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Greys Anatomy fic - This Life
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like that you used to work in daycare and used your experience as background for the story. Strange going's on can certainly scare you.

Wow! A lot went on in that chapter. Poor Melanie dying. Meep! Didn't see that happening.

Meredith was so brave, protecting the children like that.

One little nit pick. You used "Only shot in the arm." Only?

A gunshot wound is serious, even a flesh wound. I know you were trying to downplay that part, that Meredith wasn't seriously hurt, but still, blood running out, the pain must have been awful.

Let Meredith have her "badge of honour," she earned it.
"Been playing a little Ahab."
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you to everyone who has commented – I really appreciate your support.

I am so pleased I have some updates banked as I have been so busy this week and not had a chance to write.

Anyway... here is the next part...

Christina looked at the clock at the nurse’s station - 1am.

She could not help but think back to this time 24 hours ago when her, Meredith, Derek and Owen – and a few others were being kicked out of Joes after a night of heaving drinking and partying to celebrate not only Derek’s successful clinical trial but also Meredith’s birthday.

This morning when she had literally crawled out of bed was the first time ever that she wished she did not have to come into work she was that hung over.

An hour later her hang over was the last thing she had to worry about as she assisted Derek who was battling in vain to save Melanie’s life. Truth be told Christina did not want to be in surgery – she wanted to make sure her person was okay. When they had to call time of death Christina prayed this day wouldn’t get any worse, then Owen told her about Meredith’s head injury and she was as relived as anyone when Dr Weller had diagnosed a mild concussion.

She might not have been able to help her best friend earlier in the day but she could now. Christina had volunteered to be the Resident on call and therefore be the one to check on Meredith’s condition throughout the night. Christina volunteered because she knew there would be no way in hell she would sleep until she knew for herself that Meredith was going to be okay.

She picked up Meredith’s chart and walked into her room to find Derek lying beside Meredith on the bed. She tip-toed over to the other side of bed trying not to waken Derek.

“It’s okay I’m awake.” Derek whispered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to waken you” Christina answered.

“I haven’t slept yet – too busy making sure she is still breathing.” Derek replied.

“Mer.” He whispered in her ear. “Mer, you need to wake up for a few minutes”

“Um, what”

“Meredith can you open your eyes for me?” Christina asked.

A few minutes later and Christina had carried out all the checks she needed to do. She looked at Derek who agreed with her that Meredith’s condition was fine and they both agreed to carry out another observation at 3am.

“Derek, why don’t you go home and get some sleep?” Meredith asked her voice still groggy from sleep.

“No. I’m staying here”

“Derek no offence, but you look worse than me. Even go to one of the on-call rooms and get some sleep – please.” Meredith said

“She’s right Dr Shepherd. Especially about you looking worse than her and she was the one who was shot.” Christina stated which earned her a dirty look from Derek.

“Look, I’m the resident on call, I have charts and notes to catch up on I will be sitting right here in the room with her. If anything changes I will page you.” Christina answered more firmly.

Derek knew she was right – he took a deep breath and walked over beside the bed.

“I’ll go and sleep in the on-call room at the end of this floor. I am thirty seconds away if you need me okay?” Derek said to Meredith

“Okay – now get some sleep.”Meredith answered as Derek knelt down and kissed her.

“I love you” Derek whispered in her ear.

“I love you too.” Meredith replied as Derek turned and walked out of the door.

“I thought you could do without the hovering for a few hours” Christina said

“Thank you” Meredith answered.

“Remember what you said this morning – you rambled something about not being sure if Derek really loved you.” Christina said as she stared at her friend.

“Yeah” Meredith muttered remembering her earlier insecurities.

“I think today just proves how much he loves you Mer. I swear if you had seen his face in the OR when he was paged for your neuro consult” Christina said her voice beginning to crack.

“Chris...” Meredith started to reply but Christina interrupted her.

“I’m going to go and grab a coffee, when I come back you better be sleeping.”

Christina said as she walked over to the door. She turned around and said “Oh and Meredith the next time a mad man decides to go on a shooting spree and he either shoots you or the brats – shoot...”

“Don’t even say it!” Meredith glared at Christina

Christina waved her hand in the air “Offer Mark Sloan.”

They were both laughing as she left Meredith’s room in search of some caffeine. It was going to be a long night.
It was just after 6am when Derek was woken by the cleaning staff dropping something in the corridor outside the on-call room. As soon he opened his eyes he knew where he was but it took a few seconds to realise why he was here. He was not on call last night. His girlfriend had been shot and was lying in a hospital room just a few doors down from where he currently was.

He quickly jumped out of bed and checked both his pager and cell phone – no messages which Derek prayed was a good sign.

He unlocked the door and ran down the corridor only to meet Christina half way.

“Dr Yang – how she is? Did she sleep? Is...” Derek bombarded her questions.

“She’s sleeping I just checked her thirty minutes ago and everything is fine.” Christina answered.

“Thank God!” Derek answered. “I’m going to quickly call Mark and check on Beth.” Derek said as he pulled out his cell phone and dialled Mark’s number – it was answered on the second ring.

“Derek! Thank god! What does your daughter eat for breakfast? Lexie keeps giving her toast but she keeps throwing it at me.” Mark practically yelled down the phone before asking “How’s Meredith?”

“She has had a good night – she’s still sleeping.” Derek answered.

“That is good news; shit.... sorry Beth just threw toast at me.” Mark replied.

Derek could not help but laugh at this image. “Try some porridge it is in the cupboard... and stop swearing in front of my daughter.”

Derek and Mark chatted for a few minutes. Mark was going to bring some fresh clothes for Derek and head over to the airport to meet Carolyn and Michael and bring them to the hospital. Lexie would drive in Beth later. By the time they finished Beth had finally behaved and let Lexie give her breakfast.

Derek walked into Meredith’s room and saw that she was still sleeping so he decided to go and get something to eat before Mark arrived. An hour later He had showered and changed into plain black t-shirt and dark blue jeans and was looking over Meredith’s chart when she woke up.

“Morning gorgeous” he whispered as he lent down to kiss her.

“Morning – you’ve changed your clothes.” Meredith answered.

“Yeah Mark left a change of clothes before heading over to the airport - mom and dad will be here soon and Lexie is bringing Beth as we speak” Derek answered. “How do you feel?”

“A bit light headed. My arm is sore too.” Meredith answered.

“Well I looked at your charts and you have had a good night. The problem with concussion is that you can have good days and bad days. You need to rest and I’ll get some painkillers for you okay.” Derek replied.

“Okay – at this moment it very useful to be living with a neurosurgeon.” Meredith laughed

“Definitely – only the best for you.” Derek stated.

“Derek – why are there so many doctors standing outside my room?” Meredith asked as she looked at Owen, Christina, The chief, Dr Torres and at least four other doctors standing looking inside.

“Early morning rounds. They are going to ask you are feeling.” Derek answered. “And tell the truth” he stated.

“Good morning Meredith” Owen asked he came into the room.

“Good morning Dr Hunt.” Meredith answered she did not want to address him by his first name not when he was working.

Dr Weller stepped forward and asked her how she was feeling.
Ten minutes later and all the doctors agreed that Meredith’s condition was improving. Both Dr Weller and Dr Torres agreed on the medication to give her to help ease the pain. Even though Derek was not officially her doctor he also added his opinion.

He came back into the room and sat down on the chair beside her bed.

“They are just getting the painkillers for you know.” Derek said as he took her hand.

“I don’t want morphine” Meredith stated.

“What?” Derek asked.

“I meant it Derek I don’t want any morphine.” Meredith replied. She saw the confused look on Derek’s face.

“When mom was so ill after her operation and she was delirious they gave her morphine. That was when she told me that I had been mistake.” Meredith said.
Derek squeezed her hand in support.

“And my grandmother – I visited her hospital just before she died and they gave her morphine, a few hours later she died. When I hear that someone is on morphine – in my experience anyway it generally means that they are death’s door and I...”

“Meredith you are not dying and we are not giving you morphine.” Derek said he climbed on to the bed beside her and held her. “You’re going to be fine. Hopefully you can come home tomorrow and will be able to use your arm again in a few weeks. I have arranged some time off with the chief and will be home with you.” He said as he kissed her forehead.

“What – no Derek you need to write up the findings of your clinical trial.” Meredith said

“Yes – but that can wait and I can do that from home. You are far more important to me Meredith.” Derek said as he stroked her face.

“Meredith – thank goodness you’re okay”

They both looked over to the door and saw Carolyn and Michael Shepherd standing there.

“Mom, dad” Derek said as he walked over to them both. He received a quick hug from his mother who then immediately went over to Meredith and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Mrs Shepherd” Meredith started to say but was interrupted.

“Meredith for the hundredth time it is Carolyn ... or mom. How are you?” Carolyn asked.

Michael stood at the door and waved a quick hello to Meredith before escorting his son out of the room.

“Leave the women alone for a while Derek, how are you holding up?” Michael Shepherd asked his son.

Derek did not know whether it was his father’s kind words or the arm on his shoulder but in that moment he cracked. The tears that had been threatening to come came.

Mark escorted them down to a quiet area for some peace and privacy while Derek filled his father in on the events of the past 24 hours.

“Yesterday when she having the scan all I could think about was that I snapped at her, yesterday morning.” Derek said before taking a deep breath.


“No dad, I did I made her feel like the hired hand.” Derek replied

“But you made up didn’t you?” Michael replied

“Yeah. But even so dad, what if it hadn’t been a concussion if we hadn’t been lucky her last thoughts would have been of me treating like her that.” Derek could feel the tears returning.

“Derek – stop thinking like that or you will drive yourself crazy. Meredith is fine and you still have the chance to love her and spoil her every single day. ” Michael replied.

Derek smiled at his father. He knew his father was right.

“I just can’t get that image out of my head when I first walked into the room” Derek said.

“The scene when we stepped out of that lift” Mark replied “I will never forget that. Walking down that corridor were longest few minutes of my life”

The three men continued to sit there nursing their cups of coffee with Derek and Mark filling Michael in with the events of the previous day.
Lexie arrived a short time later with Beth who Meredith was delighted to see. As soon as Beth saw Meredith she wanted up on the bed beside her and immediately started and babbling and singing to her.

After a while Meredith started to get tired and Carolyn suggested that her and Michael would take Beth home and give Meredith a chance to relax. They had just left when Adele came into the room.

Adele had apologised for taking so long in coming to visit Meredith but had spent much of the previous day speaking with Gina and Melanie’s family and giving statements to the police.

She informed Meredith that from the evidence provided in the security video and from Gary Harper’s criminal record nothing could have stopped him. Neither the police nor child Services would be placing any blame on the crèche, although Child Services will be carrying out a safety evaluation before the crèche re-opens in a few weeks.

Meredith was pleased at the news but informed Adele that she had no idea how long it would be until she would be back at work. She told Adele that if it was up to her she would be back tomorrow cleaning and redecorating the place but Derek wouldn’t allow it. Adele understood and told her to take as much time off as she wanted.

Meredith confided to Adele that she was concerned that some of the parents might not want to use the crèche after what had happened. Adele explained that she had thought the same but after speaking to some parents they knew that their children were being cared for in the best place and all passed their regards and best wishes on to Meredith.

Adele stayed for about an hour before she had to leave - she was going to visit Karen Harper who had been devastated when she had heard what her ex-husband had done and to reassure her that she and her son would still be welcome in the hospital.

By the time Adele had left the painkillers were starting to wear off and Meredith’s arm was literally killing her. She tried to read the book that Carolyn had left for her but as soon as she tried to turn the page using her left hand the book slipped from her fingers and to the floor.

She tried to stand up but felt dizzy and got back into bed again. “I’ll get it later” she thought.

She was going to turn on the television but then Derek told her to try and avoid watching too much television or staring at a computer screen for the next few days due to the concussion.

A nurse then came into the room carrying a tray and set it on the bedside trolley.

“Here’s your lunch Meredith. Is there anything I can get for you?” Debbie the nurse asked.

Meredith was too embarrassed to ask her to pick up the book which was lying on the other side of the bed.

“No, thank you.” Meredith replied.

The chicken soup smelled delicious and Meredith could not wait to get stuck in – that was until she realised she was right handed – and her right arm was in sling.

She lifted the spoon in her left hand and quickly realised that this was not going to work unless she wanted to add burns to list of her injuries.

She looked on the tray, aside from the bowl of soup there were two slices of bread and low fat yoghurt. Something else she could not eat using her left hand.

This was going to be a long few weeks.

A few minutes later Derek came into the room. Meredith knew straight away that he had been crying. She knew that he would crack the moment he saw his parents and she was pleased that he had.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Derek asked as he kissed her hello.

“My arm is sore and I feel completely and utterly useless.” Meredith replied.

“What’s wrong?” Derek said as he sat down on the bed her.

“I’m hungry and I’m bored.”

Derek saw the lunch sitting in front of her and was puzzled as to why she was not eating it.

Meredith saw the look on his face.

“Derek I am right-handed. I can’t do anything with my left hand.” As Meredith said this Derek realised the problem and lifted the soup spoon.

“Derek don’t” Meredith snapped.

“Meredith your hungry you need food in your stomach let me help you.”

“It’s embarrassing Derek.” Meredith said as she started to cry.

“Hey” Derek put the spoon down as he reached out and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m bored lying here. I go to stand up and feel dizzy. I can’t read the book your mom brought me because I can’t hold it and turn the page using the same hand at the same time; the said book is now lying on the floor because when I stand up I get dizzy. I can’t watch the television because you told me not me. My arm hurts, I can’t even feed myself and I can’t even open the bottle of water...” Meredith cried.

Derek rubbed her back and whispered soothing words in her ear. “It’s okay, let it out, I’m right here.”

After a few minutes Meredith had stopped crying. She took a deep breath “Sorry. It is just sore. My arm wasn’t as sore as this yesterday.”

“Meredith you have nothing to be sorry for. You probably didn’t even notice the pain yesterday as you were probably still in shock.” Derek said “Listen, your soup is probably cold now, so I will go down to the canteen and grab us both a sandwich – or something that you can eat using your left hand and bring you some painkillers – okay?”

“Okay” Meredith replied.

As he walked out of Meredith’s room and headed for the canteen Derek pulled out his cell phone and called his mother – he had just had an idea.

Twenty minutes later and Derek was back with fresh sandwiches and painkillers.

Once lunch was finished Mark came into the room to see how Meredith was feeling.

“Mark what are you doing with our house plans?” Meredith asked

“Nothing wrong with her Derek.” Mark laughed “Mom just left these in for you she said she told me to tell you that is going shopping”

“Thanks Mark.” Derek said

“I’ll see you later Mer” Mark said as he left the room.

“Derek what’s going on?” Meredith asked.

“Well you know the way you said you were bored and had nothing to do?” Derek said

“Yes” Meredith answered.

“Well we have finally agreed on the size of the house. We now need to decide how to decorate it. I asked mom to bring the plans here so we can go over everything meanwhile her and Beth are hitting every home furnishing store in Seattle this afternoon and getting as many catalogues as possible. In the meantime I have a pen and a piece of paper – tell me what you like and don’t like.” Derek said

“Derek you shouldn’t be doing this – you have your trial to write up.” Meredith said.

“I can do that once you get home tomorrow – you and my mother will have a ball going through the catalogues.” Derek said.

“I don’t know what I would do without you Derek Shepherd.” Meredith as she leaned in closer to him.

“I don’t even want to think what life would be like without you in it.” Derek replied as he kissed the top of her head.

“I could go home tomorrow” Meredith said as she suddenly realised what Derek had said.

“Um huh, I could talk Weller into letting you go today but I want to make sure your 100% fine before coming home.”


“Okay? You’re not fighting me on this?” Derek was shocked.

“I trust you – you know what you’re talking about.” Meredith stated.

“I do. Besides you need the rest – Kathleen is arriving tomorrow morning and will no doubt go all shrink on you and Sam and Gavin are going to come out next week. Sam has some leave to take and from all accounts Gavin has been baking non-stop since mom told him what happened.”

“Cinnamon muffins” Meredith moaned.

“Um huh, between him and mom our freezer will be overloaded with frozen dinners” Derek said.

Meredith laughed at this “well you know Gavin – he cooks in a crisis.”

“He certainly does!” Derek laughed as pulled her in her closer and kissed the top of her head.
The aftermath of the shooting will continue in the next update. If anything I have mentioned here is inaccurate I do apologise – I am trying to keep as realistic as possible and blame it on ‘dramatic purposes’.

You know what I am going to say – love it or hate it please leave a comment...... please.... please...

Anyway must get back to writing – this is the first chance I have had all week and I have a feeling this week is going to be just as busy.

Thanks again



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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The aftermath.
Everything is settling down, things returning to normal.

It seemed out of character for Meredith to be so churlish about using her left hand. Right handed people do use their left hand when their right hand is out of action. It isn't that Meredith had to write with her left hand, she only needed to hold a spoon. I found that odd.

And nobody would be embarrassed in her situation, to ask for help. Oh wait. That would be my mother. *g*

That said, Meredith did break down and admit that she was in pain. I get that. She had a traumatic experience and her nerves and emotions would be all over the place.
"Been playing a little Ahab."
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment – especially emsoreoangel. Big hugs also to my beta reader!

Meredith comes home from hospital is still trying to come to terms to what has happened.


“I don’t need a wheelchair” Meredith stated

“Meredith I am not going to argue with you about this. You have a concussion and its hospital policy – get in the wheelchair or...”

“Or what?”

“Or you’re... not going home.” Derek firmly stated.

“You wouldn’t...” Meredith said but one look on Derek’s face and she knew he was not joking.

“Okay I’ll get in the wheelchair – doesn’t matter that my ass is sore.” Meredith mumbled as she walked slowly to the wheelchair. She did not want to admit to Derek that she was still a little dizzy.

“What’s sore?” Derek asked as he picked up her bag.

“My ass. Not only am I sore from sitting constantly for the last two days but my ass is still bruised from the stairs.” Meredith whispered the last bit to Derek.

“You have no idea how much I wish I could remember that!” Derek answered which earned him a dirty look from Meredith.

It took them thirty minutes to get from Meredith’s hospital room to their car. If they had stopped for one well-wisher then they stopped for them all. Everyone wanted to ask Meredith how she was, nurses, doctors even some of the parents from the crèche. It was Dr Bailey who yelled at everyone to get back to work and gave Derek a clear run from the lift to the car park.

“Thank you Dr Bailey” Meredith said as she was wheeled past

“Take care of her Dr Shepherd.” The surgeon replied.

When they arrived at the house Meredith carefully got out of the car and said “you have no idea how good is to be home”.

Derek walked around to meet her and looked directly at her.

“Don’t be mad. It was not my idea.”

“What have you done?” Meredith asked.

“It was not me. It was Adele’s idea and mom’s. They are a dangerous combination.” Derek said “There are a few people here to welcome you home. If it gets too much give me nod and I’ll tell everyone you are tired and need some rest. Deal?”

“Deal. I need some rest.” Meredith smirked.


“I was joking. Come on let’s get this over with.” Meredith as she took Derek’s hand.

An hour later and Meredith was sitting on the sofa with Beth fast asleep on her knee.

Some of the staff from the crèche were there – Mel, Mary and Marcie were there from the baby room and Carrie from the toddler room. It had been an emotional reunion for them all and they found themselves reminiscing about the good times they had with Gina and Melanie at the crèche.

Adele was standing in one corner with Carolyn chatting to Kathleen who had flown in that morning, while Derek was sitting laughing at joke with his father and Mark.
Christina and Lexie were sitting facing her laughing at Lexie’s description of Mark looking after Beth.

“I do remember Derek saying something about flying toast but I didn’t think he was being serious!” Meredith was nearly crying laughing.

Derek looked over and saw her laugh and said a silent prayer of thanks. He reached over and placed his hand on Mark’s shoulder “Thank you.”

“What for?” Mark asked confused.

“For taking care of Meredith, looking after Beth, calling mom and dad. I don’t think I could have gone through the last few days without you.” Derek said.

“I just wanted to help Derek; I didn’t know what else to do.” Mark replied as he pulled Derek in for a brotherly hug.

Meredith saw Derek and Mark hug. As much as she was enjoying having her friends over she could not help but think that Gina and Melanie should be here. Her arm and head was starting to get sore and when Derek glanced over she gave him the signal that she wanted to rest.

When she woke up a few hours later she was surprised at how tidy the place was. Carolyn and Kathleen had tidied up while Lexie was playing with Beth in the garden.

“Where’s Derek?” she asked Carolyn who was just finished putting dishes away.

“He’s went shopping with Michael and Mark. They have decided to do a barbeque what with the weather being good.”

“um sounds good.” Meredith said.

‘At least with a barbeque I won’t need to anyone to feed me’ Meredith thought to herself.

“Why don’t you go in and sit down in the lounge and I’ll bring you some tea?” Carolyn smiled

“Let me make the tea Carolyn” Meredith offered.

“Nonsense you’re supposed to be resting. Now do as you’re told.” Carolyn practically chased her into the lounge with Kathleen following behind.

“There is no point in arguing with her Mer, it’s best to do as she says.” Kathleen said as she sat down beside Mer.

Meredith and Kathleen sat and chatted for a few minutes about her flight to Seattle and Meredith enjoyed the chance to catch up with Derek’s older sister.

Carolyn brought in the pot of tea and disappeared back into the kitchen. Meredith knew what was happening.

“You’re going to go all shrink on me aren’t you?” Meredith said.

“You need to talk about what happened Meredith. It’s better now than bottling it up. If you don’t want to talk to me that’s fine.”Kathleen replied

“No, I’ll talk to you. They offer me counselling at the hospital but I didn’t really want to talk to a stranger.” Meredith replied.

“Same rules apply Meredith. What you tell me stays with me, it won’t be repeated.” Kathleen answered.

Meredith sat back on the sofa and curled herself into a ball. ‘If I’m going to talk about my feelings I may as well be comfortable’ thought Meredith.

“I can understand why he shot me” Meredith stated.

Kathleen looked at her “Why do you say that?” she asked gently.

“I was the one who stopped him from seeing his son. Gina stopped him from seeing his son, but Melanie didn’t.” Meredith said.

Kathleen looked at her urging her to continue.

“Melanie knew who he was – all the staff knew who he was, god knows they heard him yelling often enough but she never challenged him. Until that morning...” Meredith took a deep breath before continuing

“I was hung-over and when the security guard told us that he was in the car park Melanie took pity on me and said that she would deal with him. She took the bullet that was meant for me. I understand why he shot me and why he shot Gina, god if someone tried to stop me from seeing Beth or someone I loved I would probably do the same thing. I can understand why. I just don’t understand why shoot Melanie?” Meredith asked. “And the really annoying thing is we will never know why.”

“Did you know the shooter?” Kathleen asked

“No. Karen – his ex-wife only moved here to Seattle in February. From the start she told us all about what Gary was like. What he put them through...” Meredith muttered

“Abuse?” Kathleen asked.

“There is only so much I can tell you.” Meredith said. Kathleen understood.
“He hit her before, during and after she was pregnant with Jason. Then he started hitting him too. It took her a long time to leave.” Meredith said “His criminal record – a mile long”

“Then deep down you know why he shot Melanie and Gina ... and yourself. Derek and Mark have told me what happened Meredith – nothing could have stopped him.”

“People keep thanking me for what I did... they keep saying that I am a hero...”
“You are” Kathleen replied.

“No I’m not. Gina and Melanie – they are the heroes. They stood in that hallway and faced a mad man while I’m hiding in the other room.” The tears that she was trying to hold in were running down her face.

“You pulled two young children to safety and made sure the other children were safely in the cot room. People naturally want to praise you Meredith. Do you have any idea how many lives you saved?” Kathleen stated.

“I’m not your shrink right now, but Meredith think... what if you hadn’t moved to save Beth and the other little boy? What if Beth had been shot and you hadn’t moved – how do you think you would feel right now – how would Derek feel?

“It doesn’t bear thinking about” Meredith whispered.

“What if you had been in hallway instead of Melanie – what if he had shot you and Beth?” Kathleen stated

“He didn’t” Meredith said

“Yes he didn’t. I don’t even want to think about the state Derek would be in if that had happened? But it didn’t because you stopped a bad situation from being made even worse and in my eyes you are as much a hero as Gina and Melanie. It doesn’t matter where you were standing Meredith – he was going to shoot everyone who crossed his path.”

Meredith nodded her head in agreement. “I just keep seeing Melanie seconds before she was shot. As I said earlier I can understand why he targeted me but Kathleen she was 23 – she had everything to live for and she spent her last night here in this house babysitting Beth while we were out celebrating” Meredith said.

“I just want to be back at work – in the crèche. I need to walk into that room and go about as normal. As soon as I do that I’ll be fine - contrary to what some people think I can handle what happened – god if survived living with my family I can survive anything.” Meredith laughed and Kathleen joined her.

“Yeah – I think you will be fine too Mer, but give me a call anytime you need to talk – and I don’t care what time it is.” Kathleen said as she pulled Meredith into a hug.
A short time later Derek, Mark and Michael arrived home and started to set up the barbeque. Meredith offered to help Carolyn prepare the salad but Derek’s mother had been horrified at the idea. Meredith decided to remain in the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table.

She and Carolyn were chatting about summers in Cape Cod when the telephone rang and Carolyn answered it before calling Derek. Meredith presumed it was something to do with work.

Ten minutes later and everyone was in the kitchen doing something to prepare the barbeque when Derek walked back in to the room.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been called into work” Meredith asked. She was standing at the island when she looked up at Derek

“No.” Derek answered. “I should have told you sooner Mer, but I called your parents.”

“What?” Meredith said. She could feel herself fall on the stool beside her.

“Please don’t be mad but I thought they had a right to know.” Derek said “I spoke to your father and told him what had happened and that you were fine.”

Meredith did not know which news she wanted to hear – they were flying over to see her or they weren’t coming.

“What did he say?” Meredith asked quietly.

“He was worried and wanted to know what had happened. He said that he would call today and see how you were and was delighted to know that you were home.

He was going to speak to you but he was calling in between meetings.” Derek said.

“Are they coming ... to Seattle?” Meredith managed to ask. Her heart was thumping that loud that she was sure everyone could hear it.

“No.” Derek said as Meredith drew a deep breath. Part happy, part sad.

“He mentioned something about money being tight... that they were all pleased you were okay ... and he will call you over the weekend when he has more time to talk.” Derek said.

Carolyn was horrified that Meredith’s parents were not on the next flight to Seattle and was about to say something when Michael gave her look telling her to keep quiet.

Derek was now standing beside Meredith and his arms were on her shoulders.

When Meredith looked up and saw his face she knew there was something he was not telling her.

“What are you not telling me Derek?” Meredith asked. “Is it mom, did she say something I know what she is like about money...” and then it hit her.

“You offered to pay for their flights didn’t you?” Meredith asked Derek “And they still did not want to come.”

“I’m so sorry Meredith” Derek said as he pulled her into a hug.

Lexie chose that moment to take Beth back out to the garden to play while Mark said he a few phone calls to make.

“You know what it doesn’t surprise me. They have no savings because my sister has probably wasted it all. It scares me to think how quickly they would fly out here if it had been Molly who had been shot.”Meredith answered.

She looked at Derek and then at his parents and Kathleen and said “Don’t worry about it I’m used to it.”

Despite being upset Meredith still enjoyed the barbeque. She enjoyed it even more when Mark and Lexie went home and dropped Kathleen off at her hotel and when Derek finally got Beth into bed. She was tired and just wanted to relax for a while.

Carolyn and Michael were sitting watching a film downstairs when Derek suggested that he run a bath for her.

Ten minutes later her sling was off and she was lying in a bubble bath resting against Derek’s chest. He was gently massaging her neck whilst making sure her wound was not wet.

“I hope you are not sleeping on me” Derek whispered.

“Um nearly” Meredith whispered “this is heaven”

“You looked like you needed some peace and quiet.” Derek said

“Um huh” Meredith her eyes closing.

“I’m sorry about your dad. For what it’s worth he did seem genuinely concerned about you” Derek said.

“It’s not him I’m annoyed with. I know he wants to be here, but Molly is probably up to her usual tricks and mom is covering for her and bailing her out. When I think of all those days and nights spent at her bedside when Molly was out partying...” Meredith stated

“Mer, calm down. I’m sorry I should never have called them.” Derek said as he started to kiss her.

“I am calm. I’m glad you called them. If that’s how they want to do things it’s fine by me. I have my real family right here. That’s what is important.” Meredith stated.

Derek thought his heart skipped a beat at Meredith’s words. They were a family. She finally felt like a member of his family.

“That’s right – we are.” Derek replied as he kissed her neck and pulled her closer to him. “I love you”

“I love you too” Meredith muttered back her eyes closing.

“No sleeping...” Derek said as he started to kiss her earlobe.

“No sleeping, no sex, anything else I shouldn’t be doing Dr Shepherd?” Meredith teased as she could feel Derek harden.

“Um, stop wiggling your bottom. You have a mild concussion. No sex.” Derek stated.

“Yes Dr.” Meredith giggled.

“Oh you’re going to pay for this when I clear you for sex” Derek laughed as he kissed her shoulder.

“Promises promises...”

“Well we still have the spa weekend to look forward to that I organised for your birthday.” Derek said as he started to tickle Meredith.
Meredith woke the next morning to find Derek standing at the bottom of the bed getting dressed.

“Morning.” She said as she sat up “What time is it?”

“8:30am” Derek said smiling at her.

“What!” Meredith yelled

“Calm down!” Derek laughed as he sat down on the bed beside her.

“Oh god Beth, what must your mother think of me...” Meredith started to ramble as she tried to get out of bed.

“Relax. Beth had a lie in too and has shown mom how good she is at feeding herself.” Derek laughed.

“Cereal all over the kitchen?” Meredith asked.

“Um huh – mom was not impressed. They are both not speaking to each other.” Derek said as he reached over and kissed her.

“You’ve showered.” Meredith said as she could smell his shower gel.

“Me, dad and Mark went fishing this morning. We were under strict instructions not to bring any fish into the house. She did not want the smell to annoy you.” Derek said as he kissed her again. “How are you feeling?” he asked as he tilted his head to the side.

“I’m embarrassed to say I’m tired and I can’t remember going to bed.” Meredith muttered.

“You don’t remember coming to bed?” Derek asked.

“No, last thing I remember is lying in the bath” Meredith answered.

“You don’t remember... the five... screaming orgasms...?” Derek asked trying to keep his face straight.

“Five... you pig!” Meredith yelled as she threw the pillow at him.

“Revenge Meredith revenge ...” Derek said as he pulled her closer for a kiss.

“You ‘dozed’ in the bath, I woke you and got out of the bath turned around and you were snoring. I lifted you out and dressed you for bed.” Derek said.

“Derek I’m sorry – you did not have to do that.” Meredith said as she bit her lip.

“Meredith its fine. I want you to relax today and take it easy.” He said.

“Where are you going?” Meredith asked.

“To the hospital. I am going to lock myself in my office and write up the results of the clinical trial.” Derek answered

“Good” Meredith replied

“Mom told me if I didn’t write up the findings she would make me sleep in the garden. So I’m doing as I’m told. Richard has given me a few days to write it up and then I am needed back at the hospital to cover Nelson’s vacation. But he did allow me to take leave when Nelson returns which means I will be off when Sam and Gavin are here.” Derek said.

“I still can’t believe they gave up two weeks in St Lucia to come here instead.” Meredith said

“I can. Gavin is probably relieved – he hates the heat.” Derek answered before glancing at his watch. “I better go. So what are you going to do today?”

“I think I will have some breakfast, spend some time with Beth and go through the catalogues mom got for the house.” Meredith said

“Sounds good – just don’t overdo it –okay” Derek said


Truth be told all Meredith wanted to do was stay in bed all day.

Carolyn made her breakfast and then spent some time in the garden doing jigsaw puzzles with Beth on the grass. Before she knew it and it was lunchtime and Beth was having her afternoon nap.

Meredith and Carolyn curled up on the sofa with the house plans, the catalogues and a pen and notebook. Meredith described the house to her.

At the front of the ground floor there would be two rooms – the one on the left would be a play room and the one on the right would be Derek’s study. The rest of the ground floor was open plan. The kitchen was on the right which lead to the dining area and the lounge. The whole back wall was windows to take advantage of the view. There was also a small conservatory which would lead out to a large enclosed garden.

The basement held another sitting area – or as Derek called the games room with a large screen TV and a couple of sofas. Carolyn was confused by this as there already was a sitting area.

“Usually when we have friends over Christina and I escape to the kitchen and moan over a bottle of wine, but with the open plan we can’t. Derek then decided to have a game room downstairs and Christina and I can sit here. That and if they are downstairs they can’t waken Beth with all their shouting.” Meredith explained.
“Good idea” Carolyn said. She was impressed.

Meredith went on to describe how the utility/laundry room would also be in the basement along with a small bedroom with a chair bed in case anyone was too drunk to make it home. The basement was basically a children free zone.

Upstairs above the kitchen would be Meredith and Derek’s room which would be en-suite and have a small balcony overlooking the view of Seattle. The main bathroom would be next door with Beth’s bedroom at the other side overlooking the wood. There would be three other bedrooms at the other side Meredith pointed out the other bedroom overlooking the view would be Carolyn and Michael’s room for when they were visiting.

“And not to forget about the attic.” Meredith said.

She explained that the attic was originally going to be used for storage until Derek preferred the idea of large roomy bedrooms on the first floor than small shoe box sized rooms. The architect had designed for two small en-suite rooms in the attic.

“Well I have to say I am impressed Meredith – lots of bedrooms” Carolyn laughed

“Tell me about it. Derek said he wanted lots of spare rooms for future children and for when family and friends come to visit.” Meredith explained.

When Beth woke up Michael took Beth for a walk to the park while Meredith and Carolyn discussed colours and furnishings. Meredith explained that she wanted the house to look homey and lived in rather than modern and fancy.

In that moment Carolyn Shepherd knew that Meredith was perfect for her son.
I hope that I have not come across as being insensitive with the welcome home gathering for Meredith; I only used this as way of showing Meredith how much everyone cares for her.

As always I greatly appreciate all comments, reviews and feedback... pretty please...



If anyone is interested in a small teaser for the next update then let me know!


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You did show how much people thought of Meredith. And the chat with Kathleen was well done.

It's a shame that Meredith's parents didn't want to be bothered coming to see her after her ordeal. I have a friend whose daughter is like that. I find that so sad.

Just a wee bit of advice, sweetie. When you are writing conversation, a comma before the person's name is a must.

“You need to talk about what happened, Meredith."

“I’m not your shrink right now, but, Meredith, think...

For your information? For years I made the same mistake. Years before a very kind person - who has turned out to be a wonderful friend - enlightened me.

"Been playing a little Ahab."
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Thanks for your comments!

I will take this on board... feel free to remind me - i have some updates banked that i will need to change!... Very Happy


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Okay, I will remind you. Thanks.

I don't like to criticise anyone's writing or technique, my ego is frail so I like to think that others could be too. I usually let things like this slide.
It's the story that is more important. Heaven's knows I've been there, myself.

I will email you in future - if I think something else could be helpful to you - as I don't like to critique on a public forum. I find that embarrassing, to say the least, if I am on the receiving end.

I wouldn't have said anything if not for my own experience, and I am eternally grateful to my friend who showed me the way. Any critique I give is meant in the kindest way. It's meant to help you in your pursuit of writing.


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I have had a crappy week personally and a crappy and busy week at work – thank you to all who have commented!
Very Happy

Ten days after the shootings was probably the hardest day for Meredith. Today was the day of both Gina and Melanie’s funeral. Both families had organised for a joint funeral service and for Meredith it was relief to do it all on the same day rather than have to go through pain another day.

The church was packed with family, friends, and both staff and parents from the crèche. Adele made a lovely speech about the two women and shared some stories of them at the crèche to the mourners. The tears of sadness were mixed with the tears of laughter.

For Meredith she just wanted this day to be over. She still did not understand what had made Gary Harper do this, but she knew it was best not to dwell. He was dead, and no matter how much everyone asked they would never know the reason why.

Derek stood by her side all through the service and at the graveyard. He had stayed with her throughout the wake and sympathised with her and the rest of the nursery at just how much Marcie could whine for the country.

“We are at a funeral, two of her friends have died but oh no she’s the only one who’s had it bad,” Derek said as he stood with Meredith, Adele and Mel.

“Welcome to our world,” Mel dryly answered as Meredith patted Derek’s shoulder.

“There were a few times when I thought Gina was going to kill her,” Meredith laughed

“Yes, the morning of the shootings being one of them – I thought Gina was going to throw something at her,” Mel laughed.

“I’ll never forget the morning after her first scan,” Adele said “she was complaining because she was kept waiting for twenty minutes before the doctor saw her. She accused the poor doctor of giving her high blood pressure and asked me to forward her complaint for Richard to investigate. The doctor was late because she was in surgery – trying to save the life of woman pregnant with twins who had been in a car crash.”

Meredith looked at Derek who looked as if he were about to punch someone “Relax. It’s just Marcie. She always has to complain about something. You just learn very quickly never to get her started on something,” she said.

Meredith had just finished talking when Marcie walked into the kitchen of Gina’s parent’s house where the wake was being held and where they were all currently hiding.

“God you would think they would have ordered better chairs – my back is killing me in that thing. I mean they knew they would have a house full of guests – the least they could have is comfortable chairs. And don’t get me started on the food,” Marcie said complaining to her husband who was trotting silently behind her. She noticed her colleagues standing in the corner.

“Ahh there you are are! Adele, Meredith I just wanted to make sure that you got the letter from my Doctor?” Marcie said

“Yes, I did thank you, Marcie,” Adele answered

“My Doctor thought it would be best,” Marcie explained “my blood pressure has been so high since the shootings. I can’t settle, every time I close my eyes I keep seeing that mad man with the gun pointing at me”, Marcie said “I have to think of my baby, I’m sorry... if I’m not giving you much notice.”

“No, it’s fine, I completely understand,” Meredith replied.

“You take it easy and relax Marcie,” Adele said.

A few minutes later and after hugs and best wishes Marcie left the wake. She was barely out the door when Mel turned around and looked at everyone with a puzzled face.

“Did I miss something?” Mel said

“I know I wasn’t there,” Adele said “but correct me if I’m wrong Meredith but Gary Harper never pointed the gun at Marcie”

“He didn’t.” Meredith replied “at least not that I can remember...”

“I was in the adjoining room when I heard the shots and you yelled for Marcie to get the kids into the cot room, she ran in first while the rest of us grabbed the kids. I saw him at the doorway out of the corner of my eye when I was closing the cot room door,” Mel explained. “Marcie never saw him.”

“Then why say that?” Derek asked confused.

“Remember what I said, never get her started and she is always the worst one affected by anything,” Meredith said.

The day after the funeral was when Meredith really started to feel better.

Her arm was not as painful and she was hoping that she would no longer need the sling after her check-up next week. Her head was not as sore either and she had no nausea or dizzy spells for the last three days. Derek reassured her that it was a very good sign but he still insisted that she needed plenty of rest.

Two weeks after the shootings, Carolyn and Michael Shepherd were now moving into Mark’s spare room. Sam, Gavin and Noah were flying in later that afternoon and they were all in agreement that it would be easier if they stayed with Derek and Meredith.

Mark was delighted to have his adopted parents stay with him. Lexie was a nervous wreck and had spent the past hour on the telephone with Meredith for help and guidance on how to pass the “Carolyn test”. The poor girl had rambled that much that not only could Meredith not get a word in edge ways but she also getting a headache.

Meredith could not wait to see Sam and Gavin again. Out of all of Derek sisters, Sam was the one she the closest to and as for Gavin he was like her brother and she had already bribed him to help teach her how to cook properly while he was here.

Unfortunately their flight had been delayed due thunderstorms in the East coast and it was nearly midnight before they arrived at the house. Meredith was already in bed and Derek had sat up to wait for them to arrive.

Meredith woke up the next morning to the smell of freshly baked muffins.

“Um, Gavin is definitely here,” She muttered

“How did you guess?” Derek asked

“Cinnamon muffins Derek: cinnamon muffins,” Meredith stated.

“Should I be jealous?” Derek joked

“Well you won’t clear me for sex so I have to take my pleasures somehow,” Meredith said as she got out if bed.

“Trust me you will get me a clean bill of health next week – just in time for our weekend away,” Derek said as he got out of bed and walked round to Meredith. “And yes I want a cinnamon muffin too!”

Meredith laughed as she grabbed her dressing gown and went downstairs for breakfast.

To say it was an emotional reunion was an understatement. Sam pulled Meredith for hug and as soon as she could breathe Gavin set a muffin and freshly brewed cup of coffee in front of her at the table before hugging her as well.

Sam told them how Gavin cooked and baked non-stop for 24 hours when they got the phone call telling them about the shootings.

“What can I say I cook in a crisis,” Gavin stated as he looked at Meredith. He turned around and started to inspect the cupboards.

“I take it mom went shopping,” Gavin stated

“Yesterday”, Meredith answered “She knows what you are like.”

“Oh yes. Now where are your house plans? She told me all about the kitchen you have planned,” Gavin asked.

“Oh, Gavin, leave them alone it’s their house,” Sam laughed.

“I just like to give advice on what to have and what not to have in your kitchen,” Gavin answered while everyone was else was laughing.

They were all still laughing when Carolyn and Michael arrived. Derek was just leaving as he to check on a few patients at the hospital before taking the next two weeks off.

By the time he got home everyone was out in the garden enjoying the good weather. Beth and Noah were playing on the grass while Sam and Meredith were lying sunbathing. Michael was studying a guide book and map while Gavin and Carolyn were discussing what to make for dinner when Derek announced dinner was on him at the Space Needle.

“Oh my god, look at that view!” Sam shrieked at their table in the restaurant.
“Amazing isn’t it,” Meredith answered.

“I must admit I’d rather be here than St Lucia,” Sam answered

“Thank God!” Gavin answered.

“So dad, what have you planned for tomorrow?” Derek asked.

“I can’t decide between Mount St Helen’s or Mount Rainier?” Michael answered.

“Well we can visit both we have a full week to fill,” Derek said “and don’t forget about the zoo”

“We have been planning to go to the zoo for ages,” Meredith said “It’s terrible – we’ve lived here for what nine months and have hardly seen any of the city.”

“Well we are now,” Derek smiled.

“Are you still interested in the whale watching trip around the San Juan Islands?” Gavin asked “I like the sound of that,” Gavin said.

By the time they had finished their meal both Beth and Noah had fallen asleep on Meredith and Sam’s knees and both children had missed Derek and Gavin argue about who was paying the bill.

They were all up bright and early the following morning. They had all agreed to drive to Mount Rainier for the day. The weather is beautiful with temperatures hitting 90F. They stopped many times on the road up Mount Rainier to see beautiful waterfalls and walk along some trails before finally reaching Paradise and having a picnic that Gavin had of course prepared.

“Is that real snow mummy?” Noah asked as he sat alongside the wall towards the left of the car park at the visitor centre.

“It is,” Sam answered.

“But mummy the sun is shining and it’s warm,” Noah replied

Sam sat and told Noah how was much colder up here near the top and the snow from the winter was only starting to melt.

The huge mound of snow on the other side of the wall had started to melt and as it turned to water was trickling like a river down alongside the wall. Everyone put their bottles along the wall to keep their drinks cool.

“You can certainly see why they call this place paradise,” Derek said with Beth resting on his lap and his arm around Meredith.

“Definitely,” Meredith replied.

After looking around the visitor centre they drove back down the mountain and decided to stop at Longmire and walk the Trail of Shadows and out to Longmire cabin.

By the time they all arrived back in Seattle Beth and Noah were fast asleep with Meredith and Sam not far behind.

The next day they went to Mount St Helen’s. They all enjoyed the audiovisual displays shown at the visitor centres especially the one at Johnston Ridge and they walked along the eruption trail were the charred debris was still lying from the eruption.

The weather which had been so good had turned and rain was forecast for the next few days. Michael and dad took the opportunity to spend some time fishing while Carolyn and Gavin sat with Meredith and gave her cookery lessons. They exchanged recipes and Gavin promised that on his last day in Seattle he would make a load of muffins and frozen dinners.
Three weeks to the day after the shootings and Carolyn and Michael were flying back home to the Cape. They had all decided that since Sam and Gavin were here that they were no longer needed, that and the fact that the neighbour who was looking after their guest house had called to say that she couldn’t cope with the tourists any longer.

The night before they left Carolyn and Michael offered to babysit Noah and Beth and allow their parents to go out for while by themselves.

They ended up in Joes with Meredith being the only sober one there. Christina was literally drooling all over Sam once she realised Derek’s baby sister was an up and coming attending cardiologist.

Derek and Meredith had dropped his parents off at the airport before heading on to the hospital. Today the crèche was re-opening for the first time since the shootings.

Adele had worked non-stop in the last few weeks to re-decorate the crèche not that it had been badly damaged but she wanted bright and sparkling for the re-opening. Child services had already inspected the facilities and were happy but as a procedure would be carrying out more security and safety checks in the coming months.

Meredith wanted to go back to work badly. She needed to move on and the only way she could do that was to get back to normal. She had her fingers crossed that at her check up this afternoon she would be cleared to go return to work.

The only thing she dreaded about returning to the crèche was walking through the doors for the first time since the shootings. Meredith knew that this was something Mel was also dreading which was why they had arranged to meet in the car park and walk in together.

“Ready?” Meredith asked Mel who was holding her hand tightly as the lift announced their arrival at the crèche.

“As I’ll ever be,” Mel replied. As Marcie was now on maternity leave Adele had promoted Mel to baby room supervisor

The doors opened and they both walked out. Adele, Jo and the rest of the staff were all standing there. They all stood in a line holding hands with Adele at the far left and Meredith at the right. They all closed their eyes in silent tribute before walking into their respective rooms.

Thirty minutes later and the doors opened for the parents and children. Meredith’s fear about parents being too scared to come back did not come true.

Within an hour Meredith’s head with spinning with all the messages of help and support from the parents who all thanked her for what she had done on that terrible day. She had received three bunches of flowers and a very expensive bottle of rose wine from the parents by the time Derek came to collect her for her doctor’s appointment.

Derek did not come in with her to the re-opening. He had wanted to but Meredith insisted that this was something she had to do herself. He decided to take Beth to the park for while before going to the crèche at lunchtime to drop Beth off and meet Meredith.

Despite being at home for nearly three weeks Beth was having a ball being back at the crèche - especially being reunited with her friend Tuck Bailey. As soon as Beth saw Tuck she ran over and kissed him to Derek’s horror. Meredith laughed when she saw them.

“She’s grounded until she is 40 Meredith, no exceptions,” Derek stated as he kissed her hello.

“Whatever you say daddy,” Meredith replied rolling her eyes at Derek.

“How did it go this morning?” he asked her.

“Tough, but I’m glad I came in. The hardest part is over - rip off the band aid and all that. All the parents have been very supportive,” Meredith replied.

“Good,” Derek answered. “Let’s go and get and some lunch before we go upstairs”

They had a quick lunch in the cafeteria before heading upstairs to see Dr Torres.

A short while later and Meredith was finally free of the sling. It felt great to be able to use her right arm again although as Dr Torres had told her to still take it easy and not to rush into using it. If it was still painful she may need to see a physiotherapist.

Dr Weller had also given Meredith a clean bill of health although both he and Derek both agreed that she could still get dizzy and nauseous from time to time. He cleared her to drive and most importantly return to work.

They both returned to the crèche hand in hand and the first Meredith did was to properly lift Beth and give her big hug without wincing in pain.

Adele came over to them “Please give me good news?”

“I’m cleared to work Adele,” Meredith answered

“Thank goodness...” Adele said

“But not until next week,” Meredith said

“Remember, Adele – her birthday present – weekend at the spa...” Derek said to Adele

“I had forgotten all about that,” Adele smiled at Meredith “Have a great time... I’m not jealous... really”, she replied as she gave Meredith a hug and walked back into the office.

“Now I’m stuck with the blasted rota,” Adele muttered as she sat down at the desk.
Later that night Meredith got into bed and gave a huge sigh of relief.

“What was that for?” Derek asked as he turned to face her.

“Finally sleeping on the right side of the bed,” Meredith answered.

Derek reached over and kissed her “Who said anything about sleeping?”

“Am I cleared for sex, Dr Shepherd?” Meredith asked as she bit her lower lip.

“Tonight you are really going to pay for that,” Derek said as he started to kiss down her neck.

A few hours later and both Meredith and Derek were fast asleep when Meredith started to moan in her sleep. In her dreams all she could see was a gun was pointed to her head. She started to cry out loud enough to waken Derek who woke just as she bolted awake.

“Hey, what’s the matter – you were crying...”, Derek gently asked

“Bad dream... he was pointing a gun at me,” Meredith replied her voice shaking as Derek pulled her into his arms

“It’s okay, I’m here and I’m not going to let anything happen to you”, He whispered “He’s never going to hurt you again.”

“I know,” Meredith whispered as leaned in closer to Derek’s chest who was gently stroking her hair.

“Try and get some sleep,” Derek whispered

“Okay,” but Meredith knew that she would not be getting asleep any more tonight.
The following day the heat wave returned and they all decided to go to the zoo.

Woodland Park Zoo was just outside downtown Seattle and Gavin made one of his traditional picnics before they set off. Beth’s stroller came in handy – it was used to carry the picnic box. Beth was far more interested in running around the place and when she got tired Derek carried her.

They had a great day walking round the zoo and looking at the animals. Meredith refused to go into the reptile house.

“I’m not going in,” she stated.

“Why not?” Derek asked.

Meredith glared at him “Spiders Derek. Large ones. I’ll stay out here.”

“How large?” Gavin asked.

“Don’t want to think about it,” Meredith replied.

“I’ll keep Mer company. Make sure she doesn’t eat all the food,” Gavin explained earning him a slap on the shoulder from Meredith.

Truth be told Meredith was relieved to have a rest and ten minutes later they were on the move again.

Beth enjoyed watching the bears in the water while Noah was fascinated with monkeys until Gavin saw the monkeys mating and had to cover his son’s eyes while avoiding awkward questions much to Sam and Derek’s amusement.

The next morning Beth decided to waken everyone with the return of her singing routine.

“Oh god, not again,” Derek groaned into the pillow.

“No...” Meredith moaned “you better go and lift her before she wakens the others.”

“Okay...,”Derek muttered

He got out of bed and walked over to the nursery and literally walked into his sister in the hallway.

“Finally what’s with the singing?” Sam asked

“No idea,” Derek answered

“Yeah well make her stop I don’t want to waken like this while your away,” Sam groaned.

Sam and Gavin had agreed to look after Beth while they were away although at this moment Sam was ready to retract the offer.

Derek opened the door to the nursery and froze. Silence filled the room.

“Thank god peace and quiet... Noah!” Sam shrieked when she saw her three year old shove a pacifier in Beth’s mouth.

“Noah, come here,” Sam told her son before telling him that he was not allowed to do that.

Beth however was unfazed by the whole thing but did of course lap up the attention her father giving her.

A few hours and a temper tantrum from Beth later and Meredith and Derek had arrived at the Spa. Their room was very spacious and had a private balcony which overlooked the mountains.

Meredith was standing on the balcony taking in the view when Derek walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“What are you thinking about?” he whispered.

“Nothing. Everything,” Meredith answered. “Did Beth settle after we left?”

“Yes – the little madam stopped crying about five seconds after we pulled out of the driveway,” Derek laughed

“Sounds about right,” Meredith answered as she turned around and faced Derek.

“Derek, thank you. For this, for being here throughout...”

“Meredith, you don’t need to thank me. You helped me all through the trial and with everything over the last few weeks you deserve it. I should be thanking you,” Derek said as he stared into her eyes.

Meredith took a deep breath willing the tears away.

“I know I don’t say it often enough, but I do love you Derek,” Meredith said holding his hand.

“I love you too Mer. So much that it hurts when I think what could have happened,” Derek said.

“I know. But like everything else in this life it happened for a reason. I’ll never know why he shot Melanie, but if one good thing has come out of it, it is that I now know how much I love you and Beth and how much you love me,” Meredith replied.

“Never doubt how much I love you, Meredith,” Derek said as he kissed her. “Now come on we will be late for dinner.”

Meredith laughed and took his hand.

The restaurant was beautiful and romantic and peaceful. After their main course a buzz of excitement swept around the restaurant as a young man just proposed to his girlfriend.

Derek was smiling while Meredith looked at their table. There was a red rose, a bottle of champagne and the desert where the ring had been hidden. The man was still down on one knee kissing his future wife.

“If that were me I would be completely embarrassed,” She said as sipped her water.

“It’s romantic,” Derek smiled

“It’s so cliché.”

“So that’s not your idea of the perfect proposal?” Derek quizzed.

Meredith looked at Derek and had a terrifying thought.

“Derek you haven’t?”

“No, but if I was I probably would have done the same thing.”

“Oh thank god,” Meredith took a deep breath and realised how that most have sounded. “It’s not that I don’t... I do...” She stopped again when she saw Derek’s confused face.

“I’ll start again without the rambling. It’s not that I don’t want to get married – I do. Just not now. Sometime in the future.”

Derek relaxed. “Good. As much I would love to ask you to be my wife I can’t. I plan to propose once the divorce comes through. I would like some tips though on your dream proposal.”

Since Derek and Meredith had met Derek had been trying to finalise his divorce from Addison. He had the signed the papers and the solicitors were just waiting for a response from his missing ex-wife.

“Nothing corny or clichéd like that one. Something different, completely us and ... spontaneous,” Meredith answered. “But I’m in no rush Derek!”

“Um even so I better get thinking then,” Derek smirked.
Two things to explain:

1) Derek has not proposed but both them know that this is the next step and it is something they both want.

2) I hope I did not across as being mean with Marcie – but I’m sure we all know someone whom we love dearly but could literally moan for the country... well Marcie is this person in this story.

As always if we have read this – please review! My writer’s block is starting to become a problem and I need some encouragement.... and I’m really not 100% happy with this chapter.



PS – If you are interested in a teaser for the next update – let me know!


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Thank you so much to everyone who has commented.

There is no mention of Addison in this update!


The weekend spa break had been just what Meredith and Derek needed - 48 uninterrupted hours with no family members in the spare room and no screaming toddlers.

They both missed Beth and between the pair of them must have called Sam and Gavin at least ten times over the weekend checking to make sure that she was behaving herself.

Derek had insisted that Meredith make use of all the resort facilities including the sauna, Jacuzzi and pool. The grounds also had a lovely tea garden and had some very scenic walks.

They arrived home on Sunday evening and Sam and Gavin flew home on Tuesday morning. Gavin had as promised made a stack of muffins for them and packed the freezer full of frozen home cooked dinners.

Meredith spent the majority of Tuesday doing housework and getting herself ready for her return to work. Adele had already called her to explain that she wouldn’t be there on Meredith’s first day back as she to attend a charity lunch on behalf of the hospital. Meredith used this chance to make sure Adele was okay with her reducing her hours upon her return.

Adele’s answer had been short, sweet and to the point.

“As long you do the blasted rotas I don’t care if you only work one day a week.”

Derek had made Meredith agree to reduce her hours just for a while. So instead of her usual eight to twelve hour shifts she was now working six hours a day five days a week. Derek had insisted that she was not to overdo things and to rest if she got tired. The only downside of the shorter hours was that they could not drive to and from work together.

It was just after 6am when Derek woke Meredith with a freshly brewed cup of coffee before leaving for the hospital.

After having a quick shower and getting Beth organised Meredith left the house and arrived at the crèche at 8:45. That was when the fun began.

Meredith walked down the corridor to leave Beth in the tiny tots room. Beth was singing away happy as anything until they walked through the door. Last week Beth settled back into crèche brilliantly. Today she threw the mother of all temper tantrums and was crying her eyes out and clinging on to Meredith’s leg when she tried to leave.

Meredith knew the best thing to do was kiss her goodbye and walk out the door. When she did that and walked out the door she could hear Beth screaming “Mama” after her, she felt physically sick and literally the worst person in the world. She walked over and hung Beth’s jacket up on her named coat hook and walked into her office, sat down on her chair and switched on the computer. The whole time she was telling herself not to walk into the other room and hug Beth.

A few minutes later and Mel walked in the office and handed her a cup of coffee.

“You look like you need that,” Mel said.

“Thanks, Beth is sobbing her heart out and I now know how the parents feel,” Meredith replied.

“Um, I will be back in one minute,” Mel said as she walked out of the office and headed for the tiny tots room.

Within a few minutes Mel was walking back into the office.

“Beth is currently painting a picture and is singing her little head off,” Mel laughed.

“That wee madam,” Meredith answered. “Why am I not surprised... at least she only pulled that stunt on me. If it were Derek he would be sitting there making the situation ten times worse than what it was”.

“Well that’s men for you.” Mel laughed. “It’s good to have you back Meredith.”

“It’s good to be back, although it does feel a little strange,” Meredith replied.

“Tell me about it. I kept expecting to hear Melanie tell us about the latest diet or fitness regime she has started,” Mel said as she looked down to the floor. “At least we don’t have Marcie moaning in the corner.”

“Be honest Mel – you miss Marcie,” Meredith laughed.

“Oh yeah I miss hearing about in great detail her morning sickness and lack of sex...”Mel answered “mind you it is actually too quiet without her,” Mel muttered.

“Told you,” Meredith laughed.

They chatted for another few minutes about Derek’s birthday that was coming up in a few days time before Mel returned to the baby room. Meredith decided to go and say hello and see how things were this morning before sorting the staff rotas for the next few weeks.

An hour later and Meredith felt like pulling her hair out. When she had first started as manager she set a spreadsheet on the computer that she used for the rotas.
She had each room colour coded and it was formulated to show many hours each member of staff would be working. It was a great document – and it worked.
That was until Adele had been in charge of the rotas during her absence.

Meredith soon realised that she was literally going to have to delete the whole document and start again. Her only problem was she couldn’t remember how to do it.

Just when she thought she had remembered she heard screaming and yelling coming from the hallway. Meredith froze. Her heart was literally in her throat as she got out of her chair and walked to the door. When she opened it she saw Jason Harper screaming and yelling at being separated from his mother.

When she looked at Jason all she could see was his father. She knew by the way the pre-school staff were acting that they were seeing the same as her.

Meredith swallowed, took a deep breath and decided to act.

“Jason stop that shouting right now.”

Jason’s mother turned round and when she saw Meredith ran straight to her and gave her huge a hug. “Oh Meredith, I’m so pleased to see you! I never got the chance to talk you afterwards ... I am so sorry for everything.” Karen said now crying.

“Karen it’s good to see you too.” Meredith answered “Excuse me,” Meredith said as she walked over to Jason in order to calm him down.

“Jason, do you want to come in and play with your friends and let mummy go to work?” Meredith asked,

“No,” the young boy stated glaring at Meredith.

Meredith tried to block out the image in her head. Gary Harper. Gun shots.

“Oh I think you do, especially when you find out what they’re doing,” Meredith said
Jason was now curious. “You see Carly and Zara are going to make some brownies, and I know how much you love brownies. Do you want to go and help them?” Meredith continued.

Jason nodded his head “Yes.”

“That’s good. Now why you give mom a big hug and kiss and say ‘have a nice day,’” Meredith said.

“Bye mommy, have a nice day,” Jason said as ran over and gave her a hug and kiss before running into the room.

“Meredith: thank you,” Karen said

“Don’t mention it – Beth pulled the same stunt on me earlier too,” Meredith smiled.

A few minutes later and peace had been restored. The whole episode revealed something to Meredith – all of the staff were walking on eggshells and did not want anything to do with Jason.

By lunchtime Meredith was slowly winning the battle with the rotas and was confident that she could have next week’s completed by the time she went home at 3pm.

Her phone then rang – it was Derek.

“Hey I was going to come up and see you but I am in between surgeries. How is your day?”

“Eventful. Adele has made a complete mess of the rotas and Jason threw one of his temper tantrums upon arrival,” Meredith said.

They chatted for a few more minutes with Meredith ending the call promising Derek that she would not overdo things.

Mel came into the office. “Do you want anything to eat Mer?”

“No thanks, Mel. Are the older children down for their afternoon naps yet?”
Meredith asked.

“I think they are. Why?” Mel asked.

“I need a staff meeting. Do you mind sitting with the children while they are watching the dvd?” Meredith asked as she got out of her chair and headed for the pre-school room.

Ten minutes later Mel and the other supervisors were currently watching the children while the rest of staff was with Meredith in the pre-school room.

“I know these last few weeks have not been easy. I understand that,” Meredith started to explain. “I miss Gina and Melanie too. When I came into work today all I wanted to do was work in the baby room – ease my way back. Instead Adele messed up the rotas and has left me to fix it. I’m sitting in the office waiting for Gina to come in and try to bribe me with chocolate so that she can have the weekends off or try and swap her shifts.”

There was laughter from everyone at this comment that was so true of Gina.

“I am literally sitting in there waiting for her to barge through the door,” Meredith took a deep breath before continuing. “When Jason arrived this morning and I heard the screaming I was terrified too. I could see the fear in all of your eyes and then I saw the look you all gave Jason this morning.”

“He looks so like his father,” Zara said. “I just couldn’t look at him, “She muttered.

“I know Zara I feel the same way. He stared at me and it was his father staring back. But we cannot blame Jason for what his father did. We all know Jason. We know his behaviour and we need to get him back into that routine. We need to remember that Jason is like that because of what Gary Harper did to him. He is more a victim in this than what we are, he has to grow and accept the fact that his father killed three people.”

“I know how hard it is – every time someone closes a door or cupboard you are all jumping out of your skins. I am too. I’m still having nightmares, I’m just getting used to being able to use my right arm again and at times it hurts to even lift a pen or cup. I will still get headaches and dizzy spells from the concussion – but I am not letting it take it over and rule my life. I have accepted what happened and I know that there will be good days and bad days but I am not going to let him win and I’m determined not to let Jason suffer any more than what he has,” Meredith continued.

“If anyone feels that they cannot work in the pre-school because of what happened then please speak up – preferably today and we can arrange a change of rooms.”

Carly the new pre-school supervisor was the first one to speak up.

“So we go back to the routine we had before Jason,” She asked

“Yes – start it again from tomorrow and see how it goes,” Meredith smiled. “Now I better go back and finish next week’s rota. I’ll get the rest of the month finalised by Friday,” Meredith said as stood up and headed back to her office.

By 3pm Meredith was practically running out of the building. She went and collected Beth who decided to throw another temper tantrum at having to go home.

“I can’t win,” Meredith muttered.

By the time they arrived home Meredith was relieved that she’d had the sense to lift one of Gavin’s dinners from the freezer before leaving the house this morning.

She walked in through the front door and hung up their jackets as Beth immediately ran over and started to play with her toys. Meredith’s head was pounding as she sat down on the floor beside Beth.

It was just after 6pm when Derek arrived home. As soon as he walked in through the door he walked into the lounge and knelt down beside Meredith who was now lying on the sofa. Beth was playing and singing on the floor beside her.

“You okay?” Derek asked as he kissed her forehead.

“Crazy first day back. Head is sore,” Meredith stated.

“What happened?” Derek gently asked.

“Beth through a temper tantrum when she arrived, Adele ruined my rotas and I had to start from the beginning, Jason threw a tantrum and all of the staff are scared of him because he looks like his father. I had to have a staff meeting and then to top it off Beth throws another tantrum when it’s time to go home,” Meredith answered quietly. “So much for taking it easy.”

Derek just smiled at her and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Lie here and relax and I’ll finish dinner okay,” Derek said as he stood up and lifted Beth.

“Beth you are going to help daddy finish dinner while mummy rests?” Derek said
Meredith smiled her thanks “the kitchen is going to look like a bombsite by the time Beth is finished”

“Probably,” Derek smiled as he walked in to the kitchen.

Dinner was not as messy as Meredith had originally thought and Derek had helped her get Beth ready for bed.

Thankfully the rest of the week was not as hectic and much to the relief of everyone – including Adele. Meredith got the rotas finished and was able to help out in the baby room on Friday afternoon.

Meredith’s only problem was trying to get Derek’s birthday present sorted in time for Saturday. Both Meredith and his parents had decided to buy him brand new fishing equipment which Mark thankfully was hiding in his spare room. Meredith had also bought a present for him from Beth and was now trying to organise party food. Sam and Gavin had brought presents from the rest of the Shepherd clan and gave them to Meredith for her to hide until Saturday.

The plan had been a surprise party at the house on Saturday night but Derek of course wanted to go out and Meredith had to tell him about the party. It was actually a lot easier now that Derek knew about the party – at least Meredith did not have to lie to him and get him out of the house and try to decorate it.

It was Friday afternoon and Meredith had left Beth in the nursery whilst she went food shopping for the party. Gavin had made a list of stuff that she would need and she bribed to Mel to come and give her hand.

Two hours later and Meredith was eventually putting the groceries away when Derek arrived home with Beth who was clutching on her painting for dear life.

“What has Beth got?” Meredith asked

“A future masterpiece,” Derek stated. “I always said my daughter was a genius” Derek said.

“Of course dear,” Meredith answered.

Derek left Beth playing in the lounge and went to hang her picture on the fridge door. He walked over behind Meredith and hugged her. “You okay?” he asked

“Tired. I hate shopping. Especially on a Friday afternoon,” Meredith replied.

“How about I order a take out from that new Chinese place, we get Beth to bed and have a nice long hot bath?” Derek asked as he kissed her.

“Sounds perfect,” Meredith replied as she turned round and kissed him properly.

“Good. Now go and rest. Save your energy for tomorrow,” Derek said “What time are Lexie and Mel arriving at?”

“About 2pm. hopefully we have the place organised and food ready by the time everyone arrives at7pm,” Meredith replied.

“Well I have to go to the hospital for a few hours but I can move the furniture when I get in, Mark can give me hand. Lexie and Mel can help with the food which you can do sitting at the table and keep Beth occupied,” Derek said.

“Well that is the plan, but whether that happens is another thing,” Meredith laughed.

The next morning Meredith decided she would let Derek lie in – it was his birthday after all! As soon as she heard Beth fussing in her cot she went in and lifted her and brought her down to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast.

Meredith made nice pancakes – just not quite as good as Derek’s. This morning though she made apple and cinnamon pancakes. She piled them on to the plate and put the plate on the tray along the freshly brewed coffee, some maple syrup and fruit.

“Let’s surprise daddy with breakfast in bed Beth,” Meredith said to the toddler who currently waving her pancake in the air.

Meredith went to lift the tray off the counter and got as far as the table when her arm got sore and she set it down. “So much for that idea,” she muttered.

She lifted Beth and went upstairs lifting some birthday cards for Derek on the way.

Derek was just beginning to waken when he felt as if he were being hit. He cautiously opened his eyes to see his daughter hitting him with a birthday card in each hand. Meredith was sitting beside him on the bed laughing.

“Beth, don’t hit daddy!” she laughed.

Beth continued to hit him.

“Happy Birthday!” Meredith said as she reached over and kissed him. “One of those cards is from me and one is from Beth – that is if you can get her to let go.”

Derek decided the only way he was going to get his cards was to tickle his daughter. A few minutes later and the mission was accomplished. Derek was now impressed with his daughter writing on the card which Meredith had achieved with a crayon in Beth’s hand – well it was more like a line than words but Derek was still impressed.

“There are more cards downstairs and presents too,” Meredith said “I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed but the arm would not co-operate.”

Derek looked confused at her statement.

“I could only carry the tray as far as the table until my arm got sore. Your apple and cinnamon pancakes are getting cold,” Meredith explained.

“Um apple and cinnamon pancakes, I will be back in a minute,” Derek said as he got out of bed.

“We can eat them downstairs Derek,” Meredith answered.

“Nonsense I want breakfast in bed with my two girls,” Derek replied.

An hour later and they were still lounging in bed. Beth was lying against Meredith’s chest watching cartoons while she and Derek were chatting.

“Next year we will go away for your birthday,” Meredith said.

“What do you mean?” Derek asked as he threw his arm around her shoulder.

“Well this year you treated me to a weekend away so next year I will return the favour,” Meredith stated.

“We’ll see,” Derek smiled. “I know our birthdays are close together but I wish they would be a bit closer then we could go on a proper vacation as a family.”

“I like that idea.... but why don’t we do it anyway? Have a family vacation just after mine but before yours,” Meredith said

“That sounds like a brilliant idea. Where do you fancy going?” Derek smiled

“We could tour around Europe or hire out a beach house somewhere in the Caribbean – I don’t really mind, as long as it just the three of us,” Meredith smiled.

“I’ll start looking into it,” Derek said smiling as he kissed her. “Right now though where are my presents?”

Meredith reached over and lifted to boxes from her bedside table and handed them to him. “The one wrapped in red is from me and the one is silver is from Beth,” Meredith explained.

Derek opened Beth’s first and inside the box was a new watch.

“Look at the back,” Meredith said as she bit her lip.

“To dad with love Beth x”

Derek was speechless.

“Do you like it?” Meredith asked “If not...”

“I love it,” he said as gave Beth a huge kiss which Beth had to return by giving him sloppy kiss. “Mer.. I don’t know what to say,” Derek said kissed her on the cheek.

“I just wanted Beth to give you something special on your birthday,” Meredith replied.

Derek then opened Meredith’s present and saw his favourite aftershave.

“I know it is not as glamorous as your new watch but it is only part of your present, you will get the rest later. You will get your presents from the rest of your family at the party later,” Meredith explained.

“I can’t wait!” Derek said as he kissed her again.

It was just after ten when Derek left the house and headed for the hospital. He had rounds to do before catching up on some paperwork.

At exactly 2pm Mel and Lexie arrived with more food with Mark and Derek arriving a short time later.

By 4pm the house was in chaos between sorting the food and moving the furniture Meredith was going to scream. It did not help either that Beth did not have her afternoon nap which meant she would be in crabby form for the party.

By 7:30pm the house was full of their friends wanting to wish Derek a happy birthday. Since it was a beautiful sunny evening Derek and Mark started the BBQ in the back garden.

By now Derek was coming down with Birthday presents – mainly bottles of scotch whiskey when Mark called him out to the garden. Meredith and Beth followed behind him.

Derek opened the door and saw brand new fishing gear – a new rod, everything. He was speechless.

“Your dad mentioned that your current fishing gear was old and did not really survive the journey here. So we – me, your mom and dad - all decided to buy you new fishing equipment,” Meredith said

“I even bought you new wellington boots,” Mark grinned.

Derek still could not speak.

“Good God Grey for the first time in years Derek Shepherd is speechless!” Mark laughed.

Derek was delighted with his presents and after kissing Meredith and checking out the new equipment he called Boston to thank his parents.

The BBQ birthday party had been a great success. The only problem was the mess. There was left over food everywhere and beer cans all over the carpet. By midnight the last of the guest were leaving. Meredith closed the door and leaned up against it.

“Please tell me Beth is finally sleeping,” She asked as he came down the stairs.

“Finally. Hopefully she will sleep until the morning,” Derek answered.

“I hope so.” Meredith yawned.

Derek walked over to her “Why don’t we leave the cleaning up until tomorrow? You look exhausted.”

“No, we do it now – trust me as bad as it looks now it will look even worse in the morning,” Meredith answered.

Thirty minutes later and the house was already looking better. All the leftover food was in the bin, the plates stacked in the dishwasher and Derek was just leaving out the last garbage bag.

Meredith was standing against the counter when Derek came over and washed his hands and then stood facing her.


“Yeah...but I still have one last birthday present for you,” Meredith smiled.

“You do?” Derek raised an eyebrow and grinned.

“Yes, I’ll give you a clue...its short...” each word was met with a kiss from Derek “, black... oh and see-through,” Meredith smiled.

“You do realise that you will not be wearing it for very long...” Derek answered as he swept her up into his arms and dashed up the stairs like Rhett and Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.

By the time they got to the bedroom the little black nightdress was long forgotten.
As always if you have enjoyed this please review – i appreciate every comment and gives me encouragement to write more! Very Happy

If you would like a small teaser for the next update do let me know!




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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment – I appreciate each and every comment! Smile

Now ... someone visits Meredith...

The summer turned out to be one of the warmest in Seattle’s history and the warm weather had continued in September. It has been three months since the shootings and the crèche and life was starting to get back to normal.

Meredith had continued to work half days in the crèche and enjoyed taking Beth on late afternoon walks to the park and along the waterfront. Her arm was still annoying her from time to time and thankfully the headaches associated with the concussion had also started to disappear.

Meredith was now going back to full time hours at the crèche which both Derek and Adele had to remind her were 40 hours a week and not her usual pre-shooting of 60. They had all agreed for Meredith to work two twelve hour shifts and three half day shifts.

This past week had been Meredith’s first full week back at the crèche. It had been crazy as usual. Jason Harper had settled back into nursery routine better than ever and even started to make friends. None of the staff were scared of him any more with Carly beginning to notice that he a very smart and intelligent little boy.

However Beth’s temper tantrums were getting worse.

Take tonight for example.

It was Saturday night and the Red Sox were playing the Yankees at Fenway Park. Mark, Lexie, Owen and Christina and Alex Karev were all at the house to watch the game when Beth decided to lift the bowl of potato chips and throw them on the floor.

Both Meredith and Derek had saw her do it and both told her to stop. Beth’s reaction was to start screaming and stamping her feet. They would both have overlooked it if had been her first temper tantrum of the day, but it wasn’t – Meredith had lost count after six – and now Meredith had no patience left.

Meredith stood up in the middle of the lounge and looked directly at Beth and then started doing what she was doing. Meredith decided she would start to scream and yell and stamp her feet. When she stopped Meredith looked at Beth who was standing still and said

“Yes Bethany, I can do that too and I can do it louder and better than you!”

Beth sat down on the floor and started playing with her toys.

“Way to go Mer!” Mark said.

“Oh that was definitely worth an Oscar,” Christina joined in.

“For who?” Mark answered.

“Both performances were equally good,” Christina smirked as Meredith glared at her person.

The baseball was just starting to get interesting when the doorbell rang. Meredith was in the kitchen getting more alcohol for everyone as well as lifting the freshly made cookies out of the oven.

“I’ll get it,” Derek yelled as he walked backwards to the front door scared in case he took his eyes of the television screen that he would miss something important.

“Thanks,” Meredith answered although she was positive that Derek had not heard over the yelling coming from the lounge.

Derek eventually turned around and opened the front door to see an older man standing there.

“Hello?” Derek asked

“Hello. I wonder if you could help me please – is this is the Shepherd residence?” the stranger asked.

“It is – I’m Derek Shepherd, can I help you?” Derek asked

“Yes, we’ve spoken a few times on the phone – I’m Thatcher Grey. I have come to see how Meredith is.”

For a few seconds Derek was literally speechless.

“I’m sorry, come in, I’ll get Meredith for you,” Derek managed to say. “Here let me take your jacket”

“Thank you,” Thatcher replied.

As Derek was hanging the jacket a loud yell came from the lounge “Oh come on! You stupid motherfu.....!”

Derek was unsure at this point who was yelling as he saw the puzzled look on Thatcher’s face.

“The Red Sox are playing the Yankees at Fenway,” Derek explained.

“I hope we are knocking the seven bells out the Yankees,” Thatcher asked.

“We’re trying to,” Derek laughed.

Meredith had heard the door bell ring a few minutes and not heard Derek come back into the lounge she walked over to the kitchen door and looked down the hallway... and saw her father at the same moment he saw her.

“Meredith,” he smiled.

“Dad,” Meredith swallowed and took a deep breath “What are you doing here? ... Come in to the kitchen it will be quieter,” she asked.

“Meredith,” Derek looked directly at her.

“I’m okay Derek,” Meredith replied

“I’m just in here if you need me,” he smiled.

Derek turned and walked back into the lounge. “What did I miss?” he asked

Mark filled him in and then asked “Who was stupid enough to ring the doorbell during baseball?”

“Meredith’s father,” Derek stated as very pair of the eyes landed on him. “They’re in the kitchen.”

Christina immediately stood up.

“Where are you going?” Owen asked her

“I’m going in there. I am not leaving her alone with him,” Christina stated.

“I hate sitting in here as well Christina but she knows where we are if she needs us,” Derek replied as his eyes kept drifting to the kitchen.
Meanwhile in the kitchen...

“Have a seat,” Meredith said as they entered the kitchen. She walked over to the island where the plate of cookies was sitting.

“Thanks,” Thatcher replied.

“Would you like a cookie or something to drink?” Meredith asked.

“I’d love one of your cookies Meredith and a coffee would be appreciated. It’s been a long day and I still need to find my hotel,” Thatcher laughed.

Meredith started to make the coffee “so where are mum and Molly?” she asked dreading the answer.

“In London,” Thatcher replied as he took one of the cookies. “They don’t know I am here.”

Meredith stopped what she was doing. “Oh.”

“I know that we have spoken on the phone a few times since ... what happened, but i wanted to see you, see how you were,” Her father said.

“And mom didn’t,” Meredith stated

“You know what your mother is like Meredith. She doesn’t show her emotions but she was concerned about you,” Thatcher said.

Meredith carried the cup of coffee over on to the table and set it front of her father.

“Thanks,” he replied.

“So concerned that she rushed over on the next flight to see me,” Meredith stated.


“Don’t dad. Don’t start covering for them and yourself. We both know that if it had been Molly who had been shot that the pair of you would have been over in the next flight.”

“Money has been tight,” Thatcher tried to explain.

“Money had always been tight dad. Derek told me he offered to pay for the flights.”

“It was a kind offer but we couldn’t,” Thatcher looked away before continuing. “When he called and told us that you had been shot, Ellis wanted to fly over; Molly said nothing except that she was going out. We got a phone call three hours later from her friends to say that she had passed out in a drunken stupor on their kitchen floor.”

“Why does that not surprise me?”

“We couldn’t come over. Molly made it clear she did not want to come and would you want to leave your sister alone in a house for a few days or weeks?” Thatcher asked.

“Absolutely not.”

Thatcher shook his head in agreement. “We decided not to come and then we spoke on the phone and you seemed to be doing okay, but I still wanted to see for myself, so your uncle Jack set this weekend up. We are apparently playing golf in Ireland.”

“I take it Uncle Jack still has the cottage outside Dublin?”

“Yes – he told me to say hello and the cottage is yours anytime you want it.”

“Don’t say that in front of Derek – his parents are Irish.”

They both laughed.

“How long are you staying?” Meredith asked.

“I’m flying back again tomorrow night. Any longer and your mother might get suspicious.”

Meredith nodded her head. “We can’t let that happen,” She retorted

“Meredith don’t,” Thatcher said

“Don’t. I’m sorry dad but I got shot and I apologise if I am asking a lot here, but would it have killed her to make one phone call? When I think of all the times I sat by her bedside and got nothing but abuse. I mean every daughter loves being told that they were not wanted,” Meredith answered her voice rising.


“I never told you about the day mum was so ill after her transplant – the day she was so delirious. She told me that I was a mistake and she wanted an abortion only you stopped her,” Meredith almost whispered.

“Meredith I’m so sorry...” Thatcher said as he started to stutter.

“Don’t dad. Don’t. We both know that I am not the favourite in this family.” Meredith said as she sat down on one of the stools at the island. “How is Molly anyway?” Meredith asked.

“Off the rails,” Thatcher simply answered.

“Sounds about right,” Meredith replied as she took a mouthful of beer.

“Your mother and I were planning a small break to Scotland see some scenery but the thought of Molly having the house to herself... doesn’t bear thinking about,” Thatcher stated.

“Very true,” Meredith said as she looked at her father. There were more wrinkles on his face than she remembered and his hair was starting to turn grey. She looked at his face and knew that there was something he was not telling her.

“So you’re happy... here in Seattle?” Thatcher asked

“”Very happy. It’s a fantastic city – so laid back and relaxed,” Meredith answered and then it clicked. He wanted to go on holiday but did not want to leave Molly in the house by herself.

“I don’t believe this,” Meredith said as she stood up. “You want me to come to London – don’t you?”

“Meredith it’s not how it looks...” Thatcher said as he stood up.

“No?” Meredith replied as she glared at her father.

“It would only be a few weeks just to give your mother a few weeks break,” Thatcher tried to explain.

“No. Because it will start as a few weeks, then it will be another few weeks and before you know it I will never be able to leave.”

“Meredith please let me explain.”

“No. For one crazy minute I actually thought you cared. Just go dad,” Meredith said as she turned away from him.

“Meredith I’m sorry I never meant to upset you. I genuinely wanted to see how you were and what you were doing with your life,” Thatcher said as he made his way to the door.

Meredith closed her eyes and took a deep breath “What time is your flight tomorrow?” she asked.

“6pm,” Thatcher replied.

“Okay. Do you need directions to your hotel?” Meredith asked.

“That would be great I have no idea how to get there all I know is that it is near the market,” Thatcher replied.

A few minutes later Meredith handed Thatcher a piece of paper with directions on it.

“When you walk out the main door of the hotel there is a coffee shop facing it. If you want I will meet you there tomorrow at 10am and I’ll show you Seattle. I’ll show what my life is like now,” Meredith said

“Thank you Meredith,” Thatcher smiled at his daughter as he walked down the hallway and opened the front door.

Meredith came along behind him and waved him goodnight. As she closed the front door Derek was by her side.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah – just a normal chat with one of my parents,” Meredith answered. “How’s the game?” she asked as everyone piled out of the lounge

“Red Sox hammered the Yankees!” Mark yelled “We’re off to Joes to celebrate. You coming Derek?” Mark asked.

“No thanks, I’ll stay here and get Beth to bed. She will be hyper with all candy you gave her when you thought I was not looking,” Derek glared at Mark.

“Okay! I’m gone enjoy the rest of your weekend,” Mark said as he practically ran out the front door.

Christina glanced over at Meredith and mouthed “call me”.

Meredith simply nodded back.

Derek closed the front door and turned round and pulled Meredith into his arms.

“How did it really go?” he asked

“We are meeting for coffee tomorrow morning – I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” Derek smiled.

“It was the least I could do. After all he travelled all this way to spend a few hours with me and ask me to come back to London for two weeks to babysit my sister while he and mom go holiday,” Meredith replied.

“What?” Derek almost yelled in shock.

“Don’t worry I said no.”

“Then why meet for coffee?” Derek asked.

“It’s a sort of peace offering. I am going to show him Seattle and why I cannot leave,” Meredith answered.

“How about Beth and I come you and I can then take her back down to the aquarium,” Derek suggested

“I like that idea, but the aquarium again?”

“I know. I feel as if I should take shares in that place,” Derek answered rolling his eyes. “She loves it there and it is the only place you are guaranteed no temper tantrums,” Derek explained.

“True,” Meredith laughed.

“Come on let’s get the little madam ready for bed,” Derek said as they back into the lounge.

An hour later and Beth was finally asleep. Meredith came into their bedroom and crawled into bed beside Derek who moved his arm and pulled her closer to him with her head resting on his chest.

“Just for once I wish my parents were as concerned for me as they are for Molly,” She whispered.

“Meredith,” Derek said as he kissed her head “just remember you are hundred million times better than them.”

Meredith laughed.

“I love you,” Derek whispered

“I love you too,” Meredith yawned

“Get some sleep,” Derek said as he pulled her closer to him.

“Um huh,” Meredith replied as she rested her head on top of Derek’s chest.
Beth crying woke them up at 6:30. Derek jumped out of bed and rushed into her room only to find patch the bear lying on the floor.

“Did you throw Patch out of the cot Beth?” Derek asked his daughter.

“Dada, atch!” Beth babbled

“Here you go princess,” Derek said as he stroked her hair as Meredith walked up behind him and hugged his waist.

“Do you want to change Beth or start breakfast?” she asked

“I’ll make a start on breakfast and you girls have some bonding time,” Derek said as he kissed them both and headed downstairs.

“Now Beth – you have to be on your best behaviour today. You are going to meet my daddy and you want to set a good example,” Meredith said to the toddler who was giving Meredith her sweet and innocent face.

Meredith, Derek and Beth arrived at the coffee shop just before 10am. Beth was sitting in a highchair and Derek was getting their drinks when Thatcher arrived.

When Derek came over the table Meredith introduced them all properly. Instead of smiling hello Beth decided to scowl at the strange man sitting at the table and started calling out for ‘mama’.

Meredith held her for a few minutes before Derek decided to take Beth down to the aquarium before there were any more tantrums.

“She is beautiful child Meredith,” Thatcher said.

“Yes she is cute – and a little madam!” Meredith answered

“They always are at that age,” Thatcher smiled “Is her mother around?”

“No. She walked out on Derek when Beth was four weeks old. She signed full custody over to Derek and filed for divorce. No-one has heard or seen her since,” Meredith explained.

“That’s tough... I notice she calls you mama.”

“Yeah – she says it all the time. I’m used to it now but it felt strange when she first started saying it.” Meredith explained.

“Derek is okay with it?”

“Yes, the way he sees it is that I am more of a mother to Beth than Addison ever was,” Meredith replied “Why do you ask?”

“She will come back Meredith. I have seen this before, the mother leaves the family has seconds thought and comes back into their lives. It will be messy and unpleasant,” Thatcher said. “I just don’t want you be hurt when it happens.”

“Derek and I have been together for nearly a year now dad. When I first started working as his nanny I did not want a relationship with him. I wanted to keep things professional, but he wanted to date. I told him not when he was my boss,” Meredith took a sip of her coffee and continued “When we moved out here I was offered the position at the crèche and everything fell into place. Yes there are moments when I feel like the nanny instead of his girlfriend, but dad if you had seen him when I got shot. He would not leave my side, he spoils me rotten. I love him and he loves me too,” Meredith replied.

“I can see how much you love each other Meredith. Contrary to what you may think I don’t want to see you get hurt,” Thatcher reached and squeezed her hand.
“I know dad,” Meredith smiled at him.

“And if the mother makes a reappearance call me – I’m still lawyer – I lived in the US for close to twenty five years and I used to specialise in child custody cases. So did your mother.”

“Thanks dad,” Meredith said smiling. “Right lets show you Seattle.”

They left the coffee shop and walked around the market before driving up to the Space Needle. Thatcher was impressed with the view from the top.

“Oh there is another view in Seattle that will impress you,” Meredith said as they got into their cars.

A short while later Meredith pulled up at Derek’s land and got out of the car.

“You will have to forgive the mess the builders broke ground a few weeks ago and have just started on the foundations.”

“Foundations for what?” Thatcher asked as Meredith walked around the trees and on the clearing.

“Our house,” She replied.

Thatcher took one look at the view in front of him “Oh my goodness Meredith.”

“The whole back wall is going to be windows that overlook the view. This whole area is Derek’s. We planned and designed the house together. Well he said what he wanted and left the rest to me,” Meredith laughed.

Thatcher looked around the surroundings still amazed at the view in front of him.

“See now why I cannot leave Seattle,” Meredith said. “When I was in London... it was the only type of life I knew dad. Here I can be me.” She stopped and pointed out to the land, the view.

“I finally feel like I am a part of something. I talk to Derek’s parents more in a week than we have in three months, his sister’s text me every day to see how we are and Derek’s brother-in-law is improving my cooking skills via emails and web cam,” they both laughed at this.

“The thought of going back to ‘look after’ Molly literally makes me feel ill. I’m sorry if I sound selfish but I have my life here. I am wanted. I am loved and most of all I am respected.”

“You will be happy here Meredith,” Thatcher answered as they both walked back to their cars.

It was just after 3:30 when Meredith arrived back home. Derek was already home. She walked in through the door and went into the kitchen to find Derek preparing dinner.

“Something smells nice. Where’s Beth?” as she walked over and kissed him hello.

“It’s beef stroganoff,” Derek answered as he kissed her back. “Beth is napping. She is worn out after two times around the aquarium and the worst tantrum ever because we had to leave.”

“Oh god and she not even two yet!” Meredith groaned into his shoulder.

“I know. I finally got some peace by buying plastic sea animals that you can put in the bath,” Derek said.

“Great! Remind me to take them out before I bath again – the last thing I need after a hard day is a plastic mini jaws floating towards me,” Meredith answered.

Derek started to laugh “they are child friendly Mer – but yes it does pose a disturbing image,” Derek stopped what he was doing and looked at Meredith.

“How did today go?”

“Good. I took him on a quick tour of Seattle and showed him the land and the house. I let him see for himself why I could never go back to London,” Meredith said.

Derek continued to look at her.

“At the airport it felt weird, strange... I don’t know how to explain it,” Meredith said
“In what way?” Derek asked

“Like I was saying goodbye. Like it was going to be the last time I ever saw him. Because let’s face it I don’t want to go to London. Molly does not want to come here and mom and dad are going nowhere because of Molly.”

“Oh Mer,” Derek said as he pulled her in for a hug and started to rub her back.

After dinner Meredith was trying to bath Beth although there was probably more water on the floor and her than what was in the tub. Beth was having a great time playing with her new underwater animals. Derek had just gotten off the phone with his mother and had just entered the bathroom and noticed the mess.

“What happened in here?” Derek asked

“Your daughter is enjoying yourself. When I try and lift her out she squirts water at me,” Meredith replied.

“Bethany Morgan Shepherd what are we going to do with you?” Derek said as she sat down on the floor beside Meredith.

“I am convinced she is going to become a marine biologist or something like that when she grows up,” Meredith laughed. “Everything okay with your mom?”

“Yes – she wants the whole family together for one of the holidays this year. We have to let her know in the next few days,” Derek said as played with Beth.

“Derek – its only September.” Meredith stated.

“I know, but she is like this every year and because we missed both last year we have been ordered to spend at least one at the Cape. Mark and Lexie are also summoned,” Derek explained.

“Well I would prefer to work Thanksgiving and have Christmas off,” Meredith answered “that is if you are okay with that.”

“Yeah I think Nelson prefers to be off on Thanksgiving so there should be no problems in getting cover. I will call mom tomorrow and give her the good news,” Derek said as he reached and kissed Meredith.

“Christmas with the Shepherds at the Cape. Meredith Grey have you any idea what you have let yourself in to?” Derek asked

“Probably not,” Meredith smiled back.

They both faced the battle of lifting Beth from the bath and got her ready for bed with both of them reading her bedtime story.

A short while later they were both lying in their own bed. Derek had his hand resting on top of Meredith’s breast.

“Well it certainly been an eventful weekend,” Derek laughed.

“You got that right. So much for resting,” Meredith replied.

“It could not have been easy for you to see your father,” Derek said

“It wasn’t but having you here beside me makes it a lot better. If you had not been here or in my life I would probably be on the flight to London with him,” Meredith whispered.

“I am always going to be by your side Mer. Never forget that,” Derek said as he reached over and kissed her.
Loved it or hated it – please let me know! Please...



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Thank you to my beta reader who has helped me greatly this past week.

For this first scene think the Mark and Teddy scene with the chocolate sauce – only imagine Meredith and Derek instead...
Beep, beep, beep.

“What is that noise?” Derek said his voice groggy with sleep.

“Stupid alarm clock,” Meredith muttered.

“Turn it off”.

“You turn it off,” Meredith replied

“Your side of the bed”.

“I would – only I can’t move – I think I’m stuck to the bed sheets,” Meredith giggled.

Derek was now definitely awake and rolled over on top of Meredith and turned off the annoying alarm clock. He kissed her on the lips. “Stuck to the bed sheets?” he said as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“You must have missed some of that chocolate sauce last night,” Meredith smiled.

“Must have... “Derek said as he started to kiss down on her neck and down to her breasts.

“Um Derek... needs to get up... work...”

“Quickie, need my Saturday morning quickie,” Derek said in between kisses.

“Mama, dada!” Beth choose that exact moment to start singing and demand their attention.

“Perfect timing Beth,” Derek said as he stood up and got out of bed. “I’ll get Beth and start breakfast.”

“Okay – I think I will go shower – get the chocolate of my body,” Meredith said as she too got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Derek groaned at the image in his brain “Beth could you not have slept for another ten minutes,” he muttered as he headed for room.
Forty five minutes later and they were all in the car and heading to the hospital.

“Remind me why you are working today?” Derek asked Meredith

“Because I had a check up yesterday with Dr Torres and Weller and thought it would be easier to take the day off, and Mel wanted to swap shifts so she covered my Friday shift and I cover her Saturday. Besides I want to see how Toni is getting on,” Meredith answered.

“Toni?” Derek asked.

“New member of baby room staff evenings and weekends. From what I have heard from Mel and the others she is not exactly a team player and sits around all day and does nothing. I want to see for myself before I say anything to her,” Meredith explained.

Twenty minutes later and they were all in the crèche. Beth was giving Derek twenty goodbye kisses while Meredith chatted with Helen one of the nightshift staff.

Derek finally escaped Beth and ran over to Meredith “I have to go – I have a tumor removal to prep for – I’ll meet you for lunch later?”

“I don’t know if I can get away – we have a few more babies in than I thought,” Meredith said.

“Well in that case I will bring lunch to you” Derek kissed her “I’ll see you later,” He said as he headed for the lift.

By 7am Meredith had an hour of her shift over and was sitting playing with Carrie one of the new babies to the crèche. She was only twelve weeks old and it was her parents first week back at work and both were on call today. An hour in and Meredith already had one cup of coffee in her as she and Helen chatted about everything non work related when Megan and Toni arrived for their shifts.

Helen stood up and yawned “My cue to leave, I’m going home get some sleep, meet my daughter for lunch and see you all again at 4pm,” she said as she walked out of the baby room.

“Lucky you,” Meredith said before greeting both Megan and Toni and filling them in on the plan for the day.

Only problem was the babies did not want to co-operate with Meredith’s plan.
Derek meanwhile was not having a good morning. His tumor removal patient had taken a turn for the worse and died before he could start surgery. Derek had then been paged to the pit for a consult and now Mark wanted to talk to him.

He had just arrived in the canteen and grabbed a coffee when Mark arrived and he quickly found an empty table.

“What’s wrong?” Derek asked Mark as they both sat down.

Mark looked up at his best friend with a strange look on his face.

“What have you done?” Derek asked knowing that look so well.

“I already did it eighteen years ago,” Mark said.

“You have lost me Mark.”

“Remember in high school I started dating one of the cheerleaders?” Mark started to explain.

“Mark you dated, sorry slept with the entire cheerleading team!” Derek stated.

“True,” Mark arched his eyebrow. “Okay remember Kayleigh, the cute little blonde that I dated for a few months?”

“Um, the one that moved suddenly to Florida,” Derek said.

“Yeah. I um, never told you this but... she ... she was pregnant when she left. I didn’t want anything to do with her,” Mark muttered.

“Oh my god. You never surprise me Mark,” Derek replied.

“Well my daughter who funnily enough Kayleigh decided to call Sloane is here in Seattle. Sitting in my office...”


“And there’s more,” Mark said as he took a deep breath.

“Go on,” Derek said lifting his cup of coffee

“She’s eight months pregnant,” Mark said.

Derek froze. He opened his mouth but no words were coming out.
Meanwhile up in the crèche Meredith soon realised why everyone was complaining about Toni. She had literally sat her ass on the sofa with baby Carrie and had not moved for the last two hours. She even had the cheek to ask Megan to change Carrie’s dirty diaper. Meredith’s response had been a simple

“You smelled it, you change it”.

By eleven o’clock lunchtime could not come quick enough. All the babies were hyper and she knew that by the time lunch would be over her Megan would be exhausted and hopefully the babies might sleep for a few hours. At the moment though she just wanted five seconds of perfect peace and quiet.

Toni had finally changed Carrie’s diaper when Meredith decided to give Toni some real baby room hard work.

“Toni just set Carrie in the bouncer please. You wouldn’t do me a huge favour and take Jacob out for a walk outside – he starting to annoy the younger babies,” Meredith said nicely.

“What do you mean a walk?” Toni looked confused at the request.

“Well he is nearly walking and needs a lot of encouragement so rather than climbing on top of the babies and pulling the cushions off the sofa I thought you could take him outside and walk around the play area for a while. I know he enjoys that,” Meredith explained.

Toni’s response was a muttered “fine” as she went to go and get Jacob’s coat.

Once they were outside Megan turned around and said “See what we have been telling you... and this is a good day.”

“Oh trust me she will have anything but a good day once I am finished with her,” Meredith laughed. “Just if I shout or bark out orders, it’s not aimed at you” Meredith explained to Megan.

Thirty minutes later and all hell broke loose again – it was lunchtime!

Zara came into the room with the lunch tray and set it down by the small kitchen area in the room.

“Meredith let me know when you need to cover your lunches – you look like you need some help,” Zara said

“I will – thanks,” Meredith replied as she fastened Jacob and another baby into the highchairs for their lunch. Little Carrie was playing happily in the bouncer beside her hitting the farm animals on the attached mobile.

“I’ll just give Carrie her bottle,” Toni said as Megan stood preparing the lunches for each child.

“No Toni she’s not crying,” Meredith replied – she knew exactly the game Toni was playing feed the little cute baby and therefore not have to do any hard work.

“But she is due her feed,” Toni stated getting slightly pissed off that her plan was not working.

“She will let us know soon enough when she wants it,” Meredith said playing with Jacob in the highchair. “If you could put Noah and Bonnie in the highchairs and give them their lunch that would be great thanks.”

“That’s the lunches prepared,” Megan said as lifted a younger baby and put them into the bouncer and gave them their lunch.

Twenty minutes later and Toni was not amused – she was now on diaper duty while Megan was heating up those who needed a bottle – including Carrie before going for a sleep.

Meredith knew for sure that Jacob and Noah would not settle easily and by now Carrie was screaming for her bottle.

“Here you go Mer,” Megan said as she gave two bottles of heated milk – one for Carrie and one of Jacob.

“Thanks,” Meredith replied as sat back on the sofa. Her right foot was gently rocking the bouncer with Noah in it while Jacob was lying between her and the back of the sofa whilst she gave Carrie her bottle.

Megan was getting the rest of the babies down to sleep in the cot room while Toni was doing the dishes when Derek walked in carrying a bag which contained lunch.

“Safe to come in?” he asked.

“Just about,” Meredith answered as he sat down beside her. “It will be a while before I can go for lunch,” Meredith explained.

“No rush,” Derek said smiling at the baby in Meredith’s arms.

Peace had finally descended in the baby room as Toni and Megan both leant up against the counter.

“Listen it’s been a busy morning, why don’t both of you go for lunch now and take an extra fifteen minutes,” Meredith said.

Both looked grateful when Megan replied “Thanks Mer. Do you want me to get Zara on the way past?”

“Please, thanks Megan,” Meredith said.

As soon as they were out the door Derek turned around and asked “How bad?”

“You have no idea,” Meredith said “I just need five seconds of peace and quiet.”

“Okay,” Derek said as he stood up and knelt down beside her. He reached over and kissed her left cheek, then her right cheek, her nose, her forehead and then on the lips.

“Five seconds of peace and quiet,” Derek whispered.

“Perfect,” Meredith replied as Zara came into the room.

By now both Noah and Jacob were fast asleep. Zara lifted Jacob into the cot room and Meredith decided to let Noah sleep in the bouncer. Carrie was still taking her bottle and Derek could not take his eyes of the gorgeous little baby in Meredith’s arms.

Zara offered to take the lunch dishes down to the main kitchen for Meredith. Derek opened and closed the door and when she gone sat back down beside Meredith.

“I have some news for you.”

“Oh really. News or gossip?” Meredith asked.

“Well it depends on how you look at it,” Derek said.

“Okay...” Meredith asked now curious.

“Mark’s eighteen year old daughter who he wanted nothing to do with is currently sitting in his office,” Derek said.

“What!” Meredith exclaimed trying not to disturb the baby in her arms.

“It’s get better, she’s eight months pregnant.”

Meredith looked at Derek. “Tell me you are joking”

“No I just meet her. She has Mark’s nose. Her first name is Sloane... after her father of course.”

“You are joking Derek.”

“Meredith I am serious.”

“Oh.My. God.” Meredith said. She bit her lip but it didn’t work. The thought of Mark Sloan being a father was funny enough, but the thought of him being a granddad at the age of 36 was enough to bring tears to her eyes and she started to laugh. A few seconds later and Derek joined in.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have laughed it’s just...” Meredith tried to explain.

“Mark... dad to granddad to one day?” Derek asked.


“I know – I nearly fell off the chair when he told me,” Derek said.

Derek spent the next few minutes telling Meredith what Mark had told him. When Sloane found out she was pregnant her mother kicked her out of the house and she went to live with the baby’s father. A few months later and he got a job in Portland and they both moved to the city however a few weeks ago Sloane found him sleeping with another woman. She found out Mark was living in Seattle and decided to pay her father visit.

“Why do I get a feeling she is only here to get money from Mark?” Meredith said

“I thought the same thing too,” Derek said.

“What about Lexie?” Meredith asked.

“Not too pleased that Mark offered Sloane to stay with them until the baby is born,” Derek said. “I think we are both in for a long night.”

“I think we are in for several long nights,” Meredith muttered as Carrie started to cry. “She’s tired,” she explained to Derek.

At that moment Derek’s pager went off and he ran out of the room before it would waken any of the babies.

Meredith stood up and walked around the baby room with Carrie in her arms and gently rubbing her back trying to get her sleep. Carrie’s head was lying gently on Meredith’s shoulder when Derek walked back into the room.

Derek literally froze at the image in front of him and started to smile. In that exact moment he wished that it was their baby that Meredith was holding so gently and tenderly in her arms.

Meredith turned around and saw Derek standing at the door. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” He grinned at her “There’s an emergency coming in and I am needed in pit”. He walked over to her and kissed her. He couldn’t help but stroke the top of baby Carrie’s head and they both shared a look.

“I’ll leave your lunch in the office for you. Promise me you will take a proper break,” Derek said as he headed for the door.

“I promise. Call me when you’re finished,” Meredith replied.

“I will. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Meredith said as Derek took one last look and closed the door behind him.

It was finally 6pm and the evening and nightshift had arrived at the crèche and Meredith was just waiting on Derek. He had just texted her to let her know he would be a few minutes late as he had scrubbed out of surgery.

She would be glad to get home Meredith thought as she sat down at her desk and put her feet up on the desk. Beth was sitting on the sofa playing with some of her toys when Helen came in.

“Well how did today go?” the older woman asked.

“Trust me when I say that Toni now knows what it is like to a do a full day’s work,” Meredith said.

“About time too,” Helen laughed

“She was so tired I had to let her finish an hour early – I thought she was going to fall asleep,” Meredith laughed.

“So what are you Derek doing tonight?” Helen asked.

“Chinese, wine, movie – that was the plan this morning what it is now is anybody’s guess,” Meredith saw the look on Helen’s face “I have a feeling we are going to be relationship counsellors tonight.”

“Rather you than me,” Helen said as she was called back into the baby room.

A few minutes later Derek arrived looking apologetic.

“Sorry I’m late – listen...” Derek said as he started to explain.

“Let me guess Mark wants to go drinking and pour his heart out which means I will have Lexie arriving at the house later doing the same thing,” Meredith said in one breath.

“How did you guess?”

“I know our friends so well,” Meredith replied. “Go... talk some sense into Mark if that is at all possible.”

“If it’s any consolation Christina will be with you, Owen is coming too help,” Derek said as he gave Meredith a quick kiss.

“Christina and relationship advice – this will be interesting,” Meredith muttered.

An hour later and Derek really was trying to listen to what his best friend was saying – truly he was, but his mind kept going back to earlier – Derek swore he would never forget the image of his girlfriend holding that tiny baby and it made him broody.

“I mean I don’t understand what her problem is,” Mark said

“You invited your daughter to live you – which as very noble of you by the way, the daughter that Lexie did not know existed until today without asking her first,” Derek stated.

“Yeah because I didn’t think she would be like this. Lexie is great. She is kind caring, comes from a great family and loves kids. I didn’t think she would say no,” Mark rambled on “I mean look at how many times your family has come to visit and Meredith has never argued with you over it.”

“Mark there is a difference. For starters Meredith knows my family, she loves my family and I check with her beforehand.”

“I’ve blown it haven’t it?” Mark asked.

“Well you asked your girlfriend of nine months if she would help you raise your grandchild, bearing in mind she didn’t even know you were a father,” Owen recapped “I would say you have serious grovelling to do.”

“Definitely,” Derek agreed.

Back at the house Meredith and Christina were having the same discussion with Lexie.

“I mean we were sitting having breakfast and the doorbell rang and there she was standing there all blond and posing,” Lexie rambled.

“How can you pose when your eight months pregnant?” asked Christina

“She was posing and fluttering her eyelids and I swear he was checking her out until she told him who she was and the next thing I know she is asking if she could stay with him and asking if he could help her with the baby, and Mark answers ‘oh me and Lexie would be happy to help’. Seriously,” Lexie continued.

“He probably just wants to get to know his daughter,” Meredith tried to reassure Lexie.

“Don’t get me wrong I love kids I do, but I want to be a surgeon. I want to prove myself as a surgeon before I even think of having kids,” Lexie continued.

Christina passed the wine bottle to Meredith and they shared a look – it was going to be a long night.

Back at Joes Derek was getting into a taxi with Mark. He had long stopped trying to talk to Mark – he wasn’t listening anyway. Derek’s mind still went to back to Meredith holding the baby...

“Hey are you even listening to me? I’m pouring my heart to you here pal,” Mark said.

“Sorry, I was miles away,” Derek smiled

“Okay what’s your problem?”

“Excuse me?”

“You have been miles away all night – you have listened to me all night – so share,” Mark stated.

“Nothing really. I saw Meredith holding a young baby today and it got me thinking that’s all,” Derek said and then realised what he was saying. “Sorry Mark, I didn’t realise”.

“No, its okay. You and Meredith are the perfect couple; of course you want to have more kids,” Mark answered.

“I never said I wanted kids Mark,” Derek said

“Yes you do Derek you have that look in your eye, you want a whole baseball team,” Mark laughed.

“Truthfully, I can’t wait Mark; god if it was up to me Meredith would be pregnant within the year,” Derek said.

“She doesn’t?” Mark asked slightly shocked.

“She does, just not yet and I’m not going to rush her either,” Derek said.

The taxi pulled up outside Derek’s house and as he got out Derek turned around and said to Mark “stay here, I’ll get Lexie and for goodness talk and listen to the girl.”

Meredith saw the taxi pull up and went and opened the door for Derek.

“Hey how did you get on?” Meredith asked as she kissed him hello.

“Don’t ask. What about you?”

“Lexie is currently throwing up in our bathroom,” Meredith answered.


“Yeah. Hi Mark,” Meredith said as Mark walked up the path and in through the front door


“She’s upstairs Mark, Christina is with her,” Meredith said

“I’ll go and ask the cab driver to wait,” Derek said and walked back out the front door.

“Meredith I have to know what did she tell you? Help me out here; I need to fix this please,” Mark begged.

“Mark you and Derek have been friends for years and I’m sure you have told him things that you do not want me to know. Well Lexie has probably told me things that she does not want me to tell you,” Meredith explained.

Mark nodded his head in agreement.

“I just thought we could live together and raise the baby together. I would sort of be making amends for the past and Lexie loves kids,” Mark tried to explain. “I mean you’re the same age as Lexie and you want kids and Derek has already said that he intends to get you pregnant within the year, so why can’t Lexie be like that.”

“Derek said what?” Meredith glared at Mark.


“Remember a few minutes ago I said about things being told in confidence? I think Derek told you in private,” Meredith stated and took a deep breath before continuing.

“I am going to forget you said that. Listen just because I love Derek and want to have kids and this perfect little family does not mean to say that Lexie is exactly the same,” Meredith tried to explain.

Mark nodded his head in understanding. “I’m going to wait for her in the taxi”.

Mark turned and around and meet Derek at the front door. “I think I might have dropped you in it,” Before patting his shoulder and walked down the path. Before Derek could react Lexie and Christina came down the stairs and hugged Meredith goodnight.

“I can’t believe I have to share a taxi with these too,” Christina grumbled.

“Owen’s meeting you at Joe’s,” Derek said

“Thank god. I need alcohol,” Christina said as she helped Lexie get into the taxi.

Derek smiled “Rather her than me,” as he closed the door and saw Meredith standing with her arms crossed.

“Pregnant within the year!” Meredith stated.

“Meredith I can explain,” Derek said as he followed her down the hallway and into the kitchen.

“Pregnant within the year,” Meredith said again as she leaned against the kitchen counter with a glass of wine in her hand.

“I saw you today with the baby Meredith,” Derek said

“I know”.

“I have never seen you with a small baby before. You never got to see Beth at that age. When she was a true baby,” Derek smiled at the memories.

“True baby?” Meredith said

“Beth was crawling when we met and she was already grown up and on the move,” Derek ran his hand through his hair “how can I explain this?”

“People laugh at me when I say this,” Meredith said smiling “as soon as one of the babies starts crawling they are no longer a baby to me. They are a toddler. They are on the move, they know what they want and from that moment are continuing learning and growing. A baby is small and completely depended on you for everything.”

“They need and trust you to care for them,” Derek said completely understanding what she was saying. “I saw how happy you were to have that baby in your arms and she looked so peaceful with her head resting on your shoulder and I ... wished and prayed that she was our baby Meredith,” Derek was looking straight at her.

“I only thought about it this evening and said it to Mark half an hour ago in the taxi,” Derek said as he walked over to the counter and faced her.

“I do not want to force you into anything.”

“I know you won’t,” Meredith replied as she leaned forward and kissed him.

She knew she hadn’t really answered his question, but Meredith knew that Derek was happy with her answer. He knew that they would have a baby eventually.

The soft kiss got more passionate and the next thing she knew she was sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Beth,” Derek muttered as he kissed down her neck

“Fast asleep,” Meredith muttered her hands pulling on his hair.

“Good,” Derek said as started to remove her pants as Meredith started to remove his belt.
If you have read please review...

This has been a busy week and I need lots of motivation to write... please...!!!




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Who are these people? Shocked

Mark asking his daughter to move in with them and expect his girlfriend to raise the baby, and without asking Lexie?

If I was Lexie I would walk away and become a surgeon first. That, is her dream.

Then Mark lets slip that Derek wants Meredith pregnant in a year?

Oh boy!!!!!
Fun and games.

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For your information - there are two Sam’s in this update – Sam Bennett from Private Practice and Derek’s little sister Sam who will be known as Samantha in the update to avoid any confusion!

As always thanks to everyone who has commented and I wish i owned the show...

“Please let this be over soon,” Meredith thought to herself.

She was sitting at her desk in the office answering what could only be described as a barrage of questions regarding the crèche security. Adele was sitting beside her and was now on to her third description of their current security system with a representative of Child Services who was carrying out a routine check on the nursery.

Meredith sat and crossed her legs and silently crossed her fingers that Ms Blackman would not turn round and ask her any questions. Her head was pounding after describing in detail what had happened on the day of the shootings. Nearly five months later Meredith still found it hard to talk about, and the image of Melanie lying dying in front of her still haunted her.

Adele had received notice of the inspection last week and since then everyone had worked nonstop cleaning and tidying their rooms from top to bottom in preparation especially considering Ms Blackwood was famous for being hard to impress. So much so Adele had asked Meredith to wear a suit instead of her normal casual attire or staff uniform which was why Meredith was currently sitting in charcoal grey pin-stripe suit, white blouse and ankle boots.

There was a knock at the door and Mel walked into the office.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but one of the babies has just been sick...” Mel did not need to finish her sentence as Meredith stood glad of a chance to escape.

“Excuse me Ms Blackman,” Meredith smiled at the older woman before walking over to the door and into the baby room.

“Mel are you okay?” Meredith asked once in the baby room, “You look like you have been crying?” Meredith asked gently.

“I’m okay, I just didn’t expect to have to relive the shootings again, and as for the inspection...” Mel answered as she walked over to baby Carrie.

“We all knew what we were in for when we heard who was coming. It’s her first visit so she probably wants to know everything in order to inspect everything properly,” Meredith sympathised with Mel as she gently rubbed her shoulder in support.

“Anyway Carrie is projectile vomiting again and we are in the middle of lunches...” Mel explained.

“Don’t worry I’ll take Carrie and get her cleaned up and then call her parents,” Meredith said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. My excuse to escape the interrogation,” Meredith smiled.

“But your suit...” Mel asked.

“Well if it gets covered in puke then Adele will get the cleaning bill. I told her that this was not practical for working in the crèche but was told to ‘give a good impression’,” Meredith stated as she picked up the baby and headed over to the changing area.
Fifteen minutes later and baby Carrie was fast asleep. Her grandmother was coming to collect her. Meredith saw the note that Adele has left explaining that she was showing Ms Blackman to her car.

Meredith walked out of the crèche and down to the lobby where Adele was currently waving goodbye to their visitor. Derek was standing there talking to Richard and they both walked over to their respective partners.

“Well how did it go?” Derek asked as he kissed Meredith on the cheek.

“I have a headache from the interrogation of the shootings and she has reduced Mel to tears,” Meredith answered.

“I had to explain the security procedures three times,” Adele stated. “But she was pleased and gave us top marks.”

“Thank goodness,” Meredith said “I know she is only doing her job but that had to be the hardest inspection we have ever had.”

“I agree. She is either very detailed or going senile,” Adele answered.

Derek and Richard laughed at this comment which earned a dirty look from both women.

“Richard you are taking me for lunch, that little Italian place on the waterfront,” Adele stated.

“Yes dear,” Richard answered.

“Let me go upstairs and get my stuff and tell the staff we passed and then I am out of here. Meredith you should do the same,” Adele said as she headed over to the lifts.

Meredith turned around and faced Derek.

“There is a pasta salad with your name on it in my office,” Derek said.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever,” Meredith said smiling.

“And you’re the hottest girlfriend ever!”

“Derek I smell of vomit,” Meredith said rolling her eyes. Looking at Derek’s puzzled expression she explained “Carrie was sick and I had to change her.”

“Um, well you definitely don’t smell,” Derek said he threw his arm around her shoulder and headed for his office “now let’s head for my office and you can unwind for a while.”
Thirty minutes later and Meredith was collapsed on top of Derek’s desk and trying to catch her breath from the mind blowing orgasm.

“Better?” Derek asked

“Oh yes!”

“How is your headache?”

“What headache?” Meredith laughed as Derek bent down and kissed her on her nose.

“I told you you’d unwind in my office,” Derek laughed.

“Yeah I just didn’t think there would be two screaming orgasm’s involved!” Meredith said as she stood up and started to get dressed.

“Well I aim to please.”

“You certainly did,” Meredith said smiling at him. “Where’s my salad – I’m starving?” Meredith asked.

“In the paper bag on the sofa,” Derek smiled as he tried to re-organise his desk.

“Thank you,” Meredith said

“You’re welcome... dear,” Derek grinned in reply. As soon as he sat down his pager beeped as Meredith’s cell phone rang.

Derek lifted his phone and after a few seconds looked over at Meredith who was just hanging up too.

“I have to go down the waiting area a friend of mine from college has just arrived,” Derek said. “You?”

“Beth fell in the playground and has grazed her knee,” Meredith said.

Derek looked conflicted. He did not know where to go first – check on his daughter or greet an old friend. Meredith saw the look on his face.

“Go and meet your friend and I’ll deal with Beth... and yes I will keep you updated,” Meredith said as she kissed his cheek.

“Okay, he hasn’t met Beth yet so we will probably come straight up,” Derek said.
As Derek walked down to the reception area he could not help but wonder why Dr Sam Bennett had suddenly decided to visit Seattle on the spur of the moment.

Derek and Sam had met in college and while Derek had went into neurosurgery Sam ventured into cardio but now practised internal medicine at his own private practice in Los Angeles. They still kept in contact and Sam had always mentioned bringing his wife Naomi and daughter Maya up to Seattle for a long welcome and see Derek’s daughter.

As soon as Derek saw Sam standing alone he knew something was wrong.

“Hey Derek,” Sam answered as they hugged his earlier.

“You should have told me you were coming I would have picked you up at the airport,” Derek said.

“Spur of the moment thing. Besides I thought it was about time I saw Beth and your new girlfriend,” Sam smiled.

“Where are Naomi and Maya?” Derek asked frowning.

“In LA. It’s a long story,” Sam sighed.

“Okay. Well why don’t we go up to the crèche, Beth just fell in the playground and has grazed her knee and I want to check on her,” Derek said.

A few minutes later and they were in the crèche and Derek had briefly filled Sam in on everything that had happened.

“Meredith sounds like an incredible woman,” Sam said

“She is,” Derek beamed as he walked into her office and found her curled up on the sofa with Beth sitting on her knee and resting her head on her chest as Meredith read her a story.

“Hey – she okay?” Derek asked

“Just a graze, she is milking the attention,” Meredith laughed.

“Sounds like Beth,” Derek replied as he lifted his daughter and gave her a kiss.

“Dada who dat?” Beth pointed at the strange man at the door.

“That is Sam, and he is my friend,” Derek replied.

“Hello Beth,” Sam said as Beth hugged her daddy tighter.

“She can be a little shy sometimes,” Derek explained. “Anyway Sam this is Meredith”

Meredith stood up and walked over to them as Derek continued the introductions .

“Meredith this is Sam Bennett,” Derek said.

“We have spoken a few times on the phone Derek. It’s good to put a face to the name,” Meredith said.

They sat and chatted for a few minutes as Meredith prepared to finish for the day and invited Sam over for dinner.

Derek helped Meredith down to her car and kissed her goodbye and walked back into the hospital.

“I like her,” Sam said “and Beth is adorable.”

“Thanks. They both mean the world to me,” Derek answered “Why don’t we grab a coffee and I tell you all about the latest adventures of Mark Sloan.”

“Oh no what has he done now?”
After grabbing the coffee Derek brought Sam up to his office – silently thanking god he had a chance to tidy up after his rendezvous with Meredith a short while ago.

“Mark Sloan – a granddad?” Sam stated



“Right there with you,” Derek said as he sat down.

“Sloane arrived in Seattle a month ago and wanted Mark to help her raise the baby,” Derek explained. “His girlfriend Lexie was not pleased with the idea and they have now separated. Mark has just gone and bought the most expensive nursery furniture in Seattle and now Sloane has decided to put the baby for adoption.”


“Trust me he will tell you all about it over dinner,” Derek said “So what about you how’s LA?”

“Busy. The practice is doing really well, Maya is now 16 and has a boyfriend,” Sam said

“Not sweet little Maya...”

“Get used to it Derek you have a daughter now too,” Sam grinned.

“I keep telling Mer that Beth is grounded until she is 40,” Derek stated

Sam laughed out loud. “He’s a good kid,” Sam explained.

They chatted for another few minutes before Sam sat forward on the sofa, “listen Derek the reason why I am here unannounced, it’s... it’s about Addison.”

Derek felt his stomach lurch at the mention of his missing wife’s name.

“What about her?” Derek said through clenched teeth

“She was in LA,” Sam said

“What? When? Is she still there? Jesus Sam you could have told me,” Derek said all at the same time.

“Derek calm down let me explain.”

Derek nodded his head in agreement.

“I only found out last night. I swear,” Sam said “Things have not been great lately between Naomi and myself which is probably why I didn’t know about this earlier,” He said as he leaned back in the sofa.

“Last night I overheard Naomi and Maya talking. It turns out Maya is on the pill and Addison prescribed it while she was in LA.” Sam looked over at Derek who had a face like thunder.

“Apparently Addison was in town about a month ago to do a surgery at St Ambrose Hospital on a high risk pregnancy. I don’t know all the details but apparently she has come up with a procedure and it is made her very popular in neo-natal surgery.”

“Sounds like Addison,” Derek said.

“She and Naomi met up and Naomi being Naomi tried to encourage her to come back to you and be a mother to Beth. Addison explained that she did not know how to be a mother so of course Naomi tried to show her and encourage her. They arranged to meet up the following day after Addison checked on her patient, only Addison did not turn up – she had already left LA,” Sam explained.

“Sounds familiar,” Derek stated.

“Naomi swears on Maya’s life Derek that she has no idea where she has she gone.”
“Does she know we are in Seattle?” Derek asked.

“Yes, Naomi told her,” Sam answered.

“Great, that’s just what I need,” Derek said as he stood up and started pacing the room.

“I don’t want her anywhere near Beth Sam,” Derek said.

“I understand Derek, I do that’s why I came here in person to tell you,” Sam explained.

“All I want from that woman is to sign the divorce papers. She filed for divorce, I signed the papers and now the solicitors are waiting for her to reply,” Derek stopped pacing and leaned up against his desk.

“I just want the divorce finalised so I can propose to Meredith. I also want to let Meredith adopt Beth,” Derek explained.

“I thought she signed over full custody to you?” Sam asked.

“She did. I just want to make sure and keep it right,” Derek said “I would appreciate if you did not tell Meredith any of this.”

“Derek...” Sam said but saw the look on Derek’s face “okay, my lips are sealed.”
Derek spent the rest of the afternoon showing Sam around the hospital and then took him on a quick tour of Seattle before heading home.

Meredith was on the telephone when they arrived.

“Okay thank you for letting me know”

“Everything okay?” Derek asked as he kissed her hello

“Yes, Marcie has just had a baby boy 7lbs 8ozs both mother and son are doing well,” Meredith smiled.

“That’s great!” Derek smiled.

“John Patrick after his two grandfathers,” Meredith said “I better text Mel and let her know.”

“That’s a very traditional name for Marcie,” Derek said.

“Tell me about it I was expecting a really weird name,” Meredith said as she set her phone back on the counter “oh where are my manners? Sam let me show your room,” Meredith replied.

Derek smiled at Meredith and walked over to Beth and got a big sloppy kiss from his daughter. There was no way Addison was going to worm her way back into their lives – not if he had anything to do with it. Just then his cell phone beeped.

Meredith and Sam had got to the bottom of the stairs when Derek read out his message

“Looks like Marcie is not the only one having a baby today – Mark just texted – Sloane is in labour.”

Derek and Sam had debated about driving to the hospital to support their friend and decided to have dinner first and then drive down.

As they arrived at the hospital Derek’s cell phone rang. As soon as he answered it he heard Mark yelling it was a boy.

“Congratulations granddad Sam and I are in the lobby we are on our way,” Derek said. He quickly sent a text to Meredith to let her know the news.
Meredith had just got Beth into bed when her cell phone beeped and she read the message. She had literally just sat down on the sofa when Mel called for ideas on what to buy Marcie and her baby. After twenty minutes they finally agreed on an outfit and baby box that would store the first footprint, first lock of hair etc with Meredith volunteering to go buy it the next day.

She had just hung up when the telephone rang again – this time it was Samantha – as in Derek’s little sister.

“Hey I have been trying to get you for the last fifteen minutes,” Samantha said.

“Sorry I was speaking to Mel, one of the nursery staff just had a baby boy and we were trying to decide on a present,” Meredith explained.

“Oh how lovely,” Samantha said.

“It gets better. Derek is at the hospital with Mark – Sloane has also just had a baby boy,” Meredith laughed.

“Oh.My. God!” Samantha squealed down the phone. “Gav call mom tell her Mark has a grandson!” All Meredith could hear in the background was glass breaking and Gavin cursing loudly.

“Is everything okay?” Meredith was scared to ask.

“Gav just dropped a glass at the thought of Mark changing a dirty diaper,” Samantha explained “Is she still considering adoption?”

“Last I heard yes, but Mark thinks she will change her mind once she sees the baby,” Meredith said as she curled up into a ball “what a day. I wonder should I call Lexie and let her know,” Meredith thought.

“Oh yes – how did the inspection go?” Samantha asked.

“Do you not mean interrogation?” Meredith replied.

“Oh dear,” Samantha replied.

“Yep – I had to give great detail of what happened on the day of the shootings, what happened afterwards, how I was feeling and if I can do my job. After all that she gave us the thumbs up and reduced the baby room supervisor to tears” Meredith explained

“Sounds like a fun day! As for Lexie I don’t know what to advise for the best.” Samantha said

“She is a friend and I want to tell her and I know she will be pleased for Mark, but she is still depressed about the break-up.” Meredith explained.

“Well I have some news to cheer you up...” Samantha laughed.

“What?” Meredith asked.

“I’m pregnant, I just found out today!”

“Oh my god, Sam that’s brilliant! Congratulations!”

They sat and chatted for another twenty minutes with Meredith promising to get Derek to call his baby sister when he got home regardless of the time.

Meredith stood up and was half way to the kitchen to get a glass of wine when the phone rang again... and groaned.

“Hello?” Meredith answered.

“Oh good I thought you would still be on with Samantha,” Carolyn Shepherd said down the phone.

“Carolyn, can you hold for one minute please?” Meredith asked.

“Sure,” Carolyn answered as Meredith set down the hand held phone and quickly grabbed a wine bottle and the bottle of wine from the fridge and headed back for the sofa.

“I’m back. How are you?” Meredith asked as she took a sip of wine.

“Great – did Samantha tell you the news?” Carolyn asked.

“Yes she did – it’s the third baby announcement I have heard today,” Meredith laughed “did Gavin call you?”

“Yes he did – Mark Sloan a granddad – never in my life,” Carolyn laughed too “hold on three baby announcements? Mark, Samantha... oh Meredith are you...” Carolyn bit her lip.

“No I am not,” Meredith said without realising how it must have sounded “Sorry it’s been a busy day. First one was Marcie from the crèche had a boy, then Sloane and now Samantha,” Meredith explained.

Meredith and Carolyn chatted for a while and the call ended with Meredith promising she would get Derek to call her too as soon as he got home.

Meredith leaned back into the sofa , closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She finally had two minutes of peace and quiet when someone knocked the front door.

“For the love of ...” Meredith muttered as she got to the front door and opened to find Lexie standing there in tears.

“Lexie what’s wrong?” Meredith asked as Lexie fell into her arms.

“Oh Mer, I need your help, I went to the drugstore but... I... can’t... do it alone,” Lexie cried.

“Do what alone?” Meredith asked as she closed the front door.

“A pregnancy test,” Lexie answered.

‘Kill me now’ was the first thought going through Meredith’s brain.

“Go upstairs and take the test Lexie – I am right here,” Meredith said.

As Lexie went upstairs Meredith headed for the kitchen and another bottle of wine she only got as far as the kitchen when Derek and Sam arrived home.

“Mer,” Derek called out.

“In the kitchen,” Meredith replied.

“Hey wait till you see this, this is the first photo of Sloan Junior,” Derek said as he handed Meredith his cell phone.

“Cute,” Meredith replied handing back his phone “you need to call your baby sister and then your mother.”

“Why what’s happened?” Derek asked worried by Meredith’s tone.

“Nothing – all is good - just call your sister first and then Carolyn wants details on the baby,” Meredith smiled.

“But it’s after midnight in Boston?”

“Derek for the love of God phone them. I am away to check on Lexie” Meredith stated as headed for the stairs.

“Lexie’s here?” Derek said looking around for the brunette.

“Yes. She is upstairs in our bathroom doing a pregnancy test,” Meredith answered.

“Oh God,” Derek ran his hand through his hair.

“Exactly and I have no idea if she knows that Mark is now a granddad,” Meredith said as she headed up the stairs. “Oh and Derek once you have called your family – unplug the bloody phone it has not stopped all night,” Meredith said at the top of the stairs.

Derek turned round and looked at Sam and said “Welcome to the chaos that is our life.”

Forty minutes later after a chat Lexie was on her way home. Meredith decided to tell her about Mark and she was pleased for him.

Derek and Sam were chatting in the kitchen when they heard the front door close and saw Meredith come into the kitchen.

“I’m going to be an uncle,” Derek beamed.

“I know,” Meredith beamed back.

“Is she?” Derek asked referring to Lexie.

“No, she is not pregnant. What is it with all this baby stuff today?” Meredith asked as she sat on the stool at the island.

“A weird coincidence?” Derek answered.

“As much as I love them I don’t want to talk anymore about babies,” Meredith stated “So Sam please tell me some embarrassing stories about Derek.”

The next morning had Nancy, Jennifer and Kathleen all call them before 8am to share the news of Samantha’s pregnancy and for the latest information on ‘Sloan Junior’ and by now it was Derek instead of Meredith who was threatening to disconnect the phone.

“Well they are just making sure we keep them up-to-date,” Meredith as she prepared Beth’s breakfast.

“Ah how I miss the Shepherd grapevine,” Sam laughed “no secrets in that family Meredith.”

“Very funny,” Derek said to Sam before continuing “I mean nothing is going to change in the four hours between speaking with mom last night and Nancy this morning. Remind me the next time to call her at 4:30 east coast time.”

“Someone is grumpy this morning Beth,” Meredith said to the toddler who was currently laughing at her father stumping and banging around the kitchen “Daddy is mad at aunt Nancy for calling so early that it woke him, it doesn’t matter that you woke me at 3am with your teething.”

“She woke at 3am?” Derek stopped what he doing and looked at them.

“Yep Meredith held her while I got the medicine,” Sam answered.

“And you don’t hear us complaining,” Meredith muttered.

“Sorry,” Derek said as he came over and kissed the top of her head.

“Sam we better go if you need to catch your flight,” Derek said to his friend.

On the road to the airport Sam and Derek talked more about Addison and Sam promised to keep Derek up-to-date on her whereabouts.

“Give my love to Naomi and Maya,” Derek said as they hugged goodbye.

“Will do... and Derek – I really like Meredith. You’re perfect for each other,” Sam said.
A few hours later and Meredith was heading for the nursery wing of the hospital to see Marcie and baby John. Beth was toddling along beside her carrying the card that all the crèche staff had just signed feeling like the most important person in the world while Meredith was carrying the present and holding on to Beth’s hand.

Baby John was cute and Marcie was delighted for the present. Meredith and Beth did not stay long as Marcie’s parents had just arrived and Meredith said her goodbyes.

She took Beth’s hand and walked past the nurse’s desk and saw Mark.

“Ark!” Beth squealed.

Mark turned round and smiled when Beth flew into his arms “Hey munchkin – what are you doing here?”

“Visiting Marcie and her baby and then coming to see you. Carolyn wants all the details,” Meredith smiled before hugging Mark “Congratulations granddad!”

Mark’s response was a muttered “I wish.”

“What do you mean?” Meredith asked.

“Sloane has just contacted the family that are going to adopt him. I have thirty minutes with him before they arrive.” Mark said the tears evident in his voice.

“Oh Mark, come here,” Meredith said as she pulled him in for another hug.

After a few minutes Meredith pulled away “Can I see him?”

“Of course. Derek is on his way as well,” Mark said as he led the way to Sloane’s hospital room.

A few minutes later Derek arrived to see Meredith holding the baby. He looked over and smiled at her. God he could not wait to have a baby with her.

He knew that he should tell her about Addison but couldn’t. He decided on the road back from the airport that he would tell her once the divorce had been finalised.

Meredith gave the tiny baby back to Mark. She walked over to Derek and whispered in his ear. “Stay with him – I’ll call your mom and let her know what is happening.”

Later that night in bed they lay each other arms, neither of them could sleep.

“How is Mark?”

“Gutted. Sloane is moving back to live with her mom in Florida as soon as she as she is medically fit to travel,” Derek said as he stroked her hair.

“So she was after his money after all,” Meredith whispered.

“Yeah. Nothing I say to him will make him feel any better,” Derek said.

“Being here is enough,” Meredith said as Derek pulled her closer and kissed her.

“Get some sleep – it’s been a crazy few days.”

The only problem was Derek could not sleep. Addison now knew he now lived in Seattle and every time he closed his eyes all Derek could see was the day she arrived on his doorstep wanting to see Beth.
Okay, Addison has been mentioned... so what happens now.......

What I would really love now is for everyone who has read to leave a comment! Please...

Next up Christmas on the Cape – if you would like a teaser you know what to do!



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I do not own the show – unfortunately...

Thank you to everyone who has commented!

The whole ‘Christmas at the Cape’ storyline originally was going to be one chapter – but I had so much fun writing it that it is now three chapters long!

This part is mainly in flashback – covering from the end of the last update to Christmas.

“That’s one less thing to worry about,” Meredith muttered as she began to shut down her computer and head home... to even more chaos.

It was December 23rd and in exactly six hours, both she, Derek and Beth would be on the night flight to Boston to spend Christmas with the Shepherds at the Cape.

“What’s one less thing to worry about?” Adele asked.

“The Christmas presents have arrived at Derek’s parent’s house. All I need to do now is pack,” Meredith said as she put on her coat and lifted her bag “I’m going to leave Beth here I’ll get more done that way and then collect her while dragging Derek and Mark from surgery and head straight for the airport.”

Adele stood up and walked over to her friend “Well, have a lovely Christmas Meredith! Try and get some rest and I’ll see you next year!” Adele said as they hugged.

“You too!” Meredith laughed as she practically ran out the door. She could kill Derek for leaving everything to the last minute.

Since the whole chain of events with Mark and his daughter life had been crazy. All Mark wanted to do was drown his sorrows which usually meant he was drunk at their house or at Joes in which case both Owen and Derek would take it in turns to drive him home and get him safely to bed.

Mark’s drinking had started when Lexie told him about the pregnancy scare. Mark was disappointed but Lexie was pleased at the outcome; which lead to a furious argument. So while Mark was pouring his heart out to Derek, Lexie was doing the same to Meredith. Thankfully Mark and Lexie were now back to being on speaking terms and Meredith was hoping that the Shepherd family might knock some sense into Mark when they were in Boston.

The end of October saw Derek and Meredith celebrate one year together which had been a subject of great debate to them. They moved to Seattle in October of the previous year and starting dating a short while later, however Derek also felt that the one year should also be celebrated at Christmas as that was when they had first made love.

Meredith insisted on celebrating the milestone in October as there was no way in hell she was going to try and explain the Christmas celebrations to Derek’s parents when they finally made it to Boston.

The one year October anniversary was celebrated with dinner at a very expensive Italian restaurant followed by a night at an equally expensive hotel and a champagne breakfast.

Thanksgiving came and went in a blink of an eye. Both Derek and Meredith had volunteered to work and instantly regretted it. The bad weather had caused multiple car accidents and the traditional winter flu season had caused two members of staff to call in sick which left the crèche short staffed. It was 7pm before Meredith and Derek had a chance to speak to each other. By the time they got home it was after 10pm and after getting Beth to bed both of them fell fast asleep on the sofa.

After Thanksgiving came the current cause of madness – Christmas. Even though they would technically not be here for Christmas Derek insisted on decorating the house from top to bottom. Like the previous year Derek was still tempted in buying a tree house for Beth. Meredith had finally talked him into buying a slide for the garden... and that was when the fight started...

Derek wanted to wrap the slide up along with the rest of the Christmas presents for his family and get them sent by Federal Express to his parent’s house for Christmas.

Meredith though the Fed Ex idea was great – it would save them trying to carry them around the airport, but she thought it was silly to get a slide delivered to Cape Cod only to be redelivered back to Seattle ten days later and thought it would be better to let Beth have her main present now and could then open and play with all the toys that her grandparents and aunts were sure to buy for her while she was there.

“The slide is going to Hyannis Meredith!” Derek stated.

“She is going to have enough toys as it is,” Meredith tried to explain.

“Oh so my family are not allowed to spoil her, “Derek rebounded.

“I did not say that,” Meredith yelled back.

“Beth is my daughter and I say what we take and do not take to my parent’s house, “Derek firmly stated

“Fine! Since she is your daughter, you can change her!” Meredith said as she stormed out of the kitchen and grabbed her coat and bag. She needed out of this house before she killed someone.

Derek turned around saw that Beth had just covered herself with orange juice and was soaked to the skin.

To make matters worse his mother choose that exact moment to call and finalise the Christmas plans and Derek was confused as to why his mother took Meredith’s side regarding the slide.

“Derek where are we going to put it?” Carolyn had asked.

“In the back garden mom,” Derek replied.

“Derek, do you not listen to a thing I tell you?”Carolyn asked.

“Of course I do...” Derek winced

“Well then you would remember we have no back garden!” Carolyn firmly stated
Derek suddenly remembered his father calling him and telling him about the storm they had just had on the Cape and how the neighbours large tree had fell into the Shepherd’s back garden destroying Carolyn’s plants, the washing line and the garden table. The garden was still a mess.

“The only place we could put a slide is on the hill down to the beach and considering it flooded and is now frozen, poor Beth would slide down it and end up out in the Atlantic.” Carolyn stated. Derek had known then he would have some serious grovelling to do when Meredith came home and Meredith knew how to make him grovel...

He got two days silent treatment before Meredith started speaking to him, however Meredith did not let on how much the “She’s my daughter” statement had hurt her and made her feel like the nanny all over again.

Derek knew as well he should never have said that to her but it was worked up.

He just wanted a perfect Christmas with his family and praying that Addison would not turn up on their doorstep.

Within a few days the argument was nearly forgotten as they continued with Christmas shopping and for Meredith the crèche nativity play which once again was being filmed for the Shepherd clan to watch on Christmas morning.

The play had been on Friday afternoon and that evening had been the crèche Christmas night out. Adele had organised for the crèche to close at 6:30 and not open again until 7am the next morning. After everything that had happened in the past year Adele felt it was only right to close for one night and let everyone have a good time.

To say it was a good night was an understatement as Meredith arrived home at 2am singing “Jingle Bells” with Mel who ended up passing out on the sofa.

Meredith suffered with a hangover all day before getting ready for the Surgeons Christmas Party... and insisted on being the driver. A decision she regretted as she ended up making three journeys’ from the hospital to the Webber’s house, Christina’s apartment, Mark’s apartment and finally home. There was good side to being the sober one there and that was the photographs she had taken – she was nearly tempted to print them and post them to every notice board at the hospital.

Yesterday had been eventful with Derek suffering from a hangover for most of the day and was then called into the hospital late last night and had not been home. Hence why Meredith had spent the last 24 hours doing the last minute shopping, laundry, ironing, going to work for a few hours to give the staff their presents and now the packing.

A few hours later Meredith was amazed that they had all made to the airport in time for the flight. By the time they were boarding the flight they were all exhausted and Beth was already fast asleep in Derek’s arms. In fact they had just finished the safety announcement when Meredith felt her eyes close, the next thing she knew the cabin assistant was gently trying to waken both her Derek as they were going to be landing in thirty minutes. Beth had slept through the entire flight. Mark did not and Derek had to carry him to the baggage claim and while Meredith changed Beth Derek got the coffees and organised the car hire.

Just under two hours later and they were pulling up in front of the Shepherd’s house. “Breakfast!” Meredith and Derek said at the same time as they jumped out of the car.

Meredith stopped for a minute and remembered back to the last time she had been here. She had just started working as Beth’s nanny and had been dreading her stay. Now she was practically skipping down the driveway and to the front which was already open with Carolyn and Michael already standing there to greet them.

Carolyn ran straight to Meredith for a hug while Michael headed for Derek and his granddaughter and they were all escorted inside. Carolyn frowned at Mark’s appearance before slapping him across the back of his head and ordering him to bed to sleep off the alcohol.

Meredith walked into the kitchen and was immediately met with Sam throwing her arms around her and Gavin setting a plate of muffins, pancakes and a fresh pot on the table.

The next few minutes were crazy as everyone came down to meet them and they chatted for a few minutes before Derek stated that what he, Meredith and Beth really needed was food and then a shower in that order.

After breakfast Nancy arrived and she and Sam volunteered to look after Beth for a while and give Meredith and Derek a chance to unpack and freshen up. This time Meredith was not staying in one of the guest rooms – she was staying with Derek in his old bedroom.

The second she walked into the room Meredith felt at home. The walls were painted a soft blue with matching curtains and bed covers. “Was it always this neat and tidy?” Meredith asked smiling.

“Definitely not,” Derek laughed back “mom re-decorated the room last year but the bed and furniture is still the same.”

Meredith walked across the room and looked out the window and the view of Hyannis Beach and the harbour.

“Wow,” Meredith muttered

Derek came and stood behind her “If you look over to your right, do you see a white house?”

“Yes,” Meredith replied

“That is one of the houses in the Kennedy compound,” Derek explained

Derek stood for another few minutes pointing out places of interest and telling Meredith some stories from his teenage years.

“We finally got here,” Meredith said as she took a deep breath.

“We did. Looking at the garden you and mom were right about the slide. I’m sorry for everything I said Mer,” Derek said as he kissed her cheek.

Meredith turned around and faced him. “Truth time Derek Shepherd – how many girls did you bring into this room?”

“Did no such thing,” Derek said proudly.

“Why do I not believe you?” Meredith replied

“It’s the truth, mom would have killed me!” Derek laughed “I’m serious Mer,” he said when he looked at Meredith’s face.

“Derek you were married to Addison for god knows how many years and you mean to tell me that you two never slept in this bed, in this room?” Meredith stated.

“That’s right,” Derek quietly said as he walked over and sat down at the bottom of the bed “this room was not enough for her. We always stayed in one of the guest rooms.”

Meredith felt awful and sat down beside him and took his hand. “Well I love it... and we even have our own private bathroom,” Meredith laughed

Derek reached over and stroked her face “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Meredith said “now to completely spoil the moment we better unpack and get downstairs and help.”

“Are you kidding – mom and Gavin will not let us anywhere near the kitchen,” Derek laughed

“Well it’s polite to offer to help,” Meredith said as she stood up and started to put some of their belongings away.

Thirty minutes later and both Derek and Meredith had been chased from the kitchen and they were now wrapped up in their winter coats and scarves and going for a walk along the beach – that was of course once they had navigated their way down the icy path on to the beach without breaking any limbs. When they finally got the bottom and on the sandy coastline Derek now appreciated the earful he received from his mother regarding his daughter’s slide.

They walked hand in hand along the beach for a while before turning around and heading back to the house. By the time they got to the back door Derek was convinced that he and Meredith should win a gold medal at the next Olympics for their ice skating technique at mastering the garden path.

Unbeknown to them Carolyn and Michael had been watching the young couple on the beach and smiled to each other.

Carolyn turned to her husband and smiled warmly “I think it’s time to carry on the Shepherd tradition – don’t you?”

Michael simply smiled his reply.

The rest of Christmas Eve was spent literally chilling out with family. Sam and Nancy returned with Beth and the rest of the children who had a great time at the Christmas Fete at the community hall.

Derek had managed to catch up with the latest events on the Cape and watched an old baseball game with two of his brother-in-laws.

Meredith meanwhile had been talking to Kathleen who was anxious to know how Meredith was coping with the aftermath of the shootings.

The two women were sitting in the conservatory nursing cups of hot chocolate and a scented cinnamon candle burning in the background.

“Um this I heaven,” Meredith sighed as she looked out past the garden to Hyannis Bay to were some storm clouds where forming in the background.

“A storm is coming and this is heaven?” Kathleen teased

“No.” Meredith laughed “Just sitting here relaxing is heaven – it can rain all it wants – it is not going to spoil my Christmas!” Meredith stated smiling

“That’s the spirit,” Kathleen started laughing too.

“The last time I was here I was so nervous I was scared to speak and now... I feel as if I’m ... home,” as soon as Meredith said the last words she feel the tears starting “sorry,” she smiled to Kathleen.

“It’s okay ...” Kathleen said softly.

“My dad came to see me a while ago and ... we both loved Christmas despite how horrible my sister tried to make it for me. I told him I didn’t want to go back to London and he said that he could not come to back the states. I know that he would love this ... being here in this house. His family is bit like the Shepherd’s – my uncle Jack is practically an older version of Gavin, but I never felt comfortable, not like what I feel here,” Meredith said as she took a sip of her hot chocolate. “Does that make sense?”

“Yes. We all love you Meredith and you make Derek happier than I have ever seen him,” Kathleen replied.

Meredith smiled and took a deep breath “I still have nightmares, not all the time but often enough, I can still see his face, hear his voice – especially when I look at his son. When I was doing the rotas for Christmas and New Year I remembered how Gina complained that she had to work New Years Eve. I still see the look of horror on Melanie’s face moments before she was shot...”

Kathleen reached out and took Meredith’s hand.

“There are more good days than bad. Last week at the nativity play one of the older children decided to burst some of the party balloons... my heart literally stopped beating as did everyone else’s...”

Meredith and Kathleen continued to sit and chat and by the time the rain came they were both crying happy tears as Meredith had filled her in with everything that had happened over the last few months.

“You do realise that for the next ten days you have nothing do. We are all fighting to look after Beth so just sit back and relax and recharge those batteries!”

“Oh I think I could drink to that!” Meredith laughed as they stood up and headed for the kitchen just as Gavin as calling everyone for dinner.

“Can I help with anything?” Meredith asked

“Thanks, grab the two bowls of salad Meredith, Kathleen – here’s the bread. Dad and Derek are setting the table as we speak. How’s the lasagne mom?” Gavin said.

“Perfect. Everyone here?” Carolyn asked as she headed for the dining room

“All present and correct!” Mark laughed

“I’ll be having words with you later Mark Sloan,” Carolyn said as she set the lasagne on the table and hit Mark on the back of the head with the oven gloves.
“Ouch!” Mark yelled.

“That was for turning up at my house drunk on Christmas Eve.” Carolyn stated.

The dinner was loud and boisterous with everyone wanting to discuss Sam’s pregnancy.

“Well, we were going to wait until tomorrow, “ Sam said as she squeezed Gavin’s hand “but we may as well tell you... I had my first scan yesterday and everything is perfect... and no it’s not twins Nancy, just one perfect little girl.”

As soon as Sam mentioned “Girl” all the Shepherd sisters were immediately out of the chairs and rushed over to hug Sam and touch her not yet visible baby bump.
Derek was also out of his chair as was Mark.

Meredith sat for a few seconds and observed the scene in front of her. The whole Shepherd family was currently surrounding Sam and congratulating her and Meredith knew without a doubt that she would get the same treatment the second she fell pregnant. As she got out of her seat she saw Gavin stand and whispered “Congratulations” to him as Derek pulled him in for a hug.

When she finally made it to the other side of the table Sam hugged her and whispered in ear “you’re next!”

A little short I know – but the next updates will more than make up for it! I am aiming to post part two over the next few days!

So what do you think “The Shepherd Tradition” is all will be revealed soon!

As always please, please, review and if you would like a teaser let me know!



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Here it is ... Part two, and we finally find out about “The Shepherd Tradition”

This update continues on from the last chapter and it is still Christmas Eve.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and unfortunately I do not own the show.


By the time everyone sat down after Sam’s announcement that she was expecting a baby girl, Beth started to get cranky.

It had been a long day and from what Derek had told her, Meredith knew it was going to be an equally long night. Tradition had it that the men in Shepherd family set all the children’s presents from Santa out once the children went to bed.

Everyone had their own place for their respective families’ presents and Meredith knew how excited Derek was that he would finally be setting out presents for his daughter in his family home.

While Derek and his father and brother-in-laws were planning on where to place presents and start getting the room organised, Carolyn ordered Mark to help her clear up after dinner and Meredith knew that Carolyn was going to talk some sense into her adopted son.

Meredith had just finished dressing Beth in her pyjamas when Sam suggested that as Beth and Noah were sharing a bedroom they may as well have a joint bedtime story.

As both Meredith and Sam were reading nursery stories to the two youngest Shepherd grandchildren, Mark was crying on Carolyn‘s shoulder mourning over his missed chances of fatherhood and messing up his relationship with Lexie. Once he had calmed down Carolyn handed him the house telephone.

“Go and call Lexie and wish her Merry Christmas,” Carolyn whispered.

Mark kissed her on the cheek and headed for the conservatory. As he closed the door Michael walked into the kitchen and sat down at one of the chairs and looked at his wife.

“Ready?” Michael asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” Carolyn said smiling before calling “Derek, can you come here?”

A few seconds later Derek arrived in the kitchen and saw his parents sitting at the kitchen table. He felt as if were fifteen again and had been caught doing something wrong.

“Sit down son,” Michael said.

“What’s wrong, has something happened?” Derek asked.

“No, no. We just want to talk you about Meredith that’s all,” Carolyn smiled warmly at her son.

Derek sat down between his parents.

“First of all son, I just want to tell you how much your mother and I love Meredith and we know you do too. I will never forget how distraught you looked when we arrived at the hospitals after the shootings and I think we both knew then your feelings for her,” Michael said.

“I love her dad,” Derek smiled at his parents

“I know it’s your life Derek, and you can do whatever you want with it,” Michael said carrying on “I appreciate you had a tough time when Addison disappeared...” Michael was having difficulty in trying to express what he wanted to say so Carolyn took over.

“What your father is trying to say Derek is, have you considered proposing to Meredith?”

Derek could not believe his ears and started to laugh.

“Everyday,” Derek answered laughing. “Remember the spa break we went on just after the shootings?”

Both Carolyn and Michael nodded their heads.

“The first night there a young couple got engaged. We saw the whole thing – the champagne, the red roses, the ring in the desert and I have to admit I was tempted but Meredith had been put off by the whole thing. It was too clichéd for her taste and we sort of discussed getting engaged.”

“But...” Carolyn asked

“I’m still married mom,” Derek said as he noticed his parents looking at each other “Addison filed for divorce, I signed the papers and returned them, but her lawyers have not heard from her,” Derek took a deep breath “Do you remember Sam and Naomi – my friends from med school?”

His parents nodded their heads.

“Addison was in contact with Naomi a few months. Sam only found out about it when she disappeared again. She told Naomi that she was not cut out to be a mother and left a few days later. She knows that I am living in Seattle,” Derek explained.

“Oh god,” Carolyn muttered

“I haven’t said anything to Meredith, but mom, dad, I can’t wait to marry Meredith but I want to propose when I know that the divorce is finalised.”

“I can understand that,” Michael said “Have you had ideas on what type of engagement ring or will you let Meredith choose?”

Derek looked strangely at his father before answering “I haven’t really thought about it. I know Mer will not want anything flashy – something...”

Derek did not get to finish his sentence as his dad handed him a dark blue jewellery box. When Derek opened it he was stunned.

“Mom this is your engagement ring,” Derek stated.

“Yes it is,” Carolyn smiled.

“I don’t understand,” Derek said

“Derek when I told my parents that I was going to ask Carolyn to marry me my father did what I am doing to you now; this was my mother’s engagement ring. I suppose you could call it a Shepherd family tradition and one day you will pass it to your son or daughter,” Michael explained.

“Dad I can’t...”

“All you need to do is get it sized,” Carolyn said smiling.

“But mom it’s your ring...” Derek said struggling to find the right words.

“I have a beautiful eternity ring that your father gave me at Thanksgiving,” Carolyn explained.

“Why Meredith? If this is the Shepherd ring then why not give it to me when I proposed to Addison?” Derek asked.

“Do you really think Addison would have been happy with this ring?” Michael asked.

“No,” Derek answered and then it hit him “You never liked Addison did you?”

“We liked her Derek, but let’s face it we were not in her league and her family continually looked down on us,” Michael said “she tried to make you into a different person whereas Meredith does not. She lets you be yourself. She is honest and caring and quite frankly aside from Beth is the best thing that ever happened to you.”

Derek could not speak as he choked back tears at his father’s words.

“Have you told Meredith about Addison knowing where you live?” Carolyn asked.

“No, and I don’t want you to say anything either. I do not want to worry her,” Derek explained.

“But what if Addison wants back into Beth’s life, into yours...” Michael said trying to reason with his son.

“Addison will not be part of our lives. The second the divorce is finalised I will be proposing to Meredith and we can be a proper family. If is tell Meredith she will only panic and worry and I don’t want that,” Derek explained.

Michael and Carolyn and looked at each other and shrugged. It was his life – he knows what he is doing.

“So,” Carolyn said sniffing and changing the subject, “How and when do you plan to propose?”

“It has to be different, spontaneous and us...” Derek explained to his parents repeating the conversation he and Meredith had six months ago at the spa resort.
Meanwhile upstairs Noah and Beth were fast asleep and Meredith followed Sam into her bedroom and they both collapsed on top of the bed. Sam reached down into her handbag and pulled out the pictures of her first scan and pointed things out to Meredith.

“I really am happy for you Sam,” Meredith said smiling.

“Thanks and I meant what I said downstairs – you will be next!”

“I have to admit I am thinking about it...” Meredith said as she bit her lip.

“Oh – I knew it. Trust me Mer the second you tell my parents that you are pregnant there will be a national parade and a public holiday in your honour!” Sam laughed.

“Very funny...” Meredith stated

“I am serious Meredith, just promise me that you tell me before everyone else in the family,” Sam said laughing.

“I promise,” Meredith said “Sam, this is going to sound stupid but what is it like? Being pregnant I mean...”

Sam sat back against the headboard and took a deep breath.

“I am lot calmer this time round – probably because I know exactly what I am letting myself in for,” both Sam and Meredith laughed at this.

“With Noah I was sick all the time, sore back, swollen ankles and my hormones were all over the place, this time round has been the complete opposite. I’m twelve weeks and have a small bump already,” she laughed.

“Trust me you cannot even see it yet,” Meredith said

“I give it another few weeks until everyone is touching the bump, I don’t mind family and friends but with Noah I had complete strangers come up to me and start rubbing my belly. Let me tell you I felt like hitting a few of them!” Sam stated

“I would hate that,” Meredith said “I know it drove my cousin crazy too. I used to always ask her beforehand if I could feel the baby kick, “Meredith smiled at the memory.

“Is that why you haven’t touched the bump yet?” Sam laughed

“Yes – I know that when it is me I will be very protective...”

“Mer you touch my bump anytime you want to – god you’re practically my sister!”
Sam said as she grabbed Meredith’s hand and placed on her baby bump.

“I will probably start to feel some movements soon...” Sam whispered

“Is childbirth as bad as they say?” Meredith asked

“Let’s just say Noah was going to be an only child – I was in labour for two days until he finally arrived – all 9lbs of him...” Sam stated.

“Ouch,” Meredith could feel herself wincing in sympathy

“I swear to god this time I’m getting an epidural...” Sam said and then started to laugh.

They both sat and chatted for a while with Sam telling Meredith all about the good and bad things about being pregnant.

“It has been baby crazy lately, what we with you, Mark’s daughter, Marcie, and there is a new baby in the crèche who is adorable...” Meredith rambled “everywhere I go there is a baby. It drove me crazy at first, but now I’m getting broody,” Meredith stated

“What about my brother?” Sam asked.

“Oh he got broody the second he saw me with the baby in the nursery,” Meredith answered.

“That sounds like Derek!” Sam said.

“He is sneaking to the baby room every chance he can get to see baby Carrie,” Meredith smiled “Trust me she is that adorable.”

“So if you’re broody what is stopping you?” Sam asked smiling.

“I’m scared of ... childbirth,” Meredith explained “I’m not good with pain and blood and I think that is what is stopping me.”

They both chatted for a few more minutes with Sam trying to convince Meredith of the joys of childbirth.

Meredith took a deep breath.

“You okay Mer?” Sam asked as she saw the frown appear on Meredith’s face.

“I’m probably being silly, but does Derek seem okay to you?” Meredith asked.

“He looks fine, why?”

“I don’t know... I’m probably being silly. He is the usual happy Derek but sometimes when we are together I say something to him and look around and he is staring into space... almost as if he has the weight of world on his shoulders,” Meredith explained “oh forget I said anything I’m being silly.”

“If I know my brother its one of two things,” Sam answered, “he is either wanting to propose marriage or suggest having a baby or number two – which is more likely – he is terrified about the medical conference he has go too and tell everyone about the ‘Shepherd Method’ for treatment of brain tumours” Sam laughed.

“Derek? Nervous at public speaking? I don’t believe it,” Meredith stated

“Trust me he tries to hide it but standing up on a stage terrifies him. Trust me Mer he loves you; that is why he is acting quiet at times,” Sam explained.

Sam’s word did reassure Meredith and she decided not to think about it again until after the medical conference.

They were quiet for a few minutes when Meredith asked “So how much time are you going to take off work?”

“I’m going to tell you something and promise me you will say nothing until after Christmas...” Sam stated

“I promise,” Meredith answered puzzled.

“I’m starting my maternity leave in three months – I want to spend some time with Noah before the baby arrives... and I won’t be returning to the hospital,” Sam explained

“What! Why?” Meredith asked.

“They advertised for a new head of cardio and I applied and it was rejected. I was too young for the position – the board were quite pissy that I had even applied in the first place and then when I told them I was pregnant I was then told I was putting my career on hold. I just felt that I could not do right for doing wrong so I handed in my resignation and explained that I would stay on for three months to give the new head a chance to settle in,” Sam replied.

“Sam that is awful,” Meredith said as they hugged

“They have hired Tom Evans – a complete cardio god – your friend Christina would literally be drooling all over him,” they both laughed at this and Sam continued “No question about it – he is a fantastic surgeon but he is not a teacher. The cardio department will suffer.”

“What are you going to do once the baby is born?” Meredith asked.

“Well I am going to take three months off before and after the birth and look into private practice. It’s not like we need the money and I can spend some time with the kids,” Sam explained.

“What about Gavin?” Meredith said

“Fully supports my decision. He has always wanted to open a second restaurant and it means I can help him choose the new location and help get it started.”

Both Sam and Meredith sat and chatted for nearly an hour about work and babies it was only when Meredith started yawning that she realised the time.

They both hugged goodnight and when Meredith walked out of Sam’s bedroom and into the hallway she literally walked into Derek.

“You and Sam have a good chat?” Derek asked laughing

“Yes we did – why?” Meredith smiled back

“I haven’t seen you in nearly three hours so I figured you were either with Sam chatting, fast asleep or on the next flight back to Seattle!” Derek said as he kissed her nose.

“Very funny Derek,” Meredith as they walked into his bedroom “So are all the presents set out?”

“Yep – yours are downstairs too,” Derek said smiling “all except one which is for my eyes only” Derek winked.

"So what time does Santa arrive in the Shepherd house?” Meredith asked smiling

“5am,” Derek stated “Do not be surprised if we are not woken by screaming nieces and nephews jumping on top of us.”

“We should lock the door then,” Meredith stated.

“We could – but that would spoil the fun!” Derek replied as he started to get undressed.

“True,” Meredith laughed “you can forget about having sex tonight though” Meredith smirked.

Derek took one look at Meredith’s face and knew she was serious and he walked over and locked the bedroom door. He turned around grabbed Meredith and they landed in a heap on top of the bed.

“You’re going to disappoint the children Derek...” Meredith said as Derek started to kiss down her neck.

“I’ll set the alarm for 4:50am – it will give us a few minutes to open the door and look presentable,” Derek said

“You think of everything don’t you,” Meredith laughed.

“Of course!” Derek said as he stood up and took off his sweater and kicked off his shoes.

Meredith looked up at Derek walking around his old bedroom his dark blue jeans and Bowdoin t-shirt and realised just how lucky she was to have him in her life.

“Do I have to get changed?” Meredith asked as she yawned and tucked her hands into the pockets of her Boston hoodie as she kicked of her trainers.

“Don’t worry I will keep you warm!” Derek laughed as he sat down beside her on the bed. He reached over and tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear and looked into her eyes.

“Penny for your thoughts...” Derek whispered as he kissed her.

“You would not believe them!” Meredith laughed

“Oh really!” Derek laughed.

“I just lied to your sister,” Meredith stated

“What about? Or am I not allowed to ask,” Derek asked

“I told her that my fear of childbirth puts me off having a baby,” Meredith closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes she was looking directly at Derek

“I will admit that I am not exactly looking forward to it but I couldn’t tell her the truth Derek,” Meredith whispered “I’m scared of something happening.”

“Mer...” Derek reached out and stroked her cheek.

“I have a cousin, in London she is a year older than me. Everyone thought that we were sisters we looked so alike, had the same temperament, and both of us worked in childcare. She and her boyfriend were childhood sweethearts and when she fell pregnant everyone was delighted. My uncle Jack was delighted at the prospect of becoming a granddad. I always remember her due date was a Monday and her hospital check-up was a few days later on the Friday and the doctor told her that they would induce her.” Meredith explained.

She took a deep breath before continuing “anyway the doctors decided to wait until Monday before starting her labour and that Sunday night we had a huge Barbeque at Jack’s house. She was so huge you could actually see the baby kicking and even my mother could not wait until the baby was born!” Meredith laughed.

“She went to the hospital the next day and she promised to text as soon as she knew what was happening. I waited all day and nothing. No phone call, no text message. When I got home dad told me that when she got the hospital they examined her in preparation for starting her labour ... and there was no heartbeat.”

Derek closed his eyes

“In the space of twelve hours the baby had died. Her little girl died and it destroyed her, it destroyed all of us,” Meredith said as wiped away a tear.

Derek could not even begin to imagine what that must have been like, “God Meredith...”

“That is my fear Derek...” Meredith said as Derek leaned forward so that their foreheads were touching.

“I know it sounds stupid but you know my history – nothing good ever happens to me. God Derek I don’t honestly know if I could survive that,” Meredith whispered.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about,” Derek whispered

“She had another miscarriage before having a very hyper and spoilt little boy,” Meredith said.

“Just because it happened to her doesn’t mean that it will happen to us,” Derek said

“I know,” Meredith said smiling “and I know that you will be with me the entire time and probably will not even let me a get a glass of water,” Meredith laughed

“Oh trust me – I will pamper and spoil you rotten Mer,” Derek said as he smiled warmly at her “I can’t wait Mer, I can’t wait to touch your tummy and feel our child move.”

“Neither can I...” Meredith smiled

“I’m not explaining this very well, but these things happen and god if she can move on after that so can I. As Sam told me earlier every pregnancy is different, “Meredith smiled at Derek.

“As scared as I am I think I’m ready, I think I want to have a baby...” Meredith whispered smiling at him.

“Oh god! Mer!” Derek could literally feel his heart beating as he ran his hands through his hair

“I know that things are hectic for the next few months what with your conferences and your trial results being announced and then there is the move into the new house, and I have just had a new prescription of the pill filled...” Meredith rambled.

“How about June?” Derek whispered “by that time we will be settled into the house, your prescription will be finished and we have our holiday... seven...” each word was followed with a kiss “Beth... free ... days, plenty of time of hot baby making sex.”

“Um sounds good, but you still have not told me where we are going...” Meredith laughed as Derek continued to kiss her.

“You will find out tomorrow,” Derek huskily answered.

“Good....” Meredith answered as she kissed him back. “Seven days of hot baby making sex -that is if you haven’t got me pregnant by then!”

“What can I say we still need to practice...” Derek smiled as he helped her remove her clothes.
Loved it or hated it – please let me know...

Just to confirm they are still ‘practising’, come June that will all change...

Part three will be updated soon – if you would a small teaser you know what to do!



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