“No.” Meredith said as she moved on the sofa to a sitting position. “She’s sleeping Derek. Do you want to go and waken her and then fight to get her back to sleep and then waken her again at 5:30am and have her in a grumpy mood for the rest of the day because I don’t.” Meredith said.

She looked at Derek before continuing “I’m too tired Derek. If you want to go home go, but I’m staying here.”

“Mer don’t be like that.” Derek said as he rubbed his face. He knew she was right it wouldn’t be fair to lift Beth.

“Don’t be like what Derek? We have barely seen each other over the last two weeks and when we do we’re too tired to even speak each other. I know how important this trial is to you – I really do. You can ignore and forget about me as much as you want, but not Beth. When was the last time you actually spent time with her?” Meredith said.

“I know you don’t need to tell me” Derek said as he sat down beside her.

Meredith reached out and took his hand “I’m sorry, I’m tired and don’t really mean to take it out on you. How was your surgery?” she asked gently.

Derek shook his head. “The patient died. This trial is making me feel like a murderer.”

“Derek you are not a murderer – you are a fantastic surgeon who has come up with a brilliant idea. You told me at the start that it would not be an instant success.”

“I know but every patient has died Meredith – I told them about the trial and promised them a miracle” Derek buried his head in his hands “and all I have managed to do is kill them.”

“No you didn’t...” Meredith said as she rubbed his back.

“Meredith my wonderful trial killed them.” Derek argued back.

“They all had a brain tumor right?” Meredith asked.


“They were classed as terminally ill and only had weeks to live right?” Meredith wanted to make sure that she had her facts right before continuing.

“Yes” Derek whispered.

“You gave them hope Derek, this trial will be a success and when it is finished Beth and I will be here to celebrate with you.” Meredith said as she held his hand.

“I don’t deserve you. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting here all night.”

“It’s okay. I’ll crash on the sofa and when Adele comes in I’ll get a cab home and get some proper sleep and collect Beth early – maybe go the park if it stays dry” Meredith replied.

“Sounds good – I wish I could join you. Adele won’t mind will she?”

“No – she has been hounding me for days to take some time off – apparently I have worked a lot of extra hours.” Meredith smiled “between the trial and the Gary Harper situation.”

“Has he been back lately?” Derek asked he hated the thought of that man going anywhere near Meredith.

“No, he hasn’t been seen for a few weeks now thank god. If he comes here again he will be in a lot of trouble.” Meredith yawned.

“Come with me.” Derek said as he stood up and grabbed Meredith’s hand.

“What? Derek where are we going? I just want to sleep.” Meredith answered.

“You’re coming with me to an on-call room – trust me it will be a hell of a lot more comfortable than that sofa.”

A few hours later and Meredith had to agree with Derek. The on-call room was far more comfortable – but then again being in Derek’s arms may have added to the comfort.

“Do I have to get up” she asked yawning.

“Sorry, but the crèche just paged Beth is awake and throwing a tantrum and I’ve just been paged for a consult.” Derek said as he put his trainers on.

“Great.” Meredith stated – if Beth started the day on a temper tantrum chances were she would be like that for the rest of the day.

Derek walked over to where she was sitting “Thank you for last night, you know I will make it up to you when the trial is over.”

“I know.”

“And besides you have your party to look forward to next week.”

“Um huh. “ Meredith answered and then realised what Derek had said. “Wait, what party?”

“Your birthday party.” Derek answered.

“Derek, I don’t do birthdays and I don’t do parties you know that.” Meredith replied.

“Yes, but that was before you met me and I promised you a birthday party. I never break a promise.” Derek said as he kissed her on the cheek and headed for the door.


“Give Beth a kiss for me” Derek said as he ran out the door.
Exactly one week later Meredith woke up to the feeling of someone hitting her followed by wet smack of lips of cheek and then “mama” followed by laughter.

“Say Happy Birthday to mummy Beth!”

“Mama” Beth said as she now bounced on top of Meredith. Meredith in return started to tickle Beth who thankfully appeared to be in a better mood than what she had been of late.

Derek reached over and kissed her “Happy Birthday Mer!”

“Thank you” Meredith answered as Beth gave her another sloppy kiss.

“This is for you.” Derek said as he reached over and gave her a white envelope.
Curious Meredith opened it and lifted out a piece of paper. On the top of the page she saw the words ‘hotel reservation’.

“Derek what is this?” She asked.

“You know that luxury hotel and spa resort that Adele talks about near Mount Rainier?” Derek said

“Yes – the one that she wants to retire too” Meredith answered.

“The one and only. Well Miss Grey you and I are going there for a very long and very dirty weekend as soon as this trial is finished.” Derek huskily whispered in her ear.

“What! Oh my god Derek! Wait, what about Beth?”

“Adele volunteered to look after her we just have to let her know when, also you have today off. Adele refuses to let you work on your birthday and told me to tell you that you’re not to set foot in the crèche until 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“What am I going to do all day?” Meredith asked.

“Well you can take a look at the latest house plans; the architect delivered them last night.”

Meredith laughed “House in the Woods version four.”

“I’m fussy. The first one was too modern, the second too small. The last one was perfect for the outside but still not right internally.” Derek explained.

“I still don’t see why you want six bedrooms” Meredith said.

“Plenty of room for our children and any guests. I’m still thinking of seven just to be safe.” Derek smirked.

“Derek Shepherd I am not giving birth to four or five children!” Meredith exclaimed.

“Mer, I’m happy if we only have one child together, but at least it means we have plenty of spare rooms for when the family come to visit.” Derek reassured her.

“I suppose.” Meredith agreed “I’ll take a look after breakfast. I have no idea what I am going to do today”

“Spend the day with Beth, go shopping or just lounge around here, but don’t forget to get ready for tonight – you are still having a party at Joes. Melanie is babysitting for us.”

“You’re unbelievable.” Meredith laughed “Thank you”

“You’re welcome. Now enjoy your day with Beth, I better go I have a surgery at 10 and I have a new idea about the trial and I think it is going to work.” Derek said as he reached over and kissed both Meredith and Beth goodbye.

“Good luck – let me know when you’re out of surgery.” Meredith said as he walked out of the bedroom.

Derek turned around and smiled “I love you” before heading down the stairs.

By the time Meredith and Beth had breakfast the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was too good a day to be stuck in the house so Meredith decided to make up a packed lunch and headed out for the day.

At first she was going to the zoo, but that was something Derek had wanted them to do together as a family, so instead she headed for the aquarium, Beth loved watching the fish swim past in the large tanks.

They had their lunch at the park beside the market. When Meredith lifted her cell phone she was amazed at the amount of texts messages she had wishing her a happy birthday. There were texts from Christina, Mark, Lexie, Sam, Gavin – even Nancy. Carolyn Shepherd had left a voice message. Meredith mentally reminded herself that she had to call Carolyn when they got home.

After lunch and a stroll around the market Beth was exhausted and Meredith headed home. Within minutes of walking through the door Beth was fast asleep and Meredith telephoned Carolyn. After chatting for nearly half an hour they said their goodbyes and Meredith grabbed the house plans and went and sat in the back garden.

She had to admit the new plans were impressive but then she had liked them all, Derek was just being too fussy about it all.

They had both agreed that they wanted a traditional looking house which looked lived in – a family home. Derek had agreed straight away to stone cladding on the exterior of the building along with a porch at the front of the house and open floor – to- ceiling windows at the back to capture the view.

Meredith’s cell phone beeped and she was surprised to see a text from her dad. At least one member of her family remembered that it was her birthday.

She thought back to this time last year. She was in London and her mother had just been given the all clear and she had finally built up the courage to do what she wanted to do. She had changed so much in this past year that Meredith did not recognise herself, but she was happy and for the first time in her life she was wanted and loved.

She could not help but think and look forward to the weekend break that Derek had arranged. It was extravagant but she had gotten used to that from Derek, god he spoiled her so much and Meredith was not used to that. But Derek had kept his promise and she loved him more for it. She was already imagining what to pack for the trip but then realised what is the point, knowing Derek he would have her naked the whole time they would be there, not that she was complaining in any way shape or form.

Her cell phone rang again and this time it was Derek who was calling her.

“Hey I was just thinking about you!” Meredith said as she answered the phone.

“You were?” Derek said. Meredith could hear in his voice that he was smiling.

“Um, I was just thinking about our dirty weekend. Do you want me to pack the black lace bra or the valentine red?” Meredith could not help but tease him.

“Jesus Mer!” Derek took a deep breath before continuing “pack both – not that you will be wearing them for long” he stated.

“That’s what I thought.” Meredith laughed. “Anyway how was your surgery?”

“That is what I wanted to tell you – Meredith it worked. The new combination worked. The patient is alive and just regained consciousness!” Derek practically yelled down the phone.

“What! Oh my God! Derek that’s brilliant! Meredith was so happy she did not know what to say.

“I can’t believe it myself Mer!”

“I am so proud of you Derek Shepherd!” Meredith yelled down the phone.

“I could not have done it without you Meredith. You have been my rock.” Derek said. “Listen Owen and Mark want to celebrate this – you don’t mind if your birthday party becomes birthday/successful trial celebration?” Derek asked.

“Derek your trial trumps my birthday – of course I don’t mind. Why don’t you go straight to Joes from work – I’ll get a taxi down when Melanie arrives and meet you there.” Meredith asked.

“You don’t mind.”


“Okay – I’ll see you there! God I love you!”

“I love you too” Meredith said as she hung up.

It was 8:00 by the time Meredith arrived at Joes. It was still as warm as what it had been during the day and Meredith had decided to wear a thin black summer dress with purple flowers and matching flat black ballerina shoes. As soon as she walked into the bar she heard Christina yelling “baby you made it!”

It wasn’t until she reached the bar that she saw the “Happy Birthday!” hanging hazardly from the beam over the bar.

“Here’s the birthday girl!” yelled Mark as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Happy Birthday!” shouted Lexie as she threw her arms around Meredith and gave her a hug.

Once Meredith was able to break away for air she saw Christina lining up shots at the bar and looked at Meredith “Don’t expect a hug from me – but I will buy you a shot.” Christina said.

“Fine by me” Meredith laughed as she could feel Derek’s arm sliding around her waist and bent down and kissed her cheek and whispered in ear “you look beautiful”

“Thank you” Meredith said as lifted her shot glass and passed one to Derek.

Christina was standing on the bar and yelling at everyone to shut up.

“We are here tonight... too get very drunk... and celebrate...” Christina said holding a shot glass in one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other “Meredith’s birthday! Happy Birthday!!” a roar went up in the bar followed by another cheer when Christina stumbled but managed to keep her balance before continuing “ and also to celebrate Dr Shepherds successful clinical trial – Cheers!” Christina yelled as she jumped off the bar and landed in Owen’s arms.

“This is going to be messy” Meredith stated.

“And we have only just started” Derek replied as he lifted his shot glass and downed it in one go.

Although the crowd at Joes were nearly all staff from the hospital who worked with Derek, some of the staff from the nursery were also there helping to celebrate Meredith’s birthday among them was Marcie who was sulking because she couldn’t drink as she was pregnant and Melissa who decided to stop drinking alcohol after her fourth shot as she was to be at work very early the next morning.

Both Marcie and Melissa came over to Meredith as they were leaving – Marcie reminding Meredith she was working the following day and that there was nothing worse than looking after screaming babies with a hangover.

Meredith would not have said that she was drunk, just tipsy. Now Christina was drunk in fact almost verging on paralytic with Owen, Mark and Derek behind her.

By 11:30 they were all trying out their guitar playing skills on top of the tables. This had started after Derek told them that Meredith had saw Metallica play live at a rock festival in Europe. Christina was seriously impressed and wanted to show how good she was at air guitar which then lead to them all on top of the tables blasting every rock metal track that Joe could find in the bar’s music collection.

So far Derek had blasted at The Clash, Mark rocked it out to “Livin’ on a Prayer” followed by Owen with “Enter Sandman”. Christina not to be outdone followed with “Sweet Child of Mine” before Meredith and Lexie finished off with Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” which had Christina back up on the bar looking for lighters.

“What the hell do you want a lighter for?” Joe asked her

“Hello, have you never seen a Metallica gig? Everyone brings their lighter and they light it during this track.” Christina managed to slur out.

“Not in my bar they don’t!” Joe yelled back as he lined up more shots.

A short time later Joe decided for the sake of everyone’s lives he would call for taxis and send them all home – he even had to help get some of them in the back of the taxi.

“Hey Joe, its fine I know how to get into a car!” Mark yelled.

“No you don’t” Meredith almost sang “I saw you fall into the backseat at Thanksgiving!”

This remark had everyone laughing and Meredith yelled again

“I don’t know what you are laughing about Owen – you were just as bad!”

Christina was laughing so hard at this that she fell onto the ground and Owen had to try and pick her up while he stumbled all over the place.

Owen, Christina, Mark and Lexie shared one taxi while Meredith helped Derek into the back of the second cab that Joe had ordered. It was just as well it was just them as Derek was feeling her up the whole way home – thankfully the cab driver had not noticed or was just too polite to comment. Either way Meredith confiscated Derek’s wallet and paid the driver and asked him to wait for Melanie.

Getting out the cab was another adventure – Derek literally fell out of it and landed on his ass. “I’m fine!” he laughed before grabbing on to Meredith causing them both to stumble up the pathway where Melanie was already standing with the front door open.

“Had a good night?” Melanie laughed

“Oh yes!” Derek yelled as walked into the house

Meredith got her purse to pay Melanie “the taxi is paid for and will drop you home. Did Beth behave?” she asked

“Good as gold – I’ll see you in the morning” Melanie laughed as Derek made his way back to the door and grabbed Meredith.

Thankfully she got the front door closed before Derek started kissing her and his hands were already lifting up her dress.

“Mer...”Derek muttered

“Um huh” Meredith muttered as Derek kissed down her neck and pressed her further against the table in the hall

“Are you too drunk for sex?” Derek muttered

“No!” Meredith laughed “but you might be”

“Never to drunk for sex!” Derek stated as he lifted her into his arms and headed for the stairs

“Time for some hot birthday celebration sex Miss Grey!” Derek yelled

“Oh really Dr Shepherd?” Meredith laughed back

“That’s it!” Derek laughed and started to climb the stairs with Meredith in his arms... he got a third of the way up the stairs before he missed a step, tripped, dropped Meredith on to the stairs and then fell on top of her.

“Stair sex?” Derek moaned as he kissed her

“God, yes!” Meredith moaned, somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she would be sore in the morning but at this moment in time she could not care less.
The next chapter is the morning after...
It has been hectic this week trying to find time to write – thankfully I have some updates banked.

So here’s the deal... the next time I post it will be a double update – I am prepared to do this update over this weekend, but it may mean no update next week but again that will depend on how I much I get written next week.

The decision is yours! Either leave a review or PM me with a ‘yes please’ or ‘save to next week message.’

If you have enjoyed this (or not) then please comment – nothing motivates a writer more than feedback!



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Meredith has certainly changed in a year. Great to see her happy for her birthday and that she has a lot of people texting her, wishing her well on the day.

And what a great gift Derek has arranged.

Sex on the stairs? Oh my! That'd be awkward! Wink

Save to next week. Give your self a break. It's hard work, updating.

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As promised Part one of the double update – and it is the morning after the night before...

The first thing Meredith could feel when she woke up the next morning was pain. She silently thanked God that she had the sense to swap shifts with Melissa last night and that she did not have to be in the nursery at 7am.

She could vaguely hear Derek groaning beside her. It was all his fault anyway she thought to herself. Thankfully Beth was still sleeping.

“Oh God”


“What did you do last night?”

“Really can’t remember”

“I don’t think I can move – everything hurts.”

“Must have been good then” laughed Derek

She finally managed to sit up and look at the clock on the bedside table.

6:15am. “Okay need to get up, shower, coffee, pain relief in that order.”

“Sounds like a plan but I can think of an even better one” Derek responded by grabbing Meredith by the waist and rolling her on to her back. He bent down and kissed her “let’s continue where we left off...” and started to kiss down her neck. Meredith could feel how turned on his was and giggled “that might be hard...”

“Oh I am definitely hard...”

Meredith was now distracted by his kisses “not what I meant... oh god... last thing I remember was you having your way with me on the stairs.

“Sounds good to me “Derek was now nibbling on her breasts.

“We started in the hallway, got halfway up the stairs, you dropped me and then we had some pretty hot sex which ended with the pair of us in a heap at the bottom at the stairs.” Meredith replied.

Derek paused and arched his eyebrow and then laughed “that might explain why my back is sore”

“It might also explain why my ass is sore.” Meredith laughed “how we managed to get to bed alive and in one piece is beyond me!”

Derek was laughing as he rolled on to side and looked down at Meredith “the last thing I can remember is dancing on top of the tables where we all pretending to be rock stars?” Derek asked as the pounding returned to his brain.

“Yeah.” Meredith muttered. “Head sore?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. Thank god I’m not operating today.” Derek groaned.

“No God help the person Christina is operating on today she was worse than you guys” Meredith said

“Was Christina dancing on the bar with a lighter?” Derek asked “I can remember hearing Joe tell her to put the lighter away.”

“Yeah I think that was when Lexie and I were murdering ‘Nothing Else Matters’.” Meredith cringed at the memory of their drunken antics.

“Regardless of the pain and embarrassment I think we needed last night” Derek stated.

“Oh yes – thank you for the most memorable and drunk birthday party ever!” Meredith smiled.

“And you said you were too old for a birthday party!” Derek laughed as he pulled her in for a kiss.

“You know what is good for a hangover...” Derek said as he started to kiss down along her chest.

“What... oh god... yes” Meredith moaned as Derek slid his hands along her thighs
“A quickie!” Derek grinned

“Definitely” Meredith replied.

A short while later Derek rolled off Meredith and kissed her.

“Best hangover cure ever!” Meredith laughed

“Oh yes!” Derek agreed “Mind you head is still sore and I definitely cannot feel my lower back!”

“As good as it was I still need caffeine, drugs and a shower and that’s before madam wakens”

“Oh god yes, what’s up with the opera routine anyway?” Derek asked as rolled on to his back

“I have no idea.” Meredith answered as she tried to move and get out of bed.

Over the last week Beth awoke each morning by singing loudly through her baby monitor. She literally opened her eyes and started singing and would scare the life out of both Meredith and Derek. Yesterday was the first morning that Derek had heard it and he nearly fell out of bed thinking that two house cats were having the mother and father of all fights outside the house.

Meredith was now up and out of bed and started walking over to their en-suite bathroom naked and aware that Derek was watching every move she made. She glanced over at his equally naked and aroused form and whispered “bendy thing in the shower?”

“You just read my mind!” Derek responded by jumping off the bed and chasing her into the bathroom.

An hour later the painkillers had helped the pounding headache but Meredith was still store. The shower sex, enjoyable as it had been, was probably not a good idea when your body was still sore from the previous night’s activities – namely being dropped onto the stairs and then getting screwed senseless. She was in no way complaining but at the moment walking was painful and sitting down brought tears to her eyes.

The only thing that made Meredith smile was the thought that no matter how rough she was feeling it was nothing compared to the hangover Derek had. She was even tempted to call Christina but valuing her life decided against it and hobbled downstairs to get breakfast.

She walked into the kitchen to find Beth singing in her highchair and waving her toast in the air. Meredith walked over and gave her kiss. “Morning Princess!” Beth replied by giving her a sloppy kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Beth, now where’s breakfast?” Meredith asked.

She looked over and saw Derek slumped against the sink.

“You okay?” She said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Um. Feel sick, head still pounding.” Derek muttered.

“Do you want me to make a start on breakfast?” Meredith asked as she turned around.

“No. I’ll do it.” Derek bit back as he stood up straight.

“I don’t mind Derek – you can sit down and relax and I can bring it over to you.” Meredith answered

“I’ll make it myself Mer... just give me a few minutes until my stomach stops doing the flip flops.” Derek stated.

“Fine I was only trying to help.” Meredith replied as she walked over to the fridge to get some orange juice.

“Sorry Meredith, but I really cannot stomach your pancakes this morning, but I do know how you can help – feed Beth so she stops the bloody opera routine. My head is sore enough as it is.” Derek said as he turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Meredith stood and looked at Beth who had now stopped singing “Just us for breakfast this morning Beth.”

There was something about what Derek had just said that irked Meredith. Okay he had hangover, so did she. Yes he felt sick whereas she didn’t but at least he could walk and didn’t have bruises over his ass. Was she in grouchy form – no?

She decided not to bother with pancakes since they were apparently that bad and stuck with cereal for herself and porridge for Beth who went off into a temper tantrum when Meredith would not let her feed herself. “Better be quiet – you don’t want to disturb daddy.” Meredith said after five minutes of screeching.

“What’s going on in here?” Derek asked as he walked back into the kitchen. As soon as he had left the room he realised what he had said to Meredith and immediately felt bad for it.

“Madam is throwing a tantrum because I will not let her feed herself; either that or she doesn’t like my cooking either. You’re her father you sort it out. I’m going to get ready for work.” Meredith said as she practically threw the bowl of porridge at Derek and hobbled out of the kitchen.

She got as far as the stairs when Derek caught up to her.

“Meredith I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

Meredith turned around and faced him and crossed her arms.

“Yeah well you did. I was just trying to be the nice and kind and sympathetic girlfriend by offering to make you breakfast when you didn’t feel well, instead you made me feel like...”

“Like what?” Derek answered

“Like a nanny. “ Meredith almost whispered “which I really shouldn’t complain about because at the end of the day...” Meredith did not get to finish the sentence as Derek kissed her.

“Meredith you are my girlfriend, my partner, my lover... my other half...” He reached over and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “I am sorry about what I said; I’m tired and hung-over and took it out on you when really it’s my own fault that I feel like crap.”

“Last time I give you any sympathy.” Meredith stated and slowly started to smile. “I over-reacted as well, I’m sorry, but at least your ass is not bruised.”

Derek could not help but laugh at this “Sorry” as he ducked Meredith’s hand as she reached out to hit him.

“It’s not funny Derek; I can’t sit down without being in pain!” By now Meredith was laughing too as Derek pulled her in for a hug.

“I’m sorry I hurt you, and I wish to God I could remember the stair sex.” Derek said.

“Yeah well we will not be repeating that again for a long time.” Meredith stated. “I’m going to go and get ready for work.”

“Okay – I love you Meredith.” Derek said.

“I love you too” Meredith replied as she climbed the stairs one at a time.

An hour later and they finally arrived at Seattle Grace Hospital. Thankfully after taking more painkillers Meredith was walking better and finally able to sit down.
Derek was lifting Beth out of her car seat when Meredith spotted Owen and Christina walking across the staff car park.

“Morning “Meredith said.

“Do you have to shout?” Christina replied as she removed her sunglasses briefly before quickly putting them back on.

“I was not shouting I just said good morning.” Meredith replied.

“What the hell is good about it? I have missed early rounds and for the first time in my life I wish I didn’t have to work.” Christina snapped back.

“Glad to see someone feels the same way” Derek replied as Beth was now raring to go to nursery.

“Don’t talk she’s been like that all morning. Mind you I feel like death warmed up myself.” Owen replied.

“Snap” Meredith and Derek replied at the same time.

They all made a quick stop at the coffee cart for their morning fix. Meredith stood over to the side with Beth as Derek and Owen tried to recall their antics from the previous night.

“Are you okay?” Christina asked.

“Yeah why?” Meredith asked.

“Because you’re walking funny” Christina said as she guzzled her coffee.

“Oh God!” Meredith could feel herself blushing.

“Hot S-E-X?” Christina spelt out.

“You could say that. Stair sex highly recommended except for the bruises” Meredith answered.

“Ouch!” Christina grimaced.

“That and Derek sort of snapped at me this morning and I overreacted a bit. Or at least I think I overreacted. I tend to overreact when I am hung over.”

“And ramble” as Christina massaged her temples.

“Sorry.” Meredith asked.

“What did he do?” Christina asked.

“I offered to make breakfast and he snapped and told me to look after Beth as she was crying. I just felt like the hired hand instead of his girlfriend.”

“Well technically...” Christina tried to answer but Meredith stopped her.

“Yes, I know I was Beth’s nanny but he is always saying that I am not – I’m his girlfriend and that he loves me... and I love him but...”

“But what?”

“But sometimes I don’t know if he loves ME.” Meredith stated.

“I’m confused” Christina asked.

“Sometimes I wonder if he didn’t have Beth would we still have got together. If Beth hadn’t crawled over to me that day would Derek still have been interested.”

“Are you serious?” Christina was now beginning to regret getting out of bed this morning.

“I don’t know! I have never had a serious relationship before and although he says he loves me but I just want to make sure that he loves me for who I am. Do you know what I mean?”

“Worryingly yes.” Christina answered. “Listen Mer, I don’t know what Derek was like before he met you, but I do know that he talks non-stop about you. He wouldn’t do that if he was just using you. Did he apologise?”

“Yes. He talks about me?” Meredith asked.

“Nothing embarrassing honest! Oh let’s not forget about the way he looks at you. Meredith he loves you. Enjoy it!” Christina said.

“Thanks Chris.” Meredith said as she smiled at her friend.

Christina smiled and said “You sure you don’t want another coffee?”

“No thanks I’ll get one in the crèche” Meredith replied as they walked over to where Owen and Derek were talking.

Beth was still itching to get to the nursery and kept pulling on Meredith’s arm.

“That is my cue to go” Meredith said as Derek kissed them both goodbye “Think of me in a room full of screaming children while you are sitting in the peace and quiet of your office.” Meredith groaned.

“Go with God!” Derek stated.

Meredith turned around and saw Dr Miranda Bailey having the same problem with her son as she was having with Beth. The only difference was the surgeon had two residents following her and demanding her attention.

“Be quick I have to be in surgery in thirty minutes and I need to drop Tuck in at the crèche.”

“Oh can I scrub in Dr Bailey?” the female resident asked.

“No! This is my case.” The male resident shouted back. Bailey looked as if she were ready to murder the pair of them.

“Uck! “ Beth started to yell when she spotted her friend.

“Say god morning to Tuck Beth” Meredith said as she approached the surgeons.

“Uck!” Beth babbled again

“Eth!” Tuck waved back and both children made a beeline for each other nearly pulling the arms of both Meredith and Bailey.

“Good morning Dr Bailey” Meredith said

“Morning Meredith; Tuck stop pulling.” Bailey said as she pressed the button for the elevator.

“Busy morning” Meredith said as she nodded towards to the two residents who were still arguing.

“Don’t even go there” Bailey replied.

“Listen if it helps I can take Tuck up to the crèche for you? Meredith asked.

“You don’t mind?” Bailey looked relieved.

“No problem – besides it wouldn’t be the first time you have done it for me” Meredith said remembering several mornings when Bailey would take Beth while she dealt with an irate Gary Harper.

“Thank you Meredith – I appreciate it.” Bailey said as she bent down and kissed Tuck good bye.

The elevator doors opened and Meredith walked in with two bags over her shoulder and a toddler pulling on each arm.

“Beth, Tuck behave.”

It’s going to be one of those days thought Meredith.

Ten minutes later Beth and Tuck were playing happily and creating as much mess as they could.

Meredith was standing up against the counter in the breakfast room right beside where Beth and Tuck were playing.

The breakfast room served many purposes in the crèche it was the first room most parents came into and out of each day and usually by 8:15am it would be full to the brim with children getting their breakfast before moving on to their rooms to play in. For the remainder of the day it was used for messy play with the tiny tots before being used for the children again at dinner time.

Melanie, Marcie and Gina were all standing beside Meredith drinking their coffees.

“So did you have a good time last night?” Gina asked.

“Yes – and thankfully I can remember what happened last night – unlike some people.” Meredith laughed.

“It was funny when Derek fell out of the cab!” Melanie laughed

“Oh god you saw that?” Meredith asked.

“Oh yes! I also saw him feeling you up the whole way up the path. Tell me; did I even get to cab before he jumped you?” Melanie whispered careful of any little ears.

“Probably not.” Meredith answered realising that she was now past the point of being embarrassed.

“Well at least you are getting s-e-x” Marcie whispered. “Rick hasn’t touched me since we found out about bump” Marcie said as she patted her barely visible baby bump that she could not wait to show off. “He’s scared off hurting me or the baby and of course I’m craving sex all the time.”

“Oh Marcie” Meredith said and was about to continue when Marcie was called next door to the baby room and walked through the adjoining door.

“Thank god for Mary I thought we were in for another thirty minute moaning session.” Melanie said as she breathed a sigh of relief.

“I swear if I hear about her morning sickness, her heartburn, the swollen ankles and the cravings one more time this morning – I’ve had nothing but her moaning since 6am!” Gina groaned.

“How long until she goes on maternity leave?” Melanie asked Meredith.

“Not soon enough.” Meredith answered.

They all loved Marcie – they really did but she was the type of person who made a small situation ten times worse than what it actually was and since she got pregnant it was worse than ever and she did nothing but moan all day long and it was beginning to get on everyone’s nerves. Even some of the parents deliberately started to avoid her when they came into the crèche. Meredith had made a promise to herself that she would not be like that if and when she got pregnant.

“I suppose we better get back to work.” Gina said as she turned and rinsed her cup in the sink. “I wonder why it is so quiet this morning is it a public holiday or has everyone slept in?”

“Don’t complain. I’m glad it is quiet I had a late night babysitting for our boss” Melanie said as she winked at Meredith before yawning. “Excuse me”

“I am not complaining either” Meredith said as she realised that only half the children as usual were in. “mind you if it’s quiet we can get some cleaning done” Meredith said smiling at Gina who hated cleaning.

At that moment Mary walked into the room “I just heard on the radio that there has been oil spill on the interstate and blocked all lanes.”

“That would explain why it is so quiet.” Meredith said “Well lets enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.” She had just turned around when one of the security guards who was stationed in the hallway outside the crèche came running into the room.

“Sorry to interrupt Meredith but I thought you would want to know. Mr Harper has been spotted in the car park security cameras he’s on his way here.”

“Perfect. Just what I need this morning.” Meredith said. “Can you call the police please? She asked the security guard.

“Already have” he answered.

“I thought we had gotten rid of him?” Melanie said.

“So did I.” Gina answered. “Listen Mer I’ll go – I’m actually in the mood to tell him where to go!”


“No, I’m sick of him coming in here and disrupting the whole nursery. I have no sympathy for child abusers!” Gina retorted.

Meredith couldn’t help but agree with Gina but losing her temper with the man was not going to help matters.

“And besides you look as if you are going to vomit any minute. I will stay calm, I promise.” Gina continued.

Meredith did feel sick and she nodded her head in approval.

“I’ll go with her – reinforcement in numbers” Melanie said as she followed Gina out the door.

Meredith smiled her appreciation. She stood where she was for a second before looking down at Beth and Tuck playing happily in the corner when all of a sudden Beth came running over to her and clung on to her leg.

“What’s the matter Beth?”

The next thing Meredith heard was two loud bangs followed by screaming. She knew instantly what had just happened.

“Marcie hit the panic button and get the children into the cot room now!” Meredith screamed.
Meanwhile downstairs in the lobby Owen and Derek had just got changed into their scrubs and were standing waiting for the Chief. Mark came over to them

“The Chief is about to make a speech congratulating you in the success of your trial.” Mark said.

“How do you know that?” Derek asked.

“Lexie overheard him talking to Bailey. Here he comes.” Mark answered.

Richard Webber had just made it to the desk when first of all his pager off and then the nurse told him that security wanted to speak to him.

“What the hell’s going on?” Derek asked.

Richard put the phone down and took a deep breath before turning round. His eyes met Derek’s.

“That was security. Gun shots have been fired in the crèche.”

He had only muttered the words when he immediately saw Derek and Mark rush past him followed closely by Owen who was yelling for backup.
Okay – I know exactly what you are thinking right now...

You have to believe me when I tell you that this storyline was planned long before the heartbreaking season finale. I can assure you that nothing that bad will happen to our favourite couple.

I welcome all comments (as I run hiding from my computer...)

The next update will be posted when I get home from work (approx 12 hrs time)



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All was going well, the hot sex, on the stairs, the morning after and hangovers morning after, and then, wham!!!!

Gunshots in the nursery.

When did you say you were going to update?
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I promised that I would update within 12 hours!

Once again this storyline was planned long before the greys finale.

Please see comments at the end.


Meredith stood at the counter in the breakfast room and looked down at Beth and Tuck playing happily in the corner when all of a sudden Beth came running over to her and clung on to her leg.

“What’s the matter Beth?”

The next thing Meredith heard was two loud bangs followed by screaming. She knew instantly what had just happened.

“Marcie hit the panic button and get the children into the cot room now!” Meredith screamed.

She turned around and saw the door open. Meredith took a deep breath and feared the worst.

Melanie burst through the door “Oh my god Mer... he shot Gina... the kids...”

Melanie did not get a chance to finish her sentence. Meredith heard another loud bang and saw Melanie fall to ground.

Meredith knew who the shooter was – and that he was coming for her. She could hear him yelling “you won’t let me see my son so I won’t let you see yours”

Another gunshot rang out and then he was in the doorway.

Instinct took over. Everything happened in a matter of moments but it felt like an eternity to Meredith.

Her only thought was Beth and Tuck - she had to keep them safe. Derek and Bailey would never forgive her if something happened to them.

As Gary Harper burst into the room Meredith threw herself down to the ground pulling the two toddlers in tight to her chest.

All she could feel was pain when another gunshot rang out.

Meredith did not know which was worse – the sound of gunshots and screaming or the chilling sound of silence that followed.
Derek pov

“Gunshots have been fired in the nursery”

As soon as Richard had said those words Derek ran. He had to get to Meredith and Beth.

He knew exactly who was responsible for this and he hoped that Gary Harper was dead by the time he got to the crèche.

Within seconds he was at the top at the stairs with Mark, Owen and another resident Alex Karev directly behind them... and then he was there... standing outside the nursery and he took a deep breath at the image in front of him. Derek felt Mark squeeze his shoulder and mutter “Jesus Christ”.

Lying dead in front of them was one of the security guards.

Sitting along the corridor were four adults who Derek knew to be other parents were crying and shaking and screaming and trying to resuscitate someone.

Derek ran over – he could hear Bailey shouting in the background and saw the chief physically restraining her from going any further.

And then he heard it, he heard Meredith’s voice.

“Somebody help me please...”

Meredith’s pov

All Meredith could feel was pain in her right arm. Beth and Tuck were crying in her arms. She could hear moaning and then she realised that Melanie was still alive.

Mary burst through the adjoining door and froze at the image in front of her.

“Oh my god...”

“Mary... the kids...” Meredith asked as Beth clung to her side as she tried to move over and help Melanie.

“They’re okay... just a few bumps, a few parents got hit... oh god Mer ... your bleeding.” Mary yelled.

“I’m fine. Take Beth and Tuck, I need to help Melanie.” Meredith yelled as she crawled to her friend who had been shot in the head. “Melanie you’re going to be fine ... just stay with me...”

Meredith couldn’t think. Her right arm was sore and all the blood was making her sick. Her head was pounding and Beth was screaming at being taken from her.

In the distance she could hear a woman screaming “Let go off me! I need to see Tuck!” she could clearly make out Dr Bailey screaming in the corridor. If Bailey was here then Derek would be too...

“Somebody help me please...” she yelled as loud as she could.

Derek ran down the corridor and saw who it was that the other parents were trying to help – Gina. Owen and Alex ran over to them and took over.

As he approached the door to the room he saw Gary Harper lying dead in the doorway. Derek’s could hear his heart beating when he walked through the door he looked down and saw Meredith frantically trying to help Melanie.

“Meredith” Derek yelled.

“Oh god Derek... thank god... you need to help Melanie... there’s so much blood...” Meredith rambled the second she saw him.

All Derek could see was the blood on the Meredith’s arm.

“Meredith are you okay? Talk to me” Derek stated as he knelt down beside her holding her face in his hands.

“I’m okay – Beth’s fine she is with Mary, so is Tuck, tell Bailey he’s fine ... please...” Meredith was now crying.

Mark was standing in the doorway and yelled down to the chief who was still holding Miranda Bailey “Tuck’s fine”. Bailey briefly collapsed to her knees in relief before running up the corridor to tend the injured.

Derek was torn between trying to help Meredith and Melanie when Mark and Owen came back into the room.

Meredith looked up “Gina...”

Owen shook his head “I’m sorry Meredith...” as he bent down and helped to assess Melanie. Mark went over to Meredith.

“Let me take a look Meredith” Mark said as he looked at her arm “GSW to the upper right arm. You’re going to be okay”

Owen started to bark out orders to the various medical personnel and police officers who had swamped the crèche.

Derek knew that Melanie had been badly injured and he would need to take her straight into surgery but he did not want to leave Meredith.

Meredith looked over at him “I’m okay Derek – help Melanie please”

Two police officers helped them lift Melanie on to a gurney and Derek ran over to Meredith and kissed her “Thank god you are okay – I love you... Mark” he looked over at his best friend.

“I won’t let her out of my sight” Mark stated.

“Derek go – I’ll treat her as soon as I’m finished here.” Owen said squeezing Derek’s shoulder in support.

Derek turned around and looked emotionally at Meredith before leaving the room.
Forty minutes later and Mark and Owen had finally managed to get Meredith out of the crèche and into an examination room. She had refused to leave the crèche until all the children had been checked and that everyone had been accounted for.

Mark was currently removing dried blood from her arm when Owen came into the room

“How bad is it?” Meredith asked.

“All the children are okay Dr Robbins just checked them.” Owen said as he sat in front of Meredith and looked at her arm. “Some of the other parents have a few minor cuts and grazes. So far there are three fatalities – Gina, the security guard and the shooter.”

“Where’s Beth?” Meredith asked.

“With Marcie – she’s fine” Owen answered.

Meredith started to lie back down in the bed when it occurred to her that there was one child unaccounted for.

“Oh my god Jason, where is he?” Meredith stated as she tried to get out of bed only for Mark to force her back down.

“Meredith calm down – all the children were accounted for.” Mark answered.

“No – he never came to crèche this morning...”

Mark and Owen looked at each other confused at Meredith reaction.

“Meredith I don’t understand...” Owen answered

“Jason is the shooter’s son. His mother has been living in fear of that man – she has restraining orders out against him. They never arrived at the crèche this morning.” Meredith answered as she started to feel dizzy.

“Meredith lie down. Mark - make sure she does as she told. I’ll go and notify the police”. Owen said as he got up and walked out of the examination room.

Meredith tried to sit up again and again felt dizzy.

“Meredith if you don’t lie down...”Mark said and noticed Meredith go pale.

“I think I’m going to be sick” Meredith said as Mark reached for the bedpan and passed it to her just in time.

“Better?” he asked a few minutes later as Owen walked back into the room.

“The police have just called around to the Karen Harper’s house – the place is empty. They contacted her parents in Portland – they are both staying with them. They’re okay.” Owen said.

“Thank god” Meredith murmured.

“Meredith are you okay?” Owen asked as he looked at Mark. Both attending’s were concerned.

“A madman came into the crèche with a gun. He shot me and Melanie and killed two others. I can’t move my right arm; my head is spinning all I can hear is gunfire and all this blood is making me sick. Of course I’m not okay” Meredith yelled back. She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault my head is sore.”

Mark immediately stood up and grabbed the pen light.

“Meredith I just want to check something okay.” Mark said

“Mark my head was sore and I felt sick before the shooting. Hangover remember.” Meredith tried to laugh.

“Don’t remind me” Mark said, “but we just want to make sure. If we miss something Derek will kill us. Did you hit your head?”

“I can’t remember.” Meredith answered. “All is I can remember is standing at the counter one minute and the next I am on the ground with Beth and Tuck lying under me. I could have hit my head – I just can’t remember.”

Mark shone the light into Meredith’s eyes.

“Looks clear.” He answered.

“I’m going to call for a neuro consult just to be safe” Owen said as he ran from the room.

“Mark?” Meredith looked at Mark

“It’s probably just a slight concussion – nothing to worry about.” Mark said as he sat back down beside Meredith and took her hand. He dreaded the moment Derek was out of surgery and he had to tell the latest news to his friend.

Owen walked out of the exam room and took a deep breath – an action that was observed by the Chief.

“Owen what’s wrong?” Richard asked as Owen walked over.

“I need a neuro consult for Meredith.” Owen said.

“Oh god.” Richard muttered. “There’s no-one available. Nelson is in the middle of removing a spinal tumour, Weller is clipping an aneurysm and Kellerman is on holiday in Hawaii. That leaves Derek...”

Owen and Richard looked each other – they both knew that Derek would be in no shape to operate on Meredith.

“I’ll take her down for a scan and we go from there. It could just be a concussion.” Owen said.

“What if it’s not?” Richard asked.

“I’m trauma surgeon – it wouldn’t be the first time I have to do an emergency craniotomy – at least now I’m not the middle of a war zone.” Owen replied.

“Okay. I’ll organise for either Nelson or Weller to check on Meredith as soon as they are finished.
Derek pov

“Time of death 10:02” Derek stated.

He looked down at Melanie and closed his eyes. Only a few hours ago she was at his house looking after his daughter and now he just called time of death. He dreaded telling Meredith.

“Dr Shepherd?”

Derek looked around and saw Christina looking at him.

“I just checked Meredith is in room 1224.” Christina said.

“Thank you Dr Yang.” He answered as he walked into the scrub room and washed his hands. All he could see was Meredith lying injured on the floor. If anything had happened to her or Beth – his blood ran cold at the very thought of it.

“She was shot in the arm?” Christina asked.

“Yes – I don’t know any more Owen and Mark are with her.” Derek answered. He just wanted out of here and to be with Meredith, to make sure she was okay.
Derek’s pager started to beep.

“Dammit” Derek muttered and then read the message and his heart literally stopped beating.

Neuro consult 1224.

Derek was outside Meredith’s room in a matter of minutes only to be stopped by Richard.

“Derek calm down.”

“I need to get in there Richard – I was paged...”

“What! I told them to page Weller or Nelson when they were finished in surgery – not you.”

“What’s happening?” Derek asked the chief.

“She may have hit her head during the shooting. She is complaining off a headache and was sick. Both Owen and Mark think it is a mild concussion but have organised a scan just in case.” Richard paused for a moment before continuing “Derek I cannot let you treat her.”

“What, why the hell not?” Derek yelled.

“You know why Derek” Richard calmly replied.

Meredith could hear Derek yelling inside her room and turned to Mark.

“Why is Derek shouting?”

“He has probably just found out that you need a scan and typical Derek – he reacts first and thinks last.” Mark answered as he looked at Owen “I’ll go and speak with him.”

“Okay – can you ask him to come in please – I need to know how Melanie is.” Meredith asked.

“Of course” Mark answered.

Mark stepped out of the exam room and Derek walked over to him.

“Tell me what is happening please” Derek asked as he looked straight at his best friend.

“Both Owen and I think it is a mild concussion but we have booked a scan just to be safe.”

“Okay” Derek closed his eyes and took a deep breath “her arm?”

Mark could see that his friend was struggling to keep control and placed his hands on Derek’s shoulders.

“A single guns shot wound to her shoulder. Thankfully it missed the bone. Torres will look at it after she has the scan but she will probably need to rest it for a few weeks.”

Derek nodded his head.

“She is asking for you – she wants to know how Melanie is.” Mark said and saw by the look on Derek’s face that the woman had died.

“Shit.” He whispered as he ran his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know how to tell her” Derek said as he turned around and walked into Meredith’s room.

“Hey...” Meredith said as she saw him walk through the door “how is Melanie?” she asked and then saw the pained the expression on Derek’s face “oh god no, please Derek no...” she whispered as she started to cry.

Derek sat facing her on the bed and leant down and kissed her forehead “I’m so sorry Meredith.”

Derek continued to hold Meredith for a few more minutes until Dr Kevin Weller walked into the room to take Meredith for her consult.

As she was being wheeled out of the room Meredith had asked Derek to call Adele and let her know about Melanie. Adele had arrived at the hospital minutes after the shooting and was now calling parents and next of kin.

Now that Derek was back with Meredith Mark took the opportunity to sneak to his office for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

He sat at his desk his head in his hands reliving the shock and horror of the events of the last few hours. He took a deep breath and lifted his cell phone from his pocket and dialled the familiar number.

“Hello Shepherd residence.”

Mark took another deep breath “Mom”

“Mark, what a lovely surprise how are you?” Carolyn Shepherd asked.

“Mom, is dad there?”

“Yes – is everything okay...Mark?” Carolyn knew something was wrong she could hear it in his voice.

“I just need to speak to dad for a few minutes please” Mark said and then heard Carolyn calling Michael to the telephone.

“Mark what’s wrong, what’s happened?” Michael asked.

“Dad, something has happened at the crèche, Beth is fine – it’s Meredith.” Mark said.

A few minutes later Michael walked into the kitchen and took Carolyn’s hand and told her the news.
After calling the Shepherd’s Mark returned to wait for Meredith. A few minutes later he saw Richard, Derek, Owen and Dr Weller talking in the corridor. Derek looked a lot more relaxed and Mark hoped for good news.

“Are the results back?” Mark asked.

“Yes – mild concussion.” Derek smiled. He felt as if a ton of weight had been lifted off his shoulders. “I’m going to go in and tell Meredith”.

“Hold on a second Derek, you’re probably going to kill me but I called your parents – they are on the next flight to Seattle.” Mark said.

Derek smiled and whispered “thank you Mark.”

Derek turned around and walked into Meredith’s room and went and sat down beside her on the bed.

“Hey how are you feeling?” Derek gently asked.

“Sore. I’m right-handed and can’t do anything. You’d think he would have been considerate enough to have shot me in the left arm.” Meredith said trying to joke about the situation.

Derek laughed with her.

“You have a mild concussion. The best thing you can do now is rest.” Derek said as he held her hand.

“How long will it last?” Meredith asked.

“Hopefully not too long, but we’re going to keep you in for a few days for observation.”

“Derek...” Meredith started to protest.

“No Meredith. I know what I am talking about. Trust me on this please.” Derek answered firmly.

“Okay... what about Beth?” Meredith asked.

“She is playing with Tuck – Dr Bailey volunteered to look after her for a while.” Derek said.

“Go and spend some time with her please.” Meredith said

“She’s fine. Bailey is going to bring her up later. Now please get some rest.” Derek said.

Unfortunately Meredith did not get a chance to rest as the police wanted a statement from her. Derek got up to leave but Meredith wanted him to stay he needed to know exactly what had happened earlier that morning and it saved Meredith from having to relive the nightmare twice.

Two hours later and everyone had a better idea of what had happened.
Gary Harper’s first casualty was the security guard before injuring some of the parents and shooting Gina, Melanie and Meredith.

Everyone was shocked at the day’s events and could not believe that something like this would happen here. The relief was evident in everyone’s face that none of the children had been badly hurt and to everyone Meredith was the hero who saved two children. To Meredith she had just done her job and frankly was embarrassed by the compliments.

Meredith had finally managed to get Derek to leave her for a while and spend some time with Beth. He and Mark had taken Beth to get some dinner when Dr Bailey came into her room and looked at her chart.

“How are you feeling Meredith?” Dr Bailey asked.

“Like I have been shot” Meredith joked.

Dr Bailey smiled and started to shift on her feet.

“Meredith... I heard what had happened – what you did... I can’t begin...” She could feel the tears starting to form as she spoke.

“Don’t.” Meredith said as she looked at the surgeon who was nicknamed the Nazi.
They both looked each other in the eye. Thank you.


“Dr Bailey if you had just operated on me and saved my life and I said thank you to you what you say to me?” Meredith asked.

“I was doing my job” Bailey answered.

“I was just doing my job and I would do it again.” Meredith said. “Thank you for looking after Beth.”

“It was the least I could do.” Bailey replied. “I’ll check on you tomorrow. Good night Meredith.”

“Good night” Meredith replied.

A few minutes later and Derek returned with Beth who was delighted to see Meredith. Meredith held Beth as close to her as possible and read her story before Mark and Lexie arrived to take her home.

“This should be interesting Mark looking after Beth.” Meredith said a short while later. She was lying in bed with Derek lying behind her.

“If Lexie wasn’t staying with him Beth would be staying with Bailey tonight.” Derek replied.

“Oh I don’t know I think Mark could surprise us all.” Meredith giggled. “You can go home Derek”.

“No I’m staying here.” Derek said as he kissed the back of her head.

“I’m not discussing it Meredith.” Derek stated as he pulled her closer to him.

“Every time I close my eyes I see him.” Meredith whispered.

Derek kissed her again.

“If anything had happened to you or Beth...I can never thank you enough for saving Beth, but at the same time never jump in front of a bullet again Meredith”. Derek stated.

“Okay.” Meredith whispered.

“Try and get some sleep – I’m not going anywhere.” Derek said as he thanked god that this day was finally over.
I know you all probably want to kill me about now...

I trust you believe me when I say that this was planned long before the finale on greys. In regards to this chapter I had spent literally weeks researching medical conditions on various websites –mainly NHS Choices to prepare for what was going to happen.

Then I watched the finale and literally scrapped this whole idea and tried to come up with a better plot.

You see the Meredith in this story is always going to have doubts – she will always feel never good enough for Derek and will doubt if he really loves her. So something had to happen to Meredith for her to see how much Derek loves her.

I also wanted Meredith to be the “just doing my job” type of hero.

I needed something to happen that will have an impact on their relationship in the coming chapters.

After the finale I did change scenarios – for example Gary Harper would come after Meredith alone – but truthfully no matter what I thought it kept upsetting the rest of the story so after much thinking I decided to stick with the original story plan and just watered it down from Meredith being seriously injured to her having a concussion and arm wound.

Real life also played a part in this.

I used to work in day care – in a busy crèche and I will never forget the evening our nursery manager had to restrain a father from collecting his child.

On another occasion I will never the forget the quiet Friday morning when a strange man walked into my baby room and acted strangely. It turned it out he was a delivery man who had gotten lost and stopped at the nursery for directions. But it was a very scary few minutes.

As I wrote this a gunman shot and killed twelve innocent people in Cumbria, England and no-one knows why. I’m sure you will all join me in sending are thoughts and prayers to the families of those affected.

So this chapter is sort of based on a real life event and tragically these events do happen.

The worst is over and the remaining chapters will be Derek and Meredith recovering and building their relationship further.

I am absolutely petrified of your reactions to this update and would welcome some feedback.

If it is any consolation to those who hate me right now - you know that expression what goes around comes around - while writing the next chapter I gave myself a head injury whilst doing the housework. Next time I will let someone else do it!

The next chapter will be updated when I come out of hiding!



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