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PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:57 pm    Post subject: READ! Reply with quote

I think it is a small disgrace that a "rec" thread hasn't been updated in so long.

The board's latest postings seem interested in alternative romance, shall I say. May I rec this one: ELEGANTLY NAKED IN MY SEXY MENTAL ILLNESS. 17 short stories.
Heather Fowler (NOT DUCKS or ANTI JOSS--wrong coast)
While I am in old B/A fic and BFN's.
I have never watched a soap or read Robb tales. I read “pure erotica” soapy "Kresley Cole" world of supernatural lore, basically two impossible enemies and "making it work" in a context of surviving a race, racial enemies that expunges immortals. IMMORTALS AFTER DARK series

Reading fanfic, I was rec'd Diane Gabaldon's OUTLANDER by anti-joss. (ducks) Historical Romance.
I categorically must warn you that some "cliff notes" version of the series of "Outlander" sucks so hard the fabric of space/time itself--part of the reason for "historical" in the actual narrative-- implodes into awfulness chasing even "huger" awfullerness in sheer inexplicableness why there is a romance at all other than physical proximityand is really showing some interest in fabrics. READ. THE. BOOKs. Vioence/violation don’t escape history nor fiction.
I seem to be on a jag of not only typical “journey tales,” but "alternative societies"--which sounds very science fiction. So, I am reading Storm Constantine. (sci fi and fantasy). There seems to be no way to escape violence/violation even in creating a system meant to get rid of it. THIS writer knows how to develop a magical system. In Wraethu, it is sexual. Also, the notion of “soul mate” is of great focus, especially when each, so needed by the other, is never there.
I think B/aers know about this and we most certainly have a right to have an honest and satisfying ending/promise, which this story gives.

“Gay sexuality” may seem to be the “hook” to follow for everyone is “he”; but IS NOT—physicality is hermaphroditic; think of the “making” of “fallen angels” and those building a new order out of the ruins of man; and thus uses sex as “the means” to select and also * force * change, (see what I mean about violence/violation?) and then sex is used in health/cultural/spiritual technique which (eventually) can create/call gods (and in the later Histories advance other dimensional powers/power struggles. But you need the basics in first trilogy).

You may note that Storm writes/uses pagan lore/angel lore. including an other entire series, the Grigori series (fallen “watcher” angels/nephilim) The Grigori series is the horror genre).

Questing and tropes (make identifiable “anchors” to “character/world building”) but don’t let them “get in the way”—they kinda help understand intended layers in surprising ones. She has a poetic characteristic to her writing. She is work, yet I see tropish-hack in the "special" are the point. Well, Buffy was, too. ha!

Storm is descriptive, sensual, erotic, but the violence/violation are (too) brutal (for me). Capital BRUTAL, underline, bold, exclamation marks in some books of all these series. I think we all wonder why horrific lasts and exhausted sadness is all there is left to deal with. She doesn’t cheat. She does that, too.

Wraeththu Chronicles
· The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit (1987)
· The Bewitchments of Love and Hate (1988)
· The Fulfillments of Fate and Desire (1989)
GRIGORI Chronicles for those who want fallen angels
· Stalking Tender Prey (1995)
· Scenting Hallowed Blood (1996)
· Stealing Sacred Fire (1997)

· Sea Dragon Heir (1998)
· The Crown of Silence (2000)
· The Way of Light (2001)
And yes, thar be dragons. Also mythic tropes of brother/sister incest, (fire and water oppositions).nature of warriors in destiny/fate.

There are "updates" still going on but I chose these in light of interest in Angelus and the nature of sexuality, other worlds, the psyche.
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